lotuspsychjegood morning02:36
wezGood afternoon lotuspsychj3!  How are ya?04:23
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ograhey hey12:01
ograbeter to not spam the support channel with general discussion 12:01
MacSlowstarted writing a small software synth about 2 years ago... and realized that I know nothing about music (theory) .... so I did what all good engineers do... learning from first principle.12:02
MacSlowand here I am learning piano and guitar... piano is ok-ish, but guitar is hard as hell12:02
* ogra learned guitar as a kid ... then the teacher moved and i never looked for a new one12:03
MacSlowguitar is certainly cooler (than piano), but as a beginner piano is more satisfying as one gets "music" out of it with less effort.12:04
MacSlowbut guitar beats piano expression-wise12:05
MacSlowogra, regarding my kmscon-hack... already asked seb128 yesterday... I am looking for people interested in this console-stuff to test it on their systems... just running it on my hardware here is no real exposure to the harsh reality of the wild out there :)12:10
ograwell, as i said, dscourse.ubuntu.com ... make a "call for testing" there 😉12:11
ograit is the central community hub nowadays12:12
MacSlowewwww that electron app?! :)12:13
ograits a website ... 12:14
MacSlowSoftware is going to hell ;)12:14
ograjust like a forum 12:14
MacSlowogra, ah... that reminds me that my 2FA is messed up for ubuntu sso12:16
ograperhaps #launchpad can help with that 12:16
MacSlowogra, I didn't yet try to use my yubi-key to fix the out-of-sync issue I have here.12:17
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semDo you think snapd 2.58, released in December, is going to be backported to Ubuntu LTS? What kind of timeframe is usual for that kind of thing? After 23.04 is released?19:20
cartdrigeIf there is no security fix or important changes/update, i'm not sure they would backport new version, would they?19:24
PaulW2Usem: see bug 1998462 - SRU uploaded today for testing19:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Bug 1998462 in snapd (Ubuntu Kinetic) "[SRU] 2.58" [Undecided, Fix Committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199846219:28
sarnoldsem: snapd on ubuntu (and some other distros) replaces itself via snap, too; 2.58 was released to stable on 10 January 2023 -- if your machine's been on once in a while since then, it should probably have already installed it20:15
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leftyfbsorry about the constant disconnects today. planned/unplanned outage21:59
arrayboltXEMeh, doesn't bother me. :)22:00
arrayboltXEIt's when some guy disconnects and reconnects 30+ times that I start being like "DUDE!" :P22:00
arrayboltXE*some guy that I've never seen before22:01
sarnoldhah yeah familiarity either breeds "yeah that's fine" or "omg when will this person fix their stupid connection"22:03
sarnolddepending upon how they contribute :)22:03
sarnoldif they contribute only the bouncy connection...22:03
leftyfbComcast sent me an email on Tuesday, 1/10 saying there's maintenance going on on 1/17. Then they sent another email on 1/16 saying there's maintenance going on tomorrow. Great. In 20 years dealing with them I don't think I've never received noticed of a planned outage. Certainly not a week and then 24 hours notice. I was impressed ....22:06
leftyfbnotice, today is not Tuesday, 1/1722:06
leftyfbmy internet never went down Tuesday. 8pm I messaged them asking if it was over. I got "There's no currently any ongoing outage"22:06
JanCbetter planned outages than unplanned ones like I'm suffering from...  :-(22:07
leftyfbturns out, it got extended to today, they notified me by email at 5am. Then a text an hour after I lost service at 7pm. 22:07
leftyfbit's been up and down all day22:07
arrayboltXEI suffer frequent outages, but that's because my whole network is controlled by a hotspot that I sometimes make fumbles with :P22:08
leftyfbnow, I have LTE failover, but that doesn't really work when the service is flapping between them all day. I can't keep a VPN service up22:08
JanCdepends on the VPN22:08
arrayboltXEThe battery will supposedly break if you overcharge it, so i run the thing in batteryless mode and connect it with USB. Then I reboot the computer that I have the thing plugged into and...22:08
arrayboltXE*arraybolt3 has left (Ping timeout: 292 seconds)22:09
leftyfbeither way, I'm back up. I called and tore Comcast a new one for the lack of proper notification of the actual outage. They gave me a credit on my bill22:09

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