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aaronprisk[m]I just posted a simple template in our Community Discourse for our teams/councils/boards to follow when moving their information into the Ubuntu Discourse.17:28
aaronprisk[m]If you're a representative member of that group, we ask that you begin moving information into Discourse as soon as possible. This way when the new Community Docs front-end goes live, our core project governance pages will all be standardized on the same platform.17:28
lotuspsychjelooking good aaronprisk[m] 18:21
lotuspsychjewill be there an index of the migrated wikis => discourse ?18:22
aaronprisk[m]Thank you! And yes we plan to building an index to track the migrated documents. 18:25
lotuspsychjeaaronprisk[m]: nice! as ubottu still uses a lot of old wiki's that might be handy to know18:27
Fallenpopey: I know this is a long shot, but do you happen to remember why you removed webp from the accepted file types on discourse back in 2020? aaronprisk and I were wondering about this :)19:53

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