* hao waiting for wits00:02
hao!ask | xsj00:03
ubottuxsj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:03
MacSlowGreetings everybody!00:31
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inscw00tableOn 22.04 I'm messing with cloud-init autoinstall config trying to do unattended installs.  early_commands: is too early to alter /target/* contents before installation starts and late_commands: is too late for those changes to affect the installer.  Anyone know any handy way to hook into and run commands after networking is setup and /target is available but before apt-config?01:01
inscw00tablecurtain docs seem to say you can control/add other 'stages', but it's not obvious to me if that can be done via autoinstall config too.01:02
sarnoldinscw00table: I think the "The installation environment" paragraph on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall  might be the closest you'll find to docs on that area01:03
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* inscw00table nods.01:05
inscw00tableI don't even really need anything all that fancy.  At the moment all I'm trying to accomplish is being able to remove /target/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50command-not-found before the apt-get update command so it can workaround pulling from intermittent mirrors that don't have CNF data populated.  It seems that maybe I could use the 'conf:' clause to customize the autoinstall -> apt: section, but I haven't yet come across how to do that either.01:11
sarnoldhmm, killing command-not-found feels like an obvious feature to want..01:16
inscw00tableI was just trying to avoid having to customize an iso just to wipe this file out... I assumed there would be a way.  Though... I guess I probably could hack up an early-command to modify the qubiquity/server/apt.py script that runs: apt-get update to wipe the file out.... :|01:18
sarnoldthe tail end of this discussion might have ideas worth stealing https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/please-test-autoinstalls-for-20-04/15250/30101:19
* inscw00table clicks...01:19
sarnoldoh my god I hate this interface so much01:21
alkisgI'm trying to see how widespread this issue is: (1) ssh localhost (2) pkexec bash ==> authentication failed02:16
alkisgI think it affects all ubuntu flavors in the last 4+ years, can someone verify it and mention their setup, e.g. it affects me on "ubuntu mate 22.04 amd64"02:16
alkisgUpstream bug report: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/polkit/polkit/-/issues/1702:16
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 17 in polkit/polkit "pkexec fails with 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: No session for cookie'" [Opened]02:16
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bparkeralkisg: even without the ssh it fails for me on 22.0402:26
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alkisgbparker: eeh, a plain `pkexec bash` fails while you're inside a graphical environment? That doesn't sound right...02:26
alkisgIt should fail on console, but not inside graphical sessions02:27
bparkeroh you didn't say graphical02:27
alkisgOK the ssh is there just to avoid the graphical agent from popping up02:27
alkisgAnything non-graphical should have the issue; are you connecting on e.g. vt2?02:28
bparkerI'm just ssh'd in normally, one time02:28
bparkerfrom another device02:28
bparkernot linux02:28
alkisgOK, thank you for verifying; is that running gnome in the background? (it affects the running polkit agent)02:28
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_jakanyone around to help me debug a udev rule? I think I've mostly got it but I'm stalled at the finish line05:00
_jakhere's the situation: I have a keyboard that is connected to a monitor that is connected to a kvm switch, and what I want is for this rule to be run every time the keyboard is connected05:00
_jakThis is the rule: https://termbin.com/z3lc05:00
_jakand here is the output of `udevadm test --action="add"  $PATH_TO_KEYBOARD`: https://termbin.com/sikn05:00
_jakit seems like the rule is being run for the action "add" but I'm not sure this is the right event to be listening for, as the rule doesn't run when the keyboard gets reconnected. Anybody see what's wrong off the top of their mind?05:00
_jakthx in advance for any help05:01
jarifhow to install internet explorer in ubuntu05:22
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alkisgjarif: internet explorer has been deprecated in windows for years, why would you need it in ubuntu now...07:08
elias_aalkisg: Οι άνθρωποι έχουν όλων των ειδών τις διαστροφές.08:39
alkisgelias_a: hehe08:40
alkisgelias_a: I'm on matrix, it seems that PMs from irc to matrix have issues, I got notified about a PM but never actually received it...08:50
elias_aalkisg: Ok. Never mind - nice to see you!08:50
alkisgYou too! :)08:51
DiagonAnyone know what this blue rectangle is?  It's not a problem with the display & turning on/off "Personal Folder" in settings has not effect: https://sam.nl.tab.digital/s/doTk2Y6LGLnAtst09:29
DiagonProbably relevant that it doesn't show up in a screenshot: https://sam.nl.tab.digital/s/PWf2Ddr6BPRegLp09:29
alkisgDiagon: does it show up if you press ctrl+alt+f2 or if you go to BIOS?09:30
realivanjxmy ubuntu scrolls a bit faster after recent updates. anyone else notices this?10:01
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Diagonalkisg / When logged in, my laptop screen is off & I'm using an external (AOC). Both C-A-F1/F2 leave me @gnome. C-A-F3 freezes the AOC & gives me a terminal prompt on my laptop screen.  So it doesn't look like useful information.10:35
DiagonMy BIOS is not allowing me to use the AOC as the screen for post.  (Thinkpad W530.)10:36
DiagonBut on my desktop, running 22.04, the blue rectangle doesn't appear.10:36
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️🥰10:37
alkisgDiagon: well, just switch on the internal screen so that you can see if it's a software or hardware issue10:37
DiagonYa, the internal screen has no such rectangle.10:37
alkisgDiagon:  If it doesn't appear in the internal screen, then it's a hardware issue, not related to the operating system (e.g. a broken monitor settings popup)10:37
alkisgI.e. ask in #hardware, not in #ubuntu:matrix.org10:38
DiagonOk.  Confusing as it doesn't appear when it's connected to the desktop ...10:38
Diagonalkisg / ok, thanks for your time.10:39
alkisgDiagon: if you want to be really really sure, you can also boot a live cd, even a windows installation cd10:39
Diagonalkisg / good idea.  I've got Bob's OMB right here!  :)10:39
DiagonI'll try it out, thanks.  I'll try back if it's not hardware ...10:40
alkisgDiagon: another idea, some monitors warn about incorrect resolutions. If the native resolution is 1920, your desktop sends 1920, and your laptop sends 1680, then the popup would appear only from the laptop10:48
alkisgDiagon: in THAT case, if you can send the same resolution from your laptop, you'd solve this hardware issue with a software workaround10:49
xatrixHi, can you advice me ? Why my system provides such an errors in a dmesg/logs ? I mean video driver errors, radeon. https://pastebin.com/4zK75gMW11:15
xatrixI still can't fire up my discrete graphics11:15
xatrixPlease advice!11:23
tomreyni recommend upgrading the hardware11:30
MacSlowGreetings everyone!11:37
xatrixtomreyn: yea, but is it possible to stay on this laptop ? I can't right now :(11:41
xatrixNo backward compatibility ?11:41
tomreynxatrix: i believe we discussed this before, didn't we? AMD GCN1 is not well supported unfortunately.11:47
tomreynespecially hainan11:47
xatrix:( damn. yea we did. I still believe it's possible to solve somehow :(11:48
hermanoInteresting when connecting the 'apple trackpad 2' to ubuntu 22.04, if looking into 'power' is do see the trackpad indicating charging, but do not see it being found in bluetooth.11:48
hermanoI tried another 'apple trackpad' into my laptop, and the laptop finds that trackpad, hm.11:52
JexLamerHello everyone! Completely new here. First time using IRC since... the early 00s? xD12:06
tomreynwb JexLamer. we use this very channel for support only, but there are numerous others, see...12:07
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»12:08
JexLamerI have a sound issue with Ubuntu. Basically I am currently running a Triple Boot (Windows 10, Ubuntu and Kali). Installed both distros yesterday and everything seems to work just fine except I can't get any sound on Ubuntu. I have already checked several resources before coming in here yet nothing seems to be doing the trick. I can see in SOUND control that the right OUTPUT DEVICE is selected12:08
JexLamerand I can even see the levels moving whenever I play anything but still... no sound12:08
JexLameroh, obviously also double checked for anything muted but no, I dont think the levels would be showing as active anyway12:09
MacSlowJexLamer, for that it's worth... I sometimes run into a similar issue... that happens when I mess a bit to much with pavucontrol... going to the configuration and output tab and "trying out" all possible devies fixes it.12:12
MacSlowJexLamer, headphones are selected as output... but one expects the regular speakers to be the actual output device.12:13
JexLamerthanks @MacSlow I'll give that a try and fiddle around with it, thanks12:15
JexLamerI never got the sound to work, as I say, I just installed it yesterday12:15
JexLamerwill let you know if it worked! Thanks!12:15
MacSlowJexLamer, good luck12:16
hermanoGot the "apple trackpad 2" to work on ubuntu 22.04 through bluetooth. Seems its a bit sensitive to low battery even if the lowest I had was 63%.12:32
hermanoJexLamer, Throw out multi boot, add one of the linux flavour as physical installation on drive, run the other linux and windows as virtual machines through KVD/QEMU.12:34
tarel2I'm running 22.04 I think is there way to make a background picture "wallpaper" fit your screen ?12:44
ravagetarel2: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-tweak-tool-on-ubuntu-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish-linux12:46
tarel2Thanks ravage, I thought maybe but I did not know if maybe I was just missing a setting12:49
BluesKajHi all13:02
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JustCuriousHello, is it possible to run Sigil 0.9.9 on Ubuntu 20.04 ?14:55
JustCuriousI did use this program on 18.04 but after upgradeing to 20.04, Sigil also upgrade to 1.114:56
ravageyou would have to compile that yourself14:57
ravageand the current stable is 1.9.2014:57
ravageso maybe it is time to use a newer version anyway?14:57
leftyfbJustCurious: why? What's wrong with 1.1?14:58
JustCuriousthe version 0.9 is the last having a feature I like so much that I don't want to upgrade14:59
JustCurious*the last one14:59
JustCurious"book view"15:00
JustCuriousI have my reasons15:01
JustCuriousso the only way is "compiling" myself ?15:01
ravageyou can add https://github.com/Sigil-Ebook/PageEdit/releases to sigil15:01
leftyfbJustCurious: you could install an Ubuntu 18.04 LXD container and run it from that15:02
JustCuriousPageEdit does not replace Book View15:02
JustCuriousin terms of usability15:02
JustCuriousUbuntu 18.04 ? in April it's EOL15:03
ravagei thonk you were given some options now15:03
leftyfbjust like the version of Sigil you're trying to run15:03
ravagechoose the one you like15:03
ravageat least it was amusing to see someone complaining that Ubuntu uses too new software on it's archives.15:05
JustCuriousshame, I am talking to several partners using Sigil 0.8 (they don't want Sigil 1.1 or +) on Windows 1015:06
JustCuriousthey can run multiple Sigil versions there15:06
leftyfbJustCurious: sounds like something you need to take up with the Sigil project15:06
JustCuriouson Windows15:06
JustCuriousnope, it's totally Ubuntu related15:07
JustCuriousUbuntu 18 becomes EOL in 3 months anyway15:07
leftyfbJustCurious: nope, you want a feature in a piece of software that no longer exists in that software. Contact the maker of that software to let them know the feature is wanted. Ubuntu can't put that feature back in, neither can Microsoft. Running outdated software is never a good idea15:08
JustCuriousUbuntu 20 should have the packets to run old versions of Sigil15:08
JustCuriousthere are plenty of people running old versions of other applications15:09
leftyfbJustCurious: You can run almost any software you want on Ubuntu 20. It's just a matter of how much work you're willing to put into it. Ubuntu is going to progress and ship with new versions of software with no expectations to host precompiled versions of previous versions of the software15:10
JustCuriousand yes, this piece of software exists15:10
leftyfbJustCurious: good luck15:10
leftyfbSorry, Ubuntu 20.04. "Ubuntu 20" doesn't exist15:10
JustCuriousI'm not a developer15:11
JustCuriousjust a user15:11
leftyfbJustCurious: you have been given multiple options to run your outdated and unsupported software. Good luck15:11
JustCuriousI did choose Ubuntu because it's easy for non-technical users15:12
JustCuriousok good luck too15:13
tarel2is there an ubuntu offtopic?15:14
leftyfb!ot | tarel215:14
ubottutarel2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:14
FKAShinobiCan docker and virtual box be used at the same time?15:25
tomreynprobably. have you tried and found it not to work?15:26
FKAShinobitomreyn: On windows, yes. I wanted to see if someone could confirm before I went through the effort  on my Ubuntu system and potentially render my VMs useless.15:28
leftyfbFKAShinobi: docker != virtualization15:29
FKAShinobileftyfb: I agree, but windows doesn't like the two to play at the same time.15:29
FKAShinobifor whatever reason15:29
leftyfbFKAShinobi: Ubuntu != Windows15:30
tomreynI've not touched docker much, but last time I looked at it, docker was containerization, not using IOMMU CPU isolation features (VT-x/VT-d or AMD equivalents), but virtualbox VMs would.15:30
leftyfbFKAShinobi: docker and VirtualBox will work just fine15:30
tomreynon windows, i think docker uses virtualization15:30
leftyfbtomreyn: exactly. Docker and LXD are namespaces. Everything else is virtualization15:30
FKAShinobileftyfb: agreed, but it still may be an issue, so just thought I'd check15:30
leftyfbFKAShinobi: it's not. And even if it were, removing docker would revert15:31
FKAShinobileftyfb tomreyn: Great, thank you! All I'm looking to do is sandbox some apps. Is there a better way than docker? I don't think Linux has a "jails" feature like freebsd, but I could be wrong.15:33
leftyfbFKAShinobi: LXD15:34
leftyfbor just docker15:34
leftyfbor snaps15:34
tomreynFKAShinobi: are we talking server (text/no UI) or graphical UI use?15:35
tomreynwhat kind of apps15:35
tomreyndocker is usually used for server-like workloads, virtualbox for desktop-like workloads, so it's an uncommon mix to begin with15:36
FKAShinobiboth - code from git hub and other less trust worthy sources. I trust the code in the repos, but other sources not as much.15:36
leftyfbFKAShinobi: I would use LXD15:36
leftyfbdocker isn't meant to be an environment you mess with.15:37
FKAShinobiI don't need to virutalize hardware, so virtualbox is my last choice.15:37
leftyfbFKAShinobi: LXD != virtualization15:37
leftyfbit uses namespaces just like docker15:37
FKAShinobidoes it need it's own kernel or does it inherit from the host?15:38
leftyfbit shares the kernel15:38
FKAShinobiok, I read an article yesterday comparing LXC to Docker and I left thinking it didn't virutalize hardware, but did need it's own kernel.15:39
leftyfbFKAShinobi: sudo snap install lxd && sudo lxd init && lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 myfirstcontainer15:39
cbreakif you want to virtualize stuff, there's KVM (on linux)15:40
cbreakif you want something more exotic, there's qemu15:40
FKAShinobiis LXC also available as apt package?15:40
leftyfbLXD can be used to create and manage VM's with virtualization, but that's not it's primary use by default15:40
bparkerjust fyi qemu's hardware acceleration under linux _is_ KVM15:40
leftyfbFKAShinobi: LXD is not available as apt in ubuntu. Only snap. Nothing wrong with snaps15:41
bparkerleftyfb: fake news15:41
bparkerit's a literal backdoor by definition15:41
leftyfbbparker: lets not15:41
leftyfbbparker: take it elsewhere15:41
bparkerlol how's that boot taste15:42
leftyfbtomreyn: mind chiming in here?15:42
bparkercall the wambulance, someone is mad at words on a screen15:42
FKAShinobiI think snaps are a fair tool. I'm still not sold on them.15:43
cbreaklxc snap works much better than firefox snap15:43
FKAShinobiMeaning I'm not sold on them to install all my software15:43
leftyfbFKAShinobi: just give it a try15:43
leftyfbFKAShinobi: sudo snap install lxd && sudo lxd init && lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 myfirstcontainer15:43
leftyfbFKAShinobi: https://ubuntu.com/lxd15:44
FKAShinobileftyfb: I will. :) But I do think that apt packages should be offered.15:44
cbreakbparker: I don't think that's always the case15:47
leftyfbcbreak: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic15:47
cbreakqemu can emulate quite exotic things, like old PPC or 68k15:47
bparkercbreak: indeed, which does not use any hardware acceleration15:51
tomreynbparker: I would say the "backdoor" characterization is a (strong) point of view. bringing up such terms into this support channel has the potential (and, i assume, intent, on your part) of initiating discussion, which would be better had in the more suitable locations.15:59
theoremI'm having trouble making heads or tails of this library symbol message -- https://nopaste.net/zfGVwLvTYk16:05
theoremIt's clearing telling me that the installed version of libgdk-3 is missing support for wl_proxy_marshal_flags16:06
theoremthe only way I know of resolving this is to recompiled libgdk-3 , but any installation of libgdk-3 have been through libraries, provided by apt.16:07
theoremsince this symbol is missing in the bumdled package, then it means this shared library is useless because it is stealing the namespace for applications that need a shared library with this name, and all the symbols.16:08
theoremI am noticing too, that a numbe rof snap packages are also bundling this library in their packages, I assume for similar reasons (symbls missing) , which is working against the shared library approach, and wasting hard drive space for any snaps using this library.16:09
theoremregardless, is anyone familiar with resolving this in a consistent method because it appears that most of X relies on this library being in this location, and at this version (according to apt) but the need of the specific symbol for other shared packages is unclear.16:11
theoremI think this identifies a problem for apt -- whaen shared libraries are installed, is the package manager symbol-aware ?  if it is symbol aware, then it becomes possible to resolve these type of conflicts and modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly.  This also identifies a naming conflict problem - and allows apt to force recolution of naming cnflicts when libraries are provided which do not have (all) the16:13
theoremcorrect required symbols for a set of binaries.16:13
JustCuriousHi again16:14
tomreyntheorem: most of the time you see this message, it means the software you are using was built for / against a different ubuntu release or other linux distribution, and is just not compatible to it.16:14
JustCurioushello, I am trying to install the package PageEdit on Ubuntu Mate 20.04, but it's not in my repositories why?16:14
tomreyntheorem: this appears to be the case here.16:14
JustCuriousaccordint to https://www.faqforge.com/linux/how-to-install-pageedit-xhtml-editor-on-ubuntu/ it should be available, simply typing sudo apt install pageedi16:14
theoremtomreyn: got it, that makes sense.  I can go snag an old library and stick it in LD_LIBRARY_PATH16:15
tomreyntheorem: the right way to solve this is to rebuild the software you are trying to run on a system (with library versions) that is compatible to yours.16:15
theoremtallbarr: unfortunately, this is nvidia , and it come pre-built.16:16
theoremtallbarr: I will double check I have snagged the correct version, just in case.16:16
JustCurious*sudo apt install pageedit16:17
tomreyntheorem: they could provide the software in a cross-distribution/release version-compatible packaging format such as snap, flatpack, appimage.16:17
tomreynthat can be a good enough workaround16:17
theoremtomreyn: yes, hat could be a solve, not sure it's provided that way ...16:18
tomreynsomething to discuss with nvidia then16:18
theoremtomreyn: I suspct flakpak and snaps are fundamentally solving the problem of the shared libraries and naming conflicts I have outlined .16:18
theoremI see them as just adding a layer of obfuscation, where apt should really be stepping in and managing it.16:19
theoremit looks like the gdk(?) team is stomping on the namespace for this library across the OS and making other's life difficult that need parts of the library16:20
tomreyntheorem: i prefer not having this discussion in this support channel (actually, personally, i prefer not having it at all).16:20
theoremall good16:20
theoremwill poke at the SDK and see what I can come up with.16:20
theoremthanks for the insight !16:21
tomreynJustCurious: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pageedit lists the ubuntu releases this package is available for, from the "universe" apt repository (which is usually enabled by default)16:22
tomreynUbuntu (Mate) 20.04, codenamed "focal", is not listed there16:22
leftyfbJustCurious: is this a fairly fresh install of ubuntu?16:23
JustCuriousthanks tomreyn16:24
JustCuriousno leftyfb16:24
tomreynJustCurious: i don't know this for sure, but there is a chance that Ubuntu Mate 20.04 is no longer supported - make sure you check on this with the Mate team.16:27
tomreyn(I can't seem to find an EOL notice though)16:27
leftyfbtomreyn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_MATE   says April 202516:29
tomreynthanks, i found this, but not the source for this statement16:29
JustCuriousbut I don't find the package on the repository16:29
leftyfbJustCurious: PageEdit was not available in Ubuntu until 22.0416:31
tomreynJustCurious: i tired to explain this previously: the "pageedit" package is not available for 20.04 ("focal") from default apt repositories. it *may* be available by other means, such as a !PPA, a snap, or the like.16:31
JustCuriousok thanks16:31
JustCuriousI jsut installed compiling it16:32
JustCuriousit works16:32
tomreynyou won't receive updates this way, though.16:32
JustCuriousno prob16:33
JustCuriousI'll wait until 202516:33
theoremtomreyn: for real on the symbol / shared library problem though - I know it's not a great convo t ohave in a support channel, but where should this discussion be held ?  I suspect it's challenging for a lot of the projects out there16:36
tomreyntheorem: chances are you are really misunderstanding something that works as designed as being a problem. you could try getting a better understanding on versioned library dependencies + symbol lookups in dynamically vs statically linked builds in a channel discussing linkers, compilers, the very programming language in use, or a cross distribution channel. use !alis to find more channels.16:40
theoremI was stunned to see the shared library packaged in so many snaps.16:41
PeGaSuSguys, some help please: https://0bin.xyz/view/5bdf634f18:00
R3dMageHi, I was looking for some help18:00
tomreyn!ask | R3dMage18:01
ubottuR3dMage: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:01
tomreynPeGaSuS: does this still happen when you    sudo apt update18:02
PeGaSuStomreyn: yes. same error, basically18:03
tomreynPeGaSuS: what prompted you to run    sudo apt install -f18:03
PeGaSuSI installed steam via `sudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb` but it complained about some missing 32bits libs. so I ran `sudo apt install -f` and got that error18:04
R3dMageI installed Ubuntu 22.04 on my MacBookAir4,1. The WiFi connection is very bad. When I go to install or update anything it times out, and web pages also time out often. According to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir4-2 the WiFi was functional in Ubuntu 12.04. Can someone tell me or link me to some good WiFi troubleshooting techniques or tell me if there are some known issues with the hardware?18:05
tomreynPeGaSuS: i think the right way to install steam is using the apt package "steam-installer", available from the "multiverse" repository.18:06
PeGaSuStomreyn: I've used the flatpak and it works but I still have that error no matter what18:07
tomreynPeGaSuS: can you show    dpkg -l steam* | nc termbin.com 999918:08
PeGaSuStomreyn: https://termbin.com/lf45f18:09
ElliriaR3dMage, this Ubuntu wiki page gives some tips and links for troubleshooting WiFi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide18:09
tomreynR3dMage: most of the time you want to edit, with root permissions, the file /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf and set wifi.powersave = 218:10
tomreynR3dMage: if this doesn't help after a reboot, make sure to undo this change, setting it back to 3.18:11
Jeremy31R3dMage: >  sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf18:11
tomreynPeGaSuS: sudo dpkg -P steam-launcher18:12
tomreynPeGaSuS: does this print any errors or warnings?18:13
R3dMageThank you for the direction, I'll try it out :)18:13
PeGaSuStomreyn: https://0bin.xyz/view/d3694e1f18:14
MenzadorDo I still need to use the Ubuntu Server installation disk to install Ubuntu with a GUI onto a RAID0 disk?18:17
tomreynPeGaSuS: you may want to   sudo rm -ri /usr/lib/steam/steam_launcher    also to remove this leftover directory.18:18
tomreynPeGaSuS: nothing else should depend on any leftovers in there18:18
tomreynMenzador: what's a "RAID0 disk"? hardware/fake RAID?18:19
PeGaSuStomreyn: done. the error is still presented, though18:20
Menzadortomreyn: It's two 64 GB mSATA drives in an Acer Aspire S7 that I've used mdadm to RAID0 together into a 128 GB volume called /dev/md018:21
MenzadorI'm currently trying the installation on a 22.04 LTS disk using the LVM option18:23
PeGaSuStomreyn: if I rename fr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jammy_universe_binary-amd64_Packages to fr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jammy_universe_binary-amd64_Packages~bak, `apt update` works. now the question is: is this safe?18:26
PeGaSuSit seems the file gets recreated on `apt update`, so this should be safe enough?18:28
MenzadorPeGaSuS: Are you editing your sources.list/.d or something?18:28
PeGaSuSMenzador: I do have some PPA's added, but it worked before. so, the issue doesn't come from there. I don't manually edit `/etc/apt/sources.list` though18:30
tomreynPeGaSuS: yes, it's safe to rename or remove this locally cached copy of this apt repository index18:31
PeGaSuStomreyn: cool, thanks. problem solved then :D18:31
tomreynPeGaSuS: it may be solved for now, but this should not actually happen in the first place. i would suggest reviewing what may have caused it. possibly a bad disk?18:32
PeGaSuSit's a brand new SSD though18:33
PeGaSuSI've played with phased updates, if that may be related18:33
tomreynMenzador: oh, so that's probably a software RAID 0 via mdadm then, I see. while you can use LVM to to RAID setups, the more commonly used tool for that is mdadm indeed. and i don't thinkt he desktop installer supports setting orassembling an existing RAID, yet.18:34
PeGaSuScontent of `/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20phased-updates`: https://0bin.xyz/view/9139732818:34
tomreynPeGaSuS: could be, depending on what you did18:34
tomreynhmm, i don't know exactly how they work under the hood, so can't comment on whether changes to this file could be related to the errors you got (it seems unlikely to me)18:35
PeGaSuSI'll see if the issue arises again. I've forced some phased updates yesterday, by swapping the values there18:36
PeGaSuSthen I've set the current values18:36
tomreynMenzador: and even though LVM can do RAID1, the ubuntu desktop installer doesn't support LVM based RAID18:36
Menzadortomreyn: Got it. I have experience using the Ubuntu Server installer, so I'll just use that instead. Thanks!18:37
jpmhI bought a GATEWAY laptop, which I really love, obviously I put 22.04 on it and it runs like a DREAM.  The one thing I am confused about:  It has a fingerprint scanner but lsusb does not show it.  Can someone explain what I am missing, please.  I should add that I really don't care much about the scanner since the machine unlocks when my phone is close, and I really prefer that.  So, really this is just curiosity18:40
theoremit might not be a USB device ?18:41
jpmhtheorem: AHA - OK - what else could it be?18:41
theoremor, perhaps an internet USB hub is not detected ?18:41
jpmhtheorem: more to the point, how do I find it18:41
theoremright, try lshw ?18:42
oerhekslspci could show it, and check the 8 digit hex code here https://fprint.freedesktop.org/supported-devices.html18:44
theoremI could be some obscure connection mechanism too -- you can probably take a look at the windows drivers for it on the mfg website18:44
theoremit's probably "secure" as a blob of code the more that I think about -- might take you into reverse engineering land a little bit.18:45
jpmhguys ty so much.  it is not showing with either lspci or lshw - both commands that are new to me -18:46
theoremhmm, ok, then let's take a scan through dmesg18:46
theoremsudo dmesg -T18:46
theoremcheck from boot time forward18:46
oerhekspastebin the output of lspci, maybe you do not recognize the name18:47
theoremyes, that too18:47
jpmhthe reason I was so slow responding was that I tried to make sure I knew what every device that was reported was18:47
theoremdoesn't hurt to have another set of eyes18:48
jpmhwith dmesg what r u suggesting I may see?18:48
theoremjpmh: look for things that MIGHT be the device18:49
theoremjpmh: everything in Linux is going to be a filehandle -- so when something is detected, you'll get one.18:49
theoremthere's also a very slim possibility that the devie might actually be bluetooth ...18:49
theoremthat would be stupid, but possible .18:49
jpmhtheorem: yes - that was my first thought and I scanned /dev with that in mind18:49
jpmhI'm sort of suspicios that it is not detected at all - and really that is fine.  I have no need for it18:53
theoremyes , it might be hidden by UEFI ?  , or maybe some BIOS changes might have disabled it ?  That's the next place I would look.18:54
theoremlow level bios could be hiding it from you for some kind of security reason -- "unapproved OS" or some nonsense.18:55
jpmhtheorem: and others - ty so much - There is no question that that is likely.  The GATEWAY brand was purchased by ACER and they use it for their "low cost" walmart only offering.  The machine was $199, has 8G, a 256 SSSD and a 14.5 inch screen - it is a lot of computer for less than $200 - and it is clearly an ACER - and I like that brand19:03
theoremjpmh: neat.19:03
theoremjpmh: came with windows home I assume ?19:04
jpmhyep - it came with THAT19:15
Jeremy31jpmh: On my gateway the fingerprint thing is on the ACPI and it is a FTE360019:37
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arkanoid"Software installer" won't let me install .deb I've downloaded from the web, but dpkg -i works nicely. Why is ubuntu blocking this on purpose?21:00
oerheksarkanoid, because we want you to use software center.21:01
oerhekslike apt does, but you are free to download some deb somewhere21:02
arkanoidapt won't block me installing external debs. Permission system is in charge of this, not apt, not software installer.21:02
oerheks& some vendors do not want to publish in our repos.21:03
whhi, why when i star in ubuntu 22.04 snap steam, always need enter admin password?21:03
linuxmodderwh, priveledged userspace21:04
oerheks" apt won't block me installing external debs."  ? only if that external deb had a signed key21:04
arkanoidI still see no reason to force uses into software center. Just drop a warning, but not block the user from using the integrated default gui21:04
linuxmoddersnap needs root permission unless configured otherwise, which is not the default configuration for snap21:04
oerheksarkanoid, again, you are free to use other debs or sources.21:05
linuxmodderits an annoyance for some, maybe many but also a safety21:05
oerheksbut installing a random .deb package might not give you updates21:05
arkanoidoerheks: it works the other way around: deb and snap lags behind, and I'm using debs from source21:06
arkanoid(source is microsoft)21:06
oerhekslag behind? maybe there is a newer version available, but not tested in ubuntu yet.21:07
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.21:07
arkanoidbtw, I'll look into an alternative gui for installing debs, as I consider this behaviour against user freedom and responsibility21:07
oerheksgood luck!21:08
oerhekswe do not limit the user freedom, i consider your request as an unstable situation.21:08
leftyfbarkanoid: the softeare center was made with 1 goal. Install and update software from the ubuntu repositories. Installing from .debs is not one of it's features. Just like gedit can't play back music. If you want to install .deb files, you need to use software that was made to do so like dpkg.21:11
arkanoidleftyfb: false, as by default it is linked to downloaded deb files in nautilus21:11
linuxmodderoerheks, funny how folks bitch about that type of annoyance and often return with my system is buggered21:12
arkanoidand gnome-software / synaptic or whatever is not delivered side by side21:12
leftyfbarkanoid: what are you talking about?21:12
oerheksdpkg -i <deb> works fine.. but if you double click the deb in a filemanager, software opens... that is so neet21:13
linuxmoddergedit linked to deb file sin nautilus ?   someone appears to be confused21:13
oerheksit gets weirder on saturday support..21:13
linuxmodderoerheks, I'm used to gentoo and fedora support on the weekends this is tame still21:14
arkanoidoerheks: 1: software manager is by default linked to all .deb files in nautilus. 2: software manager refuses to install debs not coming from ubuntu repository, agains the execution level of user running it. 3: dpgk -i is not an alternative, "software installer" should be the alternative for opening debs. 4: if you install gnome-software beside software installer, it gets hijacked by software21:21
arkanoidinstaller and you get same behaviour.21:21
oerheksdpgk -i is a *perfect*  alternative21:22
oerheksif you want something changed, file a bugreport/wishreport?21:22
oerheksbut i bet it is not going to happen21:22
linuxmodderlol, arkanoid plain and simple that is meant to maintain the sanity and stability of your system, if oyu wish ot do otherwise and jeopardize that you are free to do so but.....21:25
MacSlowAnybody curious enough to test a patched version of kmscon (KMS-based system console) which allows xrandr-style output-rotation? I works on all of my machines... but that never counts right :)21:25
MacSlowprebuild .deb are here...  https://launchpad.net/~macslow/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=kmscon&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter= or you can grab the code from https://github.com/MacSlow/kmscon/tree/rotate-orientation21:26
MacSlowto see what it does you can take a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NE0iattvyI&list=PLXvTBWcnTI1OHF7-Op-ASYsQKKg1TYb5Z&index=321:28
DiagonUbuntu 22.04, external monitor. Works with X, but white screens with Wayland. I can see 3-4 pixel width of the top tray, but the rest is white.  Thoughts?21:53
HabbieDiagon, zero, but somebody who might have ideas will like to know: wayland in which desktop environment?21:54
DiagonIt's pure vanilla 22.04. So that's some modified version of Gnome, right?21:56
Habbiei believe so21:56
toddcDiagon: mine works Gnome 22.04 dual monitors   I also found that wayland does not work with Nvidia drivers installer should change it back to X-1122:11
Diagontoddc / I'm using optimus/nouveau drivers. Display is AOC. Thinkpad W530. Whether on the dock or with mDP connector, it doesn't work.22:23
Habbiecan you easily try without optimus?22:24
DiagonHabbie / you mean just with nvidia?  or just with iGPU?22:24
HabbieDiagon, both might actually be interesting22:24
DiagonIt won't work with the iGPU as the display ports need nvidia.22:25
DiagonI suppose I could try with just nvidia.22:25
DiagonWill have to reboot.  That'll have to be in the evening.  But ...  it should work anyway, no?22:26
Habbieit should, of course22:26
Habbiei've been running without optimus for years (Debian, not Ubuntu) because of reasons i already forgot - but that's why i ask if without it works better :)22:28
x1anyone knows how to completely remove kde environment22:57
cbreakx1: remove kde-plasma-desktop, and the related stuff you don't want?22:58
jhutchinsThere used to be a "remove kde" factoid.  I think it was Debian though.22:59
jhutchinsTo remove or purge KDE: aptitude remove kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5 kdelibs5-data libkdecore5.  Use 'purge' instead23:00
jhutchins             of 'remove' if that's what you want (ask me about <purge>).23:00
DunamisI'm having some annoying issues on KDE with Wayland, things keep flickering (mostly dialogs and web pages)23:18
DunamisBunch of these in journal ```plasmashell[8361]: kf.plasma.quick: Couldn't create KWindowShadow for PlasmaQuick::Dialog_QML_118(0x558ff2832370, name="popupWindow")```23:19
Dunamisplasmashell[8361]: qt.qpa.wayland: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate()23:19
Dunamiskwin_wayland_wrapper[8291]: kwin_core: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow),23:19
DunamisAny ideas? it's driving me mad lol23:19
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jhutchinsDunamis: Use X.23:36
jhutchinsDunamis: Wayland is still in development and is known to have problems with KDE.23:37
g-htmloh hi is this thing on?23:42
Habbieg-html, it is23:42
g-htmli installed ubuntu mate on an old desktop. it like the duel monitors and now it does not. can i delete the monitors.xml file and restart to get back to where i was ?23:44
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