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Guest81Im trying to find a perfect Linux laptop that I can buy at Bestbuy or Target etc10:48
Guest81But all of the high-end laptops Ive tried have literally been unusable10:48
Guest81Ryzen 7 CPU, Intel i5 laptops10:48
Guest81both froze, or crashed, or were slow10:49
Guest81A slower, low-end CPU laptop, works better than the high end laptops10:49
tomreynmy impression over the years has been more the other way around, that low price and "entry level" hardware *sometimes* tends to have bad vendor support on linux10:51
tomreynsuch as some of the cheap intel cpus, many cheap wireless/bluetooth chipsets, some ethernet ones, too10:52
Guest81yeah of course,10:53
Guest81But this entry level hardware has default kernel support and wifi suuport10:53
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