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sergiodjLocutusOfBorg: when you have the time: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiodj/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+git/dpkg/+merge/43585204:04
sergiodjlet me know what you think and I'll upload if you're OK with it04:04
LocutusOfBorgsergiodj, I got a request above by mwhudson to let dpkg migrate :)06:50
LocutusOfBorgotoh I agree with the changes thanks!06:51
nteodosioCan you please retry the pngcheck tests?12:08
nteodosioLet me know if it's better to just point to the package rather than submitting several URLs :)12:08
seb128nteodosio, triggered12:09
nteodosioThank you12:10
seb128nteodosio, several urls are fine if that's a bunch like that, if you have more a pastebin might be better12:14
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tsimonq2xnox: Any thoughts on bug 2002822 which landed in the sponsorship queue?16:32
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 2002822 in oss4 (Ubuntu) "Sync oss4 4.2-build2020-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200282216:32
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xnoxtsimonq2:  it is currently in the sync exclusion list; opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oss4/+bug/2003102 to drop it from sync inclusion list16:54
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2003102 in oss4 (Ubuntu) "remove from archive sync exclusion, because it got fixed up in debian" [Undecided, New]16:54
xnoxand will do fakesync for now.16:54
xnoxtsimonq2:  uploaded into the NEW17:07
tsimonq2xnox: Thank you for your help :)17:14
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bdmurraynteodosio: Ideally a retry-autopkgtest-regressions command line would be used for requesting multiple autopkgtest requests as that command checks to see if the same test is already queued17:33
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nteodosioThanks bdmurray, noted.17:34
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adrienI'm not sure when autopkgtests are re-tried but networkx and zutils couldn't migrate because of failed botch tests but the new version that fixes them has now migrated18:50
ginggsadrien: autopkgtests are retried when someone retries them18:53
ginggsdoing so now...18:53
adrienI wasn't sure if ones failed because of, say botch 0.23, would be retried when a new botch version migrated18:58
adrienand could someone also retry that one? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&arch=i386&package=mysql-8.0&trigger=openssl%2F3.0.7-1ubuntu1 (it timed out)19:36
ginggsadrien: .19:40
adrienthanks again :)19:42
ginggsde rien19:47
sergiodjLocutusOfBorg: ACK, thanks.  I'm wondering if I should send the changes to Guillem now that they're properly vendorized20:26
sergiodjah, nvm, it requires changes to the testsuite as well20:28
sergiodjOK, I will keep an eye on dpkg and wait until it migrates before I upload this new version20:29
mwhudsonwhy is dpkg vs sbuild unhappy21:13
mwhudsondiff of od output for xz files not considered very transparent21:14
mwhudsonah maybe we need changes in sbuild 0.85?21:15
mwhudsonmaybe just 80f42c47e304cdbbe17c6739fff47cb3215d955821:27
mwhudsonwaveform: fancy doing a sbuild merge asap? :-)21:30
mwhudsonprobably should just cherry pick the test fix tho21:30
waveformmwhudson, I vaguely recall bdrung mentioning that the last of our delta might've been merged recently so there's a chance it could just be sync'd21:31
waveformI can take a look tomorrow morning if you want? If it can't be sync'd I've still got the split from the last merge so I suspect it'd be a trivial job21:32
mwhudsonoh a sync would be pretty exciting21:34

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