JustCurioushello, I am trying to install the package PageEdit on Ubuntu Mate 20.04, but it's not in my repositories why?15:51
JustCuriousaccordint to https://www.faqforge.com/linux/how-to-install-pageedit-xhtml-editor-on-ubuntu/ it should be available, simply typing sudo apt install pageedit15:52
tomreynis anyone aware of a public statement that Ubuntu MATE LTS releases are moving to a 5 year support lifecycle? I saw a 2025 EOL for 20.04 noted on the English language Wikipedia, but there's no reference there to back it up (so I added a 'citation missing' there for now).16:53
superkuhSeems unlikely that Ubuntu MATE would change it's lifecycle to be different from Ubuntu's. 16:56
tomreynwell ubuntu's is 5 years for LTS. i think most flavors have 3 years for LTS17:00
superkuhIt's 4.17:00
superkuhHoly shit. I'm wrong.17:00
superkuhIt's been 5 all this time?17:00
tomreynsuperkuh: 3y for 18.04 LTS https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/ubuntu-mate-18-04-lts-reaches-end-of-life/2396617:03
superkuhWith the 4 year cycles between lts's I always thought it was 4.17:03
superkuhAlthough I still use an Ubuntu 14.04 with MATE desktop machine under Canonical's ESM program today. Nice that ESM support/bug fixes extend so long.17:04
tomreynit's been 5y (free, public support) for Ubuntu LTS releases for as long as i can think, 4y to cover the time until the next LTS, then another year to have time to migrate.17:05
tomreyn14.04 ESM covers select packages, probably not those used by the MATE desktop17:05
sixwheeledbeastI always recall it as 1 year less but maybe that changed over the years.17:06
superkuhBut it's not like MATE has changed a lot in the last decade.17:06
tomreynso, unless we learn differently, i'd expect Ubuntu MATE to stick to the 3y LTS lifecycle.17:08
tomreyns/until the next LTS/until the next but one LTS/17:12

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