dtaht[m]I would like to report a regression to the right channel in 22.10 - fq_codel is not enabled (tried both ubuntu studio and server) - it used to be defaulted via sysctl01:21
Eickmeyer!bug | dtaht[m]01:21
ubottudtaht[m]: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:21
dtaht[m]It's been the default for years (enabled by systemd)... and it helps...01:21
dtaht[m]that tool does not work on ubuntu-server, as there's no way to open a browser from there.01:23
theoremif I am running 22.10 and have just caught a gnome(?) crash, where should I report it ?01:37
dtaht[m]reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1436945 - thx so much...01:42
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1436945 in linux (Ubuntu) "devel: consider fq_codel as the default qdisc for networking" [Low, Fix Released]01:42
defcon5necesito ayuda para instalar tor browser01:48
defcon5se queda instalando en ubuntu01:48
theoremnot sure who owns that page but the apt package now specifies the python3 version instead of the generic "python" version  ie:  sudo apt-get -y install python3-launchpadlib    not the listed instructions of : sudo apt-get -y install python-launchpadlib01:51
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theoremany clues what gjs is part of ?01:55
genii!info gjs01:58
ubottugjs (1.74.0-1, kinetic): Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform (cli tool). In component main, is extra. Built by gjs. Size 103 kB / 189 kB01:58
theoremgenii: clever !01:58
theoremwriting a bug report.01:58
defcon5can i help me with the error : SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FAILED in the installation of TOR in ubuntu01:59
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defcon5in the terminal show this: E: El repositorio «https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/webupd8team/tor-browser/ubuntu jammy Release» no tiene un fichero de Publicación.02:02
defcon5N: No se puede actualizar de un repositorio como este de forma segura y por tanto está deshabilitado por omisión.02:02
defcon5N: Vea la página de manual apt-secure(8) para los detalles sobre la creación de repositorios y la configuración de usuarios.02:02
arrayboltXEdefcon5: You're probably trying to install a package from a PPA that doesn't publish versions of software for your version of Ubuntu.02:04
arrayboltXEFor instance, if you're running Kinetic, and the PPA only supports Jammy, this will happen.02:04
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arrayboltXEThough in this instance it looks like that PPA doesn't support any version of Ubuntu that isn't either in ESM or entirely end-of-life.02:05
arrayboltXEdefcon5: You should probably remove that PPA from your system so that updating works again.02:06
defcon5how install Tor en my version of ubuntu?02:06
defcon5or how install PPA in my sistem?02:07
arrayboltXEdefcon5: You may be able to use this: https://www.torproject.org/download/02:09
arrayboltXEDownload the .tar.gz, unpack it, and see what's in there. I suspect that will give you a working Tor browser.02:09
arrayboltXE(There's also a tor browser package in Ubuntu I believe, but it's not guaranteed to be updated and could be insecure as a result.)02:09
defcon5ready i download in my desk02:10
arrayboltXEdefcon5: Once you have the .tar.gz downloaded, you should be able to just double-click it, and Archive Manager should appear.02:15
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yolocbreak: wayland works fine actually boot faster on ubuntu 22.04 with nvidia 525 driver02:28
yoloit's just a few apps had issues, mostly flameshot which I can not live without02:29
yolox11 needs 4 minutes to login, also 1 minute shutdown, I guess x11 is crashing a few times in the back02:30
theorem4 mins ?  that's insane02:30
yoloi know, spent many hours to debug to no avail02:30
theoremI have a desktop from boot and login in less than 10 seconds02:30
yolo20.04 had no such issues at all02:31
yoloi would think it's caused by wayland, but no, it's by x1102:31
theoremyou did this ? : systemd-analyze02:31
yoloof course, and it's not a systemd-analyze issue02:31
yoloit's a gdm-xwindows login02:31
theoremand what does blame say ?02:31
yoloit boots to login screen in a few seconds02:32
yoloor i can logout x and login again, it's 4 minutes02:32
theoremright, then 4 minutes to get to the desktop is absurd , it sounds like something is timing out and forcing you to wait02:32
haodefcon5, `./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app` will make tor run as a desktop app (i.e. you can click the icon to start it)02:32
theorem4 minutes is suspicious similar to 2 back to back TCP timeouts.02:32
theoremmy gut tells me there is a DNS problem ... but I can't be sure without more info02:33
yologood point, might be a ipv6 issue02:33
theoremuse that blame too, it looks like it tracks all times at startup02:33
yoloi block ipv6 on the router, and also disabled ipv6 on ubuntu, still something it tries to reach ipv602:34
theoremoh, you said at login, hmm02:34
yolothe blame does not track things after login i think02:34
theoremyolo: you have to disable with sysctl.conf02:34
theoremnet.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 102:34
theoremnet.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 102:34
theoremnet.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 102:34
yoloi added that 3 lines at install time02:35
theoreminstall time ?02:35
theoremthey should be in /etc/sysctl.conf02:35
yolomean right after install 22.0402:35
yoloit's there02:35
theoremthen it's not ipv6.02:35
theoremifconfig will tell you if you have ipv6 too02:36
yolojust ping a random domain it's still trying ipv6?!02:36
theoremthen it's not disabled02:36
theoremsysctl -a | grep ipv602:36
theoremback in a bit, doing a firmware upgrade ..02:37
yolonet.ipv6.conf.enp3s0.disable_ipv6 = 002:37
yolonet.ipv6.conf.wlp2s0b1.disable_ipv6 = 002:37
theoremwell, the "all" has to be set, I think you might have missed it ?02:37
yoloso, while all net.ipv6 is disabled, my two NICs are not?!02:38
theoremI can you can manually set it off02:38
yolonet.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 102:38
theorem*guess you can manually02:38
yololet me add them to sysctl02:38
theoremor, you might have found a bug, but I suspect it's a typo in the sysctl.conf file02:38
yololet me logout and verify02:41
yolotheorem: you're the man! i think that fixed it02:43
yoloi wasted 6 hours at least on debugging it02:43
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yoloso,let one TCP to timeout is about 2 minutes?02:43
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LordDragonhey all, kubuntu user here05:42
LordDragonwhenever i try another dock like Latte and it grabs my Meta key, after I close Latte and try to go back to original KDE panel, i cannot reassign the meta key back to standard application launcher05:43
LordDragoni tried the ALT+F1 trick but that doesnt work either now05:43
LordDragonis there any kind of sensical way to easily assign your meta key to open the application launcher?05:43
bobdobbsHi. I've just installed apache2 on an ubuntu 22.04 server. I'm in the process of setting up a LAMP stack host. I've installed a few things and rebooted. Then I've created a user and tried to add the new user to the www-data group. The command 'usermod -a -G groupName userName' returns "usermod: group 'www-data does not exist"05:51
bobdobbsbut also the command "compgen -g | grep www-data" returns 'www-data'05:52
bobdobbsalso, there is an entry in /etc/group for www-data05:54
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bobdobbshuh, that's interesting. Despite the www-data group not existing, I can give group ownership of a directory to it06:17
alkisgbobdobbs: run `sudo pwck` and `sudo grpck`06:37
bobdobbsalkisg: hai. I've never come across those commands before. 'grpck' returns nothing. I'll pastebin the output of pwck...06:39
alkisgbobdobbs: hmm, if grpck doesn't complain then it doens't sound like a problem with your /etc/group. Try this: sudo gpasswd -a username www-data06:42
bobdobbsalkisg: that returns "Adding user [username] to group www-data". So that works. I'll test...06:43
alkisgbobdobbs: getent group www-data ==> will tell you the members06:44
bobdobbsI did 'groups [username]'. That confirms.06:44
alkisgNote that for group changes to take effect, these users will need to re-login06:45
bobdobbsHuh. I've never heard of "name service switch libraries" before. I'll have to google that.06:45
bobdobbsThanks alkisg06:45
lunatiqwill installing mailutils help me read root@localhost emails with 'mail'07:05
lunatiqfrom cli07:05
tarzeaulunatiq: https://packages.debian.org/sid/amd64/mailutils/filelist doesn't look like it07:19
tarzeauor maybe yes07:19
tarzeaumy mail comes with bsd-mailx07:19
nsaundersI'm trying to remove the firefox snap:  https://pastebin.com/juS3Kpzm        but it's just taking forever.  Is there some better way of removing it?08:08
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phillinuxhello la team08:57
CarloWoodHello. I can't find libxml++ version 3 on ubuntu. Am I looking wrong, or does ubuntu not have that version yet?08:58
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️09:08
phillinuxmorning Chunkyz09:08
nsaunderswhere are the snap firefox files for users stored?09:16
ograCarloWood, looks like we only have 2.x currenly ... we inherit that package from debian and it seems they do not have any 3.x package either yet09:31
CarloWoodogra: ok, thanks09:33
dorfHi, setting python3.11 as the system default leads to a couple of issues. One I can't seem to solve is apt failing on missing module apt_pkg - is there any solution for this?10:03
ogradorf, urgh ... yes, wait til the 100s of pyton packages have been ported in the archive ... you really can't just replace the system pyton with a never version ...10:06
* ogra glares at his "h" key10:07
dorfdamn, is there any solution im missing to make python3 be python3.11 for users including root without it having to be the system default then_10:08
dorfusers forgets to write python3.11 apparently, was trying to solve it10:09
DocMorsdorf, how about addressing the underlaing issue instead of taking a swing at the OS?10:09
dorfunderlying issue is a people problem. I have given up on solving that problem many years ago10:10
DocMorswhat exactly is the problem?10:10
ograyou can surely install another python alongside, but not easily the system one since there are package interdependencies etc and things will break10:10
ogra*not easily replace the system one10:11
DocMorssure he can, every python developer has multiple envs on his machine10:11
dorfwe are switching to python3.11, but people keep using python3 and pip3 to install packages and run stuff, leading to them having issues and contacting me10:11
ograyou could try fiddling with shell aliases or some such ...10:12
DocMorswell have you informed the manufacturer of yopur OS of this ?10:12
DocMorscheck out https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/venv.html10:12
vinay[m]Does ubuntu has a separate VCS like10:13
dorfit's probably related to bad usage of venv10:13
ogravinay[m], launchpad.net10:28
vinay[m]ogra: couldn't login to launchpad.net10:37
vinay[m]"Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.10:37
vinay[m]We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience."10:37
ogravinay[m], there is #launchpad here on libera ...10:38
vinay[m]i have posted my query there10:39
vinay[m]thanks :)10:39
DocMorswhen you install mailutils for the first time it opens a config window, does anyone know how to start this? I tried unstalling/purging mailtuils and reinstalling but it's not coming up again11:25
EriC^DocMors: maybe 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mailutils' ?11:26
DocMorstried that but no joy11:27
EriC^maybe it was the configuration of another package it pulled in11:27
EriC^see in /var/log/apt/history.log what was installed next to it the first time11:28
DocMorsnice idea11:28
DocMorsEriC^, postfix it was :) thanks!11:30
EriC^DocMors: no problem11:31
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vicky__Hi, does Germinate work in debian?12:28
cousin_luigiHow to upgrade from lts to lts? Do I need to pass through all the intermediate releases?12:30
cybercryptocousin_luigi, Hi. not required.12:30
cybercryptocousin_luigi, you can set to receive only LTS updates and you will skip intermediates12:31
cousin_luigicybercrypto: Do I replace the sources and run apt dist-upgrade or is there a more clever way? I haven't used ubuntu in a few years.12:36
PhalanxerSo there is a bug in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS that prevents Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS hotspotting with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, so I created a new virtual machine with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, only to find the bug persists...12:36
PhalanxerI checked the system log and can see Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS keeps trying to connect. The system log says 'AP-STA-POSSIBLE-PSK-MISMATCH'.12:37
PhalanxerUbuntu Server 22.04 connects to my Android 11 hotspot, fine.12:37
PhalanxerDoes anyone know what's going on?12:37
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cybercryptocousin_luigi, what version you are running? Dont tell me it is ubuntu 9    8-)12:38
cousin_luigicybercrypto: no, it's 20.0412:39
cousin_luigiold VM I'm trying to update. I suppose doing it the debian way would also work12:39
PhalanxerA weakness in Ubuntu is that the hotspot features sucks, badly. You only get the options to set the name of the SSID and the password, nothing else. The problem looks like it has something to do with encryption. I read somewhere that setting the hotspot to use WPA2 and not WPA3 is a work around, but that's not possible.12:39
PhalanxerAt least officially.12:40
cousin_luigiPhalanxer: If it's of any consolation, getting WPA3 to work is also a $FEMALE_CANID on other distros.12:40
PhalanxerDoes anyone know where the file that stores hotspot information is located? Perhaps I can hack it to use WPA2.12:40
cybercryptocousin_luigi, you can normally go from one LTS to the next LTS when the point releasee is launched. So in this case 20.04 towards
Phalanxercousin_luigi you what?12:41
ogracousin_luigi, you want "sudo do-release-upgrade" or simply use the update manager in the GUI12:41
ogramake sure the system is up to date before doing that12:41
cousin_luigiogra: Doing the latter rn.12:41
cybercryptocousin_luigi, and make sure you bkp your data first.12:41
cousin_luigicybercrypto: No important data in this vm12:42
ograyeah, backups are a general thing you should do anyway ... but especially on updates indeed12:42
cousin_luigiThis update is slow as molasses, I wonder why.12:43
PhalanxerOh okay. Thanks everyone.12:44
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cybercryptocousin_luigi, So what is acctually your challenge? update is failling? update-manager can do the trick, quite well.12:44
cousin_luigicybercrypto: bringing up to date 20.04. I haven't started the dist upgrade yet.12:46
cybercryptocousin_luigi, check this file.... what is the value for the variable prompt? /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades12:46
cousin_luigiIt has been stuck on updateing kernel packages for a few minutes.12:46
cybercryptocousin_luigi, if you set the Prompt=lts   then you will only receive LTS updates.12:47
ograit is generating a new initramdisk and such usually ... that will likely take a while (depening on the power of the machine) ... and indeed it needs to download all the new packages12:47
cybercryptocousin_luigi, when you run do-release-upgrade12:47
cousin_luigicybercrypto: Yeah, it's lts12:47
cybercryptocousin_luigi, you can do via GUI or terminal, if you like.12:47
cousin_luigiogra: I think I should add a few cpus to this vm lest I grow old waiting.12:48
PhalanxerFuck the open source community is full of shit 'people on hand to help'. What a fucking load of shit. Back to Windows.12:48
cousin_luigiWhat a nice fellow.12:48
ograwell, disk I/O might also be a non-neglectable factor12:48
cousin_luigiI wonder if there might be some dkms module too. I forget.12:49
cousin_luigioh vbox stuff. Right.12:49
ograwell, if that person sticks to their promises they wont come back at least and talk to microsoft support instead 😛12:49
cybercryptohe is free to go use any software works for him.12:49
cousin_luigiTo be honest, people on #windows are quite supportive. Just don't mention dual boot.12:50
FKAShinobiI have a Dell BIOS update that require MS Windows or MS DOS to install (exe file). Awesome! FreeDOS is "mostly" MS DOS compatible (whatever that means). Is there anything else out there that is 100% MS DOS compatible? Or is MS DOS now in the public domain?12:50
lotuspsychje!biosupdate | FKAShinobi12:51
ubottuFKAShinobi: To see how to update your bios on Ubuntu visit the community collected methods here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate12:51
HabbieFKAShinobi, does dell not ship it as an EFI binary too? and is your dell not supported in fwupdmgr?12:51
ograyeah, i would have suggested to check fwupd first too ...12:51
cybercryptocousin_luigi, when you vm finishing processing, you can apt update / apt upgrade and "do-release-update".12:52
cousin_luigiI've never had problems with freedos tbh12:52
cousin_luigiBut that was some time ago.12:52
ograFKAShinobi, see if "fwupdmgr get-devices" knows about your BIOS ... perhaps there is an update for it12:54
ogra(look at the "device flags", it should say "Updateable")12:55
Habbienote that that flag does not guarantee that the vendor also ships updates this way12:55
ograbut it tells you if fwupd could update it in general12:56
ogra"fwupdmgr get-updates" lists available updates FWIW12:57
FKAShinobilotuspsychje ubottu Habbie ogra:It's an old Dell XT2 circa (2010). It is BIOS I believe.12:59
ograwell, what do the above commands tell you12:59
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esvhello folks, is there a command to restore the original owner and permissions of the installed packages on a server, other than restore from backup - asking for a friend. :)13:00
esvsomeone did chown -R mongodb:mongodb / && chmod -R 777 /13:01
cybercryptoesv, short answer: no.  bkp will save your friend.13:03
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FKAShinobiogra: fwupdmgr does not seem to support the BIOS, only the hdd.13:14
ograFKAShinobi, ah, well, then you are stuck with freedos i fear13:14
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FKAShinobiHas anyone used freedos to update bios? Just wondering how likely bricking this thing is. I would think it would be ok, but I have no experience with freedos.13:16
cybercryptoFKAShinobi, i did once, long ago.   PC booted normally and BIOS had a feature to point to bios file... I guess this facilitates the way.... No issues.13:19
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BluesKajHi all13:59
cousin_luigicybercrypto: Bah, is it normal for the upgrade to take an hour and a half?14:10
cousin_luigiusing the gui tool14:10
yoloipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6|default.disable_ipv6|lo.disable_ipv6 are all set to 1, even enp3s0.disable_ipv6 is set to 1, but every reboot it will reset my NIC epn3s0.disable_ipv6=0, where can I change that?14:11
yoloi.e. sysctl.conf's settings are modified by the system14:11
cybercryptocousin_luigi, I have no answer for that. It depends on your hardware. My old 2 threads amd 1.6hgz with spin disks took 5 hours and went flawless.14:17
cousin_luigicybercrypto: This vm is probably not on ssd, but still it looks slow.14:18
cousin_luigiOnly for installing, the download is long done.14:18
yoloI just enabled ipv6 and it worked well, that will be it14:25
ogracousin_luigi, https://status.canonical.com/ looks fine, perhaps whatever mirror is default in your VM is slow14:32
cousin_luigiogra: The download is done.14:32
cousin_luigiIt's everything else that's slow.14:32
ograah, that is IO/CPU then14:32
PhalanxerIf I purge NetworkManager in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, will netplan kick in as the network manager?14:33
leftyfbPhalanxer: why would you do that?14:34
Phalanxerleftyfb I find NetworkManager sucks.14:34
leftyfbPhalanxer: in what way?14:34
cousin_luigiPhalanxer: Do you run that on Windows?14:35
leftyfbcousin_luigi: lets not14:35
leftyfbPhalanxer: what issues are you having with NM? Maybe someone here can help you with that.14:36
ograPhalanxer, it wouldnt "kick in" transparently, you'd have to configure it14:36
Phalanxerleftyfb 1) It has a bug in it preventing Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS connecting to the hotspot. 2) One is unable to set anything other than the SSID and password when setting up a hotspot.14:36
ogramuch like you had to configure /etc/network/interfaces in the past when removing NM14:36
Phalanxercousin_luigi no, I run it on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.14:36
ogra(though netplan is clearly easier to configure than /e/n/i if it comes to WLAN)14:37
Phalanxercousin_luigi even Windows 10 is broken.14:37
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leftyfbPhalanxer: Ubuntu desktop was never meant to rival enterprise or even pro-sumer AP's. What features do you need in a hotspot on your PC that you can't configure with NM? Why do you need Ubuntu Desktop running on a system meant to run as a hotspot?14:38
PhalanxerI read changing the encryption from WPA to no encryption is the only way to get it working, so NetworkManager needs to be replaced.14:39
Phalanxerleftyfb my cheapo Motorola phone running Android 11 was never meant to rival enterprise AP's either, bit it still gives me the options I need.14:39
ograPhalanxer, i dont think so ... you can clearly create NM hotspots with WPA14:39
cousin_luigiThe problem is apparently with wpa314:40
ogra(NM even ships a pyton example for that ... i re-use it in a snap package here: https://snapcraft.io/nm-wifi-hotspot ... https://github.com/ogra1/nm-wifi-hotspot-snap)14:40
Phalanxerogra where do you see the option to change the encryption? I only see this: https://i.ibb.co/SXhYkTD/Untitled.png14:43
Phalanxercousin_luigi perhaps, yes.14:43
ogra nmcli connection modify Your-Hotspot 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt sae14:43
ograsomething like that should work (after you brought up the initial setup of the hotspot)14:44
ogra(i wasnt aware you needed WPA3 only ... missed that above)14:44
PhalanxerI already tried doing that, reloaded the profile, and even NetworkManager service, it gets reverted back to the former setting.14:45
ograi also dont know the python variant of the above in case you want to write/adapt the ap example ... but i'm sure you can adapt that14:45
PhalanxerI just need a decent network manager. I tried installing a few such as Budgie and Plasma's network manager, but they didn't come up in the applications menu.14:46
PhalanxerWell I haven't seem them, but I hope they are decent.14:46
ograubuntu budgie and plasma all use the same ubuntu arcive14:46
PhalanxerI know, I installed them from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS's source.14:47
ogra(so all the same NM package)14:47
ogran top of a non-22.04 ?14:47
PhalanxerWhat do you mean?14:47
PhalanxerI am using 22.04 LTS.14:47
ogra"source" got me confused 🙂14:48
PhalanxerMy bad14:48
PhalanxerI meant respository.14:48
ogra(you meant the archive)14:48
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ograyeah, got that now 🙂14:48
PhalanxerPerhaps the developers didn't create shortcuts for GMOME.14:48
PhalanxerMy fear though is they are front-ends for NetworkManager. That's why I asked about netplan.14:49
ograwell, either way, it *should* work, though even NM still integrates with wpa-supplicant in the back ... might be some limitatioon there, not sure14:49
PhalanxerIts a bug in NetworkManager. Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS connects to my Android 11 hotspot fine.14:49
ogratheoretically it should just work through nmcli or nmtui though14:50
PhalanxerSo I connecting both my PC and Rasperry Pi (running Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS) and chewed through almost all of my mobile phone data allowance.14:50
Phalanxer... connected them both to my phone, and use the phone as a bridge to connect to my Pi from my PC.14:51
ograPhalanxer, https://askubuntu.com/a/1290590 perhaps ?14:51
FCKAUDIOWNERS.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml', line 1 (0), column 1.14:51
ograseems it works for others ...14:52
FCKAUDIOWNERSwhat do You do if somebody comes to Your computer and corrupts a file14:52
PhalanxerUbuntu 22.04 LTS doesn't give an option to change the encryption protocol.: https://i.ibb.co/SXhYkTD/Untitled.png14:52
FCKAUDIOWNERSfor virtualbox14:52
leftyfbFCKAUDIOWNERS: discontinue access for that user. This is beyond the scope of this channel though14:52
Phalanxerogra, no there is posts all over the internet about this bug.14:52
FCKAUDIOWNERSit's a physical access and threat14:52
FCKAUDIOWNERScan I reinstall virtualbox easily14:53
ograPhalanxer, well, the askubuntu seems to indicate people have working WPA314:53
leftyfbFCKAUDIOWNERS: sure14:53
FCKAUDIOWNERSI did but I got the problem with configuration file14:53
Phalanxerogra I can only go by what I see.: https://i.ibb.co/SXhYkTD/Untitled.png14:54
ograPhalanxer, i'm not talking about any GUI frontends14:54
ograalso note the last post in that askubuntu post has a netplan config14:54
PhalanxerI tried changing the backend like you said. It didn't work. NetworkManager changed it back when I started the hotspot.14:54
ogra(ot for AP mode though)14:54
PhalanxerYeah, I need AP.14:55
PhalanxerRaspberry Pi is headless.14:55
ograright, but it should work with nmcli or nmtui from cmdline14:55
PhalanxerI have no way of getting into it with wires.14:55
PhalanxerI used nmcli14:56
Phalanxernmcli connection reload14:56
PhalanxerI executed that after changing the hotspot file in '/etc/NetworkManager/'.14:56
PhalanxerI then restarted the service.14:56
PhalanxerI changed it to 'sae' which is for WPA3.14:57
PhalanxerThe setting reverted itself.14:57
PhalanxerNetworkManager is cooked.14:57
ograyeah, but that might b because you edited the backend file manually14:57
PhalanxerThe man page gives instruction for changing it manually.14:57
ograusing nmcli should have made it persistent thogh14:57
Phalanxerogra but you could be right.14:57
andreactis this a livechat to ask for help?14:57
PhalanxerI will try your command now......14:57
ograandreact, see /topic 🙂14:58
andreactI did a dual boot of ubuntu in order to use a program for my thesis but for some reason its not playing sound... I've tried so many things but still unsuccessful... im using Ubuntu 22.04.0114:59
andreactI don't know what to do anymore...15:00
cousin_luigiPhalanxer: I would try wpa2 if the above fails. At least you'd know where the problem might lie.15:00
eyaxwhat did you try andreact15:00
Phalanxernmcli connection modify 'General purpose' 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt sae15:00
Phalanxer'Unknown connection'15:00
PhalanxerPerhaps it does not like the space in the name.15:01
ogratry double quotes15:01
Phalanxercousin_luigi its set to WPA2 by default.15:01
Phalanxercousin_luigi WPA3 with WPA2 fall back15:02
Phalanxerman page does not give option for just WPA2.15:02
eyaxandreact, you could use bluetooth if you need it bad enough or buy a sound usb dongle too15:02
PhalanxerDouble quotes did not work.15:02
andreacti might have to. it says unplugged on my pulseaudio for some reason... I might just use bluetooth though15:03
Phalanxer'' '''' and ""15:03
andreacti messaged u privately eyax15:03
eyaxok thats about all i thought of andreact15:04
PhalanxerAnd my Windows 10 is screwed. The virtual Hotspot in device manager is missing, so I can't start a hotspot.15:04
andreactthank you eyax!!15:04
PhalanxerMy cortisol levels are so high right now.15:04
FCKAUDIOWNERSwindows 7 is screwed windows 10 is screwed and overall , You license over work that's particially invalid to own15:06
ograPhalanxer, probably time for a walk 🙂15:06
FCKAUDIOWNERSmicrosoft takes references from real life15:06
FCKAUDIOWNERSwho spy's15:06
Phalanxerogra I'm considering FreeBSD but I'll probably shoot myself.15:06
FCKAUDIOWNERSfacebook even could not do it15:06
ravage!ot | FCKAUDIOWNERS15:07
ubottuFCKAUDIOWNERS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:07
PhalanxerA walk is a great idea. I'm sweating a bit over this, for real.15:07
FCKAUDIOWNERSyall linux folks who does not have to work with that are so happy15:07
FCKAUDIOWNERSbet generally15:07
FCKAUDIOWNERSwe are on a wait15:07
PhalanxerFCKAUDIOWNERS I feel you, but your gonna get kicked mate15:07
FCKAUDIOWNERSto be some rockstar kids15:07
Phalanxergo to #ubuntu-offtopic15:08
PhalanxerI'm in there and interested in hearing your ran. Speak to you there.15:08
PhalanxerSo, I'm now wanting to work with netplan.15:09
PhalanxerI'm now going to disable the NetworkManager service.15:09
PhalanxerThe NetworkManager service in my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS now been stopped. I will read the man page for netplan and if I have any trouble then I'll be back. :)15:11
ogragoogle finds: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1222278/detailed-how-to-or-example-needed-to-setup-an-access-point-using-netplan15:13
PhalanxerThanks ogra15:14
ogratell us if it works ... i have never seen someone use netplan for running an AP yet 🙂15:15
Phalanxernetplan's man page has conflicting information. It says netman can work without NetworkManager in the introduction, but then it has a 'renderer' parameter for either networkd or NetworkManager. I'm confused.15:25
PhalanxerThe man page doesn't specify if these parameters are required.15:25
PhalanxerGod, why hasn't Canonical created a front-end for this!15:25
Phalanxer"dhcp4 (bool)" What the hell does that mean? 'dhcp4 1'?15:26
PhalanxerThere is a tonne of parameters. I'm guessing they are not all required.15:27
leftyfb!netplan | Phalanxer15:27
ubottuPhalanxer: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/15:27
leftyfbPhalanxer: bool is true or false15:28
leftyfbPhalanxer: you either set NM or networkd as your renderer15:28
cousin_luigiOk, everything appears to be working. I have another question now: is pxe netboot supported on ubuntu?15:28
Phalanxerleftyfb got it. Thanks.15:28
cousin_luigiI found some guides, but they're somewhat old and the files mentioned there don't appear to be available anymore.15:28
PhalanxerNo man page or package for 'networkd'?15:30
leftyfbPhalanxer: why do you need the package name for it?15:30
ograPhalanxer, netplan is a config frontend, nothing more ... it can use two backends ... systemd-networkd or NM ... in this case it uses NM15:30
Phalanxerleftyfb I was checking if it is installed.15:30
leftyfbPhalanxer: it is15:30
leftyfbPhalanxer: it's systemd-networkd15:30
PhalanxerAh yeah, I did read that. Thanks. Expert.15:31
PhalanxerDoes systemd have a graphical interface?15:32
leftyfbPhalanxer: for what?15:32
Phalanxerleftyfb me to use.15:32
leftyfbPhalanxer: to do what?15:32
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
leftyfbPhalanxer: systemd does a LOT15:32
Phalanxerleftyfb setup my hotspot.15:32
Phalanxerleftyfb it doesn't do what I need.15:32
* leftyfb sigh15:33
* mrkubax10 sighs too15:33
Phalanxersame here15:33
PhalanxerI sigh15:33
PhalanxerNo, I shake my head15:33
leftyfbPhalanxer: Can I ask why you need a desktop UI on a system that is being used as a hotspot?15:33
Phalanxerleftyfb I find working on 1969 designed interface horrible.15:34
leftyfbI'm out15:34
PhalanxerSo I'm guessing networkd is command line only. I'll keep working on netplan, then get on to networkd.15:35
PhalanxerGeez I only want to setup a hotspot.15:36
leftyfbPhalanxer: https://snapcraft.io/install/nm-wifi-hotspot/ubuntu15:40
ChunkyzThought you was out leftyfb15:40
ograwe've been there 🙂15:40
ogra(it doesnt support WPA3)15:41
Phalanxerleftyfb I am challenging myself to doing it the 1969 way, but I will install that package you suggested out of respect for my health.15:41
=== FCKAUDIOWNERS is now known as annunaki
ograPhalanxer, dont bother ... thats the one i linked before (and since i packaged it, i'm 100% sure it does not support WPA3 because i did not implement it in the snap package)15:44
=== popey8 is now known as popey
Phalanxerogra I don't need WPA3.15:47
Phalanxerogra I don't think.15:47
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
PhalanxerLets just try it and see what happens.15:47
PhalanxerOtherwise I'm gonna be up all night reading Unixy pages just so I can make a Wi-Fi hotspot. True story.15:48
PhalanxerThanks, Oliver.15:49
PhalanxerOkay, nm-wifi-hotspot has been installed. I do not see it in the applications menu.15:51
leftyfbPhalanxer: https://github.com/ogra1/nm-wifi-hotspot-snap15:52
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Phalanxer'snap connect nm-wifi-hotspot:network-manager network-manager' ""error: snap "nm-wifi-hotspot" has no plug named "network-manager""15:58
toddcI have had the same problem and to me helped this.15:59
toddcClick show applications, then utilities, then advanced network configuration. Double click on Hotspot. Click table General and make sure there is tick on Connect automatically with priority and set value -999. Then save and restart.15:59
toddcmode hotspot15:59
PhalanxerRestart what?16:00
toddcnetwork manager or the computer16:00
toddcthey just hid it a bit on 22.0416:01
PhalanxerI've burnt out.16:02
PhalanxerThanks everyone16:02
Phalanxerogra, even when changing the encryption with this tool, it still reverts back.16:03
PhalanxerThis has been an insightful experience.16:04
ograPhalanxer, well, the nm-wifi-hotspot really uses the network-manager snap package, not the deb yu have installed ... not even sure that works well on ubuntu-server ...16:05
ogra(this has been created for UbuntuCore (the all-snap based distro)16:06
Phalanxernetwork-manager snap is just s front-end. The problem is in NetworkManager itself.16:07
PhalanxerI suspected this would happen but it was easy to try and prey.16:07
PhalanxerDoes anyone know how to search man pages?16:09
faLUKEhello, will apt-get install work for ubuntu18.04 after april 2023 ?16:11
PhalanxerAnd can somebody please tell me what the word 'scalar' means.16:11
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
PhalanxerfaLUKE if you pay I would think. Perhaps non-maintained packages will hang around for a while.16:15
PhalanxerUbuntu One16:16
PhalanxerOr Ubuntu Advantage16:16
PhalanxerLook into it.16:16
ograPhalanxer, th network-manager snap is a full network-manager (only the cmdline part) to be used on IoT devices...16:17
Phalanxerogra, can it be used with NetworkManager disabled?16:20
=== CodeMouse9217 is now known as CodeMouse92
Phalanxerogra this is why you've never seen someone create an access point with netplan.: https://i.ibb.co/x7WhvHT/Untitled.png16:21
ograPhalanxer, you could try to remove the NM deb and install the snap but thats risky territory since the snap is not really designed for that16:21
ograand surely non of the UIs will work with it since it is designed for headless use in IoT16:21
PhalanxerI installed the snap but could not find the app in the applications menu.16:22
ograit is replacing the network-manager deb  ... and has no GUI parts at all16:22
ogranor does it allow any of the GUI tools to work with it16:23
ogra(network-manager by itself has no GUI parts ... it is just a backend)16:23
PhalanxerI've burnt out. networkd is also command line only. I've been reading for hours and starting to have a third person view of myself and what I am doing with my life, and its alarming.16:24
dsc_Phalanxer: :D16:27
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PhalanxerI went for a walk and now I am going to try and fix my hotspot issue in Windows 10. I'm sure it will be just as bad16:44
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five6184Hello. My system (Raspberry Pi 4) just crashed, and `journalctl --list-boots` returns only one single entry. Running `journalctl --verify` passes all files, but one states `1981f00: Unused data (entry_offset==0)`. How could I fix this and get back my previous boot logs? Thanks!17:03
ElliriaIs this of any use? https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/580675/what-to-do-when-journalctl-verify-outputs-unused-data17:07
five6184But from that article: I can safely ignore those? "Yes.". Except, all my previous boot logs are missing17:08
five6184Before the crash I had over 20 past boot logs17:09
ElliriaOddly, I'm getting very few results on my Google search on this.17:10
ElliriaI searched for: `Unused data (entry_offset==0)`17:10
ElliriaThat only gave me 9 results. Very strange.17:10
five6184I've been having very mysterious logging issues with this machine... I could never determine the source of the crash because boot logs would usually be missing for the previous boot17:11
five6184But before I at least had the boots prior to that17:11
ElliriaWhat version of Ubuntu are you using?17:11
five618422.04.1, latest updates17:12
five6184kernel 5.15.0-1023-raspi17:12
jhutchinsfive6184: The problem with boot logs is that they record the last successfully completed event.17:12
ElliriaAh, good catch.17:12
jhutchinsfive6184: With a linear process, you can figure out what the next step, the step that failed, is.17:12
jhutchinsfive6184: Unfortunately, the systemd boot process has a lot of parallel processes, so it's hard to see which one failed from the logs.17:13
five6184hmm, so I need logs for the services that provide logs?17:14
five6184strangely if I do `jounrnalctl` I see entries from as early as September17:14
five6184so the logs are there... just not the boot detection?17:15
VIAhi all17:15
VIAso im having these dualboot and som other issues17:15
jhutchinsVIA: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?17:16
VIAbut my main question is, is there any concern that windows messes up the drive with the linux install?#17:16
VIAcause everyone seems to be suggesting to install linux first then windows (which workded for me with  windows 7 on "unsupported hardware" i modified some drivers ...17:17
leftyfbVIA: if you reinstall or "repair" Windows, it could override GRUB being the primary boot loader on your machine17:17
leftyfbVIA: the opposite is true17:17
leftyfbinstall Windows, then linux17:17
VIAnot i dont have the files right now, i do a "dirty windows 11! install17:17
VIAthen xubuntu or something, then windows doesnt work anymore lol17:17
VIAi think last resort is i just have to do some screwing around remove the nvme of windows aftr install17:18
VIAthen put the linnux on the other that should be 100% fine right17:18
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VIAwinndows is DIRTY  aaf17:18
VIAwindoz11 criminal really. pushing ads into your face..17:19
VIAstealing your ressources17:19
leftyfbVIA: lets not17:19
leftyfbVIA: please keep the topic to ubuntu support17:19
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VIAi was finished17:20
VIAbut the install windows then linux somehow doesnt seem to work so greatly with newer "windows"17:21
five6184jhutchins: also in my logs, I get like 20 clumps of "boot id" where each one is a completely random log line17:21
five6184some of the log entries seem to be jumping around17:22
five6184i.e. I have my nginx logs, then dmesg boot logs, then nginx logs again, which is impossible17:22
PhalanxerHow does one connect to a bluetooth device in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS?17:22
leftyfbPhalanxer: I thought you were running Desktop17:23
Phalanxerleftyfb not on the computer I am enquiring for, though it does have LXFE installed on it.17:23
leftyfbPhalanxer: https://simpleit.rocks/linux/shell/connect-to-bluetooth-from-cli/17:24
PhalanxerThank you17:24
leftyfbPhalanxer: 4th result on google for "ubuntu server connect bluetooth"17:24
PhalanxerOkay, when will this chat room be shutting down then now that it is redundant?17:25
RaimondRajhai ubuntu17:27
RaimondRaji need help17:28
leftyfb!ask | RaimondRaj17:28
ubottuRaimondRaj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:28
RaimondRaji run a server17:29
RaimondRajcurrently i cont run unrealircd on vps but i cant connect on client17:29
RaimondRaji dont where the problem is17:29
RaimondRajwent i ask help from unreal they said all ok17:29
RaimondRajits might be linux / ubuntu problem17:30
RaimondRajthe problem start went i try to use this command (  sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=2023/tcp )17:30
leftyfbRaimondRaj: check your firewall and any possible firewalls your VPS provider might have17:30
RaimondRajplease i dont know that17:30
RaimondRajplease guide me17:30
RaimondRajstallmanator nick gave me went i ask help for the lounge17:31
RaimondRaji dont why and what is happen17:31
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ElliriaRaimondRaj, firewall-cmd --list-ports should give you a list of all available ports (you might need to put sudo in front of it). Is port 2023 available?17:33
Phalanxerleftyfb: https://i.ibb.co/82Hwvsf/Untitled.png17:45
snowkidif i ls /proc | grep 979 i get nothing17:45
snowkidif I ls/proc/979 i get a directory17:45
snowkid* a directory listing17:45
PhalanxerDoes anyone know what's up with this? https://i.ibb.co/82Hwvsf/Untitled.png17:47
snowkidid look at the image if it didnt look like the site was from a dubious origin17:48
Phalanxersnowkid that's okay. When your knowledge of computers comes intermediate, you will not fear browsing the web so much. :)17:49
snowkidoh you can put in ligma17:51
PhalanxerDoes anything actually work in Ubuntu?17:51
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
cousin_luigiNo, they're all on strike.17:53
leftyfbPhalanxer: try it again with the device in pairing mode17:54
leftyfbPhalanxer: and please lose the attitude. We're all volunteers here17:54
PhalanxerIts not attitude. It is my experience.17:55
PhalanxerHow do I put it in pairing mode? The developer forgot to write documentation on how to use it. https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man1/bluetoothctl.1.html17:55
leftyfbPhalanxer: the BT device, not ubuntu17:55
PhalanxerI tried before and I just stood next to the Raspberry Pi now for 1 minute but nothing is showing on my phone. Perhaps the Pi is in hidden mode, but my gut feeling tells me its not.17:58
PhalanxerBut who knows with Raspberry Pi OS.17:59
PhalanxerActually their impressively smart. I doubt it.17:59
snowkidlol im sitting here tweaking a rpi 4 and thinking how useless it would be on bluetooth, pity you cant afford something better17:59
leftyfbPhalanxer: you're mentioning Pi OS and your phone. In this case, where does Ubuntu come into play?17:59
Phalanxersnowkid I was given it free.18:00
leftyfbsnowkid: please don't18:00
snowkidleftyfb im sorry the exchange is complete18:00
Phalanxerleftyfb the Pi is running Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. I need to pair it with my phone to give it internet access.18:00
leftyfbPhalanxer: but you mentioned "But who knows with Raspberry Pi OS"18:01
leftyfbPhalanxer: if the Pi is running Ubuntu, where does Raspberry Pi OS come into play?18:01
snowkidthe imager gives you options to select a systen raspbian uuntu or others18:01
Phalanxerleftyfb my bad.18:01
snowkidits set up on a microsd which is notoriously slow, a bluetooth conbection will likely timeout18:02
snowkidbetter off connecting an ethernet or getting a usb wifi adapter18:02
leftyfbsnowkid: BT connections have almost nothing to do with the sd card18:02
Phalanxersnowkid I installed it initially. Then I had trouble connecting it to my Ubuntu hotspot, and I assume Raspberry Pi OS was the culprit. I then installed Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS thinking it would work. The problem ended up being a bug in NetworkManager on the hotspot.18:03
leftyfbsnowkid: Pi's running multiple OS's are just fine for BT connections. They get used all the time in multiple industries and for thousands of projects by consumers every day18:03
Phalanxersnowkid there is no other way.18:03
leftyfbPhalanxer: Pi OS doesn't use Network Manager18:03
snowkidin my experience its not a great environment for anything reliable18:04
Phalanxerleftyfb the hotspot the Pi is connecting to is an Ubuntu machine which does use NetworkManager.18:04
Phalanxersnowkid the Pi suits my needs fine.18:04
Phalanxersnowkid I just need to get video acceleration working, which is what I am trying to do now- download the drivers onto it which Ubuntu Server lacks.18:05
Phalanxerleftyfb do you have a solution to this? https://i.ibb.co/82Hwvsf/Untitled.png18:06
snowkidwhich pi is it?18:06
Phalanxersnowkid Pi 4 8GB18:06
snowkidso you dont have an ethernet cable laying around18:06
Phalanxersnowkid no.18:06
snowkidyea sorry18:07
PhalanxerI will pair the Pi with the phone via bluetooth and my phone will share its internet connection to the Pi via its Wi-Fi to my home router.18:08
snowkidi understand but you may as well just hook up to your home router and get it working eh18:08
PhalanxerI don't know how18:09
snowkidall routers have ethernet cables18:09
PhalanxerThere is no ethernet cable.18:09
snowkidit doesnt need a wifi password. it just works18:09
snowkidget one, steal it18:09
snowkidborrow it18:09
PhalanxerI need this Pi working in 45 minutes from now.18:09
snowkidwell get a cable18:09
PhalanxerItd 5:09 AM.18:09
PhalanxerWhat's the problem with Ubuntu now? Why is it saying the device is not available? https://i.ibb.co/82Hwvsf/Untitled.png18:10
waveformPhalanxer, the device you're trying to "trust" in bluetoothctl; does it appear inthe  "paired-devices" list?18:10
Phalanxerwaveform yes. Its Moto... Motorola phone.18:10
waveformyou run "paired-devices" and it shows up in that list?18:11
PhalanxerYes. https://i.ibb.co/82Hwvsf/Untitled.png18:11
Phalanxer"moto g31"18:11
PhalanxerThen when I trust its hardware identifer, it says the device is not avaiable.18:11
waveformno ... that's the output of hcitool which is saying it can *see* that device, that doesn't mean it's paired. Within bluetoothctl, run "paired-devices" and see if the MAC appears in *that* output18:11
PhalanxerI scan right after and it finds it again.18:12
waveformif it doesn't then run "pair" with the MAC address in question18:12
PhalanxerOk, I now need to disconnect from my router and hotspot into my phone so I can then contact my Pi. I will be back.18:12
=== Menzador2 is now known as Menzador
waveformsorry, I have to go and have dinner, but tl;dr: "pair" should prompt (on both the device and in bluetoothctl) for you to proceed -- assuming the codes match obviously hit (or enter) "yes". Once it's paired and appears in the "paired-devices" output you should be able to run "trust" with the MAC address18:15
PhalanxerSorry for the delayed return. My Wi-Fi adapter froze requiring a cold restart of the computer.18:25
Phalanxerwaveform running 'paired-devices' from within 'bluetoothctl' returned nothing.18:26
PhalanxerSome weird device names are coming up on my phone when it scans. I'm wondering if its the Pi. How can I find out the device name of the Pi?18:27
Phalanxer'bluetoothctl' is undocumented software.18:28
PhalanxerTrying this command 'bluetoothctl discoverable on'...18:30
=== Menzador2 is now known as Menzador
PhalanxerOk, so I made the Pi discoverable and tried to connect to it with my phone. 'bluetoothctl' asked me if I want to trust it, which I said yes. The Pi and my phone are now paired.18:38
PhalanxerI have set my phone to share its internet via bluetooth but the Pi running Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS is not using the internet connection.18:38
chromebittinwhy not share it via wifi instead and just connect via nmcli18:39
PhalanxerToo risky. I am headless. If I lock myself out I am gone18:39
PhalanxerThe phone can't use WiFi in hotspot mode.18:40
PhalanxerCan't connect to home router out of risk of getting locked out if something goes wrong.18:40
PhalanxerRun out of mobile data allowance.18:40
PhalanxerLOL just realised I had Wi-Fi off on my phone. Connecting back to the Pi. BRB.18:41
lotuspsychjePhalanxer: please dont use this channel to describe every step you take18:42
lotuspsychjePhalanxer: rather ask your question and wait until volunteers pickup on your issue18:43
Phalanxer91I am such an idiot. What I want to do can't even be done.18:44
Phalanxer91Are you running Ubuntu on your Pi?18:44
=== chromebittin is now known as lemoncat
Phalanxer91All I need to do is install the package needed to get the 3D accelerator working.18:47
Phalanxer91I think I've found it but there is dependency hell.18:48
Phalanxer91Hence why I am trying to get the Pi an internet connection.18:48
Phalanxer91BRB trying an experiment18:49
Phalanxer91If this works, I am a legend!18:49
Angswhen I right click on nautilus and select "open in terminal", how can I start terminator instead of gnome-terminal?18:49
AngsI am using ubuntu 22.0418:49
esanghyunwhat is this18:56
PhalanxerIt didn't work. Ubuntu simply is not receiving the shared internet over bluetooth and I don't know why.18:57
Phalanxerso ive spent the whole night on this, and i simply cant hotspot to an ubuntu computer because ubuntu was not tested18:58
PhalanxerI'm cooked.18:59
Phalanxer'Linux is better than Windows'....... Lol yeah.. please......19:01
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henisteinI am trying to build glibc from scratch. I installed the source, then created a build directory and run make install, what should I do now?20:54
sarnoldwhatever it is you wanted to do with a compiled-from-scratch glibc20:55
sarnoldI suggest disabling the apt auto updates and so on, uninstall apt sources, etc20:55
sarnoldthen start reading the linux from scratch documentation, so you can figure out how to replace everything on the system, too20:55
henisteinok nvm then, I was doing that because some programs seg faults, and when I gdb the program it always points to some glibc file20:57
sarnoldthat usually means whoever wrote the program didn't know how to use strcpy or sprintf or memcpy correctly and wrote a buggy program20:58
sarnoldyou're .. in for a tough time. *maybe* you can apt install --reinstall libc6  or something like that, but honestly a reinstall from scratch wouldn't be a bad idea20:58
henisteinthat guy was me, the problem is that the code is right, and works on my ubuntu 20.04 machine20:58
henisteinbut the same code seg faults on my 22.04 machine20:58
sarnoldtry valgrind?20:58
knusbaumThe code is almost certainly *not* right. The fact it works in one place doesn't mean it's right. If you're writing C, it's notorious for those kinds of bugs.21:01
henisteinWhen I run `valgrind --leak-check=yes --log-file=valgrind.rpt ./a.out` it seg faults21:01
knusbaumTry a debugger then21:02
henisteinthe seg fault is here: `at 0x48F2150: __vfprintf_internal (vfprintf-internal.c:1244)`21:02
pedahzurI installed 22.04 server under qemu/libvirt. Full disk encryption (except for /boot). Install went fine. Rebooted, logged in, worked fine. Shut down, started it back up, and it hangs at "Booting from hard disk..." with the VM taking 100% CPU.  Tried googling a bit, nothing useful. Ideas?21:02
knusbaumhenistein, I would either get a backtrace, or try and guess where in your code this is getting called from. i.e. where are you calling vfprintf or family from?21:03
henistein37This simple assembly code seg faults on my 22.04, but not on my 20.04: https://bpa.st/L6TBC21:16
henistein37and the problem is in vfprintf-internal.c21:17
henistein37I run the code with: gcc -g -no-pie main.s21:17
sarnoldpaste the source?21:17
sarnoldoh, this *is* the source, not godbolt output, hah21:17
henistein37I wrote that by hand21:18
pedahzurAggh...PEBKAC...I was booting the wrong VM. Siiiigh.21:20
henistein37does it seg fault on your machines?21:21
sarnoldhenistein37: yeah, it runs fine on 20.04, segfaults on 22.04. you've got an interesting problem here :)21:25
henistein37sarnold what should I do now?21:25
knusbaumwith a debugger, that is.21:26
sarnoldhah, I reached for gdb and promptly realized i don't know how to drive it real well21:26
sarnoldI thought 22.04 was supposed to on-demand load debug stuff21:27
henistein37hmm interesting21:28
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henistein37Can I downgrade my ubuntu from 22.04 to 20.04?21:29
knusbaumhenistein37, I think I figured out your issue, henistein3721:29
henistein37knusbaum, tell me pls =D21:30
knusbaumWell, I found something interesting anyway.21:31
knusbaumfor me, the thing segfaults at this jump: https://bpa.st/P7KOW21:31
knusbaumNope, made a mistake. Nevermind.21:33
sarnoldhenistein37: you can sometimes downgrade individual packages without trouble, but downgrading all of them is probably too much trouble21:34
henistein37sarnold can I downgrade just the glibc?21:36
sarnoldhenistein37: I wouldn't be surprised if some application has used symbols from the newer version21:38
henistein37I have a big trouble xD21:39
knusbaumI'm suspicious that this is a varargs ABI issue.21:40
sarnoldomg I can't figure out how on earth to drive godbolt21:42
sarnoldthis used to be so much easier21:42
sarnoldhttps://godbolt.org/z/1esb1b6cb  FINALLY I got two gccs side by side ..21:46
sarnoldgcc sure sets up a lot more registers21:46
aumhi - got a strange apt conflict - when I try to install audio/music packages such as librtaudio-dev, libmidi-dev and libjack-dev, apt wants to remove qjackctl, jackd and jackd2. But I need these 3 dev packages so I can build the 'giada' music app (which needs them, and also needs jackd)21:54
androirc99omg i just dual booted21:56
* androirc99 salivates21:56
sarnoldaum: you might be able to get a more specific message from apt if you run sudo apt install librtaudio-dev libmidi-dev libjack-dev qjackctl jackd221:57
androirc99anything that lets you ummm... rotate from landscape to portrait on a tablet?21:58
androirc99i know gnome did it but not anymore21:59
aumsarnold, thanks, trying now21:59
sarnoldandroirc99: maybe search for "auto rotate" on https://extensions.gnome.org/#  ?21:59
sarnoldandroirc99: gnome extensions can crash things pretty badly if they don't work correctly, it might be worth learning how to back out gnomne extensions from the command line before enabling one21:59
aumsarnold: strangely, that seems to have worked - apt tolerates all those packages in the one command and doesn't seek to remove anything - weird22:02
sarnoldaum: very weird :)22:02
sarnoldaum: what's a slight change is that I left off 'jack' because that just looks like it drags in jack1 *or* jack2 ..22:03
androirc99sarnold i recall writing a script for doing it22:03
thymageDoes anybody know how to get algorithmic integration in OCaml?22:04
androirc99still surprised that feature isnt added by default, maybe its buggy22:04
androirc99but hats off to ubuntu for dus22:05
sarnoldandroirc99: yeah it feels like an obvious feature to me, but gnome folks do seem to love removing features..22:05
androirc99dual booting windows so well22:05
androirc99i see22:06
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henisteinsarnold what should I do? xD22:06
androirc99kind of like color saturation22:07
androirc99It needs an option like that as well22:07
sarnoldhenistein: no idea! :) a few guesses: (a) head to stack overflow, hope for the best, hehe (b) try matching the gcc-generated zereod registers, etc, and see if you 'just' need to zero a specific register before making your call..22:08
androirc99hmm at least i got onboard to work with gnome(xorg) only22:21
androirc99why is linux so buggy... still.. sigh.. i still love it though22:22
LordDragonanyone know how to restore META hotkey to open application launcher on kubuntu?22:33
SquareHey. Doesn't the weather applet come pre-installed with ubuntu 22.04? Mine has suddenly disappeared.22:39
HabbieSquare, "pre-installed" and "suddenly" - are you saying it's gone after a reinstall?22:47
SquareHabbie, I figured out what the problem was. All extensions had been turned off. Not something I've done myself though. Wierd. I could turn them on by enabling Extensions->Extensions22:52
Habbieoh weird22:52
Habbiewell, glad you solved it22:52
SquareMe too! =D22:53
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HabbieSquare, good :D23:09
jim_hitekjim_hitek> That worked, thanks, now I'd like to copy this so I can type it out and save if for the next time Ubuntu updates/upgrades. How do I do that?23:52
jim_hitek<jim_hitek> Nevermind, figured it out.23:52
jim_hitek<jim_hitek> Can I bring up another 'Worked in 22.04 but doesn't work in 22.10 issue' here, or start a new thread?23:52
jim_hitek<jim_hitek> Regarding commercial software/hardware that I pay a yearly fee for...StrongVPN. They have an engineer working on it but it's been nearly a week.23:52
jim_hitekIgnore first two lines from me...23:52
jim_hitekStrongVPN worked automatically to connect to their servers just fine in 21.10 & 22.04 but after upgrading to 22.10, it will not connect. I have a workaround using wget but it's inferior to the actual setup.23:55

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