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LedutsiaCan I get software suggestions here?01:09
LedutsiaI need a software that basically looks a bit like "Joplin"  with a TOC (table of contents)01:09
Ledutsiabut, I must be able to print it all out as PDF (all of it) - like a book01:09
Ledutsiaevery page should have a footer and a page number01:10
Ledutsiaalso the TOC should be printed along with the entire "book"01:10
Diagonnot sure about the page numbers, but you can do most of that with cherrytree01:11
Ledutsiaoh awesome, I know cherrytree01:11
Ledutsiathank you, I will re-test is again01:11
Ledutsiaonly had cherrytree installed once a long time ago01:11
Ledutsiathe page numbers would be good, though01:13
LedutsiaI must write a really, really long document and it will turn out to be more a book than just a long document01:13
LedutsiaI expect it to be roughly 300+ pages01:14
tomreynLedutsia: this sounds like it can be a job for latex. standard word processors usually don't do a good job with large documents (although you could maybe store it chapter by chapter).01:21
Ledutsiathank you tomreyn01:21
Ledutsiatomreyn, I only know that Latex is good for math and science but I have never used it01:22
Ledutsiaso I am googling it now01:22
LedutsiaSo, according to my first short research, Latex seems to be more a format than a program01:25
LedutsiaWhich client are you suggesting to me?01:25
Ledutsiatexmaker looks like a big player01:27
tomreyn!info texlive01:29
ubottutexlive (2022.20220722-1, kinetic): TeX Live: A decent selection of the TeX Live packages. In component universe, is optional. Built by texlive-base. Size 14 kB / 72 kB01:29
Ledutsiagreat, lovely, thank you tomreyn01:32
LedutsiaI am just installing the snap version (texlive-basic)01:32
bmWtf, apparently you can install a major package that has RCE vulnerability on a latest LTS version because bothered to update it?01:56
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bms/because bothered/because nobody bothered/01:57
oerheksbm, care to share what package?02:03
bmoerheks: can I pm you?02:03
arrayboltXEbm: How did you determine that there was an RCE vuln in the package? Keep in mind that there are several vulnerability scanners that check for vulns based on package version, and that Ubuntu's package version system can badly confuse such tools.02:11
arrayboltXEBecause Ubuntu backports fixes to earlier releases of software, rather than upgrading the software to a new upstream version, packages can appear to be older, vulnerable versions while actually being patched and safe.02:11
arrayboltXEYou can determine if this is happening using Ubuntu's Security Advisory list, which lists vulns and what versions of various packages have fixes for those vulns in Ubuntu's packages.02:12
oerheksarrayboltXE, i have him in PM< i will copy02:12
arrayboltXEoerheks: Nah, no need.02:12
arrayboltXEJust sharing info that frequently trips up users of vuln scanners.02:13
oerheksthere is a bugreport, but nothing is done since 5-202202:13
tomreynis there a cve, though, is the bug report marked security, is the software in main/restricted?02:14
tomreynand is there a usn02:15
arrayboltXEtomreyn: All three are true.02:15
arrayboltXEtomreyn: And it is unpatched according to the USN list.02:15
tomreynlow severity, non exploitable?02:16
arrayboltXEtomreyn: I'll chat the stuff oerheks sent to me.02:16
tomreynlook it up on the cve tracker, it should say why it isn't handled02:16
tomreynbm: from what i learnt by proxy, you are referring to a software in the "multiverse" repository. such software does not receive security support from the security team ( which is available at #ubuntu-security and has an FAQ at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ )02:29
bmtomreyn: this is bone chilling02:29
bmI realize that you are aware of how trivially this particular vulnerability can be exploited02:30
arrayboltXEbm: There's only so many packages that can be taken care of reliably by Ubuntu's team. All of those packages are in the Main repository.02:31
tomreynit may be to you, but that's a repository which is not enabled by default, and thus, for ubuntu users, probably not too much of a concern02:31
arrayboltXEEverything else either can't be reliably supported (restricted), or is the community's job (universe, multiverse).02:31
arrayboltXEAnd the community is already overloaded with work behind the scenes too.02:31
arrayboltXEIf Canonical finds a good reason to task the Security Team with maintaining this package also, they can. So far there's not been enough reason to.02:32
arrayboltXEbm: What you can do, if you absolutely must use this package in a possibly unsafe manner, is you can containerize it in a VM run under QEMU. QEMU *is* in the Main repository and should get reliable security updates.02:33
arrayboltXE(Don't use VirtualBox - it's in Universe. :D)02:34
bmtomreyn: on a fresh installation, "apt install <package>" installs the vulnerable version without any user input. I don't know what "not enabled by default" means.02:34
arrayboltXEbm: A fresh desktop installation? Or server?02:34
bmarrayboltXE: desktop02:34
oerheks!info ark02:35
ubottuark (4:22.08.2-0ubuntu1, kinetic): archive utility. In component universe, is optional. Built by ark. Size 1,367 kB / 4,961 kB02:35
arrayboltXEbm: Even if the vuln in question was patched, it would *still* be a bad idea to throw untrusted data at the package in question. If this vuln poses a problem for you as a desktop user, you're doing something wrong with your desktop.02:35
bmarrayboltXE: can I pm you?02:36
arrayboltXEIf you want.02:36
tomreynbm: hmm, right, looks like multiverse is enabled by default on desktop. i was thinking it wasn't.02:36
tomreynhmm, 20.04 LTS server, too02:38
tomreyni'd say bring ti up with the security team. i don't think those repositories should be enabled by default, to me that's an issue02:39
bmI am honestly dumbfounded at the reaction of some of the people here.02:39
theoremalright, so Intel is reporting that the code blobs for the firmware on a wifi chipset I have on a laptop are only supported from kernel 5.20 and higher.02:46
theoremIt looks like Ubuntu JJ 22.10 is 5.19 at the latest02:46
theoremis there a way to get a NEWER kernel than this in a .10 or a .4 package ?02:47
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds02:47
oerheksindeed, we are at 5.19 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux02:48
oerheksbut carefull, use at own risk02:48
theoremoh, goodness, I completely misread the Intel page02:48
theorem5.2 and higher02:49
theoremnot 5.2002:49
theorem( Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz )02:49
oerheksso Jammy is fine02:49
theoremyes. quite02:49
oerhekshave fun!02:49
theoremthe problem I am tracking is that the wireless adaptor *seems* to have a problem(?) staying connected to the A when the bitrate drops.02:51
theoremHowever, this was with 22.4,  I will re-attempt the tests with 22.10 ( just installed )02:51
tomreynthe linux-firmware git repository (which the ubuntu "linux-firmware" package is mostly built from, if indirectly) got an update of those firmwares just recently https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/commit/?id=5630963e0feaad4d12bd28b2e9083cbf5f9f56ac02:55
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Commit 5630963 in kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git "iwlwifi: update cc/Qu/QuZ firmwares for core76-35 release"02:55
tomreynyou may want to download those manually (and store them in /lib/firmware) and reboot to see whether the updates improve stability02:56
tomreynwhich firmware revision will be loaded (at most) is hard-coded into the kernel though and can change by kernel version02:57
nateDid something change with 22 (specifically 22 LTS) and enabling openssh password login?  I know it defaults them to no these days but it appears setting PasswordAuthentication to yes has 0 effect and it still tries to force public key authentication02:58
tomreyn"force" how?02:59
tomreynpreference is not forcing03:00
tomreyndropping the connection after X attempted and failed public key authentications (and before password login would have been attempted) is not an error03:01
natetomreyn: Default sshd_config with the 22 LTS I just installed has PasswordAuthentication to no, unless it's a host image change.  And force as in the error it returns is; No supported authentication methods available [preauth] but logging in with a key works fine03:01
nateAnd yes I did restart sshd after changing the PasswordAuthentication setting :P03:01
tomreynnate: are you preferring password authenticationon the client over key based authentication?03:02
tomreyn-o 'PreferredAuthentications password,privatekey'03:03
nateNevermind figured it out, yet another stupidity thing from digitalocean I should have expected.  They had a conf override in sshd_config.d which is literally just a single line of "PasswordAuthentication no" lol03:04
nategod I hate DO lol03:05
theoremwell, password auth is generally a bad idea for cloud based hosts03:08
natetheorem: In fairness I usually do trickery of whitelisting access at least, but still, they could have left it configured purely in the sshd_config, it was just sheer chance I thought "maybe I better look in sshd_config.d" lol03:09
nateOr like make a comment in sshd_config going "This parameter is set in sshd_config.d!", etc etc, so many less headachy ways DO could have done it03:10
theoremyes, many ways to slice that on e03:11
_haodoes printer's pdd file matter much? I have epson L3255 setup, also installed driver for it (downloaded form epson official site), it can print, but with much degraded quality, comparing to when in MacOS03:36
_haoI see in printer setting, there is option to "searching for driver", which never succeed to find one, to "Select from Database" which I don't know what it means, and to "Install PPD file", which I'm working one03:37
arrayboltXE_hao: I would guess that the PPD file would be pretty important, since it's part of the driver system.03:38
_haoarrayboltXE, so how do we normally find a suitable ppd file for a specific driver? googling it doesn't show much, the official site only have printer/scanner drivers to download, can't find where to download the ppd file03:46
_haos/specific driver/specific printer03:47
arrayboltXE_hao: Sorry, I don't actually know. I would sort of expect the driver package to provide that. Maybe the manufacturer messed something up, I dunno.03:47
_haookay, thanks arrayboltXE03:50
tomreynthe "database" is a lot of PPDs for different printers collected over the years, made available to linux distributions in a single package. this probably refers to collection by projects (?) called "foomatic" or "gutenprint"03:50
_haoreading the CPUS manual, seems like a complex system03:51
tomreynthere is "driverless" printing support in CUPS nowdays, where, for many (but definitely not all) printer models, the right driver and PPD are automatically chosen based on printer detection (if i'm understanding it right).03:52
_haotomreyn, thanks for the info. I see I can select Manufactor/Model from CUPS's localhost management site, when selecting it also say I can manually offer a ppd file. so I guess, by select the right manufactor/model, it's equivalent to privoding ppd file?03:53
tomreynepson printers have had a bad linux support history, but i do not know whether that is still so, and some models have had support03:53
_haotomreyn, even after I installed printer driver, it actually also shown as a "driverless" one. Don't know why03:54
_haoyeah, when it's driverless, it can print, but the problem is the print quality is much down-graded03:54
* _hao seeing whether there is a #cups #printing channel03:55
tomreynhttps://www.epson.eu/en_EU/support/sc/epson-l3250/s/s2058?selected-tab=drivers&selected-os=Linux&selected-lang=en " There are no files available for the detected operating system. Please select a different operating system above."04:02
theoremcurius -- I occassionally see "screen tearing" on my monitor04:13
theoremas if the driver suddenly resets , or the whole screen image shifts suddenly04:13
theoremI think it would be nearly impossible for me to catch or record.04:14
theoremIs there something in a gpu driver that might catch this ?04:14
|izzieHi All, trying to play a video, get a  dvd source not installed error message.  Installed codecs, still no go.04:36
theorem|izzie: hmm04:39
theoremwhat video ?   tried VLC ?04:40
maerwald[m]Hope it's not an adult video04:40
theoremmaerwald[m]: sounds like you hope it is04:40
|izziedoes ubuntu care?04:40
maerwald[m]theorem: lolol04:40
theoremnot really04:40
|izzieironically, it's the most adult video you can imagine!04:40
theoremyou might just have to share with maerwald[m]  ... for science.04:40
maerwald[m]Right. ..need to examine those codecs04:41
|izzieIt's called "Aging Backwards", by Miranda Esmonde-White04:41
maerwald[m]Buy better videos. That might fix it04:41
|izziewow, theorem fell asleep before the punch line.04:41
theoremget off my lawn.04:42
arrayboltXEPlease stay on topic and avoid adult topics.04:42
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:42
|izzieubottu, what a CLEVER nick!04:42
theoremoh, it's an exercise video04:42
theoremthat's amazing04:43
|izzietheorem, was using Videos instead of VLC.04:43
theoremalright, so is it a DVD, or what ?04:43
arrayboltXE|izzie: The Videos app (Totem) has problems like that. VLC might help. You may need to install libdvdcss also, which may have legal implications depending on where you live.04:43
|izzieyes, DVD04:43
|izziei'll install VLC and give it a whirl.04:44
theoremk, should fly04:44
theoremotherwise --- throw out the DVD, they're on youtube04:44
arrayboltXEBasically, many DVDs are encrypted with a DRM technology called COntent Scramble System (CSS) which makes it hard to view them on some systems, like Linux systems. libdvdcss is able to get through the DRM, but may not be legally permissible in all countries.04:44
theoremyep - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeCSS04:45
arrayboltXEActually DeCSS is a different thing which is actually illegal, whereas libdvdcss uses a different method to break the encryption that isn't necessarily prohibited.04:45
arrayboltXE(DeCSS uses a cracked decryption key, libdvdcss figures out the key on the fly without using a stolen key, I believe.)04:46
theoremarrayboltXE: that's interesting , didn't know there was an acceptable way to break the DRM04:46
|izzietheorem, hahahahaha, thanks for the advice.04:47
theoremI'm surprised you actually have a computer with a DVD player04:48
theoremthose stopped being made more than 10 years ago04:48
|izziemy budget only supports laptops that old, at the moment04:49
theoremfair.   check ebay and craigslist, for $200 you get a LOT of machine.04:49
* arrayboltXE still has a DVD drive in my machine, used it to burn a CD just the other day04:52
arrayboltXE*my desktop machine that is04:52
theoremhere, $212  -- 10th gen intel CPU ( 2 yrs old ) :04:52
theoremarrayboltXE: sounds like a desktop.04:53
theoremarrayboltXE: and that's probably because you have a CD player in your car.04:53
theorembluetooth is better...04:53
arrayboltXEtheorem: Actually, I was making a bootable disc to resurrect an ancient desktop. But now *I'm* getting off-topic :P04:54
theoremah ..  pre-USB ?04:54
arrayboltXEWe probably should stop before someone with authority comes along and makes us do so.04:54
arrayboltXEtheorem: Ish... USB, but no USB boot.04:54
theoremyes, that's an old one -- let me guess --- from ... 2000 ?04:55
arrayboltXE1998 :)04:55
arrayboltXEI'm in #ubuntu-offtopic, we can take this over there if you'd like.04:56
theorempentium ... 1 days I believe04:56
theoremI'll stop04:56
theoremshoot, I do have a zip drive and disks for sale if you want them :)04:56
arrayboltXE:( I was kind of enjoying it :P04:56
theoremI need to sleep , but also want to sell me paralel port zip drive and 8 or so zip disks from 1998.04:57
matsamanput them shiz into a shadow box04:57
matsamanpass them down to your grandchildren04:58
theoremshadow box ?04:58
|izziei was worried it was a desktop but it's a thinkpad04:58
matsamantheorem: it's like a picture frame that has depth so you can put more than flat things within it04:58
theoremya, it might be a little heavy, but it seems to have some good horsepower there04:58
theoremmatsaman: ok.04:58
matsamantldr: enshrine them for the rad technology they are04:59
theoremzip and jaz drives04:59
theoremsooo cool04:59
theoremthe height of nerdiness.  100MB in your pocket05:00
matsamanso short lived05:00
matsamanremember Handspring?05:00
theoremnever saw that one05:00
matsamanthey were like the fancier Palm Pilots =P05:00
theoremWInCE ?05:01
matsamanno was some other OS, IIRC05:01
theoremstupid little pointer mouse for navigating those terrible menus05:01
|izzieI'm golden05:03
|izziethanks all05:03
theoremold dude05:03
arrayboltXEI'm guessing the answer to this question is probably "no", but is there any way to see how much load an Ubuntu mirror is under so that you can use the underutilized ones?06:02
arrayboltXEI know KDE has something similar with their Mirrorstats, and I just switched Ubuntu mirrors based on that data (which probably isn't the most accurate way to do things :P).06:03
matsamanI mean the big ones have insanely more bandwidth than the little ones06:07
arrayboltXEValid point, but it seems like having all of the big ones loaded with users is a waste of the lesser ones.06:08
arrayboltXEI guess you're supposed to pick a mirror based on geographical location, which I only sorta did.06:09
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arrayboltXEHeh, actually there's a "Select Best Mirror" button in Software & Updates.06:14
arrayboltXEWonder how well that works, guess we'll find out.06:14
arrayboltXEROFLOL it picked the server with 10 megabits of bandwidth06:16
arrayboltXEOK so that's probably why the button isn't widely known.06:16
yes-ubuntu12hello all! I am back with a sudo systemctl suspend issue :)  what should I do... if... after this command, the system goes into suspend. Then! when system wakes back up, I can see the keyboard backlight is active, but nothing shows up on the screen... so, I am able to log in and execute stuff as far as I know what I am doing... like, I pretend I07:00
yes-ubuntu12am blind... press CTRL+ALT+T for terminal then sudo reboot followed by my password and the system reboots...!:D  yay!!! THE QUESTION IS: HOW DO I TROUBLESHOOT THIS? AND MOREOVER: is there any command to try to bring the screen back on after system wake up?07:00
matsamanyes-ubuntu12: focus on what your graphics hardware & driver are07:06
yes-ubuntu12matsaman: could you elaborate a bit, please?07:07
matsamannvidia? amd?07:08
matsamanlspci -k | grep -i vga -B 5 -A 507:08
yes-ubuntu12Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620, kernel module i91507:12
yes-ubuntu12would there be more I could do?07:17
macadoogleGood day all, need some help with nginx load balancer + docker free radius container. Accessing the container directly is working 100% fine, but as soon as a request is made to the load balancer it connects to the container, but the return packet contains the containers IP and not of the host IP. Load balancer is in transparent mode.07:52
dsc_macadoogle: pass X-Forwarded-For and some other headers related to reverse proxying - maybe this way Free Radius will understand that its being proxied07:53
macadoogledsc_ thanks will look into that07:56
yes-ubuntu12Hey...I am back with a sudo systemctl suspend issue :)  what should I do... if... after this command, the system goes into suspend. Then! when system wakes back up, I can see the keyboard backlight is active, but nothing shows up on the screen... so, I am able to log in and execute stuff as far as I know what I am doing... like, I pretend I am08:31
yes-ubuntu12blind... press CTRL+ALT+T for terminal then sudo reboot followed by my password and the system reboots...!:D  yay!!! THE QUESTION IS: HOW DO I TROUBLESHOOT THIS? AND MOREOVER: is there any command to try to bring the screen back on after system wake up?08:31
yes-ubuntu12if I have kernel 5.19, is it possible to revert to a previous kernel?08:57
jhutchinsyes-ubuntu12: If you have other kernels installed they should appear as options in the grub menu.08:59
yes-ubuntu12thank you08:59
yes-ubuntu12I am following some steps on intel.com for gpu drivers and I can not seem to find linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem ? anyone could confirm if I am on the right path? :)09:10
enycyes-ubuntu12: which instructions page?  not my knowse exactly09:11
enycyes-ubuntu12: seems there is  linux-image-5.17.0-1026-oem  now09:14
enycand matching https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&keywords=linux-headers-5.17.0&searchon=names09:14
enycmatching   linux-headers-5.17.0-1026-oem09:14
yes-ubuntu12I am a bit clueless when it comes down to such detail :)09:15
yes-ubuntu12(for now... learning on the fly)09:15
enycI think  sudo  apt install linux-oem-22.04a   would  be better approach!09:15
enycsems the 22.04a  stream is for kernel 5.1709:15
enycunhelpful intel instructions, in my view09:16
yes-ubuntu12is there any other way to install linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem without sudo apt-get install ? since this can not find it?09:16
yes-ubuntu12or, can I make apt-get find this in any way?09:16
enycyes-ubuntu12: yes,  try     sudo  apt install linux-oem-22.04a09:16
enycwill get you later in 5.17 series but that shouldn't be a problem, intel shouldn't be expecting an out-of-support/patches 5.1709:17
yes-ubuntu12thank you09:17
yes-ubuntu12so, if I am following this thread from intel and going across the steps and I want to document this for others to see in case anyone else tries from today onwards... where is the best way to share what I am doing / experiencing? which website? which blog?09:24
yes-ubuntu12enyc: sudo  apt install linux-oem-22.04a resulted in linux-image-5.17.0-1013-oem instead of linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem09:26
yes-ubuntu12any way for me to correct this?09:27
enycyes-ubuntu12: sounds like package databes out of date09:31
enycyes-ubuntu12: does "sudo apt update" work?09:31
enycyes-ubuntu12: [then, try again...]09:31
enycyes-ubuntu12: by looks of package site, it sould get you -2026-oem which ought to be fine  not 101909:32
yes-ubuntu12sudo apt update should I run sudo  apt install linux-oem-22.04a again>09:35
yes-ubuntu12by running sudo apt update && sudo  apt install linux-oem-22.04a --- I get it is already installed? I removed it with apt-get remove and installed it again, still installing -1003-oem ?09:41
yes-ubuntu12any other way I could install -1019-oem please, anyone?09:41
ChunkyzMorning all 😘❤️10:04
yes-ubuntu12hello, I am trying to install http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-signed-oem-5.17/linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem_5.17.0-1019.20_amd64.deb however, apt-get install does not see it? If I download this file and try and install it, it says this package has unmet dependencies?10:14
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: what's the command you're using, what's the output it is showing, on a pastebin?10:16
tomreynnote that you should run    sudo apt update    or sudo apt-get update    once before using apt to install or update packages10:17
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I just ran the .deb file from nautilus and it opened in ubuntu software centre, then I pressed install10:17
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: that's not the preferred approach usually because it will mean you loose the ability to verify the package is not broken and, moreover, authentic.10:18
tomreynat least when the same package is also available via apt10:19
yes-ubuntu12if I run the .deb from the terminal, I get --> line1: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'10:19
tomreynhow do you "run the .deb from the terminal"?10:19
yes-ubuntu12I tried with apt-get install linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem before and thie package is not found (I am on Ubuntu 22.10)10:20
newssdonlaptop[off topic] My friend had asked me to replace his Dell laptop's old HDD with a new SSD which I did but I didn't make any changes to the bios.....I mean I didn't check if its using IDE or AHCI .....I no longer have the laptop.....The official Dell doc says that by default the SATA controller is set to "RAID ON" ......Will this prevent his new SSD to10:20
newssdonlaptoprun at its full speed ? >>>>https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-in/precision-15-3551-laptop/precision_3551_specs/system-conf...10:20
yes-ubuntu12and I did apt-get update beforehand10:20
tomreynso that's correct, ubuntu 22.10 does not provide this package10:20
tomreynare you following some guide?10:20
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: yes, this one: https://dgpu-docs.intel.com/installation-guides/ubuntu/ubuntu-jammy-arc.html10:21
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: there was a power outage here and i may have lost some lines. can you private message me anything you posted after <tomreyn> are you following some guide?10:24
tomreynnewssdonlaptop: there's #hardware if you have hardware questions.10:26
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn, I would need to register my nickname in order to message you10:26
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: yes, I am following this guide: https://dgpu-docs.intel.com/installation-guides/ubuntu/ubuntu-jammy-arc.html10:26
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: oh, just put it on a pastebin then10:26
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: this guide is for Ubuntu 22.04 "jammy". You said you're running Ubuntu 22.10.10:27
yes-ubuntu12yes, I am on 22.10 .. can I not install linux-image-5.17.0-1019-oem on 22.10 ?10:27
tomreynyou can install it, manually, as you seem to be doing. it's not meant to be used this way.10:28
tomreynso technically you can. will you achieve the results you are trying to? will doing so have unwanted side effects? unknown.10:28
tomreynis it a good idea to mix packages built for different ubuntu releases - usually no.10:29
yes-ubuntu12the issue is, I am on 22.10 (it is happening on 22.04 too, since I tried it before) and once I use sudo systemctl suspend the system will apparently work after waking up, just that I have a blank screen (if I imagine I am blind and know what I am doing, I can enter my password, log in to desktop, start a terminal via CTRL+ALT+T and test by sudo10:30
yes-ubuntu12reboot which will reboot the system)... hence... now on 22.10, I am trying to see if the guide I am following will help with this issue in any way?#10:30
tomreynwhat is "it" that is "happening on 22.04, too"?10:31
Guest81Hi guys10:31
Guest81Im thinking of getting a better laptop, but I'm worried about the Air/fan holes being a penetration zone for dust.10:31
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: on 22.04 after suspend the screen is blank10:31
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: ah, sorry, i am still waking up.10:32
israelmaleko hellow mamen10:33
tomreyn!en | israel10:33
ubottuisrael: The main Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:33
tomreynGuest81: try #hardware for hardware questions10:34
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: suspend and resume require several components to cooperate properly. i'd first focus on getting your new hardware to work well on a fresh reboot.10:35
Guest81Do Ryzen 3 processors work well with Linux10:36
Guest81I've noticed Ryzen CPUs tend to hang randomly10:36
Guest81With Linux or Windows10:36
Guest81But Intel I never get the distinct Hang10:36
Guest81that I experience with Ryzen10:36
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: to make suspend + resume work, all of hardware, system firmware, operating system (linux kernel) and user space (systemd) need to cooperate nicely. the weakest link is often the firmware here. there can be workarounds if things do not work out of the box but often this is a firmware upgrade.10:37
tomreynGuest81: Ryzen 3 is a CPU (product) series, there are several different generations for it which can behave entirely differently. i've not heard of current ryzen CPUs causing problems. some very early ones (first generation) did.10:40
Guest81I've had better luck with Budget/Entry CPUs10:42
Guest81And Linux, than higher end CPUs10:43
Guest81I had a Intel 12th Gen I5, it was slower than my Celeron n4020 cpu.10:43
Guest81It just lagged cosntantly, WIFI connection took 30 seconds literally10:43
Guest81and it frooze every 5 minutes generally10:43
Guest81SO I returned that laptop10:43
Guest81THen, I tried a Ryzen 7 CPU on another laptop, and it frooze randomly too10:43
Guest81So I returned it10:43
Guest81Then I just bought a $100 (on sale) Celeron n4020 cpu laptop, works perfectly10:44
Guest81So the higher end laptops I bought, were un-usable10:44
Guest81One theory is the newer WIFI cards, and CPUs wern't as supported or had bugs with Linux that may get fixed eventually10:44
tomreynGuest81: if you have a concrete question about Ubuntu support and specific hardware, we can discuss it here, but it's difficult to make generic statements on hardware support.10:44
Guest81But still. it wasn't encouraging10:44
Guest81I'm worried about using Ryzen on Linux again10:44
Guest81Never had a good experience with Ryzen on Linux10:45
tomreynthat's something you could bring up with amd10:45
Guest81Has anyone here read reports of similar experiences, etc?10:45
lotuspsychj3Guest81: for experiences, you coudl try our #ubuntu-discuss channel10:47
Guest81What are some good light DE's10:50
Guest81XFCE, LXQT, which are even lighter?10:51
MacSlowGreetings everyone!10:53
tomreynHi Mirco10:53
tomreynGuest81: openbox10:54
ChunkyzGuest81: I use a Ryzen 2600 with 22.04.1 and it's fine.10:54
Guest81This is what I'm using right now with Xubuntu, it works perfectly, what do you think? I just wish it had more RAM. ASUS - 14.0" Laptop - Intel Celeron N4500 - 4GB Memory - 128GB eMMC - Star Black10:54
Guest81Have you guys seen the "Enlightenment" DE?10:55
ChunkyzOpenbox of i3 is the lightest.10:56
ChunkyzWe're going a little offtopic though. Try #ubuntu-discuss10:56
ChunkyzOr* y'know.....10:56
Guest81Openbox looks cool, it kinda reminds me of CrunchBang #!10:57
ChunkyzCrunchbang was awesome in it's day.10:57
ChunkyzIt's a bit dated now though.10:57
Guest81its no longer aviable11:01
Guest81there is a revival project similar to #!11:01
Exterminadorhello guys. stupid question: can chrome crashes and other be caused by a faulty disk?11:01
Guest81I remember #! had a really good security guide on its forums11:01
Guest81yeah sure11:01
Guest81If the disk is broken the files cant be read etc11:01
MacSlowWhat motu isn't totally drowning in work and can look at my rusty packaging work with https://launchpad.net/~macslow/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=kmscon&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=? Actually everybody, who like EGL-accelerated system consoles, is to do so :)11:02
Guest81its probably not the disk though, if only crome is crashing11:02
Exterminadorin this case is SSD (Silicon Power brand) which is only two weeks old11:02
MacSlowThe plain "it works for me" usually isn't enough testing :)11:03
Exterminadorchrome sometimes crash and I have some other "system problem detected" messages from time to time11:03
Guest81what distro11:04
ExterminadorUbuntu 22.0411:04
Exterminadorthe output of `smartctl -a /dev/sda`: https://termbin.com/9t3zo11:05
tomreynExterminador: if software fails due to hardware issues, you should see error messages about this in dmesg around the same time the software failed, and both events should have been logged in the system logs the "journalctl" command would provide access to11:05
ExterminadorI do have some crash reports on `/var/crash`11:06
Exterminador(I'm using live USB at this moment)11:06
Exterminadorthis is the latest Chrome crash: https://termbin.com/wa97311:11
tomreynExterminador: unless software ubuntu provides is failing, i would not expect that you'll find someone to support this here11:13
ExterminadorI had some crash related to pulseaudio 4 days ago but I can't reproduce it anymore11:15
cumaybe it's resolved11:15
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: here is my story short: tried to install ubuntu 22.10 from live usb... failed as it froze unexpectedly before reaching to graphical user interface or shortly after pressing the "try ubuntu" option... NOTE: laptop has Win10 pro and works well with it, no issues with sleep / wakeup... with 22.10, with help from others I managed to use the11:16
yes-ubuntu12system with nomodeset (install and use afterwards without errors)... problem arises when system goes to suspend. And recently, I figured out, the system is still alive, responsice, only has a blank screen11:16
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: here is the bug report for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/200082911:16
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2000829 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 22.10 only works with nomodeset - will freeze otherwise" [Undecided, Confirmed]11:16
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: my recommendation on getting new / special hardware to work: try the latest LTS release first. if it doesn't work, try adding hardware specific PPAs as needed. if you have a dedicated intel GPU (rather new, little tested hardware) then using the oibaf PPA may help there.11:20
tomreynif this doesn't help, ensure you undo all the PPA configuratins and try a newer (can be a mainline build) kernel instead. if that also doesn'tr help, try the latest (non LTS) ubuntu release, too.11:21
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: Dell Latitude 7390 was released in 2018 / 2019. Is this considered still new hardware? It the owner's manual Ubuntu is listed as supported OS -> https://dl.dell.com/content/manual17912857-dell-latitude-7390-owner-s-manual.pdf?language=en-us&ps=true11:24
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: if you have pre-assembled hardware, such as this Latitude 7390, you can also look for dedicated guides for using it on ubuntu. you can also look at which hardware components it has, whether any of them may be uncommon or badly supported out of the box, and see whether you can find suggestions online on how to get those more stable on your specific linux version. also inspect the system logs and see whether there are error messages11:24
tomreynabout certain hardware components.11:24
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: the graphics card is Intel Graphics UHD 62011:24
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: oh, weren't you the person trying the dedicated intel gpu guide earlier? maybe this was on a different computer then.11:25
tomreyn2018 / 2019 hardware should have good support in 22.04 LTS unless for specifically badly supported hardware components11:26
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: it was on this Dell Latitude 7390 ... I am trying to see if I can move on since I can see no response from the launchpad thread?11:26
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: did you try a bios upgrade, yet?11:28
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I tried 22.10... 22.04... even more, since the laptop was released 2018 / 2019 ... I went back to 18.04 which worked fine from usb, and installed, until ... the system went into sleep or until I issued sudo systemctl suspend ... when, same issue as in 22.10 and the rest11:28
tomreyn dmi.bios.date: 11/20/2022 looks recent11:28
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: yes, I did upgrade the bios, it is now latest version 1.30.011:29
tomreyni'd check the system logs to see what happened after reboot. and disable automatic suspend11:29
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: (with no effect)11:29
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: i'm looking over the dmesg you posted on the bug report now, this will take some minutes11:32
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: you have this message on your kernel log:   intel-lpss: probe of INT3446:00 failed with error -16    this seems to directly related to suspend issues11:39
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: "ACPI: OSL: Resource conflict; ACPI support missing from driver?" us nother message i'd want to look up11:41
itsme5nhow to install ubuntu on virtual box using Mac air M1 as host os11:42
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: try using this when the system stops working next time:11:44
tomreyn!sysrq | yes-ubuntu1211:44
ubottuyes-ubuntu12: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:44
tomreynthis should enable you to retain log files on disk before you reboot, so you can read them using   journalctl -eb -1    after reboot11:45
lotuspsychj3itsme5n: installing virtualbox on mac, is not an ubuntu question best to ask in the mac channel11:51
lotuspsychj3itsme5n: once your mac virtualbox has been configurated, you can install ubuntu on it like pretty similar as a regular ubuntu setup11:55
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: thank you for your suggestion, I will try it in a little bit11:58
itsme5nlotuspsychj3, virtualbox is available for intel pc and latest Mac is on apple silicon chip based so I am bit worried12:01
tomreynitsme5n: i just read that virtualbox 7.0 can be used on mac m1. but which virtualization software works or does not work on your apple OS is really unrelated to ubuntu, as lotuspsychj3 already mentioned.12:03
itsme5ntomreyn, its beta version still under development as I have installed it successfully but when I try to boot from .iso file its telling boot not found in the media on booting initial screen12:05
yes-ubuntu12is there any was to get from grub> minimal bask-line back to the grub selection menu?12:06
itsme5nsorry If I am asking irrelevant questions to this group , but can anyone provide me channel name where I can discuss on it12:06
dsc_the virtualbox people have an IRC channel somewhere...12:07
lotuspsychj3!alis | itsme5n12:08
ubottuitsme5n: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»12:08
tomreynitsme5n: virtualbox support is provided in the #vbox channel on the OFTC (irc.oftc.net) IRC network - which is a different IRC server / network.12:08
tomreynitsme5n: they also have a forum where you can try to find solutions to this very issue12:09
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: try typing "normal"12:09
yes-ubuntu12normal will just start the system without showing the grub menu12:09
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: yes, but you can repeatedly hit "esc" then without risking to enter the CLI again12:11
yes-ubuntu12yes, correct, thank you! :)12:12
yes-ubuntu12does the Alt+PrintScreen work any time? Just so that I can try how the system reacts and what II should expect?12:14
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: do you mean the 'magic sysrq'? this only works once linux is loaded, which is not the case when grub is running12:17
yes-ubuntu12yes, I meant magic sysrq and yes I have loaded linux now, and wanted to see how it works before I really need it in an emergency12:18
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: for testing 'magic sysrq', it's best to switch the fully booted system to a tty and start with sysrq h, which will print help output12:21
tomreynthat way you can ensure you're pressing the right buttons12:21
itsme5ntomreyn, thanks I got right channel :)12:24
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: do I need to make sure I clean the logs before I do attempt to try sudo systemctl suspend ? or will the logs always append to each other and I can see the last suspend / wakeup / shutdown logs ?12:53
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: which logs should I check ?12:55
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: you do not need to 'clean the logs' before you try to suspend. whatever can be logged to disk (while the disk is still writable) will be logged to disk.12:57
yes-ubuntu12which log files should I check?12:58
tomreyncheck the logs accessible with the journalctl command. for example, to see what was logged last before the latest reboot, use journalctl -eb -112:58
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yes-ubuntu12how can I go back in journalctl -eb -1  to see what happens when suspend was requested?13:18
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: is there any way to jump to the point in journalctl where the suspend was issued so that I can view lines from there?13:24
cbreakin a pager, you can search with /13:24
cbreakscroll with j / k or up / down or pgup / pgdown, usually13:25
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: you should this on the log around the power management event: " PM: "13:25
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: Kernel: PM: suspend exit <--- is this the wake up point?13:26
tomreyn"PM: suspend entry" should mark the start13:28
Guest82I installed the 'xrdp' package in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I then connected to 'localhost' in Remmina over RDP, and it connected fine and I could login, but the screen resolution is stuck at 640 x 480. Does anyone know how I can make it scale in real time?13:38
ravageGuest82: is this a desktop system? if yes maybe consider an upgrade to 22.04. it comes with its own remote desktop service13:39
Guest82i cant do that. long story13:40
Guest82its going onto a headline Raspberry Pi13:40
Guest82i just need to access the pi graphically13:42
Guest82installed all VNC servers, none of them work13:42
Guest82xrdp works. its just small13:42
Guest82it seems dated13:42
ravagedid you try another client?13:44
ravagei never really had a lot of luck with remmina13:44
ravagei use xfreerdp2 from the console13:44
ravageand did you try it from another computer? maybe it works better from there13:46
Guest82Thanks and good bye. :)13:46
ioriaiirc remmina has a resolution setting; https://www.nakivo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/How-to-use-remote-desktop-connection-in-Ubuntu-%E2%80%93-configuring-the-RDP-connection-preset.webp13:47
ravagefound that article too13:48
ravageremmina looks nice when you start it but it really is not well maintained13:48
ravagebut it looks like they had some updates recently. maybe i will check it out again13:49
BluesKajHi all13:52
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yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: right... I have managed to log in via ssh to Dell Latitude 739014:30
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: ssh runs perfectly fine, and Dell 7390 is now with a blank screen just after resuming from suspend14:31
PhalanxerHello. I would like to start recording video from my webcam at a certain time and then stop recording at a certain time. Does anyone know of any apps that can do this? I've been through every webcam recording app in the main and universe repo's for 20.04 but couldn't find one14:46
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yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I have uploaded the journalctl output here --> https://pastebin.com/ziiBQfhZ ----> password: yes-ubuntu-today15:01
yes-ubuntu12and could see no real errors?!15:02
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yes-ubuntu12is there any way to start the video card on a remote laptop via SSH ?15:14
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Habbieyes-ubuntu12, what do you mean by "start the video card" ?15:27
yes-ubuntu12Habbie: I mean, My Dell 7390 after wake from suspend does not display anything on the screen, completely blank (not even a slight light is seen on the screen)... however, I am connected to it via SSH and can see the system is still working15:28
Habbieah, and if you were to push a key, the screen would wake up?15:29
yes-ubuntu12Habbie: so, I am trying to see what the reason is, and perhaps I can start / restart the video card via SSH ?15:29
yes-ubuntu12Habbie: correct, no keypush, nor touchpad would wake up the screen (mind you, the system had to be started with nomodeset as it will freez otherwise)15:30
Habbieoh right, so a real problem15:30
Habbiethen i don't know, sorry15:30
arrayboltXESounds like ACPI issues.15:31
ubottuto debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI15:31
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yes-ubuntu12arrayboltXE: yes, my bios is up to date15:31
yes-ubuntu12I already filed a bug report here --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/200082915:32
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2000829 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 22.10 only works with nomodeset - will freeze otherwise" [Undecided, Confirmed]15:32
llorllaleI've been trying to find an answer to this questions for a few hours now: if I add a physical interface to a bridge (eg.: `ip link set eth0 master br0`), will the physical interface lose its current IP address?15:50
Habbiellorllale, i assume you're not able to just try it?15:56
llorllaleI am, but am afraid to screw this up badly15:56
Habbiegive me a few minutes and i will try it here (on Debian, but that shouldn't matter)15:57
leftyfbllorllale: you could always spin up an lxd container and try it15:57
Habbiellorllale, the IP is still there16:00
Habbiethe last time i had to move eth0 into a bridge i defined the whole thing in systemd-networkd and just reloaded that - then there's no risk of losing connectivity16:01
leftyfbnetplan works just fine16:02
Habbiethat also sounds sane, yes16:02
llorllaleHabbie: thanks16:05
llorllaleI'm just documenting a quick PoC - nothing permanent.16:05
Habbieyes-ubuntu12, and now i run into a machine that unsuspends except for video!16:20
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: i would recommend to tackle the issue with no video output unless nomodeset is used first of all, and look into the no video on resume issue later.16:34
tomreyni.e. reproduce the situation with no video output on a fresh boot, then reboot with the workaround (nomodeset) and go over the previous boots' log.16:36
tomreynyou will most likely seee error messages there, something about i91516:36
PhalanxerHey again all. I just unboxed and connected a brand new Logitech C270 webcam to my Raspberry Pi 4. A reviewer from the place I bought it from said it worked out of the box on Raspberry Pi OS, but that's not the experience I have with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. What should I do?16:41
alkisg...install a desktop os? :D16:42
PhalanxerAh, yeah I did LXFE.16:42
alkisgJoking aside, desktop os means you won't have to hunt for missing libraries etc16:42
PhalanxerUbuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop share the same code, server just comes with less packages.16:43
arrayboltXEWhich is probably exactly the problem.16:43
PhalanxerExactly, that's what I'm thinking is going on as well.16:43
arrayboltXEYou can just install the *-desktop package for your flavor of choice on top of Server.16:43
arrayboltXEsudo apt install lubuntu-desktop if you want LXQt, for instance.16:43
arrayboltXEThat will *probably* pull in everything.16:44
PhalanxerI only have 50MB of data left on the internet connection my PI has access to.16:44
arrayboltXEOh tar. Uh, do you have some other connection too?16:44
alkisgEven if you do find the missing library now, you'll probably bump into more problems in the future16:44
arrayboltXEAnd there's no guarantee we'll get the right library. You probably don't want to waste 50 MB.16:44
PhalanxerNo. There is a bug in Ubuntu 20.04 that my computer runs which prevents Pi's from connecting to via hotspot. I have no way but headless in to it.16:44
PhalanxerExactlt, that's why I am trying hard before I go ahead and pull packages.16:45
arrayboltXEWhat's your network setup look like? Is this 50 MB for your whole home Internet? Is it just for the Pi and you have a better connection that you're using on your laptop?16:45
arrayboltXEIt might be possible to use something like apt-offline to allow you to download packages on a good connection and then use a USB drive to transfer them to the Pi.16:46
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: sorry, I do not understand what you're suggesting?16:46
Phalanxer50Mb is my mobile prepaid internet. I used up half of my data installing LXFE or what ever that lightweight desktop is. 'apt update' pulled a fair bit of data too.16:47
PhalanxerI thought about offline install and went looking for snaps, but I fear I'll run into dependency hell with apt offline.16:48
arrayboltXEIt's tricky to use, but not too bad.16:48
arrayboltXEWhen it works that is... which sadly I've not always found it to work.16:48
arrayboltXELemme do some digging and see what we can come up with.16:48
alkisgPhalanxer: so you have unlimited Internet in other places in your house? Do you need help in sharing that Internet to the pi?16:49
PhalanxerAlkisg, I can't share it to the PI. Its a long story.16:49
alkisgI would suggest creating a new installation SD card then, with the full desktop OS16:50
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: (1) reboot without "nomodeset", your screen will be blank then, based on what you described previously. try hitting ctrl-alt-f3, then ctrl-alt-del, see is the system reboots. else use the magic sysrq's "s", "u", "b" to reboot, else power cycle to (2) reboot, this time with "nomodeset", so that you can see screen output. (3) use the "journalctl -b -1" command to review the previous boots' log (the boot without video output). look16:50
tomreynfor error messages, specifically about "i915" or "video" or "graphics", or share the full log.16:50
alkisgTrimming services is always easier than trying to find missing libraries16:50
PhalanxerThe only way I could share it with the PI was through hotspotting it to my PC, but there is a bug in 20.04 that prevents hotspot from pie. Something goes wrong with the authentication, so I have hotspotted both the Pi and my PC to my phone, and use the phone as a bridge for SSH/RDP into my Pi.16:50
PhalanxerI'm going to connect back to my Pi now. I'm going to have a look in the /dev/ directory to see if the camera is actually registering. It's possible the app I am using, OBD Studio is just not detecting it. I'll be back soon.16:51
arrayboltXEPhalanxer: And I'm guessing you probably don't have an ethernet cable.16:51
PhalanxerNo either.16:51
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: where i wrote "see is the system reboots" i actually meant "see whether the system reboots"16:51
PhalanxerNo HDMI16:51
arrayboltXEPhalanxer: Wait a minute... you have the PC and Pi hotspotted to the phone?16:51
arrayboltXESo they can talk to each other? One can access a server on the other?16:52
arrayboltXEIf the Pi can access a server on the PC, you actually *can* share your connection between the two using a SOCKS proxy.16:52
arrayboltXEAs long as the Pi and laptop are on the same LAN, they should talk directly to each other, rather than burning mobile data.16:53
PhalanxerSorry I took a while. I had a BSOD and lots of app stability problems in Ubuntu17:06
PhalanxerI'm now lost17:06
Phalanxer56Sorry I took a while. I had a BSOD and lots of app stability problems in Ubuntu17:07
Phalanxer56And my WiFi just cutout 30 seconds ago17:08
Phalanxer56I still couldn't detect my new webcam.17:08
Phalanxer56Everyone says cheese is the go to app so I am now going to install it. Its a small download.17:09
tomreynthere's also v4l-utils17:10
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: right. WITHOUT nomodeset... Dell Latitude 7390 will freeze at a random point, either before reaching the desktop login, either very little after I have logged in. Sometimes the screen will be a bit scrambled as is the video card was about to die right when it frozes.17:25
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: so you do get graphical output initially? that's a relevant fact i don't think i read before.17:26
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: and, with nomodeset, I have already uploaded the findings :)  see here journalctl -eb -1 --> https://pastebin.com/ziiBQfhZ  password: yes-ubuntu-today  .... moreover, the good news is, that with nomodeset, I now can log in to Dell Latitude 7390 via SSH (after waking up from sleep, although the Dell 7390 screen is still black / blank)17:28
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I did mention that Ubuntu 22.10 will freeze without using nomodeset before or after (desktop) login17:29
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: i've seen the log of the system booting with the nomodeset option. i assume you want to make it boot iwthout this option. to analyze why graphics fail without this option, you'd need to boot it without nomodeset and then review the logs of that boot.17:30
tomreyn(i've now explained this three times)17:30
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: is there a way to have all log files sent to another laptop of mine via wifi while the Dell 7390 boots up and before it freezes?17:32
striveThat sounds like a job for rsyslog.17:32
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: not before the wifi is up17:33
oerheksDisable "Intel Speed Shift Technology" and Disable "Trusted Execution" and "TPM 2.0 Security", and more tips ,,,. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1241771/dell-latitude-7390-ubuntu-20-04-sometimes-hangs-and-reboot-after-pressing-s17:34
taholmes160Hi Folks -- my ubuntu computer was working great -- and I did the routine updates yesterday, now I cannot connect via RDP -- all i get is a blank black screen with the mouse pointer on it -- no desktop --- ive tried googling its still not working17:34
yes-ubuntu12oerheks: was that for me? :)17:34
oerheksyes, i hope that fixes things17:35
Phalanxer11Ok, so 'lsusb' detected the camera, and I was able to record a video 50% of the time with Cheese. Other times it would hang. I still can't get anything in OBS Studio. I'm also getting a constant syslog message from kernel saying "reset high-speed usb number 3 using xhci_hcd"17:36
Phalanxer11BRB, trying USB 2.0 port17:38
taholmes160Please disregard my message -- its resolved17:39
PhalanxerUsing a USB 2.0 port did not help.17:43
Phalanxer57I'm sorry my WiFi adapter sucks and I was just disconnected. As I was saying, using a USB 2.0 port did not help.17:44
Phalanxer15One down side about apps being on Windows is you find tonnes of solutions to problems such as 'format your hard drive'.17:47
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Guest5Where can I ask questions about Multipass?18:02
oerheksthere is #multipass here on #libera18:05
nikamikacan someone pls help me how to instal 'jalv.select' on ubuntu mate 18.04. in ubuntu 18.04 i only have 'jalv' wich is terminal, command base 'host'.18:07
oerheksniubuntu mate 18.04 is EOL ??18:08
oerheks3 years support18:08
Habbieoerheks, 5 years18:08
Habbieso, 3 months left18:08
nikamikaoerheks, its ok, i can stiil use it18:08
oerheksHabbie, no, only gnome and server18:08
Habbieoh -mate-, got it18:09
nikamikacan someone pls help me with jalv.select?18:09
yes-ubuntu12oerheks: thank you for trying... I had those disabled already as suggested about a week ago by someone in here. I am giving up for now. I have the feeling all this is video card related or video driver related?18:10
Habbieyes-ubuntu12, hey - as i said earlier, i happened to run into a box with the same problem. THen i looked in dmesg and it said i needed radeon firmware (it's an AMD), and now it works18:12
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Habbieyes-ubuntu12, i found out by rmmod radeon; modprobe radeon, which added a line to dmesg. For you, it probably won't be radeon.18:13
yes-ubuntu12Habbie: thank you. I have Intel Graphics UHD 620 and have no idea what modprobe I could try18:14
Habbielsmod | grep gpu18:14
oerheksnikamika, normally i would say; build it from source, but you have an outdated ubuntu, sorry > https://wiki.linuxaudio.org/apps/all/jalv.select18:14
Habbielsmod | grep 91518:15
yes-ubuntu12Habbie:nothing shows up for grep gpu18:15
tomreynHabbie: i915, but the firmware should already be installed, as it would have been for your radeon card, had it been ubuntu18:15
nikamikaoerheks, is it possible to build someothing from source even if i have outofdate distro?18:15
Habbieah, that is a very good point. I am in fact not on Ubuntu.18:15
Habbiethat said, rmmod+modprobe+dmesg might still be interesting18:15
tomreynor just a boot log where i915 is attempted to be loaded / fails later. that's why i suggested that yes-ubuntu12 should create such a log previously.18:16
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: how many times should I explain that without nomodeset my system freezes at one point... how could I create that magic log? I did ask if it's possible to get logs over wifi as the system boots?18:19
Habbiejust a dmesg from boot would be useful already18:19
tomreynlogs get written to the disk by default, so you just need to boot and run into the situation, then reboot again, ideally ensuring the write cache is written to disk before you reboot18:20
Guest5Speaking of logs, I noticed that Ubuntu logs these channels by day and then by channel.  Is there an elegant way to review a particular channel over longer than one day?  There’s a nine-year-old three-commit repo that tries to do something like this but it’s not working.18:21
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: so, if I have between 2 seconds to 10 seconds after desktop login, possible to do that?18:22
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: yes, because there is nothing you need to do during this time18:22
oerheksGuest5, no.18:24
Guest5That’s unfortunate.  The current model is like printing out a book’s worth of pages, stringing them along the long edge, and flipping them to make an animation.18:25
JackFrostGuest5: wget in a loop with `seq 1 30`? :P18:26
alkisgGuest5: since the URLs are well formed, you can make your own index to them. It'll be rather easy to create an .html page with the index you want.18:26
Guest5That’s probably what that person thought nine years ago when they made that project.18:27
Guest5I do wonder what the viable use case is of per-day -> per-channel.18:27
lvsmmusicperf I don't have permission18:27
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I have now booted the system with nomodeset, just after a boot without nomodeset when the sestem froze in about 2 seconds; which logs are to be examined now?18:49
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: journalctl -b -118:50
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: does the entire system really freeze there or is it just that graphical output is failing?18:51
tomreyni.e. can you still switch to a !tty and use ctrl-alt-del to reboot, or can you still use sysrq keys?18:52
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: it is the entire system, I will try an SSH in a second18:52
Habbiei just found on my system that USB also failed on resume - and a non-working keyboard can feel like non-working video ;)18:53
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: if it actually freezes then logging in via ssh and watching    dmesg -w    or using a netconsole would be better then indeed in case the error occurs only after logging to disk is no longer possible.18:53
Guest45hi yall my linux distro gives me a v4l2 select() timeout when recording video, i've tracked it to uvc_video_stop_streaming19:00
Guest45basically it requires a META_CAPTURE vq2_queue19:00
Guest45but it gets a VIDEO_CAPTURE type queue19:00
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: https://pastebin.com/itpcXhBt --> password: yes-ubuntu-today   (this is without nomodeset)19:00
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: your kernel is outdated. does this happen on the latest version?19:04
tomreyn5. is current, you have
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I specifically did not update anything for now, to have a clean install from the 22.10 usb without much modification19:05
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: when you update, the older kernel remains installed, so it's a safe thing to do.19:06
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: the "intel-lpss: probe of INT3446:00 failed with error -16" message is still present19:10
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: graphics driver initialization is not on this log, which has 911 lines. make sure you posted the full log.19:13
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: this is what journalctl -b -1 gave me19:14
tomreyntry the ssh approach then19:15
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yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I could do a last try for now as my day has to roll in different areas; how was just reading about netconsole a little bit and I am willing to give it a try while the system running without nomodeset until frozen... how should I set up? I can see insmode netconsole... where should I place this? In Grub, just like the nomodeset ?19:16
tomreyn!bootparm | yes-ubuntu1219:18
tomreyn!bootparam | yes-ubuntu1219:18
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tomreyn!kernelparm | yes-ubuntu1219:18
ubottuyes-ubuntu12: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters19:18
tomreynso, yes, just like nomodeset19:19
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: thank you, will try now19:19
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Netconsole19:19
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: but i really recomend you try with the latest kernel, which will contain bug fixes. i won't review another log of an outdated kernel19:20
yes-ubuntu12yesterday I had updated this laptop and the system was up to date, still facing issues; I just did not look into the log files; this morning I decided to do a fresh install and see if there is something to be spotted19:21
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: and thank you for your help19:22
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: you're welcome. if you had the same symptoms with the fully updated system and had actually rebooted into that latest kernel, then it's of lesser importance.19:32
tomreyndevelopers would still ask you to reproduce it on the latest kernel image, most likely.19:33
tomreynsee also bug 193934719:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1939347 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 20.04 freeze since kernel 5.11" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/193934719:35
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tomreynyes-ubuntu12: there, the suggestion of partially disabling the i915 intel graphics drivers' power management using the "i915.enable_guc=3" kernel command line parameter (in the same way as "nomodeset") seems to help some people affected by this apparent device specific firmware bug.19:42
tomreynon https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/intel/-/issues/4813 the kernel command line option "i915.enable_psr=0" is suggested (disabling the embedded screens' panel self reflesh)19:44
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 4813 in drm/intel "Dell Latitude 7390 freeze if Panel Self Refresh is enabled (which is the default)" [Opened]19:44
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tomreyn(Jani Saarinen is an intel developer working on the intel graphics driver for linux (i915) and the direct rendering manager (DRM) open source graphics component)19:47
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DunamisWayland is still not considered stable enough?19:53
DunamisFor KDE specifically19:54
oerheksWayland is standard installed, no problems here.19:54
tomreynits less a matter of waylands' stability but more a matter of its design principles and how different graphical desktops can or want to adapt to those.19:54
DunamisIIRC it's the default on Gnome but not on KDE. Anyway I'm having lots of visual glitches with right click menus being entirely black with nothing visible, things flickering, mouse leaving "ghost trails" just weird random super annoying things.19:57
backthenAfter update and restart, Ubuntu is stuck on these lines: audit type=1400 apparmor=DENIED profile=/snap/snapd/17950/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine20:40
ioriabackthen, rarely a snap issue prevents a booting; what you mean with 'stuck'? stuck where ? stuck how ?20:48
backthenioria: that line repeats every few minutes, alternating with addition text such as capname=net_admin or capname=perfmon, and different pid20:49
backthenand the OS can't boot normally20:49
ioriabackthen, where does it stops exactly ?20:50
backthenioria: it doesn't seem to stop. Been more than half hour. The lines repeat themselves20:51
jhutchinsIs apparmor enforcing enabled by default?20:51
jhutchinsbackthen: Have you tried booting to rescure mode?20:51
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this? which kernel is in use?20:52
ioriabackthen,i mean :  where does the booting process  stop exactly ?20:52
oerheksbackthen,  on bare metal, VM, lxd?20:54
backthentomreyn: the standard U22. Not sure of kernel20:54
backthenoerheks: none of them. It's a standard install on a laptop20:54
tomreyn!recovery | backthen20:55
ubottubackthen: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode20:55
ioriabackthen, ok; so fallow the jhutchins suggestion and try to bootin 'recovery Mode'20:55
oerheksPerhaps try running sudo apt reinstall snapd ?20:55
ioriaunless you're another chatgpt bot20:57
oerheksi see no answers or fixes for such apparmor problem20:59
backthenok I'm in recovery mode. What now21:07
tomreynon the menu? then mount file systems / enable networking and drop to a root shell21:10
jhutchinsbackthen: I don't mess with apparmor.  From a web search, I see the suggestion "sudo systemctl disable apparmor", then reboot.21:10
tomreynthen    cat /proc/{version*,cmdline} | nc termbin.com 999921:10
jhutchinsbackthen: No guarantee that this won't brick your system.21:10
backthentomreyn: hmm it's not connected to network. The cat returns 5.15.0-58 generic, 5.15.7421:19
tomreynbackthen: okay that's the default kernel on 22.04 LTS, at least the 5.15.0-58 one, not sure about the other version.21:22
tomreynbackthen: since the prvious reboot, did you make system wide configuration or other changes other than installing updates?21:23
tomreyntry exiting the root shell and resuming the boot21:24
backthentomreyn: not I know. It was basically a bunch of snap store apps need update. And a wine game I was playing got stuck. So I figured it was a good time to restart21:24
tomreynif it happens again, reboot and select the previous kernel version from advanced grub menu21:25
blahboybazWhen you run `dpkg -l linux-image*` the first / left hand column contains `un`, `rc`, and `ii` I've been searching the man page but do not see a definition for those. Can anyone tell me what they mean?21:27
Habbieblahboybaz, https://askubuntu.com/questions/18804/what-do-the-various-dpkg-flags-like-ii-rc-mean is good21:28
blahboybazHabbie: ahh.. thanks21:29
tomreynits man page, too, you just need to realize these are single characters21:29
backthentomreyn: thanks selecting prev kernel 56 (instead of 58) allowed regular boot21:30
backthenjhutchins: should I still execute the disable apparmor command now that I can boot with kernel 5621:31
tomreynbackthen: you can reboot into the 'broken' kernel again, and then again into this old one which works, then run   journalctl -b -1 > failed_boot.log   to write the system log to file failed_boot.log21:32
jhutchinsbackthen: If you manually enabled apparmour at some point, yes.  If you're running on defaults, probably not.21:32
tomreyn!bug | backthen21:34
ubottubackthen: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:34
blahboybaztomreyn: yeah, turs out is it in `man dpkg-query` (which I did not know existed) and not `man dpkg`21:36
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: Hey... I am about to upload 4 netconsole logs out of which two might contain good info (ex CPU not responding),,, can I include your name along for helping? Tom Reynolds?21:43
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: it porbably wont help but feel free to.21:43
backthentomreyn: sure once I become familiar. I'm also feeling that perhaps I should stay on U18/U2021:45
yes-ubuntu12is there any way of attaching multiple files to a comment on launchpad bug report? I notice 1x attachment per comment?21:48
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: i don't thinkt here is, it's okay to do multiple21:50
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yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: here they are --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/200082921:55
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2000829 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 22.10 only works with nomodeset - will freeze otherwise" [Undecided, Confirmed]21:55
GBGamesI don't know if this is a Firefox issue or a window manager issue, but one of my Firefox windows seems dimmer than the others. If I pull a tab off into its own window, it is bright and normal, but if I put it back in this existing window, it is dark again. The title bar is dimmer, too. Any ideas what might have caused it or how to fix it?21:55
GBGamesClosing Firefox and reopening it (restoring all windows/tabs) seems to have resolved it, but that was weird.22:00
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: the mce message and kernel oopses may be useful22:11
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I have uploaded another netconsole log when the system is started with nomodeset and after few clicks I sent the system to suspend then wake up... and I will do one more where I will send the system straight to sleep and wake up (without much else22:14
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: better spend time on trying clean booting with the latest 22.10 kernel, as well as with a !mainline kernel image22:19
tomreynsuspend + resume is something that needs to built on top of a reliably working boot.22:19
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: Iwhat do you mean by clean booting?22:34
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: I can do all the updates there are, sure22:34
Habbietomreyn, i just need to check, is !mainline an irc bot macro or a negation?22:34
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: what is a mainline kernel?22:35
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: how to get it?22:35
Roeyhello, anyone here use OpenVPN?22:38
RoeyI try from the client "openvpn --config client.conf" and get the error "Cannot load certificate file client.crt"22:38
Roeywhat gives?22:38
Roeyclient.crt is in the same directory as where I am running this command from22:38
jhutchinsRoey: Possibly the full path is required, possibly something about the file isn't right.  Possibly permissions.22:40
Roeyjhutchins: I'm executing it as root22:46
Roeyjhutchins: yeah and it can read it fine22:47
Roeythe permissions on the file I mean.22:47
tomreynyes-ubuntu12: by 'clean booting' i mean a proper boot, not suspend + resume22:57
tomreyn!mainline | yes-ubuntu12 Habbie22:57
ubottuyes-ubuntu12 Habbie: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:57
tomreynHabbie: https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi22:58
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mortWhy's Launchpad so unreliable? It has happened a few time that I'm looking up info about a package and a page just refuses to load due to a time out23:31
morthttps://launchpad.net/linux this for example times out23:31
Jeremy31mort: Ask at #launchpad23:32
Roeyanyone here use openvpn?23:34
yes-ubuntu12tomreyn: thank you for your help today, I am calling it a day!23:40

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