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alkisgGuest6180: Ubuntu doesn't get new versions of programs. The nexst plasma will go to the next Ubuntu, not to the already released versions.04:05
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> I tried sudo but didn't work09:46
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Can anyone help? (re @Crewdevelop: )09:46
IrcsomeBot<PatxiGarciaEA2WJ> 3zKN13:09
IrcsomeBot<PatxiGarciaEA2WJ> FBJ (re @join_captcha_bot: )13:10
Iamthehuman1G'afternoon kubuntu people13:35
FravialisHi all. I'm using the NetworkManager VPN addon to configure various VPN-connections (duh) but the issue I'm having is: I'm running Ansible scripts, but some of them are in control of automatically updating and rebooting the same VPN servers it needs to ssh to over the VPN link they provide. This is not an issue for reboots, but I do need my client to keep polling and reconnect automatically13:48
FravialisIs this possible?13:48
FravialisSeems that https://askubuntu.com/a/1103326 is viable13:49
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Roeyhi anyoen here use openvpn? I have it set up; I'm trying to figure out why my client, despite establishing a session to the server just fine, won't load a web page.. it just times out, and I'm trying to figure out why16:49
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