diddledaniello folks.. trying to figure out a problem with the ubuntu-rmb channel - specifically my access to it. I'm getting "#ubuntu-rmb: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited", while other membership board members with the same flags don't report getting that and are able to join without requesting an invite from chanserv - I *can* request an invite through chanserv successfully. Also, separately, can I get a cloak pls?12:51
Eickmeyerdiddledani: Hi! I've alerted others in the ops team to your predicament, and at least to your cloak needs.14:28
Eickmeyer(I can't handle it myself, but at least it's a step)14:28
diddledanithank you :-)14:29
hggdhdiddledani: looking for your cloak21:41
diddledanihggdh: I've not had one applied yet - I never requested one when I first became a member21:42
hggdhyes, I am asking for a brand new, never-before-used, one for you :-)21:42
diddledanithankyou :-)21:43
JackFrostCould also just +I $:adiddledani  in there.21:46
hggdhdiddledani: you are now cloaked22:04
diddledanithank you 🫂22:05
hggdhour pleasure :-)22:06

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