jhutchinsmort: You could always donate more hardware and volunteer support time.00:09
grymort: personally i prefer to store information offline, unless it has a few terabytes of images. Text-only information is easier to download and browse.00:11
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djaburgAnyone else watching NFL?00:42
leftyfb!ot | djaburg00:42
ubottudjaburg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:42
djaburgFair enough...somewhat new to IRC and Ubuntu Studio.00:43
mcintnot sure if there are better places to ask... I want to get /etc/motd to print before /etc/update-motd.d/... -derived output. Is this possible?01:04
mcintI think I need to look in pam.d for the motd setting01:04
leftyfbmcint: there is no /etc/motd in ubuntu by default02:01
leftyfbmcint: the proper solution would be to create a file /etc/update-motd.d/00-[a-g]* or replace 00-header02:03
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samsi play on a gaming server and latency is 228, under windows i was using battleping and the tweaks were working. that is i wasnt pausing after moving every 5 tiles. it was fluid. are there any network tweaks i can do in linux? i dont wanna go back to windows just for this game, thanks02:34
Eickmeyersams: If you can't get any answers here, you might try asking in #gamingonlinux.02:35
samsthanks i'll try there seems more appropriate02:35
Phalanxerravage: Thanks for your help last night. I got everything working.04:04
PhalanxerDoes Canonical have an IRC channel for Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi?04:04
gryhow did you get it working04:04
Phalanxergry: I had a deeper look around the system. Syslog, some forums, and also in OBS Studio. I changed the camera from a USB 3 to USB 2 port. I'm not exactly sure what fixed it, but it now works. :)04:06
alkisgPhalanxer: they're not organized by architecture but by desktop environment; so you can use this one, #ubuntu04:07
PhalanxerNow I need to figure out how to enable hardware video decoding in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS on the Raspberry Pi.04:07
gryPhalanxer: there is an unofficial #raspberrypi it is for all distros not just ubuntu04:07
PhalanxerThanks alkisg.04:07
gryand yes this channel is fine04:07
PhalanxerAwesome thanks gry!04:07
grythank you :)04:07
PhalanxerI'm guessing hardware acceleration libraries were not included in the server vesion since it comes in command line only.04:08
PhalanxerI had no choice but to install server as installation could be done headless only. Desktop does not suppprt headless installation.04:09
Phalanxer32Does anyone know how to get hardware encoding working on the Pi 4 in Ubuntu Server 22.04?04:18
alkisgDownload ubuntu desktop, run dpkg -l to see the package list, then install all these packages to your "server" edition so that it's now a desktop edition :)04:19
alkisgThat said, you'll also need updated chrome etc packages, as afaik snap won't work with hw acceleration: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1385776/how-should-i-enable-hardware-graphics-acceleration-in-chromium-web-browser-runni04:20
Phalanxer32Alkisg haha yes. My Pi has only 40 MB of internet access left.04:23
Phalanxer32So enabling 3D acceleration is what I need? Makes sense.04:23
alkisgPhalanxer32: yes you need to solve that problem :)04:24
Phalanxer32alkisg I could download and install 22.04 desktop in a VM which likely will have the hotspot bug fix. Then I can hotspot to my PC instead of phone, and tether the phone to the PC which 22.04 can use. Question now is motivation. Lol04:25
alkisgPhalanxer32: you don't need a VM. You can decompress it in your desktop, and run dpkg -l with the root= parameter04:26
alkisgThat will get you the list, and you can compare it with the dpkg -l of your "server" installation04:26
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alkisgIf you wanted to use a VM, you could have done the installation there, and move it to the pi afterwards, completely avoiding the server edition04:28
Phalanxer32My desktop is Windows 10. Can't handle Ubuntu as a daily driver. :P04:29
Phalanxer32Setting up on VM is too much hassle for me. :)  i just used the official installation docs04:31
Phalanxer32It is my first time with a Pi. I wanted to officially experience it lol04:31
alkisgPhalanxer32: right, that's why I said "you don't need a VM"04:32
alkisgInstalling server, then going through all that is certainly not an official experience!04:33
Phalanxer32Hah yeah04:34
Phalanxer32A bug in 20.04 ruined the experience04:34
Phalanxer3220.04 is the VM on my PC acting as a hotspot which I have passed through my WiFi dongle into04:35
Phalanxer32There is an authentication bug in NetworkManager service04:35
Phalanxer32Hostapd looked like hell to setup. Hopeless documentation04:35
alkisgSave yourself the sufferring and buy an ethernet cable with a couple of €/$04:36
Phalanxer32So I hotspoted the Pi and 22.04 to my phone, the phone acts like a bridge04:36
Phalanxer32Exactly alkisg04:36
Phalanxer32I was on a deadline tobget it working by 6am04:37
Phalanxer32Im off. My head hurts. Bye :)04:38
tarel2What is the whole thing with snaps saying you have these many days left?  What  happens after that time? stop working or something. Never seen an odd count down in Linux , its almost like something I would see in Windows.05:12
arrayboltXEtarel2: Some Snaps can only update safely when an application is off.05:12
arrayboltXEIf you don't turn it off and the update time rolls around, it skips it.05:12
arrayboltXEBut it can only do that for so long before leaving security holes in the system that really need to be patched.05:13
arrayboltXESo that's what the "X days left" countdown is about. If it's still open at that time, I believe it closes the app that needs updated automatically and then does the update.05:13
arrayboltXE(What's unfortunate about the situation is that it doesn't immediately update the app upon closing it, nor does it update it immediately before next start. Snap checks for updates 4 times a day I believe, so I guess you'd have to have the app off during one of those four times for it to work.)05:14
arrayboltXE(I believe the developers are working on a fix for that.)05:14
tarel2Wow ok, cool , its nice to know that now.05:15
toddcIf it bothers you you can manually kill it and update it05:15
linuxmoddersome developers still wish to almost force a shutdown and update logic tho due to the nature of their snap package05:15
toddcps aux | grep snap    kill  the pid in question then sudo snap refresh05:16
arrayboltXEtarel2: And if it's Firefox that's showing you the message, you can close it, and then run "sudo snap refresh" in a terminal to get it to update right then.05:17
tarel2It does not say a program05:18
toddccorrect snap store is the only one that I found runs all the time giving me the 13 day notice warning05:18
tarel2This is where I wish my Linux foo was stronger05:18
matsamanhere's some free fu: avoid snaps05:19
tarel2Well, Ubuntu has opted for those , I simple installed it.05:20
toddcI like snaps in general but either way it is a minor issue05:20
EickmeyerCan we get this channel back to topic please?05:20
tarel2I wanted a working computer and openbsd is hard to write assembly for so here we are05:20
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:21
tarel2What is the topic , I am on Ubuntu computer05:25
arrayboltXEtarel2: I think Eickmeyer was annoyed with matsaman, not you.05:25
arrayboltXEThe channel is supposed to be for technical support only, but it was veering into Snap-vs.-antiSnap debate.05:25
tarel2debate is funny05:26
tarel2You can use what ever05:26
EickmeyerThis is not a channel for debat.05:26
tarel2Ubuntu works so good normally I don't have any problems05:26
tarel2and even great on the pi but a bit buggy at times05:28
matsamansounds like something a snap lover would say =P05:29
Eickmeyermatsaman: Do you have a support question?05:30
tarel2To be truthful , I'm so far away from understand all that , I don't know what I'm using.05:30
matsamanEickmeyer: do you?05:30
tarel2Ok, can you change the username for the user your on right now?05:30
matsamantarel2: did you still have a problem, or sorted?05:30
arraybolt3matsaman: Alright, that's enough.05:31
tarel2just the name , I wanted it the same for all  my systems. name only not password , even home directory05:31
arraybolt3tarel2: Lemme find out.05:31
matsamantarel2: name?05:31
tarel2This I use the same name05:32
tarel2I have like 3 computers05:32
arraybolt3tarel2: I think you can change your name, but not your *user* name.05:32
arraybolt3At least I can't change my user name from within Ubuntu Unity.05:32
tarel2so differences , I forget05:32
arraybolt3You can, however, create a new user and move your stuff over.05:32
tarel2What is move?05:33
matsamantarel2: are you trying to change your user name?05:33
Eickmeyermatsaman: Please, let arraybolt3 handle this.05:33
tarel2Yes and that is it05:33
matsamanEickmeyer: hi, welcome to IRC05:34
Eickmeyermatsaman: Hi! I'm the Ubuntu Studio lead!05:34
tarel2I know a user has a home directory , password and user goup05:34
matsamantarel2: in an Ubuntu install you want to change your user name?05:34
matsamanEickmeyer: Cool. Welcome to IRC!05:34
matsamanI'm matsaman05:34
Eickmeyermatsaman: Not my first rodeo.05:34
matsamanEickmeyer: neat05:34
Eickmeyermatsaman: Please, let arraybolt3 handle this. I'm on the ops team.05:35
matsamanEickmeyer: is there some rule that only ops should help in #ubuntu?05:35
matsamanthat'd be a pretty silly rule =P05:35
Eickmeyermatsaman: No, but arraybolt3 is handling this and was here before you.05:35
tarel2NO I messed up the  name  and I did not realize until weeks later05:35
matsamanEickmeyer: no, okay thanks for the info =P05:35
tarel2I don't know about anyone else but I forget user names and password, and having 3 system , get confusing at times.05:36
tarel2none of you have wanted to do something crazy like re-partition , the root while inside of it?05:40
arrayboltXEtarel2: OK, I'm back, sorry.05:46
arrayboltXEtarel2: By "move", you just make a new user account, and then quite literally move files from one account to the other with the "mv" command.05:47
tarel2Well, I have one system05:47
arrayboltXEtarel2: You can have multiple accounts on one system.05:47
tarel2and one big partition on a 3 tb drive05:48
* arrayboltXE should probably learn to wait for all the info to come before jumping to conclusions :P05:48
tarel2SO when you say move to you mean , like  now the user owns that home folder or like moving the files some where?05:48
arrayboltXEI meant move like the same way you'd move files from one folder to another.05:49
arrayboltXEWhen you create a new user account, it has a home folder.05:49
arrayboltXEAll you have to do in order to make your files available to the new user, is to move them from one home folder to another, and change their ownership.05:49
arrayboltXEtarel2: Can you open the Users and Groups window?05:50
tarel2Wow , I thought it be more then that05:50
tarel2it has a window?05:50
arrayboltXEYeah. See the Application Menu in the lower-left corner of the screen?05:50
arrayboltXEClick that, and search for "Users", then click "User and Groups".05:51
tarel2ok have it up05:51
arrayboltXENice, now click "Add".05:51
arrayboltXEYou'll probably need to type your password.05:51
tarel2I do this what do I do05:51
arrayboltXEType your desired name and username into the "Create New User" popup, then click OK.05:52
tarel2like make a new user home folder next to my old one can copy the files and folder into it?05:52
arrayboltXEJust make the new user like this for now.05:52
arrayboltXEIt will automatically make a HOme folder for the user when you do this, I believe.05:52
arrayboltXEtarel2: Once you click OK, type your password into the "New password" and "Confirmation" boxes.05:53
arrayboltXEYou're just going to make a new account that will work as your user account, so you can use the same password here.05:53
tarel2ok, it lets you change the name  , and looks like you don't need to make a new user05:53
tarel2maybe I'm wrong but that is what it looks like05:54
arrayboltXEThere's a difference between name and username.05:54
arrayboltXEFor instance, my name on my computer is "Aaron Rainbolt", but my username is "arraybolt3".05:54
arrayboltXEI think you're wanting to change the username, not the name.05:54
arrayboltXEIf you change the name, that will work, but your username will still be whatever it used to be.05:54
morgan-u2tarel2, you cannot alter a mounted partition. (I thought to say that because you asked if you could break up a partition while inside of it.)  sorry if this is irrlevant or late; to repartion a drive you boot from a an external usb or disk.05:56
arrayboltXEOK, once you have the new user made, there should be a spot that says "Account type:" and a button labeled "Change..." next to it. Click that.05:56
tarel2morgan-u2, I was just saying becuase sometime , I want to do crazy thing for the simple reason , I need to . I'm working on one computer05:58
arrayboltXEtarel2: How are things coming along?06:12
tarel2What about auto login06:13
tarel2how you turn that off06:14
tarel2so I can login as that new user06:14
arrayboltXEtarel2: I think there's a switch for that in the Users and Groups window.06:15
arrayboltXEtarel2: Oh wait, I found it. Next to "Password: Autologin", click "Change...".06:15
arrayboltXE(I don't know if it will say "Autologin" exactly but you should be able to see the right button.)06:15
arrayboltXEThen uncheck "Don't ask for password on login", and click OK.06:16
tarel2I think I can do this06:16
tarel2I love Linux06:16
* morgan-u2 likes tare12's last two lines06:19
morgan-u2my question is how can I turn my brightness down?06:19
morgan-u2not a laptop. Dell 22.0406:19
arrayboltXENot sure how to do that from within Ubuntu. I usually use the settings on my monitor when I need to do that.06:20
* morgan-u2 discovered that settings, about has a nice tech description of my computer and mate doesnt seem to have anything like that. Ah ha.06:20
matsamanmorgan-u2: you could use 'xbacklight' to see if it works at all06:21
matsamanand then if so, hook something up to the ordinary keys on your keyboard, or whatever you please06:21
arrayboltXENot a bad idea.06:21
matsamanI guess if you're on wayland, might need a different app, or to play with /sys/06:21
arrayboltXEThough I have yet to see an external monitor that didn't have a brightness setting somewhere in the controls.06:22
morgan-u2arrayboltXE, I do see there are controls and guessing how to use the 3..4 buttons involved will take some time to unravel.(.me remembers the VCR controls)06:22
arrayboltXElol you should see me fumbling around with the buttons on my screen sometimes. They aren't marked in an intuitive way *at all* so the number of times I accidentally back out of things or whatever is hilarious.06:23
morgan-u2installing xxxbacklight06:24
morgan-u2haha error funny06:24
matsamanprobably whatever '*backlight*' app you can install will work06:24
morgan-u2the make clothing invisible backlight06:24
matsamanif your DE can't map up & down brightness on its own, you can set it up yourself06:24
morgan-u2tell me how.  *xbacklight > no opuputs have backlight property06:25
matsamanmorgan-u2: mmm06:25
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: You may need to log out and log back in with the "Ubuntu on X" option if you want xbacklight to work.06:26
matsamanmorgan-u2: so if you go to the physical controls of your monitor, does it have brightness up & down?06:26
arrayboltXEIf you're using Ubuntu Desktop, you're probably using Wayland.06:26
matsamanyou could also try brightnessctl, from the universe repo06:28
morgan-u2matsaman, yes I can see the list but havnt yet fount the ok button so that then I can go to brightness, ok that, then find the up down button pair.  It has it I am later on another day, go look at the manual for the monito or  maybe turn it upside down in the light and see if there are words next to the buttons.06:29
morgan-u2arrayboltXE, ok where would I find the "Ubuntu on X" opion when I log back in? I dont recall ever seeing it.06:30
morgan-u2I am indeed using the vanilla ubuntu desktop with some tweak or other for the dock.06:31
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: When you see the password prompt, there's a gear in the lower-right corner that will open a menu if you click it.06:32
arrayboltXEThat menu should have the option I was talking about in there.06:32
morgan-u2oh ok. question, what is the standard (forgot the word) -- is it lightdm ?06:32
matsamandisplay manager06:33
matsamanalthough most people would have an easier time thinking of them as a "login manager"06:33
arrayboltXEI think Ubuntu Desktop uses GDM by default.06:33
morgan-u2I tried to put the xcfe or xubuntu (dont know the diff) as an option on that little gear window (have not invoked it yet) and in the process I said ok to lightDM06:33
matsamanXubuntu is Ubuntu with a preconfigured/customized/stylized Xfce install, as a distro06:34
morgan-u2what does it do that I changed to lightDM?  and who wrote those two06:34
matsamanXfce in that gear might be "vanilla" Xfce, couldn't say06:34
matsamanI wouldn't expect lightdm in a list as an alternative to xfce...06:35
matsamannot sure what default is these days, possibly lightdm06:35
morgan-u2OK. ubuntu programs sometimes do not release the microphone and speakers. I hear that from messenger re calling. I have seen cheese hold onto it and fixed it by closing cheese. Today I was trying to do zoom and the mic was not active. - what can I do in such a case?06:36
morgan-u2- - punt, what I did was become a second person in the zoom session with my tablet. Bailing wire and tape, American style.06:37
matsamansounds like it'd be something to do with pulseaudio or alsa06:38
webchat23Hi Support..06:39
matsamanhi, even06:39
morgan-u2matsaman, I dont know. will table that one.06:40
webchat23facing an issue while upgrading a server from ubuntu 18.04 to ubuntu 20.0406:40
matsamanoh yeah?06:40
webchat23running a command " do-release-upgrade"06:40
morgan-u2arrayboltXE, sadly brighnessctl runs and reports a lower value but the monitor brightness stays the same. .. Mama tried...06:41
webchat23the error is " CONNECTION TO THE SNAP STORE FAILED"06:41
morgan-u2see ya later friends06:41
matsamanmorgan-u2: might want to check the /sys/ route, then06:41
webchat23whats the solution ?06:42
webchat23HI Tom06:43
webchat23Anybody have the solution?06:44
matsamansnaps =P06:44
webchat23We have a Ubuntu 18.04 server running on cloud. Now, We are trying to upgrade the server to Ubuntu release 20.04 using06:49
webchat23# sudo apt-get update06:49
webchat23# sudo apt-get upgrade -y06:49
webchat23# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y06:49
webchat23# sudo apt-get autoremove06:49
webchat23# sudo reboot06:50
loganleehello i'm using ubuntu mate and although i added korean input in ibus settings when i switch to korean when typing it still types english and not korean. help would be appreciated!07:03
mei_why are you adding something in ibus instead of just using the keyboard preference somewhere in mate settings?07:07
loganleei added korean in language setting then added korean in ibus settings too07:07
mei_did you remove "separate layout for each window"? and did you re-order the languages or selected the right one in the task bar?07:09
mei_i'm not yet sure why you are also dealing with ibus07:09
mei_did you follow this? since they seems to have solved with ibus07:11
loganleeyeh i read that thanks... i can switch to korean in ibus but it still types english07:13
loganleegotta reboot07:17
hermanoTrying to make pandas read_table to perform split when there unknown amount of combinations of whitespace and tabs.08:17
hermano..but it only splits per word.08:17
hermanoIt should keep also the text inside quotes, intact.08:17
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hermanoHow can I, in python pandas read_table, keep string within double quotes to not split?09:15
ograhermano, perhaps ask in a python relaed channel ...09:45
hermanoogra, sorry. Will move the question.09:45
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️10:36
enycI'm trying to ask kep question, not sure where best to ask, I don't think it was answered before.11:38
enycI'd like to add uefi boot capability to a system upgraded from  20.04 to 22.04 ...  now have a /boot/efi partition of type 0xEF (EFI system partition).11:38
enyc installed grub-efi-amd64-bin and grub-efi-amd64-signed ... grub-install /dev/sda  doesn't help, presumably that is legacy-grub installer ...11:38
enycI thought, new 22.04 installs now always support both legacy and uefi booting ,and use GPT regardless on new disk partitioning but for-certain the GPT isn't actually required. MBR will work fine too, this is how classic multi-bootable-disks hava always worked, etc.11:39
enycI'd like to know how the ubiquity actually does set up this legacy and uefi combo in a way that works with the packafing sysem, which wasn't traditionally set-up to have grub-pcand grub-efi-amd64 at same time.11:39
enyc** where is best to ask people familiar with the boot/installer stuff?11:39
enycp.s. the /boot/efi fat is correctly in /etc/fstab11:41
gjollyenyc: have you tried something like grub-install --boot-directory=/boot --efi-directory=/boot/efi --target=x86_64-efi (assuming you are on x86_64)?11:57
fauxprideHi, I'm having some trouble getting VP9 hardware decoding support to work on firefox under ubuntu 20.04. The CPU i7-6770HQ which has an iGPU that has VP9 decode support according to intel. I've set the i965 driver as default and it works for most codecs (like h264), but NOT for VP9.12:00
fauxprideI'm using youtube videos to test. My vainfo output is at: https://pastebin.com/Acy8jgvH12:01
fauxprideto test if video decode is working (aside from noticeable performance), i'm running intel_gpu_top and looking if there's any usage under the "Video" section.12:01
fauxprideanyone has any ideas on how I might get this to work?12:02
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fauxprideDid some research on the above, and it seems my generation of CPUs (Skylake) only support VP9 decode via the "hybrid" Intel VAAPI driver. Arch seem to support it (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libva-intel-driver-hybrid) but I can't find it in any Ubuntu repos.12:56
ravagefauxpride: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168482313:02
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1684823 in Core "[X11] Enable VA-API for all formats" [--, Resolved: Worksforme]13:02
ravagethis may still be the case13:02
ravagegeneral guide: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/enabling-accelerated-video-decoding-in-firefox-on-ubuntu-21-04/2208113:03
fauxprideravage, thanks. I'm going to try editing ~/.profile and adding those two exports from the second link, that should make it work on X11 too.13:09
fauxprideotherwise, i'll swtich to wayland altogether13:09
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eyaxhow to change computer name from command line13:18
fauxprideravage - i'm getting this export error when trying to follow one of the workarounds in your second link13:20
fauxpride$ export MOZ_X11_EGL=1 to /etc/environment13:20
fauxpridebash: export: `/etc/environment': not a valid identifier13:20
fauxpridesomething might be wrong with the syntax13:20
fauxprideany idea what?13:20
ravageeyax: https://i.imgur.com/o3Wz8tA.png13:21
ravagefauxpride: no need to use export in that file13:21
eyaxok thanks13:22
fauxprideravage: not sure what the advice in the docs is. Is it to just append MOZ_X11_EGL=1 to /etc/environment, as a new line?13:23
fauxprideok, thanks. i'll try that.13:23
ravageat least  that will work13:23
ravagenot sure how the snap version will behave really13:24
ravagenever tried it13:24
fauxprideravage: doesn't fix the problem. I'm starting to think this is a driver issue, not a X11 vs Wayland one.13:28
fauxprideI get no profile for VP9Decoding in vainfo with either of these workarounds.13:28
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »13:57
enycgjolly: no I haven,t where did you get that command from?14:04
gjollyenyc: previous knowledge + grub man page. You can have a look at the ArchWiki too (which is great as usual): https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GRUB. The default target is i386-pc that's why you command wasn't installing the EFI.14:09
enycgjolly: THANKYOU14:10
sven-tekHello channel. Do you know if there is a template or up2date example for writing and packaging a daemon (written in C) ? Last time i did such a thing the Linux version was about 3.10 or so ;-)14:14
tarzeausven-tek: what are you packaging, and where are you stuck?14:17
sven-tektarzeau: i want to write a small connector for my arduino sensor gateway, its gonna be a C-daemon acting with a ttyUSB and needs to create and feed some fifos. A quite small daemon that is supposed to be started before another daemon and restarted when crashed or ttyUSB device reconnects..14:25
sven-tektarzeau: and where am i stuck. I wondered before i dive into the trial and error or learning latest systemd style doing things, if there would be anything like a template as i think kickin off a daemon should be a very typical developers problem.14:27
yoloI did not have auto-login but everytime after I login in with passwork, and open chrome, I'm always prompted by "the login keyring did not get unlocked", why is that14:35
yoloon 22.04, for 20.04 I did not have this14:36
Menzadoryolo: Try changing your password14:37
Menzadorthen, if you don't get the error message, change it back14:37
yolojust change it on the command line?14:38
sopparusi tried to install memtest86 but apt never completed, now its broke. I tells me to do sudo dpkg --configure -a, but that gets stuck as well. and cant remove it either (I think)14:47
sopparusany ideas?14:47
sopparusim on 22.04 btw14:49
sopparus dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq  memtest86+:amd64 also get stuck14:56
yolofinally "fixed" my 4-min booting-22.04 problem: switched from nvidia driver to nouveau15:46
linuxmoddernvidia proper caused a 4 min boot time?>15:46
linuxmoddergoodl ord15:46
yoloalso the magic "keyring" prompt went away, all troubles went away except for one, now at boot time I need ctrl-c to call filesystem checking15:46
linuxmoddercall or cancel?15:47
yoloyes 4m for the last month15:47
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1946192 in systemd (Ubuntu) "'Press Ctrl+C to cancel all filesystem checks in process' on every boot" [Low, Confirmed]15:48
yoloI can't get it why it has anything to do with a video driver, it's the only change I made15:48
yolo/dev/sda4 on /boot/efi  -- should efi not be mounted by default?15:50
leftyfbyolo: don't cancel it, let it finish. Or better yet, boot to a live usb and run fsck on all the filesystems that normally get mounted. Twice15:52
yololeftyfb: it came up each time, and the hard drive is 2TB with 3 partitions, could take a very long time. I'm to reboot and see how long the whole thing takes, I always ctrl-c15:53
WaVi use the nvidia 470 driver as it seems to be the only one that works for me.15:53
WaVanything newer my card doesnt seem to work right15:54
yoloso, it checks fs for each boot now, takes 9 seconds each, I will live with it15:56
yolobetter than that stupid 3-4 minutes nvidia driving wait-for-ever15:56
yoloso far 22.04 gave me way more headaches than 20.04, should wait for one more year to upgrade :(15:57
jhutchinsWaV: I think Nvidia has a web page that lists their Linux drivers and lists the chipsets that each one supports.  That might point you to a better match.15:59
WaVjhutchins: I was just joining in on yolo's conversation.16:13
WaVEither way, Nvidia's website says the 525 driver will support my card, and I've found that 470 provides better functionality.16:17
DelemasI need to file a bug concerning the nvidia-settings package inability to save config files due to missing permissions on /usr/share/screen-resolution-extra/nvidia-polkit. I have a tested fix. There is a bug from 2016 with no response. Should I file new bug and ignore the old one?16:31
DelemasThe old bug was 1625119 if that matters.16:32
lotuspsychj3bug #162511916:33
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1625119 in nvidia-settings (Ubuntu) "Nvidia settings can't be saved" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162511916:33
DelemasBasicially that tool needs to be able to write an xorg.conf file when running as root so the absolute minimum permission needed for that tool to work as root is a chmod u+x /usr/share/screen-resolution-extra/nvidia-polkit16:35
DelemasThe file was 644 on my system which cause it to not be able to get the permissions needed to write the configuration file.16:38
DelemasAh well crickets on IRC... I told Nvidia about it, confirmed the bug and updated that bug with the fix. Hopefully someone will implement the fix.16:58
tomreynDelemas: bug triage does not take place here, so there will be crickets when you don't have a support question / answer here most of the time. i would recommend filing a new bug report if an issue you are reporting about is (just) 'similar' (not identical) to a previously reported bug. especially if it's a bug which has had no activity for years.17:08
tomreyn(and was filed against a much older, now unmaintained, release)17:08
DelemasThanks will do.17:08
Roeyhey why doesn't my computer respond to ping?17:16
leftyfbRoey: you're going to have to provide way more context and information than that17:17
happymealbecause its set not to17:17
leftyfbRoey: what release of ubuntu are you running? Desktop or server? What OS is the client machine you're trying to ping from running? Are you pinging the ip or the hostname? Are they on the same network? local ip or public? Do you have a firewall (UFW?) running on either side?17:18
Roeykubuntu 22.1017:19
Roeyclient is also kubuntu 22.1017:19
RoeyI am pinging the server's IP address17:20
Roeythey are on the same sement17:20
Roeylocal ip.17:20
RoeyI have  afirewall on the server, not sure that it's set to disallow icmp though17:20
leftyfbRoey: more than likely17:20
Roeywhich rules prevent icmp in /etc/network/iptables17:20
RoeyI can ssh into the server from the client17:21
Roeyjust not ping it, for some reason17:21
leftyfbRoey: that file is not standard in any release of Ubuntu. That would be a manually created ruleset by a manually created mechanism.17:21
Roeyleftyfb: yes, I created it.17:21
leftyfbRoey: ok, then you should be good to edit it to suit your needs17:22
Roeyperhaps there's a rule there that I should put in to allow pings.17:22
Roeyleftyfb: yes.  I'm trying to figure out why it isn't responding to pings, though.17:22
leftyfbRoey: because of the firewall17:22
Roeyok, so again I'm asking, which rule allows it to respond to icmp requests?17:23
leftyfbRoey: https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-iptables-9-allow-icmp-ping.html  first result on google for "iptables allow ping"17:23
Roeyiptables -A INPUT -p icmp -j ACCEPT17:23
Roeyyes I was following that, thanks leftyfb17:24
Roeyleftyfb: alright; I ran "iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -j ACCEPT", and now I can ping the server from the client fine.  However, when I try to ping the server's tun0 interface (on'm running openvpn on the server, and have a session established from the client), I don't get a response17:25
leftyfbRoey: did you run the command above or did you add it to your rules file and run iptables-restore?17:28
tomreynif you are going to continue to maintain your own iptables based firewall, learning the very basics about it (such as chains and their meanings) will be useful.17:28
tomreynalso rule order and their impact17:29
leftyfbtomreyn: nonsense, plenty of people run exploited servers that don't know the first thing about firewalls or proper security :)17:30
Roeyleftyfb: I ran the command above.17:30
leftyfbRoey: do the latter17:31
Roeywhat'st he latter17:31
leftyfbRoey: and make sure the rule is above all DROP rules17:31
Roeywhich latter?17:31
leftyfbRoey: because this is how you properly setup and test your rules17:31
Roeyleftyfb:  ok,17:31
Roeyleftyfb: btw... I have this in my /etc/network/iptables: https://dpaste.com/73TSSFDPM  <- is the order wrong here?17:34
Roeyshould filter above all?17:34
leftyfbRoey: you REALLY need to go read up on how to setup proper firewall rules. Asking one-off questions here is not going to give you the proper understanding of iptables rules that you require17:35
leftyfbRoey: that is a very poor ruleset17:35
Roeyhow would you restructure it?17:36
happymealcan i ask what made you go with iptables?17:37
happymealinstead of the ubuntu default?17:37
leftyfbhappymeal: ufw uses iptables in the back end17:37
leftyfbbut you do have a point17:38
leftyfbufw might be better in this case17:38
happymealgot the wrong impression from tomreyn's message17:38
leftyfbRoey: since you have zero actual rules for blocking or allowing, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with iptables and why?17:38
Roeyleftyfb: oh this is not my full ruleset, it's just the start of it.17:39
leftyfbRoey: when pasting things like iptables rulesets, unless you already know what you are doing, it is best to paste the entire thing17:40
Roeyleftyfb: https://dpaste.com/5TBNA2RPL17:43
Roeyleftyfb: so with openvpn I am tryng to figure out why even though the client establishes a session with the server just fine, when I try to load a web page on the client, it times out.17:45
RoeyI've enbaled nat on the server17:45
Roeyer, ip_forward17:45
leftyfbRoey: with a proper openvpn setup, you don't need to be messing with iptables at all, other than block everything except the ports needed for openvpn17:46
DelemasOk I posted it as a papercut bug #200300417:52
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 2003004 in nvidia-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot write X config due to missing u+x permissions on nvidia-polkit" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200300417:52
leftyfbdo they still do papercuts?17:53
DelemasNo idea. Ubuntu support is a mystery to me...17:53
qqzHi, is this the right channel to ask about package uploads to launchpad?17:53
leftyfbqqz: try #launchpad17:54
tomreynqqz: see the /topic there, too17:54
DelemasThe main reason I did that is as far as I can tell from what I read online is the bug may sit unconfirmed and ignored forever if it doesn't get confirmed and makes it through triage.17:56
jhutchinsDelemas: It's odd that writing a file would require a +x permission.  Is that for the file or the containing folder?18:17
jhutchinsOne might expect +w.18:18
DelemasI think the point is something is trying to execute nvidia-polkit in order to get the permissions to write /etc/X11/xorg.conf. The change isn't on /etc/X11/xorg.conf.18:19
jhutchinsLogically a system-wide config file would NOT be writable by a user-level account, it would require root privileges.18:21
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DelemasHence limiting the change to u+x. The file is owned by root.18:21
jhutchinsDelemas: Root should be able to write to any file unless that file is write-locked by another application (or there is a filesystem error).18:22
DelemasIf you wanted to make the user in the old bug happy and ignore security then other permissions could be set but that would bork security.18:22
jhutchinsIf root can't write to the file, the problem is not permissions.18:23
DelemasThe tool is how nvidia-settings writes out that file. If it cannot execute it, it cannot write. Straight forward?18:25
DelemasOne could argue the tools could be changed to not need u+x but it isn't written that way currently. Fixing it that way would require upstream changes unlikely to get changed not a trivial packaging fix.18:28
ograjhutchins, nvidia-polkit is a hook that triggers a policykit popup to grant the app root privs for writing the file (polkit is the new gsudo 😉 )18:30
DelemasAh that's a much better explaination. :)18:31
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Roeyleftyfb: hey there18:55
Roeyleftyfb: so I am trying with an empty iptables ruleset now.18:55
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bargwhich versions of ubuntu have been most unpopular and considered to be downgrades?19:11
leftyfbbarg: this is a support channel. Do you have a specific issue you would like help with?19:12
leftyfb!discuss | barg19:12
ubottubarg: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!19:12
bargok, thanks19:12
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FKAShinobiare pidfiles stored in a central location in Ubuntu?19:20
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BenCGenerally in /run/ but it’s up to the process19:34
mozambiqueHello, I'm 214208125, I would like to ask you to join the chat in Libera and Freenode, so the channel brings together more people and there is multi-networking.20:14
mozambiqueI think that #ubuntu would be stronger with support on 2 networks, what do you think can be done, having 2 networks with the same channel and twice as many people?20:14
leftyfb!ot | mozambique20:16
ubottumozambique: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:16
lx400001222Anyone is on this chat server?20:25
leftyfblx400001222: this is a support channel. If you would like to chat, feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic20:25
makumbaeverything off topic20:26
leftyfbmakumba: this is a support channel20:26
yolomy 4-min bootup slowness was not actually caused by nvidia driver, it's the 'ubuntu x11' mode, with 'wayland' it boots up in seconds20:31
yolobad news is that wayland made a few apps failed to work, e.g. flameshot20:31
cbreakyou got wayland to work with nvidia?20:40
srcwhat's the way to do an minimal ubuntu install (ideall no DE/wm no xorg no snapd etc)? just pick the server image?21:18
srcwasn't there a mini.iso or something similar at one point? does it still exist?21:18
leftyfbsrc: there's no mini.iso anymore21:18
leftyfbjust use the server install21:18
srcleftyfb: alright can I have it not install snap?21:18
leftyfbsrc: no21:19
srcor do I have to manually prune snapd after install?21:19
srcalright, the latter then21:19
srcthanks a lot, trivial questions but surprisingly not easy to find up to date answers to21:19
FKAShinobiIs there a pid file for ufw?21:49
leftyfbFKAShinobi: why?21:54
ravageit is not really a daemon21:54
ravageso probably not21:54
ravageservice type is "oneshot" and it just executes "/lib/ufw/ufw-init start quiet"21:54
ravageand "/lib/ufw/ufw-init stop" on stop21:55
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: UFW writes ipfilter/iptables rules that are applied by the kernel.  It runs at start-up, not live.22:49
Habbiealso pid files are bad22:50
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