crax23As long as they can use Ubuntu with or without VPN then it's all good, they digg the cold.00:10
crax23unlike the lovely american alligator with the reversed climate warming of the USA lol.00:10
lotuspsychjegood morning02:54
cartdrigeHow many GNUs you need for a Ubuntu OS? answer: as much as possible as long as there is one penguin with them.07:36
gry17:53 <@gry> Franklin: after upgrading ubuntu, I get error 'failure in name resolution - download.webmin.com' how do I troubleshoot it?17:55
gry17:53 <Franklin> 1. Ensure your internet connection is active and working properly. 2. Check if your DNS server settings are configured correctly in your network configuration. 3. Try to ping the domain name to verify that it is resolving properly. 4. Check the /etc/hosts file to make sure it contains an entry for download.webmin.com.5. Try to use a different DNS s17:55
gryinteresting bot ( #botters-test )17:55
lotuspsychjegry: some of our volunteers have been suspecting AI bots in main lately18:00
arraybolt3gry: Was this just a test, or in an actual support channel?18:01
arraybolt3If this was in #ubuntu, we may need to figure out how to ban that pronto for the same reasons ChatGPT had to be banned from StackOverflow.18:02
arraybolt3GPTZero, perhaps?18:03
lotuspsychjearraybolt3: the bot is in #botters-test18:04
arraybolt3Hmm. Might join that room.18:05
arrayboltXE(This is easier than the bouncer :P18:05
arrayboltXElotuspsychje: Heh, looks like the people in there started scanning me to see if I was a bot as soon as I came in :P18:07
arrayboltXE(At least one guy sent a CTCP Version)18:08
lotuspsychjeyou look like a bot lol18:08
arrayboltXETraceback (most recent call last): genResp(text) Fatal error: IndexOutOfBoundsException Requested index was outside the bounds of the array.18:18
sarnoldgry: is the bot more polite than usual irc residents? :)18:46
Menzadorsarnold: Heh18:46
Menzador(also this might be better suited for #ubuntu-ops)18:46
gryarraybolt3: it was a test in the botters-test channel. based on a question asked in main, though:)19:19

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