holmanbrbasak: Reseting machine-id at runtime would force boot order requirements on all services (present and future) that use machine-id. Do we have an idea of which/how many services this might affect?01:31
lunatiqin regard to postfix/mailutils to enable mail() on dedicated machine. Do I select Internet Site for each domain or do I create a domain for it?01:46
lunatiqcan I just use local and use it for local use only?01:47
lunatiqWould that enable scripts on local machine to use mail() ?01:47
blahdeblah_lunatiq: If all you want is mail on local machine then you can choose local01:59
lunatiqblahdeblah_ does that mean PHP can use mail() function?03:48
blahdeblah_lunatiq: I don't know enough about the PHP mail() function to answer that, but if it can be configured to use localhost as its SMTP server, or /usr/bin/mail as its local mailer, then I'd think it would work.03:55
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effendy[m]holmanb: systemctl -t service | nc -l for instance? Services is a broad word.08:23
effendy[m]broad idea*08:23
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Odd_Blokeholmanb: I guess my response would be that those services doing the wrong thing earlier in boot (due to a stale machine-id) is not a desirable outcome, so it seems irrelevant how many/which services would be affected.16:09
Odd_BlokeHaving said that, I don't see a systemd level dependency on /etc/machine-id in any units on my system, so I don't know if there will be an _easy_ way to do that.16:13
Odd_Blokes/do that/determine that set of services/16:13
Odd_BlokeAs a data point, DigitalOcean already have vendor-data to handle resetting machine-id on first boot, because not doing so causes problems.16:14
holmanbOdd_Bloke: Which services seems relevant in that any that are ordered before cloud-init would have to be restarted with the new machine-id - and really any that use it should probably be explicitly ordered after whichever cloud-init unit would be made to do the runtime rewriting of machine-id. 16:18
holmanbOdd_Bloke: How many services was just a question of the scope that such a change would affect.16:19
Odd_Blokeholmanb: Ack, understood, thanks!16:22
ahasenackrbasak: did we ever plan or think about extracting detached orig tarball signatures, if they exist in lp or pristine-tar, when running git ubuntu export-orig ?17:33
rbasakahasenack: I was not aware that they exist19:37
ahasenackI don't know if they are handled by pristine-tar (i.e., ingested), or LP19:38
ahasenackbut every now and then I see a dpkg warning during build that a gpg key exists in the source, but no detached signature19:38
ahasenackand I think this could be improved, if the .sig files are stored somewhere19:38
rbasakSounds reasonable, if they work everywhere else through the pipeline19:38
ahasenackdpkg-buildpackage seems to check it when building it seems19:39
ahasenackbut I haven't verified. I just saw the warning19:39

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