* penguin42 yawns to the sound of 'One step beyong'12:05
* zxmpi waves to sound of microwave boiling egg12:19
penguin42zxmpi: Hmm, I've scrambled an egg in a microwave but never boiled one12:21
zxmpigot one of these in lidl https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a0/07/5f/a0075fd5f8bdd70d5dadcb938e8aa2c3.jpg12:23
penguin42do you put water in there?12:25
zxmpifill with water to the top. poke egg with pin to burst the yoke. put lid on. zap in microwave for a few mins. 1 boiled egg12:29
penguin42is that a metal ring on it where the two parts touch?12:30
zxmpilooks like metal, feels like metal. top and bottom. but microwave seems ok with it12:32
penguin42I wonder if it's on purpose for it to get hot12:33
zxmpiwell microwave cooks from within. water is only half way up egg and would boil and have steam all around it. inside the metal egg inside the plastic egg12:36
zxmpionce in a blue moon a yolk will explode because you missed it with the pin. the plastic egg sometimes pops open but contains most of the egg when that happens12:37
* penguin42 had not realised the yolk exploding would have been an issue12:40
zxmpiput an average egg in microwave and it will explode. messy12:41
zxmpiyolk is a little capsule inside egg that boils first and pops12:42
penguin42yeh, I'd assumed the explosion due to the shell blowing rather than the yolk specifically12:45

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