lubot_[telegram] <RikMills> qt6 migrated00:02
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2> arraybolt3: piuparts failure15:16
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2> Unpacking libfm-qt-common (1.2.1-2+salsaci+20230115+29) ...15:16
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2>   dpkg: error processing archive /var/lib/local-apt-repository/../../..//srv/local-apt-repository/libfm-qt-common_1.2.1-2+salsaci+20230115+29_all.deb (--unpack):15:16
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2>    trying to overwrite '/usr/share/libfm-qt/archivers.list', which is also in package libfm-qt12:amd64 1.2.1-1+b115:17
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2> 100% something we missed imo :)15:17
lubot_[matrix] <tsimonq2> @RikMills: now for Qt 5 :P15:17
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Not possible. I looked at the actual built archives, the file it's griping about *does not exist* in libfm-qt11, *in the newly built version*. The version that's in the archive, on the other hand, almost certainly *does* include that file.17:36
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> And look closely at the number. Error processing archive ...libfm-qt-common_**1.2.1-2**+salsaci+20230115+29_all.deb... because of a file that is in package libfm-qt12:amd64 **1.2.1-1**+b1.17:37
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> And look closely at the version numbers. Error processing archive ...libfm-qt-common\_**1.2.1-2**+salsaci+20230115+29\_all.deb... because of a file that is in package libfm-qt12:amd64 **1.2.1-1**+b1.17:37
tsimonq2This is simply upgrade testing17:47
tsimonq2It is testing an existing installation with those packages, and when upgrading to the new version, there are conflicting files17:48
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Yes, I know. What I'm saying is that piuparts is grabbing mismatched packages.17:48
tsimonq2I believe you need a conflict/replaces17:48
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> ...hmm... ok you might be right there.17:48
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I get it. Alright, that makes sense.17:48
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> lol, the whole point of this was to be able to *remove* conflicts/replaces.17:49
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> tsimonq2: Does that mean I need a soname bump too?17:49
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> If so, we might have to drop this in Debian for now, since I think we're past the transition freeze.17:50
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Or can I do conflicts/replaces against a version number? I think I can do that, but Lintian yells any time it sees that.17:51
tsimonq2Here's the thing… if you add a conflict/replaces, you cannot usually drop it until after a stable release of Debian and Ubuntu LTS17:51
tsimonq2This is because of the upgradability case, the one that is making the test fail17:52
tsimonq2Also, your MP has Ubuntu suffixes on the versions17:53
tsimonq2Those versions should be bumped to 0.1217:53
tsimonq2Honestly, I think that will do the trick17:53
arraybolt3:faceaplm: ok lemme look17:54
RikMillslooks like muon will be removed soon in debian17:54
arraybolt3Argh, ok I found the. Thanks for checking that.17:55
tsimonq2No worries17:57
tsimonq2Have you ever used piuparts before?17:57
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Not hardly :P17:58
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I know what it does ish (but evidenly not enough!), I just know that it seems buggy when used with sbuild and so I disabled it.17:58
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> (It will barf if you're building a package for a distro other than the one you're actively running, it will die on font files for no particular reason when that's probably a bug in some other package, etc. Barely ever works.)17:59
tsimonq2Yeah, once it works properly it is basically "what will *upgrading* to this package do?"17:59
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I thought it was "if I install and then uninstall this, are all the files gone?".18:00
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I guess that's part of it but not the whole thing.18:00
tsimonq2Nope :)18:01
tsimonq2It does a couple of things but mainly upgrading is what I look for18:01
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmm. My sbuild was doing the install-purge test I think.18:02
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> So I should have set it to the install-upgrade-purge test?18:02
tsimonq2Probably, yeah :)18:03
tsimonq2See what flags the CI uses maybe 18:04
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> pretty sure Debian is past the transition freeze heh (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <arraybolt3> If so, we might have to drop this in Debian for now, since I think we're past the transition freeze.)19:53
arraybolt3I don't think I'll need to cause a transition after all :)20:01
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Building the libfm-qt package and testing with piuparts locally.21:26
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> HAHAHA my mirrors are going to mess me up now21:28
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Y'know what, Salsa CI can manage this. /me pushes to Git21:29
tsimonq2Niceeee heh21:30
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I think I may migrate away from sbuild, though, problems like this are commonplace for me sometimes.21:31
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Maybe I just need to know how to use it right, but I know alkisg uses VMs that he uses plain debuild inside, and that kind of sounds easier.21:32
tsimonq2It may sound easier, but sbuild is what the archive uses, so might as well be consistent, heh21:32
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Then I can use piuparts, lintian, and autopkgtest manually and script them just the way I want.21:32
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> tsimonq2: Maybe my config file is just bad?21:33
tsimonq2All depends on the exact issues you're facing :)21:33
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> The last one was when piuparts tried to fetch sid files from an Ubuntu mirror :-/21:34
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I guess there's probably a mirror option in piuparts though.21:34
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I'll figure it out. I most likely am just using my tool wrong.21:34
tsimonq2You're close heh21:35
EickmeyerThere's a quote for the ages with no context.21:38
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> ?21:38
tsimonq2facepalm XD21:38
tsimonq2bad Eickmeyer21:38
EickmeyerIndeed Bad Eickmeyer XD21:39
arraybolt3I'm missing *everything* here :P21:39
Eickmeyernvm, you aren't in the gutter.21:40
tsimonq2+1 stay out of it :P21:40
* arraybolt3 goes back to typing21:40
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Simon Quigley: I don't know if I'm misunderstanding something, but with an SRU, isn't the package supposed to migrate 7 days after being in -proposed, regardless of when in those 7 days the fix was marked verification-done?22:06
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Or does it wait until 7 days after all verification is finished?22:07
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I ask because lubuntu-update-notifier is still in -proposed.22:07
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I'm guessing the latter is true.22:16
lubot_[matrix] <kc2bez> I don't know that the 7day mark is a hard time line.22:24
lubot_[matrix] <kc2bez> I have seen things slide a little if the appropriate folks are busy.22:24
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I could ask the current vanguard, I guess.22:25
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> I should check update-excuses first though to make sure it's not already moving :P22:26
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Simon Quigley: Yes, I did just assign you to that config-file-conflict bug for Focal, and yes, I am taking care of it myself. (Technically it was your code, and your name is on the fix, so I figured that was the right thing to do.)22:55
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Eickmeyer: Woohoo, lubuntu-update-notifier is all finished! Let the floodgates open on SDDM!23:07
lubot_[matrix] <arraybolt3> Thanks for your patience.23:07
lubot_[matrix] <kc2bez> Thanks for sticking with it @arraybolt323:08
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Thanks!23:09

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