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MacSlowGreetings everyone!12:11
MacSlowmneptok, hey Kurt!12:32
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MacSlowAnybody who fancies slick VTs, please help me test my output-rotation patch to kmscon (see https://blog.macslow.org/?p=365 for documenation and links to code and .debs). Thanks in advance!13:11
MacSlowhey seb128 :)13:17
seb128MacSlow, hey, it has a been a while! how are you doing?13:18
MacSlowseb128, a while indeed :)13:18
MacSlowseb128, living the consultant/contractor live... but felt the urge to - at least - partially do OpenSource tinkering13:19
MacSlowseb128, see  https://blog.macslow.org/?p=365 .. but don't judge my packaging skill please :)13:19
MacSlowseb128, could you point me towards folks from the community who are into this type of patch/VT/consule stuff? I need some folks willing to try it out.13:21
seb128MacSlow, sorry but I've no idea about who would be interested, others on this channel might though :)13:24
MacSlowok... keeying my fingers crossed someone stumbles over it13:32
waveformMacSlow, oooh -- I'll take a look (I use kmscon as my daily driver on my development pi)14:03
MacSlowwaveform, thanks... I admit I was too lazy (sofar :) to dust of my raspi3 and compile test it there14:04
MacSlowwaveform, just poke me here or via github-issue or email should you run into questions.14:04
waveform(been maintaining a rather rough PPA of it for personal use -- https://launchpad.net/~waveform/+archive/ubuntu/kmscon -- for quite a few releases now!)14:05
waveform(but switched to the archive version once it appeared)14:05
MacSlowwaveform, yeah... chasing all the scattered sinks  for it was difficult... its upstream is dormant for about 8-9 years.14:06
waveformindeed -- which is a tragedy because it's a stunningly good console14:06
MacSlowit is14:07
MacSlowwaveform, I also made some short clips showing off the purpose of my patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybjmUFIXfUU&list=PLXvTBWcnTI1OHF7-Op-ASYsQKKg1TYb5Z&ab_channel=coleraby14:07
MacSlowaside from that... haveing a 120Hz refresh-capable system-console is just cool :)14:08
MacSlowthat and TrueType-fonts :)14:08
waveformbizarrely, one of the edge cases it solved for me was key-repeat rate on the console. There was a hack to deal with this but it was PC specific; there was no way to set the key-repeat delay/rate on the Linux console on the Pi. But kmscon can just use the xkb settings :)14:09
MacSlowI still need to get to the crazier OpenGL-shenanigans I have in mind for kmscon... but those will only be for fun... no real use-case for upstream-consideration.14:09
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ahasenackbryceh: hey, I wanted to ask you. I used lp-test-ppa to generate dep8 triggers for my ppa: "lp-test-ppa -l -r lunar ppa:ahasenack/rsyslog-apparmor-dep8"17:40
ahasenackthe generated url is correct: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&package=rsyslog&ppa=ahasenack/rsyslog-apparmor-dep8&arch=amd64&&trigger=rsyslog/8.2210.0-3ubuntu2~ppa817:41
ahasenackbut this package in the archive does not have a dep8 test17:41
ahasenackand the server-side infra answers with "You submitted an invalid request: Package rsyslog does not have any test results"17:41
ahasenackbut the package in the ppa does have dep8 tests, I'm adding them17:41
ahasenackI think we talked about this a while ago, but maybe now you have some idea about this?17:42
ahasenackor where I should file a bug (if I haven't, I really don't remember the details)17:42
Eickmeyervorlon: Since you made the change to libtbb2-dev as a build-dep in blender, I could use your opinion on bug 2003239. AFAIAC, it looks like a merge not a sync.20:05
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 2003239 in blender (Ubuntu) "Sync blender 3.4.1+dfsg-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200323920:05
ginggsEickmeyer: libtbb2-dev is actually the old tbb and depends on libtbb220:09
ginggslibtbb-dev is the new "onetbb" and depends on libtbb1220:09
Eickmeyerginggs: Confusing, and I seem to vaguely remember that.20:09
ginggsso that's good for a sync20:10
Eickmeyerginggs: Sounds good. I'll go ahead and comment and do the sync.20:10
ginggsEickmeyer: thanks20:10
Eickmeyerginggs: No, thank you. I do vaguely remember that fiasco back in August, so it was nice to have the reminder.20:16

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