xu-help82wHi I have a problem with something that's filling up my hard drive00:07
xu-help82wI had the same problem b4 I think n I be sure to write down the instructions this time!00:08
xu-help82wI'll also be installing some firewall00:08
xu-help82wufg? what was it called00:09
Bashing-omxu-help82w: ' apt show ufw ' ?00:12
xu-help82widk if its installed or not i got some text00:13
xu-help82wrn i cant install anythin tho00:14
xu-help82w'Installed-Sizex: 850 kB'00:14
xu-help82wI need to remove the cancer00:15
xu-help82wThe apt-full00:16
xu-help82wI talked to the police about possible virusspreading/sabbotage but they couldnt do anything unless i folled a report personaly n i dont want them to look at my computer00:21
xu-help82wfilled* I need my computer n i dont want them looking at my Facebook were i wrote wh*re to my female best friend00:23
xu-help82wI'm pretty sure I gave tourettes00:23
xu-help82wIf you just help me delete the locked file again n install a real firewall n virusprogram i be apprecitate!00:25
xu-help82wMatilda is a hardskinned-nose woman I possitive she can handle n benefit from a "psych case" 🤞00:26
xu-help82wI'm gonna do a ADHD-investigation soon hopefully n be medicated since im "understimlulated" but the tourettes diagnose i have no real use for now n theres no good being in the regestry for mental illnesses that dont exist they want to lobotomize with drugs pills n medicin just legalize free speech!00:34
xu-help82wHow do I delete a locked file?00:37
xu-help82wBashing-om still here?00:41
Bashing-omxu-help82w: Yeah - I bounce araound - back --- ^ depends on what the lock is.00:42
xu-help82wwell b4 i could find the exact file but i forget where to look00:43
Bashing-omxu-help82w: Apt locking ? what shows ' sudo lsof /var/lib/apt/lists/lock ' ?00:46
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xubuntuHi! I did a dd copy of a mostly empty 1TB drive onto a 500GB drive, but it says there's no partition table on the 500GB drive. is there a way to create one and use that drive?16:10
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arrayboltXEeater_0: You're the person who needed help with a drive clone, right?19:01
xu-help82wHi I tried 'rm /var/log/file_name.log' but it doesnt work20:18
xu-help82wAlso 'rm -(something) /file'20:18
xu-help82wDo i need to 'unlock' the file b4 removing it?20:21
xu-help82wthx for ansrs20:22
xu-help82wi rather have ansers asap tho i wanna stream20:26
tomreynxu-help82w: you can usually get faster answers in #ubuntu if it's not strictly xubuntu specific.20:27
tomreynxu-help82w: "it doesn't work" is, unfortunately, not a good way to describe a problem - it doesn't enable us to guess what may have gone wrong.20:28
tomreynif you have an error message, that's usually a lot better20:28
tomreyneven if you ran some command (which exactly?) and there was no output (as it would be when things just work), but you then ran another command to confirm it was effective (which?), but it did not seem to have an effect, based on something (what?), describing it this way already helps a lot.20:31
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