melodiehi everyone11:42
melodieI would like someone to help me with an issue in Xubuntu 22.04 : I need to add memtest86+ to the Grub boot stanza, and even with the docs online I have been unable to succeed. I have found the /etc/grub.d/20_memtest86+ file, but what should I do from there, to have it offered in the "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" file stanzas? 11:45
melodieshould it not be called by default?11:45
melodieif you wonder : memtest86+ is installed in my system, and I have also re-installed it, to be sure.11:46
melodiealso, my system is uefi11:46
melodieand I have a boot partition, " /dev/nvme0n1p3  976754688  976959487    204800   100M Système EFI11:47
melodie "11:47
melodieand it also has the file 20_memtest86+ installed there11:48
melodiehumm well no11:49
melodiemy mistake, it has normal usual boot files there11:49
gnrpmelodie: You normally need to also update the actual grub config12:13
gnrp /etc/grub.d/ is not seen by grub12:13
gnrpwith the commands grub-mkconfig and update-grub you can check that out12:13
melodiethank you gnrp I'll try that12:24
melodiegnrp, I got my answer after the grub-mkconfig, in the output I find : " Memtest86+ needs a 16-bit boot, that is not available on EFI, exiting12:26
melodie "12:26
melodieis there a solution there?12:26
melodieI don't even know what a "16-bit" boot can be :-(12:27
gnrpI don't know about that, sorry12:27
gnrpbut it sounds weird12:27
melodieit shure is12:27
gnrpanyway, with update-grub you can update the grub config and see if it shows up and what happens if you try to boot it12:27
melodieI'll rather google this outut12:27
melodiegnrp, I found the solution! https://askubuntu.com/questions/917961/can-i-boot-memtest86-if-im-using-uefi12:30
melodieat the end of the page,12:30
melodie"Since Ubuntu 22.04 the PCMemTest is available from the Ubuntu repository. PCMemTest is a fork of MemTest86+ and it works fine on UEFI too. "12:30
cristian_alguien me dice como instalar nfs2 en linux13:18
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