lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> The new artwork has been packaged, tested, and uploaded to Lunar. You should probably expect to see some fancy new stuff in near-future ISOs. :)06:37
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Does anyone think it would be a good idea for me to put this on Discourse, possibly with (reduced-size) previews of the new SDDM screen and wallpaper?06:38
guivercWhen the final release notes are created/written, then wallpaper images are required (links online somewhere) so you're just pre-empting what will be required in due course anyway; but I'm not sure anything much is gained with images (code changes to me create more 'buzz'; but I could be wrong!) - but I don't see that it would hurt; I'd likely post when daily is downloadable (to prevent user asking on thread why they don't see images on 06:41
guivercnew ISO just downloaded...)06:41
guivercand thanks arraybolt3 !06:41
guiverc(Dan often posts the new wallpaper backgruonds to wallpaper thread on discourse just prior to release notes being posted... so he has a URL/link to use for example..)06:43
arraybolt3guiverc: Makes sense to me, thanks!06:43
guivercIf they were just posted to the wallpaper thread, I don't see the need to wait for images to be on daily; just note they'll appear very soon (maybe tomorrow's ISO)..  ; delay was if new thread is started06:45
arraybolt3I figure if it's not really what we're looking for in an announcement, and it's something that will be done later anyway, maybe I should just leave it so that it's a fun surprise near the end like it usually is.06:46
arraybolt3(As in, not post it.)06:46
guivercack & :)     My opinion is just that; my 2c worth..06:47
guivercMaybe post in the screenshots thread (an example of Dan's post can be found here https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/screenshot-thread/221/46 for jammy; pics for wordpress/blog post) but in a 'fun/teasing' nature; ie. no clear reference to 23.04 maybe?   Note: I've not thought this idea thru  (maybe wait for anothers thoughts on it..)06:56
guiverc(feels a little early for lunar teasers to me, but may preempt queries on why we've not competition [i usually get/see 2-5 enquiries on wallpaper comp each cycle]; the recent Ubuntu Desktop comp. often causes the enquiries...)06:59
lubot_[matrix] <kc2bez> I say post away to the screenshot thread. If something changes we can always post again.13:39
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/status-waiting-for-configuration-file-prompt/3948 Looks like we have some Focal work to do.17:08
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Someone hit the lubuntu-update-notifier bug in the wild.17:08
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> On the bright side, I have an MR for libfm-qt in Debian.17:31

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