SircleAny comments on services / dedicated managed email servers like hostlyt.com or https://www.mailercore.com/powermta-smtp-email-server/ in contrast to services like mailgun, sendgrid, SES etc? If one has volume, arn't the former better and has more freedom? (can't say about reputation though as have not used them but they do provide many things00:19
Sirclepreconfigured. My subscribers are increasing rapidly (which is a good sign) but I am not an expert and sometimes get sick of mailgun restrictions .  if dedicated managed self hosted email server like mailercore or hostlyt.com, things can be cheaper. BUT I worked very hard to get the members. With quantity, i want quality + more freedom, less cost.00:19
SircleYou know the wishes of everyone00:19
tomreynyou seem to be looking for recommendations on business strategy in terms of choosing SaaS providers. i don't think an operating systesm' channel is necessarily the right place for such.00:24
Sircletomreyn ya I thought server admins might know about it00:29
tomreynthis may be your needs, and someone here may be able to support your needs. still, the channel topic differs.00:35
lunatiqif ti says to reboot because of the kernal does it apply the new kernel on reboot?03:44
lunatiqI did a apt-upgrade on 22.04 LTS03:44
mybalzitchyou can check /boot, but yes its supposed to boot into the newer kernel on reboot if apt installs a new one.03:46
mybalzitchvmlinuz should point to the highest number kernel03:48

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