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* penguin42 follows his lost Evri parcels; 2 around xmas time that haven't arrived yet - I got one of the replacements yesterday15:36
penguin42it looks like the lost ones are starting to catch up15:36
zxmpihave been used as a door stop since november :-)15:37
penguin42there was a video of one of the local delivery depots being complete chaos15:39
zxmpifrom late october to mid feb these days is the manic period of postage and packages. overtime and temp hires help but they're just overwhelmed15:44
penguin42why October?15:47
penguin42Evri is all temp effectively anyway, it's all own-car15:47
zxmpipeople knowing how long their christmas gifts took to get to far side of planet last year start earlier and earlier15:59
* penguin42 ordered some dates from Holland & Barrett on News Year eve - that's how the calendar works - right?16:00

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