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randeephi.. did anyone's kubuntu system failed to boot after updating to latest kernel?13:04
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BluesKajHi all13:52
mparilloNo problems so far for me (other than proprietary HW) on LL.14:40
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IrcsomeBot<Crewdevelop> Hi I want to know how to access the folder with lock on it : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8251193d/file_62925.jpg15:26
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user|5i just installed kubuntu and left screen. now password for live session user is required ...17:13
user|5i never filled any formulars...17:14
user|5whatcis the default password ? newest version.january 23... ?17:14
alkisgTry: kubuntu17:16
alkisgWait, installed? Or live session?17:16
arraybolt3On a live session, the password should be blank - just hit Enter and it should let you in.17:17
user|518hello. i just installed newes kubuntu version not lts...17:18
user|518left screen and now password for live session user is required...never filled in name or password.please help...thx17:19
user|518tried standards ... admin.Admin.kubuntu.KUBUNTU...left it blanked(just Enter Key) and many more17:23
alkisguser|518: you installed kubuntu but you haven't rebooted yet and you're still in the live session?17:27
user|518i created an bootable stick with tool rufus via windows... with persistend option...17:28
user|518booted and choose try17:28
user|518voila...screen ... i wouldxsay desktop...17:29
user|518left screen and now password is required17:29
alkisgWhat happens if you type Ctrl+Alt+F3, do you get a text prompt to login? What does that say?17:29
user|518nothing. short blinking. and curser in fiel password17:30
alkisgIf you press enter there, does it ask you for a user name?17:31
user|518there is an option benutzer wechseln...change user17:31
alkisgIn Ctrl+Alt+F3? Then try Ctrl+Alt+F4, to get to the text prompt to login17:31
user|518but same thing. password is needed there too17:32
alkisgWhen you get there, try kubuntu/blank17:32
user|518not working17:32
alkisgYes but the screensaver might have some other issue; while if it's not working there, then it's certain you do have a password set17:32
user|518ok.thx. i will start again and make a new stick. thx for help. nice evening17:33
alkisgYou can install kubuntu to the stick17:34
alkisgThere's no need to make weird "live iso with persistence" things...17:34
user|518its a bootable stick.17:34
alkisgYes, if you install kubuntu to the stick it will be bootable17:34
user|518on my laptop is windows 11...ubuntu...and gaming station batocera...triple boot ... thats enough... so i wanted a persistan linux distribution changeable and bootable ony on stick not on laptop itself.... maybe you have other ditribution ideas or names for me...17:36
alkisgYou can install kubuntu to the stick. Without using the disk of the laptop.17:37
alkisgThen that stick will boot in any pc or laptop, and it will have persistance etc17:37
alkisgIt's like installing to a disk, except that you install to the stick, you select it as the installation target17:37
alkisgYou boot from one stick, and you select to install any distribution to a second stick. The hard disk of the laptop isn't touched by this process.17:38
user|518i tried the f3 f4 thing...then kubuntu and blank for password... now it says kubuntu@kubuntu prompt... but i cant do anything.... exit and enter will bring me back17:43
user|518tried this with ubunu stabd version with two usb sticks and it didnt wor k ed...after long waiting time shittyerror message17:45
user|518any ideas for cool linux ditribution for a bootable stick...no install on laptop ?17:55
carlo30Hi all. I'm a newbie with limited skills. I installed Kubuntu on a mini PC on a second SSD drive. On the first one I have Win 11. The install went OK, but the GRUB loader fails to do anything: I can't launch Kubuntu, nor Win, I can't use the arrows, the ESC button or anything.  Is there any quick fix???18:11
alkisgcarlo30: you see grub, but keys won't work there?18:31
carlo30Yes. Grub starts, it shows three options (Ubuntu, Ubuntu safe mode and Windows)  but nothing works. It freezes18:42
alkisgcarlo30: you select one of them with the arrow keys and press enter and THEN it freezes, or it's already frozen and no keys work?18:54
alkisgI.e. can you use the menu or not18:54
carlo30No key works: I can't even move between the options18:55
alkisgcarlo30: do you still have the usb stick, does the grub menu there work?18:56
carlo30I didn' try it. You mean trying the live USB?18:58
alkisgIf so, you can use that menu to boot from the disk18:59
Guest6180hello all... I was wondering if there is a timeline for Kubuntu to upgrade to plasma 5.25 or 5.26 (I just installed Kunbuntu 22.04 in a VM and it has 5.24)21:44
Roeyhi anyone here know openvpn configuration, by any chance?  n the file "https://openvpn.net/community-resources/how-to/#installing-openvpn", it says "openvpn --genkey --secret ta.key".  I run this and get the error "DEPRECATED OPTION: The option --secret is deprecated.  Er.. what do I do now?  I'm setting up an OpenVPN server and client. and the manual is telling me to use something deprecated...21:54
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