bjiHii, I have completed the command line by william shots. What's next?13:43
lubot_[telegram] <CGMxxx> I suspended my PC and now it says Authentication failed! ... I didn't set any password, just left it blank, worked fine in terminal. Will I have to set a password to be able to suspend it?😅14:36
arrayboltXE@CGMxxx: You may have to set a password in order to be able to use suspend. THe installer shouldn't have let you install Lubuntu without a password, I don't think.16:20
arrayboltXEDid you perhaps set a password but then enable autologin?16:21
lubot_[telegram] <CGMxxx> autologin? the option below where the password is set when installing lubuntu? Yes, I think I checked that option. But I always left the password blank.16:37
lubot_[telegram] <CGMxxx> 16:37
lubot_[telegram] <CGMxxx> I already set a password now, problem solved.16:37

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