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qqzHi, launchpad only accepts source uploads17:54
qqzhow am I supposed to achieve a source-only upload?17:55
qqzdelete the .deb and buildinfo from the changes file and then sign and upload?17:55
qqzit is still called xchroot_2.7.5-1_amd64.changes17:55
cjwatsondebuild -S17:58
qqzI am using dpkg-buildpackage -sa -kestellnb@elstel.org17:59
cjwatsonadd -S17:59
qqzif I add --build=source I get the error that the .deb is not found17:59
qqzsame as -S18:00
cjwatsonfull output in a pastebin please?18:00
cjwatson-S shouldn't look for .debs18:00
qqzat #debian they told me I can not build a package without creating binaries18:00
cjwatson#debian is wrong18:00
qqzit doesn´t work; comlains: .deb not found18:00
cjwatsonjust flat-out inexcusably wrong18:00
cjwatsonI need the full output please18:00
cjwatsonit may be long, so paste.ubuntu.com or similar18:01
cjwatson(need to go for dinner now though; stick around, I'll be back in a bit)18:06
jelmerqqz: what other options are you specifying?18:10
qqzyou can see the package at https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:estellnb:elstel/xchroot19:17
qqztry debexport, and different options for dpkg-buildpackage19:18
qqzfor me none of the combinations have succeeded to "compile" only a source package19:18
qqzuse ./debexport srcdirname; cd /usr/src/dirname; ./run19:19
cjwatsonI'm not going to run your code - can you please pastebin what you see in your terminal when you try it?19:19
cjwatsonI've been doing source-only builds with -S for nearly two decades and it works fine for me, so I need to see what happens when you try it.19:21
ricotzhello. are there any network issues currently? seems package uploading is very slow19:36
cjwatsonricotz: #canonical-sysadmin may know more than us on that20:16
ricotzcjwatson, will do, thx20:17
braulioGood evening, I am needing some help with the lauchpad login at https://launchpad.net/. I have already registered on the site and after clicking login I fall into a screen that I confirm my username and email and click on a green button and then fall into an error screen.23:37
braulio(Error ID: OOPS-43c919a5cb7a8318dc3d718bfd730d35)23:37
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