jim_hitekI seem to be in the wrong chat room?00:33
gryjim_hitek: how did you install strongvpn?00:34
jim_hitekLemme think...not sure there's any install to do actually, I'll have to go look, I've had it for years.00:35
jim_hitekOh, it's an interface thing in the Networking setup in the VPN section. I set it up there using the strings that I find on my acct pages at the URL strongvpn.com00:37
grySo it is a setting. What is the workaround?00:38
jim_hitekI've had a Strong VPN tech working on this for nearly a week and he walked me thru some stuff which didn't work. He eventually turned it over to there engineering deptment. I'm just checking if there's another router to a fix.00:38
jim_hitekThe work around is a wget called up in TERM. Do you need a copy of the whole URL that follows wget? Would that be a security thing for me or strong? (I have no idea).00:39
gryI would suggest to ask them about whether it is ok to share the wget workaround with an online chat forum, and then come back here00:40
androirc99did anyone here get compiz and emerald working, im using the LTS version00:40
androirc99and it just makes the borders disappear00:40
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jim_hitekOkay. Thx gry.00:41
jim_hitekStrongVPN says this about the workaround: It would be sharing your configuration with a public forum.01:13
jim_hitekAs long as you don't share your username and password, I think it is fine.01:13
jim_hitekSo I'll post it here, sans usr & pswd: wget https://wg.strongvpn.com/assets/files/strong-wg.sh && chmod +x strong-wg.sh; sudo ./strong-wg.sh01:13
jim_hitek@gry...see above.01:19
jim_hitekI'm connected to the StrongVPN server now using that cumbersome wget method/workaround now.01:21
androirc99got compiz working in mate01:32
androirc99i guess mate is just the best lol01:36
LinuxakiasGRhow to make ubuntu faster01:36
sarnoldit depends upon what is slow01:37
Bashing-omLinuxakiasGR: On what hardware ? On my ole hardware I found that xubuntu ran well :)01:37
sarnoldthis may help you figure out what your system bottlenecks are https://www.brendangregg.com/USEmethod/use-linux.html01:38
LinuxakiasGRi mean general linux settings01:38
LinuxakiasGRand kernel01:38
LinuxakiasGRthanks sarnold checking01:38
androirc99now it works on kde but everything is so big01:44
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androirc99anyone know why my plasma desktop only works when mate previously enabled compiz and everything is 5x as big02:16
androirc99if i dont launch compiz from mate, it doesn't work02:17
androirc99so... im in a delima ;d02:17
haois there tools to find duplicated files according to similarity of file names instead of by hashing/sum?02:40
sarnoldhao: interesting question; the first thing that comes to mind: find . -printf "%f %P\n"  | sort02:44
haowhat does %P print? the manual is a bit vague, what's "found removed"?02:47
haoalso reading this: https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_dedupe/02:47
haoI'll do some experiments02:47
sarnoldhao: hah, %p vs %P doesn't make much difference with a starting point .  ...02:48
haosarnold, thanks, this trick works, but I kinda hoping can find a tool that filter out the duplicates so I can decide what to do (interactively or not), not a shell wizard, so... still digging02:56
sarnoldhao: ah, yeah.. turning this into a tool might be a fair amount of work02:57
sarnoldif you wanted *exact* matches, that might not be hard02:57
sarnoldbut similar is difficult :)02:57
haoin the end, I might just use a tools that do hash comparison...03:00
sarnoldhah, this isn't quite what I was expecting, but it seems to work okay for identical filenames03:04
sarnoldfind . -printf "%f %p\n"  | awk '{names[$1] = names[$1] " " $2;} END {for (name in names) { print name, names[name]; } }' | sort03:04
* hao need a refreshment for gawk, opening the book <linux in a nutshell>...03:11
chonkinI'm in desperate need of live help with ubuntu.03:12
chonkinthis workstation was working beautifully for like 6 days in a row. today it freezes on boot and my boss needs it working by thursday03:12
lotuspsychjelets hear the details chonkin03:12
chonkinlotuspsychje:    I have posted the  whole thing on reddit and on askubuntu already03:13
lotuspsychjechonkin: the volunteers here, need a question to live help you03:15
sarnoldah, here's hoping the people on reddit and askubuntu have good luck with it :)03:18
chonkinlotuspsychje:   distro =  Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS 64bit   ,   kernel = 5.15.0-58-generic .   The system freezes on boot up at the same place every time.  CTRL-ALT-DEL  works fine.  The network works fine after Recovery menu.  USBs work fine.  I have boot logs and have broken them down by section already (on reddit and askubuntu)03:18
chonkinI could not post the whole boot log on askubuntu because their auto spam detector kept marking it as spam03:19
chonkinThis particular distro of Ubuntu does not allow a 'reinstall'  over top of the existing OS.  It only lets you wipe it clean, or install an OS "alongside" the existing one.  There is no recovery option as such.  This must be fixed the hard way.03:20
chonkintell me what website you would like me to use to post the boot log and I wil post it there03:20
sarnoldhttps://paste.debian.net/  is pretty convenient03:21
sarnoldif it's too big or trips it up, you can use a github gist03:21
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chonkinsarnold:   that website thinks i a  'spamming'  any other ideas?03:30
chonkin" Could not add your entry to the paste database:03:31
chonkindo not spam"03:31
chonkinsarnold:    okay here it is  https://gist.github.com/moschles/e74bb2dd03bbef3fb80dda0e2fc4c1f503:38
chonkinis there nobody here?03:50
chonkinThis is serious and I need live support. This is so serious I am willing to pay money for live support if such a thing exist please link me03:50
linuxmodderwhat is the issue you face03:50
chonkin distro =  Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS 64bit   ,   kernel = 5.15.0-58-generic .   The system freezes on boot up at the same place every time.  CTRL-ALT-DEL  works fine.  The network works fine after Recovery menu.  USBs work fine.  I have boot logs and have broken them down by section already (on reddit and askubuntu)03:51
chonkinI could not post the whole boot log on askubuntu because their auto spam detector kept marking it as spam03:51
chonkinThis particular distro of Ubuntu does not allow a 'reinstall'  over top of the existing OS.  It only lets you wipe it clean, or install an OS "alongside" the existing one.  There is no recovery option as such.  This must be fixed the hard way.03:51
Bashing-om!nomodeset | chonkin works ?03:52
ubottuchonkin works ?: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.03:52
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linuxmodderubottu, please tell me hat is some /ulist you have preset03:53
linuxmodderthat is alot of typing03:53
lolokthe bot will tell you nothing if you dont start your question with a '!'03:56
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chonkinis that a person or a bot talking to me?03:59
chonkinI am literally looking at the 'e' menu.03:59
Bashing-omchonkin: Both - the bot (ubottu) respinds to user (me) request :)04:00
haoseems like a nvidia driver issue? "    Jan 17 20:31:56 Tower gdm3[1672]: modprobe: FATAL: Module nvidia not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.0-58-generic"04:00
chonkinhao  I have full internet one this thing  (albeit in a command line)04:01
chonkinmaybe I can disable something, or reinstall a package or door number 304:01
linuxmodderchonkin, at grub edit and ADD the string: nomodeset and see if it boots properly04:02
haochonkin, checkout the link linuxmodder send to you04:03
haoI mean ubottu04:03
haochonkin, this might be relevant: https://askubuntu.com/questions/595035/modprobe-of-nvidia-driver-for-gpu-not-loading-at-boot04:09
chonkinhao  so far I am can get into a gnome desktop  using nomodeset.   I am going to grab every config file I can.04:14
chonkinWhat is nomodeset doing exactly, and could i just run the computer like this permanently?04:14
Bashing-omchonkin: Tunning with "nomodeset" is not a good silution as it defeats Kernel Mode Setting. --- any return from: sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*"04:19
haochonkin, "Adding the nomodeset parameter instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS modes instead until X is loaded."04:20
chonkinBashing-om:  two results.04:21
chonkinfind: '/run/user/1000/gvfs': Permission denied04:21
chonkinfind: '/run/user/125/gvfs': Permission denied04:21
Bashing-omchonkin: Well so far so good - seems no one has attempted to install the driver direct from Nvidia - pastebin the output:  lspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d'   // see where we go from here.04:25
chonkinBashing-om:   okay got it.  Just going to move some files here04:31
Bashing-omchonkin: ack :D04:31
chonkin01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204GL [Quadro M4000] (rev a1) Subsystem: NVIDIA Corporation GM204GL [Quadro M4000] Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau04:36
Bashing-omchonkin: checking for the correct driver version ^ .04:37
chonkin01:00.0 Audio Device: NVIDIA Corporation GM204 Higher Definition Audio Controller (rev a1) NVIDIA Corporation GM204 Higher Definition Audio Controller Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel04:37
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-525 | focal04:40
ubottufocal: nvidia-driver-525 (525.60.11-0ubuntu0.22.10.1, kinetic): NVIDIA driver metapackage. In component restricted, is optional. Built by nvidia-graphics-drivers-525. Size 459 kB / 1,627 kB. (Only available for amd64, arm64.)04:41
Bashing-omchonkin: ^ let's see what is installed. pastebin dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia .04:42
chonkinlibnvidia-cfg1-515:amd64    515.65.01-0ubuntu0.20.04.1  amd64 NVIDIA binary OpenGL/GLX configuration library04:47
chonkinlibnvidia-common-515    515.86.01-0ubuntu0.20.04.1  all    Shared files used by the NVIDIA libraries04:48
Bashing-omchonkin: not good enough --- I do need to see that compete output - pastebin.04:48
Bashing-omchonkin: Looking :D04:51
Bashing-omchonkin: Hummm ... "rc  linux-objects-nvidia-515-5.15.0-57-generic" >> rc == remved but config files remain. so let's go back to the kernels . shos us in pastenins - ls -al /lib/modules/ and ls -al /boot/.04:55
Bashing-omshow* us04:55
Bashing-omchonkin: So missing the "5.15.0-57-generic" kernels - hummm....05:01
Bashing-om!info linux-image-gemeric focal05:01
ubottuPackage linux-image-gemeric does not exist in focal05:01
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic focal05:02
ubottulinux-image-generic (, focal): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta. Size 3 kB / 19 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)05:02
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-lts-focal focal05:04
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts-focal does not exist in focal05:04
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-lts focal05:05
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts does not exist in focal05:05
genii!info linux-image-generic focal05:05
ubottulinux-image-generic (, focal): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta. Size 3 kB / 19 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)05:06
Bashing-omgenii: lemme look and see what ubuntu packages has to relate :)05:06
chonkinis the reasoning here that the driver for this Quadro must articulate with 5.15.0-57?05:07
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-hwe-20.0405:10
ubottuPackage linux-generic-hwe-20.04 does not exist in kinetic05:10
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-hwe-20.04 focal05:10
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-20.04 (, focal): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta-hwe-5.15. Size 2 kB / 20 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)05:10
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-5.15.0-57-generic focal05:14
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-5.15.0-57-generic does not exist in focal05:14
chonkinBashing-om:  could I help you along with what you are doing?05:16
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-5.15.0-57 focal05:16
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-5.15.0-57 does not exist in focal05:16
x86curious, it doesn't mention x86 as an available platform -- is i386 no longer supported?05:17
Bashing-omchonkin: Let's make sure our ducks are in a row - show us ' dpkg -l | grep linux- '.05:19
Bashing-omchonkin: Let's try this - re-install that last kernel, as it should still be in the repo.05:38
chonkinjust to be clear,  which exact number should I re-install?05:39
Bashing-omchonkin: sudo apt install linux-headers-5.15.0-57-generic linux-hwe-5.15-headers-5.15.0-57 // the rest fillows if these install/05:40
chonkinmy uname -a  gives05:41
chonkin5.15.0-58-generic #64~20.04.1-Ubuntu05:42
Bashing-omchonkin: But the nvidia driver is looking for the -57 kernel version. And you do want to keep that next to current kernel (-57) on the system, yes ?05:43
chonkinno, I can destroy any of those at will05:44
Bashing-omchonkin: And you now see the consewunces of such an action - no longer able to boot :D05:45
chonkinafter I install that kernel,  I should still boot to the .0-58 , ?05:45
Bashing-omconsequences* I am so tired I have troule typing !05:45
Bashing-omchonkin: yeah -- will still boot that latest - we still have the images for -57 to install after the headers are installed.05:46
chonkinshould I "get" this kernel while in recovery mode, or just do it in a terminal in gnome?05:50
Bashing-omchonkin: does not matter - as soon as we are all done with install --reinstall of the image files you will reboot and we see what remains to be done.05:52
Bashing-omchonkin: Once all installed and rebooted - we will then Rebuild all modules for the currently running kernel.05:54
chonkinokay im back to the terminal06:02
Bashing-omchonkin: the header files installed ?06:03
Bashing-omchonkin: then do ' sudo apt install --reinstall linux-image-5.15.0-57-generic linux-modules-5.15.0-57-generic linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-57-generic // reboot to see what we now have.06:04
chonkinalright back to terminal06:13
Bashing-omchonkin: Booted normally - and all seems good ?06:15
chonkinfrozen at boot06:18
chonkinthe blinking cursor is frozen06:18
Bashing-omchonkin: Yukkie - OK - verify the booted kernel - ' uname -r - and if the 58 kernel then run ' dkms autoinstall ' .06:19
chonkinhmmm.. it appears to me that you want to go down the rabbithole of rebuilding something from source here06:25
chonkindkms autoinstall06:27
chonkinit comes back with no output06:27
Bashing-omchonkin: I expext that in the rebuild the Nvidia driver will switch from the old -57 kernel to the -58 version that you are booting.06:27
Bashing-omchonkin: Generally "no output" is success -- what shows now ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' for the kernel version that the driver sees ?06:30
chonkinuhhh  let me just pastebin that. I see two duplicates that are worrying06:32
Bashing-omI see "rc  linux-objects-nvidia-515-5.15.0-57-generic" and no -58 - now that is a bother ! what issue do you see ?06:36
chonkinthere is a duplicate linux-objects----   one for 0-46 and another for 0-5706:37
Bashing-omchonkin: There should be a objects line for each installed kernel version - // we do not see the -58 version ! /// want to try and re-install the nvidia driver // see what haps ?06:40
chonkinThis would be a reinstall of -515?  or  -525?06:43
Bashing-omchonkin: I fully expect that the kernel will choose to install the 525 verion, autoinstall :D06:44
chonkin-525  depends xserver-xorg-video-etc-etc-525    which is never released on 20.04 focal06:51
chonkin-525  depends  nvidia-compute-utils-525    which is never released on 20.04 focal06:53
Bashing-omchonkin: Try as ' sudo apt remove --purge nvidia-* ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall '.06:54
arrayboltXEInterested in trying to help if possible, context? Looks like NVIDIA nonsense.07:05
arrayboltXEBashing-om: ^07:05
chonkinBashing-om:    now there are 5 of these linux-objects  http://paste.debian.net/1267654/07:07
Bashing-omarrayboltXE: Yeah - OP looks to have pulled the kernel that the Ncidia driver depended on - reinsta;;ed that -57 bersion kernel and still not able to get the driver to see the cirrent booted 58 kernel // try a driver re-install, see if that pickes up the booting kernel.07:07
arrayboltXEHmm. Dunno any nifty tricks for that, looks like you've got this. I'll stand by and watch and have input if I notice something I can try to help with.07:09
Bashing-omchonkin: "rc" --- lets get rid of the cruft --  dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P07:10
arrayboltXESometimes Bash (and awk) can be ugly. :P07:11
chonkinokay i'm getting this after a normal boot  http://paste.debian.net/1267655/07:12
Bashing-omWhile there is no built in way to remove all of your configuration information from your removed packages you can remove all configuration data from every removed package :D07:12
arrayboltXEchonkin: Well that looks good.07:12
arrayboltXEI am wondering why there are two different versions of the NVIDIA drivers installed at the same time (or at least so it seemed - maybe parts of one driver?). Though if it's working, I personally wouldn't mess with perfection.07:13
chonkinarrayboltXE:   I will have to come back in a few minutes. i have to email someone who needs this server remotely07:14
arrayboltXE!cookie | Bashing-om07:14
ubottuBashing-om: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:14
Bashing-omarrayboltXE: Yeah agreed - as we have too "ii  linux-objects-nvidia-515-5.15.0-58-generic" which I totally do not expect !07:16
Bashing-omNon nom == chocolate chip - no less :D07:16
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chonkinBashing-om:   thanks for the help for the 4 hours or whatever that was :D07:49
chonkinmay you live long and prosper07:49
Bashing-omchadler: Glad to help - Make sure however that the system is up-2-date and that the -57 kernel boots too - if ya short on space might be good to ' sudo apt --purge autoremove ' too :D07:59
Bashing-omopps - chonlon gone gone -- sorry chadler for that bad high light :(08:00
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pydevhello everybody i am running ubuntu 22.04 on my pc...then i am doing some experiment with DOCKER, i basically have installed ubuntu 22.04 and google chrome, when i open a page like linkedin.com i see that page is a little different from my pc, i suppose for a "problem" with fonts08:24
pydevwhat packages should i need to install in my docker container?08:24
Guest78Hi guys I have 2 questions. 1. I'm interested in Obfuscating my Linux Distro, so I can disguise my Ubuntu 22.04, to look like Fedora, for example. And Secondly, How can I obfuscate HTML code to make it harder for someone else to steal and clone?08:46
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arrayboltXEGuest78: I think HTML obfuscation is probably off-topic here. As for distro obfuscation... why? This sounds like something that you could break your system doing.09:05
arrayboltXEGuest78: If you need your computer to look like Fedora, you could run Fedora in a virtual machine and then make the VM fullscreen.09:06
arrayboltXEOh. Uh... good luck!09:06
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wondererhey all10:33
wondereri am remoted (ms-rdp) into my Ubuntu 22.04 Hyper-V VM10:34
wondererjust wondering how can I get USB support to go across the ubutntu vm?10:34
wondererlike USB memory stick plugged into host windows machine and ubutntu vm picks this up10:35
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️10:49
MacSlowGreetings everyone!12:11
lotuspsychjewelcome MacSlow12:12
FKAShinobiI have an older labtop with touchscreen that worked well on Ubuntu 14.xx. I upgraded to 22.04 and cannot get the touchscreen to work. How do I fix this?12:23
lotuspsychjeFKAShinobi: you could try unity desktop, wich has a good touch support, might be working better then on gnome12:24
FKAShinobiThat's right, unity was the desktop back then. Thanks!12:27
henisteinsarnold do you remember me from yesterday, I got a simple program that seg faulted on 22.04 and not in 20.04. I just solved it from updating the libc from 2.35 to 2.36 =)12:46
lotuspsychjehenistein: sarnold is not around at this time, but we will ping him about it tnx 4 feedback!12:48
itsme5nHello, Just installed Ubuntu arm edition its simply awesome and powerful12:57
johnkelbosI am just wondering if any of you can help me with this.13:06
johnkelbosI am on a rootless system, and I want to put some binaries in `~/bin`13:06
johnkelbosBut whenever I type `java` in, it won't run.13:07
johnkelbosCan anyone help? I think you need to set a variable.13:07
pydevis tehre a vnc server where i can disable hotkeys ? like CTRL, ALT, CANC ...13:08
johnkelbosNot sure.13:08
tadaensylvermaneNot entirely sure what a rootless system is. That being said you need to add /home/"$USER"/bin to your $PATH13:09
johnkelbosIt's basically a system where I don't have root access.13:09
johnkelbosThanks, though!13:09
itsme5njohnkelbos, what actually you are trying ? run a java program than you need to set environment variable else install java as non-root user than you can execute13:10
MacSlowAnybody who fancies slick VTs, please help me test my output-rotation patch to kmscon (see https://blog.macslow.org/?p=365 for documenation and links to code and .debs). Thanks in advance!13:11
c_89Hi, I have installed ipp-usb package and configurated the /etc/ipp-usb/ipp-usb.conf file , but checking the status of the service, I don't find the daemon port open and therefore I can't get the URI of the printer to be able to use it with the ipp protocol13:13
dsc_pydev: i like `xpra`13:13
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BluesKajHi all13:27
makara2what the polosi is going on with Snap Firefox. I can open local files anywhere but my home folder!?13:31
FKAShinobiI installed Unity. I see my touchscreen with xinput. I supposedly enabled it, but it does nothing. Only the stylus works.13:37
nikamikacan someone help me about wine?13:59
happymealred or white14:00
happymealba dun tsh14:00
* happymeal sees himself out14:00
nikamikahappymeal, yo! lol :D14:04
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pydevdsc_, thank you!14:30
pydevi am reading its doc14:30
dsc_its amazing14:31
pydevdsc_, i wonder if i can disable hotkeys14:33
pydevand function keys14:33
dsc_pydev: on the server-side?14:33
pydevdsc_, basically i need to run selenium (chrome) and i would like to block shortuts14:33
pydevand others things14:33
dsc_pydev: blocking on the client or server14:33
pydevso if the client sents ctrl-t (new tab) i should ignore it14:33
dsc_pydev: im not sure, maybe ask in their IRC channel14:35
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ReckoningCATi got this errror curl: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:16
ReckoningCATwhat should i do?15:16
jhutchinssb jhutchins15:18
dsc_ReckoningCAT: try `sudo ldconfig`15:18
dsc_just for fun15:18
dsc_yes it does nothing15:19
dsc_but try the program again15:19
dsc_in the same terminal15:20
ReckoningCATdo you have a suggestion to fix the issue?15:20
dsc_ReckoningCAT: I have a suggestion for you to tell me the result of what I asked you to try15:22
ReckoningCATnothingh happened15:23
dsc_nothing happened with what...15:23
dsc_`sudo ldconfig` is not supposed to give output15:23
ReckoningCATgot same error15:23
dsc_ok, same error15:23
dsc_paste output of 'ldd `which curl`'15:24
dsc_using a paste service15:24
=== msyke1 is now known as msyke
dsc_while you are at it: find /usr -name '*libssl*' | grep -E 'a$|so$'15:25
dsc_ah, anaconda15:27
dsc_i have no idea what anaconda does, sorry :) thats not really ubuntu related15:28
ReckoningCATfixed now15:30
ReckoningCATi didnt realize i am in conda env15:30
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shinobiI created an ubuntu 22.04 thumbdrive with Rufus, but only set it up for EFI. I now want to use it on a legacy BIOS system. Is there a way to rewrite the MBR and point it to a legacy version of GRUB on the same thumbdrive?15:43
cartdrigerewrite it with MBR or another one.15:58
cartdrigewill be faster and failproof.15:59
shinobicartdige: My plan is to copy a version of legacy grub from the linux version that is on the pc already. I'll have both versions of grub on there so it may get dicey.16:01
xubuntuWhoops, I tried to lvreduce my partition to 400GB but i typed 400MB. I managed to re-extend it but is there any way to get the data back? fsck seems to want to put every single thing in lost+found16:13
=== xubuntu is now known as eater_500
lotuspsychjeeater_500: photorec can recover lost data if you like16:16
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | eater_50016:17
ubottueater_500: testdisk (7.1-5build1, kinetic): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Built by testdisk. Size 401 kB / 1,483 kB16:17
eater_500lotuspsychje: intriguing, thanks16:20
PeGaSuShello guys. just updated a VPS to Ubuntu 22.0 and I'm facing this issue: https://0bin.xyz/view/7c0886b917:48
gryPeGaSuS: can you try again? maybe the failure in name resolution was an intermittent issue?17:51
gryPeGaSuS: what is the output of 'host download.webmin.com' in a command line terminal?17:52
PeGaSuSgry: the issue remains. all "host <host>" fails with: Host download.webmin.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)17:56
ducassethose are temporary dns failures PeGaSuS - just try again later17:56
PeGaSuScan't be.. worked just before the upgrade17:56
PeGaSuSlemme check something..17:57
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: To be clear, does it always return the webmin name, or is that just the name of the host you were looking up?17:57
jhutchins! webmin17:58
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:58
PeGaSuSjhutchins: that's host I was looking up. fails with nl.archive.ubuntu.com too17:58
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: How about just archive.ubuntu.com?17:58
PeGaSuSsame error: Host archive.ubuntu.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)17:59
PeGaSuSmy resolv.conf doesn't seem okay: nameserver
PeGaSuSprobably the issue comes from there?17:59
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: Are you actually running webmin?18:00
PeGaSuSwebmin is a disabled systemd unit (or should be)18:01
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: I haven't seen .53 used for a local host.  :53 is the port for DNS.18:01
PeGaSuSI just use webmin to manage mysql/postgresql databases.. not the system18:01
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: phpmyadmin would be a much better choice.  There's every likelyhood that webmin is messing with your DNS.18:02
PeGaSuSI have webmin on a 22.04 VPS and never hadd issues. and it was active during upgrade18:02
PeGaSuSnever used phpmyadmin. I can try it later on18:03
PeGaSuSchanging to `nameserver` seems to solve the issue18:04
Ntemisneed help with 22.0418:19
Ntemisupgraded from 20.0418:20
NtemisThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:20
Ntemis libspa-0.2-bluetooth : Depends: libspa-0.2-modules (= 0.3.48-1ubuntu3) but 0.3.51-1~ubuntu20.04 is to be installed18:20
NtemisE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:20
Ntemisany help?18:20
Ntemisi have no audio btw18:20
ducassejhutchins: points to resolved aiui18:26
ducasseNtemis: try 'sudo apt install -f'18:27
krytarikNtemis: Looks like you got a PPA added to your sources, which APT is trying to install libspa-0.2-modules from - please pastebin the output of "apt policy libspa-0.2-modules"18:27
Ntemiskrytarik: https://pastebin.com/pEdHqmM518:28
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eater_0Hi, I used dd to copy a half-full 1TB drive to a 500G drive. But how can I fix the partition table for the 500G drive, which thinks it is too small?19:03
arrayboltXEeater_0: I don't think you can do that. ext4 doesn't necessarily always save your files at the beginning of the drive's empty space.19:04
arrayboltXEMeaning you could have a lot of missing data doing this.19:04
arrayboltXEeater_0: Probably the best way to do what you're trying to do would be to format the 500G drive so that it matches the 1 TB drive in partition layout, then use rsync to clone each filesystem to the new drive.19:05
eater_0arrayboltXE: the active partition on the 1TB drive was 510G, so hopefully not too much lost? anyway this is a rescue attempt, because the 1TB drive is gone, so any surviving data is welcome19:05
arrayboltXEYou don't have the 1 TB drive on you at all anymroe?19:06
eater_0i have the physical drive but it's kind of unreadable19:06
arrayboltXEBut if the active partition was small enough to fit, then you may be able t orecover it.19:06
arrayboltXEThe first thing I would do would be, if at all possible, get a second drive and clone to it also. That way if you mess something up, you can try again.19:06
eater_0yes, that's what i'd like to do19:06
arrayboltXEOnce you have a second backup copy (if possible), then I'd try using TestDisk to recover the whole partition.19:07
arrayboltXEYou might also end up needing to repair it, depending on how much data was lost off the end of the drive.19:08
arrayboltXEThis is *very dangerous*, so it's really recommended that you make that backup copy.19:08
eater_0yeah, I have backed it up19:08
eater_0I did run testdisk to write a new partition table but I am still left with that error message19:08
eater_0"WARNING: Device /dev/sdb2 has size of 975720448 sectors which is smaller than corresponding PV size of 1071560704 sectors. Was device resized?"19:09
arrayboltXEHmm. What happens if you open the drive with parted?19:10
arrayboltXEIt *might* be able to shrink the size of the GPT... whatever-you-call-it (it's not a partition, but it holds the whole drive, I believe)19:11
arrayboltXELemme try some tests with an image file.19:11
eater_0thanks! parted sees a 500GB partition with lvm2 flag19:12
arrayboltXEThis might take me a bit.19:12
eater_0Take your time! i appreciate it19:13
ducassecan you see the partitions?19:13
eater_0@ducasse: yes19:14
ducasse did you try mounting it?19:14
eater_0mount says "unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'"19:15
arrayboltXEOh tar, so you have LVM involved in this too.19:16
arrayboltXEOK, I'll take that into account.19:16
eater_0yeah, I haven't dealt with LVM before and it seems to be annoying19:16
arrayboltXESo, to be clear, you originally had an LVM volume spanning the entire 1 TB drive, and inside it, a ~500GB ext4 filesystem?19:17
eater_0Yes I believe that is the case. it was 500GB ext4, 500gb unallocated19:19
=== beaver is now known as i`see`u`baby
arrayboltXEOK. Dunno how much that will interfere or not, lemme find out.19:19
arrayboltXEeater_0: Alright, I finally have a somewhat similar setup in an image file (LVM is a pain). Now I'm going to truncate it and see if the partition is recoverable.19:30
eater_0thank you...19:31
arrayboltXEHey looks like I got it!19:38
arrayboltXEeater_0: So because of the truncated LVM, you probably can't get it back, however you can probably recover the ext4 partition inside (or at least try to get data out.)19:39
eater_0ok, how do I recover the ext4 partition?19:39
arrayboltXEOne moment while I get good directions. I don't think the partition can be recovered, but you can probably copy the files out of it and onto a good disk.19:40
arrayboltXEeater_0: Alright, so what disk is the damaged one?19:40
arrayboltXEIf that's right, do "sudo testdisk /dev/sdb".19:41
arrayboltXEAlright, make sure /dev/sdb is selected, then select Proceed.19:42
arrayboltXEPartition table type is *probably* EFI GPT, but it might be Intel.19:42
arrayboltXEI'd use whatever kind it autodetects.19:42
eater_0yes, EFI GPT19:42
arrayboltXEAlright, now Analyse, then Quick Search.19:43
arrayboltXE(This won't find it right off the bat, but it will get us closer.)19:43
eater_0and testdisk detects two partitions, EFI System and Linux LVM19:43
arrayboltXEOK, select the Linux LVM.19:43
arrayboltXE(Yes, it may be listed as "can't be recovered", that's normal.)19:43
eater_0it's selected, it doesn't say it can't be recovered19:44
arrayboltXEeater_0: Nice, select it, then select the "Linux filesys. data" entry.19:44
arrayboltXENext, "Deeper Search".19:44
arrayboltXEThis may take a while depending on the speed of the disk.19:44
eater_0I do not see a Linux filesys data entry but I do see Deeper Search19:45
arrayboltXEeater_0: Once the deeper search completes, you will have probably a few "Linux filesys. data" entries.19:45
arrayboltXEOK, then do the deeper search.19:45
eater_0lots of results and errors here19:45
eater_0MS Data, Linux filesys data, BeFS!19:46
arrayboltXEeater_0: It might take a while, eventually you want to get to a screen where it has "P: list files".19:46
arrayboltXEOnce you get to that point, select each individual detected partition, and press P. One of them should open up and show you your files.19:46
eater_0all right, will do. it is 1% through the deeper search19:47
arrayboltXE(BeFS? Wow. lol, wonder if it's finding pieces of VM images or something? Did you ever have a Haiku VM?)19:47
eater_0nope! i think it is just trying to make sense of what it finds19:48
eater_0"Warning: number of heads/cylinder mismatches 16 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)"19:48
arrayboltXEMakes sense.19:48
arrayboltXEYeah, it might scream at you about some of this stuff, but as long as it can find your data, that's all we care about.19:49
arrayboltXE(My testcase got it to throw a fairly good fit when it came do my disk size.)19:49
eater_0arrayboltXE: all right, the Deeper Search finished and now it shows a list of many many Linux filesys data partitions, each one 1069547520 sectors large20:30
eater_0arrayboltXE: none of the "Linux filesys. data" partitions have an option to P: list files, but I see that option on a few other partitions where the type is MS Data or EFI System20:37
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jellyhi, I have 2 versions of many snaps visible in "df", why are both of these mounted/started: /snap/remmina/5570 /snap/remmina/5597 instead of just the latest one?21:27
ducassejelly: snapd keeps older versions around wen updating, so you can still call the old version if something goes wrong21:28
zen_codernot an ubuntu question, more firefox. But I want to jump between my last visted tabs with a short cut. How is this possible?21:33
blahboybaziirc it used to be that if you download a package from a website and install it via software center you don't get the benefit of apt managing and pulling in updates when they happen in the future. Am I remembering that right and is that still true?21:37
ducasseblahboybaz: yes21:37
ducasseblahboybaz: if you want updates you need to add a repository with apt21:38
jhutchinszen_coder: Ctrl-PgDn?21:38
blahboybazSpecifically, I want to install microsoft teams (for online meetings) and see that there are both options (install from command line or by downloading off their site). I would prefert to have apt manage updates for this package (if possible). What is my best option for installing then?21:38
ducasseblahboybaz: seems there are snaps of it, try those21:39
ducasseblahboybaz: 'sudo snap install teams'21:39
henisteinMy microphone works so bad in 22.04, what can I do?21:49
blahboybazAnddd.. now I am painfully, PAINFULLY reminded why I hate microsoft!22:15
blahboybazWho does this?!!22:16
blahboybazI can only hope that that a special kind of hell has been reserved for them - seeing as how that's what they're putting me though22:19
leftyfbblahboybaz: this isn't the place22:19
pedahzurOK, simple question, I'm sure, but googling only gets me post-install grub instructions or X windows instructions. How does one lower the installer resolution when installing Ubuntu Server via the console installer? Text on a 4K screen is not pleasant.22:21
grytui installer or gui installer?22:22
leftyfbpedahzur: console installer? Pretty sure that's not supported anymore22:22
blahboybazleftyfb: of course not22:24
pedahzurgry, leftyfb: I'm using the Ubuntu Server Live installer. It's all text. :)22:25
leftyfbok, that's subiquiti, it's not "console" There is a graphical element.22:25
leftyfbI'm not sure about the resolution22:25
leftyfbpedahzur: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1402706/how-to-change-the-ubuntu-server-20-04-installer-screen-resolution22:26
pedahzurleftyfb: I did find that. Any idea how to find your monitor's device name? I don't know if my internal monitor is HDMI-A-1.22:27
leftyfbpedahzur: xrandr --listmonitors22:28
pedahzurOK...I'll see if that's installed in the installer image. Thanks!22:29
pedahzurHeh...nope. Will try other things... :)22:31
grypedahzur: maybe you can get an old monitor that isnt 4k?22:33
pedahzurgry: Maybe.22:33
morgan-u2afternoon Weds Jan 18 =======================================22:42
arrayboltXEmorgan-u2: ?22:42
morgan-u2sorry arrayboltXE I go back and dont know that day so I marked it.22:44
pedahzurgry: video=eDP-1:1920x1080@60   Got it!22:44
pedahzurTo list monitors without xrandr: find /sys/devices -name "edid"22:44
morgan-u2thanks pedahzur later I am going to find what that all means.22:45
morgan-u2using find /sys/devices -name "edid"  I got a list of 5 devices.22:45
pedahzurmorgan-u2: You working with monitors too? My message may have nothing to do with what you're doing. :)22:46
morgan-u2probably not. But now I came across something new to learn.22:46
morgan-u2btw I do have /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid  --- Intersting that's longer than the line I saw in terminal. I have the A-2 as well. FYI.  (shrug, l8r)22:48
morgan-u2oh no it just LOOKS longer here.22:49
grypedahzur: where did you put this video thing?22:50
MinusSevenHi all22:51
MinusSevenI'm trying to find a command line tool that monitors upload and downloads22:52
MinusSevenis netstat the one to use? I haven't got it installed, so wondering if it's outdated.22:52
grydepends what information you would like to get22:54
MinusSevenmainly the total megabytes being uploaded and downloaded22:54
MinusSevenI'll try nload22:54
Habbiei remember iftop and/or iftraf(?) being okay22:55
MinusSevennload looks like it's doing the job, but not the best looking22:56
MinusSeveni'll try iftop too22:56
pedahzurgry: kernel command line.23:01
arrayboltXEMinusSeven: Try bmon, that's what I usually use.23:04
grypedahzur: acknowledged. thanks for sharing. glad it helps you with the install23:05
bray90820Hey so I can get one of my 22.04 computers to connect to any samba share23:09
bray90820In nautilus if I type in smb: it turns red but other computers can connect to it23:09
sarnoldbray90820: this is a wild guess -- install gvfs-backends on the machine where it doesn't work?23:16
bray90820Yo that worked23:17
arrayboltXE!cookie | sarnold, how on earth did you know about that?23:21
ubottusarnold, how on earth did you know about that?: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:21
sarnolddid you need to login again to make it work? or did it go right away?23:21
sarnoldarrayboltXE: the 'turning red' gave me a ton of hope that the gnome or gtk devs had put in a notice "this feature can't work because the plugin responsible for this is missing"23:22
sarnoldarrayboltXE: it literally was a wild guess, I was just hoping i was right reading the minds of the programmers in question :)23:23
MinusSevenok, I'll try bmon23:24
eater_0oh @arrayboltXE you're still here. did you happen to have any more thoughts about my LVM situation if testdisk isn't doing it?23:30
arrayboltXEeater_0: o/23:31
arrayboltXEOK so you weren't able to see any Linux filesystems looking around?23:32
arrayboltXEWhat does your screen look like now?23:32
eater_0there were a thousand of them but it wouldn't let me list their files23:32
eater_0i exited testdisk23:32
arrayboltXEDid it ever have a "p: List files" thing at the bottom of the screen?23:32
arrayboltXEAnd when you did that, did it just keep saying that the filesystem was damaged?23:33
eater_0it showed P: list files" for various "MS Data" partitions that it seemed to detect (i never had any ms data on that drive) but the Linux filesystems did not offer the P option23:33
eater_0And it never said anything was damaged23:33
arrayboltXECrud. Then there's only one last desperate attempt I can think of, and it's very messy and almost certainly won't recover everything. Still, it might get some critical files back.23:34
arrayboltXEWhen you install TestDisk, it also comes with a tool called PhotoRec.23:34
eater_0ugh, yes I know Photorec23:34
arrayboltXEYep. That's the last resort I can think of.23:34
arrayboltXEI'd recommend keeping your backups around so that if someone else has ideas, they can help maybe get back more than that.23:35
eater_0it seems like all the stuff should still be there, since only the partition table is messed up23:35
arrayboltXEAnd maybe also keep the damaged 1TB drive around so that hopefully you can get in later. If the data is critical enough, a data recovery lab might help.23:35
eater_0but yes, the unreadable drive and the backup of the unreadable drive are safe and sound23:36
arrayboltXEYou might also keep fiddling with TestDisk, it seemed to just work for me.23:36
arrayboltXESorry this is happening, this sounds crummy. :(23:36
Bashing-omeater_0: ^ " ince only the partition table is messed up " // One can spare off the partition table - have you tried ?23:46

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