bluesceadaHey usrmerge failed and I tried to force it too much by solving the conflicts myself, for instance, it complained about /usr/bin/chvt and /bin/chvt both exist, since dpkg -S on both of them only showed /bin/chvt to be from any package, I removed/renamed /usr/bin/chvt - I did similar in continuation00:14
bluesceadaThen I ran this usrmerge command again, and it was successful. I could then finish apt upgrade (it couldn't because of usrmerge). Then I rebooted, but then I can only go to the recovery console, something is broken now00:15
bluesceadahow complicated can it be to merge /usr/bin with /bin directory, or what's the issue? Is this known? Couldn't find that much useful about usrmerge00:16
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oatmealraisinHey! I'm helping a friend who is new to linux, they're using 20.04 on a desktop, they're wanting to install i3. Does ubuntu use wayland or x out of the box?02:41
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sarnoldoatmealraisin: I think 20.04 was X by default; when you're at the login screen, there's probably a little gear icon, if you click that it should give you a choice of desktop sessions to run, it should say02:42
oatmealraisinok, tysm!02:42
WaVIf you don't get a definite answer, have your friend open a terminal and type: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE02:43
oerheksjes, both are installed.02:43
lotuspsychjeoatmealraisin: we also see i3 users choose ubuntu server as their base02:43
sarnoldthat's what I did, sortof; debootstrap install02:43
sarnoldI'm not sure I'd recommend it :) you spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to configure printers and so on02:44
sarnoldbut it is impressively svelt02:44
eater_0@arrayboltXE: came back to let you know I fixed it. The 500GB clone was unhappy that its partition was smaller than the table claimed; the 1TB original was corrupt. So on a new 2TB drive, i first wrote a DD copy of the 1TB drive and then on top of that I DD wrote the 500GB drive, and the new 2TB double-clone booted with everything intact!03:14
sarnoldoof sounds like an exciting / frustrating day :)03:15
sarnoldhooray for success in the end; did you use resize2fs or gdisk or similar to resize the filesystem to the new disk?03:15
eater_0frustrating and exciting, you said it! no, i didn't resize anything. just dd, dd, reboot03:16
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hyperion--is someone there?06:08
hyperion--I have this problem maybe someone can help me...06:08
hyperion--I need to reinstall Ubuntu, but I do not have a separated home folder, because LLVM06:09
wicopeHi. ubuntu 22.04, Geforce 7300 GT. My problem is the screen refresh, I don't see more than 60 Hz. Is it possible to put 75 Hz or more? Thanks06:19
wicopewith driver nouveau. The nvidia driver is "old" no kernel path for ubuntu 22.04 and driver 304 nvidia?06:21
Znevnawhat's wrong in this picture? https://s.go.ro/bekeck8706:36
Bashing-omwicope: No longer supported :( see: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3142/~/support-timeframes-for-unix-legacy-gpu-releases // last ubuntu release to support the 304 driver was 16.04 .06:37
Znevnathe desktop version greets me with the same version06:45
Znevnawhy am I invited to downgrade?06:45
alkisgZnevna: downgrade what? The screenshot you pasted mentions that you should upgrade, not downgrade...06:50
Znevnafrom 20.04.5 to 20.04.1 ? hell of an upgrade :)06:50
Bashing-omZnevna: 22.04 is the current LTS release that supersedes your present install of 20.04 - is that what you ask ?06:53
ZnevnaIt's a fresh install from the 20.04.5, as pointed by the first line in that screenshot06:53
Znevnaat login I'm greeted to "upgrade' to 20.04.106:53
Znevnafrom the 20.04.5 iso *06:54
Bashing-omZnevna: I see it as an offer to release upgrade to *22*.04.1 . which is the next step in (L)ong (T)erm (S)upport upgrade path. LTS - LTS :)06:58
Znevnaoh crap06:58
Znevnanot enough coffee06:58
Znevnahmm how did I miss the 22.04 LTS iso x.x06:59
Znevnathanks, Bashing-om07:00
Znevnahmm good time to check it 22.04 presents this vbox bug I've encountered yesterday07:01
Znevnaif* darn what's wrong with me today07:02
Znevnasame bug07:31
Znevnaso it's a vbox thing07:31
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khirrroocan someone say something so i know that am doing this correctly ? :'(08:33
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snowkidCan someone tell me the motivation behind this crazy list of options:09:11
snowkidapt-get -y -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" --force-yes --with-new-pkgs upgrade09:11
webchatrv95i have a bug in my ubuntu 22.1009:15
webchatrv95searching after pressing the super button results in entering the first character twice09:17
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️09:28
webchatrv95can anyone help me with this: searching after pressing the super button results in entering the first character twice09:32
grywebchatrv95: hi09:47
grywebchatrv95: did it work before?09:47
PaulW2Uwebchatrv95: I think bug 1956248 is relevant to what you are seeing09:52
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1956248 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "I get two characters in Activities when I press one key for the first key I press..." [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/195624809:52
user7878Hi, I have a problem with daemon ipp-usb and systemd10:24
user7878when I run it with: systemctl start ipp-usb udev/standalone the status service appear 'dead'10:31
user7878👉any suggestions?10:33
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mncheckhey, a nice guy girl or pronoun person sent me from #debian to here to ask why ldconfig.real sends me truncated errors on bionic even after apt install --reinstall the packages in question. this is SO specific to bionic that I HAVE to ask it here you see, even though ldconfig and dpkg are not developed on ubuntu. let me help you by pointing out that bionic IS supported until April 2023 isn't that just great? for those who want to postpone their answer10:52
mncheckuntil after April to say "it is not supported", please just say nothing, thank you10:52
mncheckalso, please don't bother to point out that this is not an official channel10:52
mncheckany real answers are welcome10:52
ogramncheck, what do you mean by "truncated errors" (and wy would ldconfig "send errors" at all) ?11:28
ogra(also official-ness of this channel and what we support here is described in detail in /topic)11:30
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Guest544Finally I have installed latest ubuntu arm and is awesome and smooth11:31
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halcyfornmaybe someone know how to move print area ?11:38
halcyforni install official brother driver but top margin is cut 4 cm.11:38
itsme5nwhich driver ?11:38
mncheckogra, for example "/sbin/ldconfig.real: file /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libselinux.so.1 is truncated"11:39
mncheckogra, I have done apt install --reinstall libdbus-1-3 libgcrypt20 liblapack3 liblzma5 libpcre3 libselinux1 libsystemd0 and it was the same message from ldconfig.real11:40
mncheckI done it two times11:40
mncheckit remained there two times11:40
halcyfornbrother 195c11:43
halcyforni have cut 4 cm on top and on bottom is 4 cm up.11:43
halcyfornon old ubuntu i dont have this problem i must update lts.11:44
ogramncheck, looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/binutils-2.26/+bug/1888286 ...11:44
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1888286 in binutils-2.26 (Ubuntu) "ldconfig and file xxx is truncated" [Undecided, New]11:44
ogramncheck, you might want to poke someone in #ubuntu-devel if they plan to include the patch (looks like that bug has not even been triaged yet)11:45
mncheckogra, thanks for the suggestion11:48
MacSlowGreetings everyone!11:51
ograMacSlow, !11:51
ograwhere have you been hiding !11:52
halcyfornuhh editing ppd file dont work..11:53
MacSlowogra, hey there... well contractor/consultant live leaves little to no room for the fun stuff :)11:53
ograheh, yeah11:53
MacSlowogra, but I found neat idea to hack on, so that was a good opportunity to dive back in the OpenSource world.11:54
ograawesome, welcome back !11:55
MacSlowogra, thx... initially I wanted to give a lightning talk about it at FOSDEM in February, but I was a bit too late with my talk submission and Mark van den Borre told me all slots are already taken..11:56
MacSlowogra, ... so I made a small set of wip videos and blog-post11:57
ogracool ...11:57
ograif it is ubuntu relaed, you should write a post on discourse.ubuntu.com and link it there11:57
MacSlowogra, in case you're curious... https://blog.macslow.org/?p=36511:57
MacSlowogra, even got a playlist for it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybjmUFIXfUU&list=PLXvTBWcnTI1OHF7-Op-ASYsQKKg1TYb5Z11:59
MacSlowabused that to show off my piano "skills" too :)12:00
ograoh, that's you playing there ?12:00
MacSlowone keyboard is as good as another ;)12:00
ograbtw, we should move to #ubuntu-discuss12:00
FKAShinobiHow do I enable touchscreen in 22.04? This same PC worked out of the box with 14.0x12:23
l0tuspsychj3FKAShinobi: did you try what i suggested yesterday?12:28
FKAShinobiyes, no difference with Unity installed.12:29
FKAShinobiL0tuspsychj3 ^12:29
l0tuspsychj3what are you saying, your touchscreen doesnt work at all FKAShinobi ?12:30
FKAShinobiNo the stylus works, but actual touch and multifinger gestures do not.12:30
FKAShinobiWas there anything taken out of the kernel since 14.xx?12:31
l0tuspsychj3FKAShinobi: and wich unity did you try?12:31
FKAShinobiapt install ubuntu-unity-desktop12:31
FKAShinobiI didn't know there was a difference12:31
l0tuspsychj3FKAShinobi: well there are a few options you can try, like the new unity flavour on 22.1012:33
FKAShinobixinput shows N-Trig Touchscreen. Is there a way to determine if it's enabled?12:33
FKAShinobialso xinput shows N-Trig MultiTouch12:33
l0tuspsychj3FKAShinobi: could you share your full dmesg in a paste plz, maybe volunteers will notice something there12:36
EriC^^FKAShinobi: maybe this is useful? https://askubuntu.com/questions/974009/how-to-capture-touchscreen-events12:36
l0tuspsychj3FKAShinobi: what i would do in your case is test if your touchscreen would work on a live unity based ubuntu12:36
FKAShinobiok, I'll try and capture an event, and if I can't then I'll install a unity based version of 22.10.12:39
noarbwhat's the correct way to create a virtual USB device for testing/development? If I create a "dummy driver" wouldn't that only work if a device connects? But it doesn't exist!12:45
yolodid a few updates somehow 6.1.0 kernel was installed and no longer boots, falling back to 5.15, seems like 6.1.0 did not like the nvidia driver12:58
yoloor something else. why LTS updated kernel12:59
mgedminare you using the hardware enablement stack?  it gets kernel updates every 6 months, iirc13:00
yolofrom command line update it says: The following packages have been kept back:libnvidia-cfg1-525 libnvidia-common-525 etc, then from the GUI update it happily updates whatever, are the two in sync?13:00
yolodon't think I'm using it though, or I don't remember13:01
yoloi do see oem on my grub, how to disable that EnablementStack, can't stop booting no matter what13:01
mgedminat this point I'm afraid to recommend anything in case you need the oem kernel for your specific hardware13:03
yolook so I have to stay with it, changing grub to use generic kernel boot then to get by13:04
mgedmingenerally to use the GA kernel instead of the HWE kernel you install linux-generic and remove the linux-hwe-whatever package13:04
mgedminbut there are also related xorg etc. packages13:04
yolomight still work, but I can not risk to brick the system13:04
mgedminyou can have multiple kernels installed side-by-side and choose one from the boot menu13:05
mgedminthat way you can try alternatives without bricking the system13:05
mgedminI'm not sure how to explain to grub which one should be made the default flavor, though, in a way that would persist after installing kernel security updates13:06
mgedmindo report a bug if the 6.1.0 kernel has a regression with your hardware, that way there's a chance it'll get fixed13:06
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yoloyes though I could not even boot into 6.1.0 yet13:11
yoloi can report '6.1.0 failed to reboot with this nvidia card'13:12
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yoloswitch to nouveau 6.1.0 worked fine, guess nvidia driver was not updated to 6.1.0, or not well enough13:27
mgedminor you need the kept-back packages to get a working driver with the new kernel13:27
mgedmindo you have any idea why the packages were kept back13:28
mgedmin(apt is a bit terrible about diagnostics for cases like this)13:28
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mgedminthe usual reasons are (1) phased updates (which would be hilariously terribad), (2) the packages conflict with something you have installed, (3) the packages need something else that hasn't made its way into the mirror yet, in order of decreasing likelihood13:29
drigyledeni: Your name means Iceman in my language13:31
tosarajaOk obi-wan, your my only hope... is it possible to get vnc or rdp to connect to a Ubuntu so that I use LDAP to open a new desktop just like windows?13:37
tosarajai'm been googling and trying different things for 8 hours now and getting pretty tired of a constant black screen i'm seeing13:37
toddctosaraja: are you using wayland?13:38
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tosarajatoddc: i actually don't know. what does 22.04.1 have by default. i don't think the installer ever asked13:38
tosarajaldap does work from ssh and the GUI user selection..13:39
toddcwayland I found a simular issue and just switch to x11 till it is fixed 1 sec I look for a guide13:40
enycfauxpride: is the situatino the same under 22.04LTS and try brave or chromium  as well as firefox ?13:41
toddctosaraja:     https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-enable-disable-wayland-on-ubuntu-22-04-desktop13:41
toddcyou can always toggle it back on or off13:42
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jo__Hello dear people, I am looking for information on the package "kopano-core/jammy,jammy 8.7.0-7.1ubuntu10". Especially, I would like to know, who build the package. Infos on the kineticversion would also do the job.13:43
tosarajatoddc: ah... i'll try. thanks13:44
ravagejo__: https://packages.ubuntu.com/kinetic/kopano-core -> Maintainer13:44
jo__Thanks a bunch!!13:45
tosarajatoddc: now it's not black..it's a transparent window that shows squat... at least that's a change after 8 hours :D13:49
tosarajatoddc: does xrdp always require a user to log in the desktop for it to work? I can't just reboot the server and remotely log in?13:51
toddctosaraja: I belive if xrdp is in userland so yes avoid using root always13:53
tosarajatoddc: i could always generate a local user that's not from AD, but would anyone with an AD account then be able to log in to their own desktop, or would it be the local user i create just for this?13:54
tosarajais there any way of me having a linux that any AD user can log in to remotely to the GUI?13:54
tosaraja(hard to imagine it's 2023)13:55
tosarajathis should have been trivial and done 20 years ago13:55
toddctosaraja: I have not worked with AD. I know there is a option during the install for it google found https://askubuntu.com/questions/1404245/remote-desktop-from-windows-onto-ubuntu-22-04-takes-me-to-a-xrdp-login-then-a-bl13:56
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BluesKajHi all13:57
toddctosaraja: there is a bug report also on it  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/199520114:00
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1995201 in remmina (Ubuntu) "remote desktop screen sharing does not work" [Undecided, Invalid]14:00
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fauxprideenyc: haven't tried chromium, but i doubt it's an OS issue. vainfo doesn't list a VP9 profile, no matter what driver I chose. Apparently intel only offers "partial" VP9 HW decoding support for Skylake, and only through their "hybrid" driver. That driver is discontinued, but it's apparently still maintained somehow for Arch: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libva-intel-driver-hybrid14:02
fauxprideAny idea if there's any procedure for requesting it to be supported for Ubuntu as well?14:03
fauxprideOS shold read browser14:03
fauxpride*should. I can't type today to save my life.14:03
enycfauxpride: hrrm intel ane working on their new arc gpus!  hrrm good qusetion!14:04
fauxprideYeah, it definitely looks to be a driver version issue, and the driver that fixes it doesn't appear to be suppoted, even if it appears to be supported by other distros, which makes me think its distribution is not blocked by Intel. If anyone here knows how to request that it be considered for support in Ubuntu as well, I'd be more than grateful.14:11
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klemaxHi does Ubuntu support grsecurity patch officially?14:51
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itsme5nUbuntu is awesome , I just like how fast it is and is very simple and user friendly too15:08
targrenI'm trying to set up fail2ban (sshd only for the moment) on a bare-metal Jammy server. The service is enabled and running, /var/log/fail2ban.log shows the startup/restart info, but no activity, and the jail is set up mostly according to every "set up fail2ban on 22.04" page out there, except that it explicitly points to auth.log and maxretry is 2 instead of 3. I turned on pyinotify, in case it was a polling problem, but no dice. I'm15:31
targrenwatching invalid logins tick by in auth.log, and fail2ban-regex registers them as matching the filter so it should be doing *something*.15:31
targrenA lot has changed on me since 18.04 so I figure I'm just missing something15:34
nateSo, did 22 LTS change oom-killer, is it no longer a daemon you can disable?15:39
tomreyntargren: have you considered not using fail2ban, but just sshd (maybe on a non-standard port, on a separate management network, or behind a vpn), allowing only public/private key based authentication?15:44
targrentomreyn: It's already restricted to key-based auth. As to the rest, no.15:45
tomreyntargren: you'll probably find it summed up somewhere around here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fail2ban/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=015:58
jhutchinsitsme5n_: We're working hard to solve that part about it being simple.15:58
jhutchinstargren: Maybe you're not getting hit right now.15:59
targrenjhutchins: I am, I can see the failed attempts in the auth.log, but fail2ban isn't15:59
jhutchinstargren: So you're running an ssh daemon on a publicly exposed port 22?16:00
targrenYes. Which isn't really relevant to my question.16:01
jhutchinsNo, only to the imaginary security of your system.16:06
targrenMy security is my concern, thanks. I'm asking if there's a change in how I have to set up fail2ban on 22 LTS vs 18 LTS.16:07
targrenIf I need to hire a security assessment, I'll let you know16:08
ufkmy Realtek ALC887-VD stops and resumes every few seconds, pulseaudio shows a rotation of plugged and unplugged, in windows it works so it's a driver problem, i have snd-hda-intel with realtek codec compiled. any ideas ?16:11
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l0tuspsychj3welcome Harzilein16:27
yatesi am having issues with ms teams not detecting a microphone, even though pulse audio volume control shows it as an input device (both my headset and my earbuds)16:29
yatesthis is just since this morning - it had been working for a year16:29
Harzileini'm having trouble finding out how dotnet6 6.0.106 was bootstrapped. the debian/build-dotnet-tarball.sh has a --bootstrapping options and tangentially related lp bugs mention a bootstrapping ppa, but i can't fit it together. shouldn't that have been a part of debian/README.source as well?16:30
Harzilein(i'm not _that_ familiar with ubuntu processes, i'm a debian user myself, where though ad hoc, some sleuthing usually results in a plausible chain of events)16:32
Harzilein(wrt bootstrapping)16:32
alkisgThe /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/firefox_firefox.desktop file contains Exec=env BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT=/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/firefox_firefox.desktop /snap/bin/firefox %u17:22
alkisgI want to create a /usr/local/bin/firefox wrapper that would launch `MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 firefox`, but snap launchers appear to not respect the PATH concept (i.e. they use absolute URIs), any way to do what I want?17:22
alkisgI also can't see a dpkg-divert alternative for snap, that would allow me to override the .desktop file...17:22
l0tuspsychj3one for ogra perhaps^17:23
rfmshould be able to copy that firefox_firefox.desktop into /usr/local/share/applications and edit the Exec= line, at least I think that's the right place17:28
rfmcheck $XDG_DATA_DIRS for the search path...17:29
alkisgprintenv XDG_DATA_DIRS => /usr/share/ubuntu:/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/:/var/lib/snapd/desktop, thanks, testing...17:32
yatesi just found out that ms has retired msteams/linux!17:32
yatesnow they force you to use a new browser-based version17:33
ograalkisg, yeah, either /usr/local/share or even ~/.local/share17:38
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alkisgrfm, ogra, that did it, thanks!17:41
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alkisgHow do I install ublock origin for all users? `apt install webext-ublock-origin-firefox` => requires the firefox.deb package, so I assume it won't work for snap, and `snap search ublock` says no results...18:10
gryAlkisg what is wrong with firefox.deb?18:30
alkisggry: absolutely nothing at all, mate and firefox.deb work flawlessly. I'm just trying to test the default gnome/snap experience. So far I have like 50 issues...18:35
ograalkisg, cant you install it *inside* firefox through addons.mozilla.org ?18:37
ograoh, system wide ... hmm18:37
alkisgYeh it would be hard to do it manually for hundreds of students...18:39
ograright ...18:39
ograwell, FF should use /var/snap/firefox ... and i think it also has some access to files in /etc for global profiles (there are threads and discussions somewhere on forum.snapcraft.io), not sure where to put stuff though ...18:40
gryAlksig, firefox has a settings folder, where you can add a folder or file with the extension that you need. Then all these users will have it.18:42
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Mozilla bug 1785278 in Core "AutoConfig in Snap and Flatpak" [S3, Resolved: Fixed]18:43
ogranot sure that helps with extensions though18:43
ogra(allows the snap access to /etc/firefox/config.js and /etc/firefox/defaults/pref/config-prefs.js )18:44
rick89hi friends18:45
rick89I have a problem18:45
rick89My bluetoth doesn't work18:45
rick89My wifi does18:45
rick89can you help me?18:45
gryDid your bluetooth work before?18:45
rick89Yes, it worked on Windows18:46
ograalkisg, btw, lissyx is mozilla dev and resident in #ubuntu-desktop ... perhaps he has more insight (not sure who in ubuntu land maintains the snap currently, osomon (former FF maintainer) left the company recently)18:46
gryOk. In https://h-node.org click Search at the top, scroll to the bottom of the page, and follow instructions.18:46
hermanoBought a Dell xps 13 with pre installed ubuntu 22.04. Cannot get "ubuntu software center" to work. Get this error in terminal:18:47
gryIt will give you a list of your devices. Does it list your bluetooth device there?18:47
alkisgThank you ogra , I'll try in #ubuntu-desktop tomorrow18:47
gryRick89 if it does, please link to your bluetooth device here.18:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:49
hermanoGuess I might as well use 'gnome-software' instead of snap-store.18:49
rick89gry https://dpaste.com/75U3UN7TN18:50
ioriahermano, using wayland or Xorg ?18:51
gryRick89, are any bluetooth devices listed?18:55
ograalkisg, i guess worst case it is surely fixable with a layout in the snap to map /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions into /var/snap/firefox/current/extensions somewhere so you could just dump it there, but that will need a packaging change ... i'm surprised that nobody complained about  it yet though18:55
rick89I don't know18:56
hermanoioria, dont know yet. Just got the laptop and fixing all tuning and software.19:02
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c_89Hi, I have a problem with ipp-usb service, this is the output of a command `systemctl status ipp-usb` https://bpa.st/raw/RIMPE19:59
sarnoldc_89: check journalctl for logs? maybe it writes logs in /var/log/ or somewhere similar?20:17
c_89sarnold there is no log on journalctl on ipp-usb with systemd, this is the log made yesterday when I try to start the daemon without systemd --> https://bpa.st/raw/VZZ6Q20:22
sarnoldare you sure your printer supports the ipp-over-usb thingy?20:23
c_89sarnold I try with: `ipp-usb udev` and `ipp-usb standalone` but nothing!20:23
c_89sarnold yes is supported20:24
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c_89sarnold https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/cups-useful-tricks/20:29
c_89sarnold https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/cups-useful-tricks/#_how_to_find_out_if_my_usb_device_supports_ipp_over_usb20:31
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i20You want drugs ?20:34
i20I do20:35
sarnoldc_89: oh cool, thanks! I didn't realize lsbusb would just *tell* you, that's great20:40
jhutchinsc_89: Printers in CUPS will frequently be listed with several non-functional addresses.  You can try each address, resetting the system after each try, or you can search for your printer model + [cups|linux] and find out what works for other users.20:40
c_89sarnold errata corrige my printer is: bInterfaceClass 7 Printer | bInterfaceSubClass 1 Printer | bInterfaceProtocol 2 Bidirectional20:42
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gryrick89: sorry, I don't know either, and the h-node website does not output which devices it is. i would suggest to ask your question again adding the pastebin at the end20:58
eesti am having trouble installing a physical server with software RAID, the installer crashes and after some debugging i think this is because the installer looks for disks by their WWN, and for some reason both disks in this server has the same WWN which can be inspected by calling e.g. 'lsblk -S -d -o TRAN,NAME,TYPE,MODEL,SERIAL,SIZE,WWN' where SERIAL differs, but WWN is the same, anyone else seen this?21:10
sarnoldeest: wow, that sounds *weird*. it's not like i've seen a bunch of systems, but i've never seen anyone else mention that before :(21:11
rick89My friends, the bluetooth does not work on my laptop ASUS E410MA with Ubuntu 22.0421:12
rick89Could you please help me?21:12
eestsarnold: it is fairly intersting that looking in /dev/disk/by-id/ there exists a wwn- symlink, but it only points to one of the disks as can probably be expected21:14
sarnoldeest: hah, I hadn't thought of that..21:14
sarnoldeest: I think there's a way to report bugs in the menu inthe upper right corner of the screen21:15
eestso it feels fairly broken, but not sure what to do about it, it can also be seen with e.g. '/lib/udev/scsi_id --page=0x83 --whitelisted --device=/dev/sdb'21:15
arrayboltXErick89: Looking at the pastebin now.21:15
sarnoldeest: but I'm not sure what exactly could be done differently :( do your drives have a way to set the wnn field via firmware updater or similar?21:15
rick89arrayboltXE ok thanks21:15
eestnot sure... this is seen on a Dell VEP4600, a bit of an odd machine21:16
arrayboltXErick89: Can you do "lsusb | nc termbin.com 9999"? Usually Bluetooth won't show up in lspci since Bluetooth is confusingly usually attached over USB, despite being part of the WiFi internal card.21:16
rick89My bluetooth is internal21:16
arrayboltXErick89: Correct. Yet it will still show up as a USB device. Don't ask me why vendors do this, I don't know.21:17
arrayboltXEYep, there it is. "IMC Networks Bluetooth Radio"21:18
rick89Yes, there it is.21:18
arrayboltXErick89: OK, can you also do "lsmod | nc termbin.com 9999" so I can see if the usual Bluetooth driver is loaded or not?21:18
arrayboltXEAlright, I assume that when you look in the Bluetooth settings of your system, it tells you that there is no Bluetooth device?21:19
arrayboltXEOr is it simply unable to find any nearby Bluetooth-enabled things?21:19
rick89It doesn't turn on21:21
arrayboltXEOK. I see you're using a Realtek card, so let me look for drivers for it.21:22
oerheksi use bluez to control BT, once scanned, connected and trusted it works fine with the standard gnome tool21:22
arrayboltXETo be clear, your WiFi *does* work right?21:22
rick89arrayboltXE https://imgur.com/a/FmH5cvQ21:22
rick89arrayboltXE Yes, WiFi works well.21:22
arrayboltXErick89: apt list --installed | grep linux-firmware-nonfree | nc termbin.com 999921:24
rick89arrayboltXE https://imgur.com/a/GOuVmu421:25
arrayboltXErick89: OK, that's probably the missing package then. Try "sudo apt install linux-firmware-nonfree" and then reboot your system.21:25
arrayboltXEWait... that package doesn't exist anymore?21:26
* arrayboltXE does more digging21:26
oerheksrun apt update first?21:27
oerheks!info linux-firmware-nonfree21:27
arrayboltXEoerheks: The package doesn't exist in modern Ubuntu any longer.21:27
ubottuPackage linux-firmware-nonfree does not exist in kinetic21:27
arrayboltXEIt used to exist according to a bug report, thus why I got confused.21:28
sarnoldtrusty https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware-nonfree21:28
arrayboltXEI see other Bluetooth-related firmware packages though.21:28
oerheksgnome got firmware updates inside the installer..21:28
sarnoldhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware-nonfree/+bug/1513589 lol "Provenance and licensing for the firmware files included in this package are beyond questionable"21:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1513589 in linux-firmware-nonfree (Ubuntu Xenial) "linux-firmware-nonfree should be removed from Xenial" [Undecided, Fix Released]21:28
arrayboltXErick89: Is "bluez-firmware" installed?21:29
arrayboltXEapt list --installed | grep bluez-firmware21:29
rick89apt list --installed | grep bluez-firmware21:29
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rick89WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.21:30
arrayboltXEHmm... in says it's for some particular Broadcom chip.21:30
arrayboltXErick89: OK, let's try something new. Try "sudo dmesg | grep firmware | nc termbin.com 9999" and sent that link. That will hopefully tell me if there's missing firmware.21:31
arrayboltXE...ok well that didn't help a whole lot. Tar.21:32
arrayboltXESupposedly the kernel should support that device, so I'm not sure what's wrong.21:34
arrayboltXErick89: You could try "sudo modprobe -r btusb && sudo modprobe btusb" and see if that helps. That will unload and reload the Bluetooth driver.21:34
oerheksagain: i use bluez to control BT, once scanned, connected and trusted it works fine with the standard gnome tool21:34
rick89This laptop came with Linux and the bluetooth worked21:34
arrayboltXErick89: What distro did it come with?21:35
arrayboltXEoerheks: If his system is able to recognize the Bluetooth at all, then that might be a good thing to try.21:35
arrayboltXEWhich it sounds like that might be the case.21:35
arrayboltXErick89: And then you installed Ubuntu and the Bluetooth has never worked on it, correct?21:35
arrayboltXEoerheks: When you say you use bluez to control BT, how do you mean? I don't see any GUI tools in the bluez package.21:36
arrayboltXErick89: What happens if you run "bluetoothctl" in a terminal?21:37
rick89Agent registered21:37
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arrayboltXEYeah, it's not detecting the Bluetooth chip, I don't think.21:39
arrayboltXErick89: Try running "power on" while in bluetoothctl.21:40
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arrayboltXEOh that's weird, it turned on and then immediately back off again?21:41
arrayboltXErick89: Open a new terminal and try the "sudo dmesg | grep firmware | nc termbin.com 9999" thing again.21:42
arrayboltXEIf that doesn't give a whole lot of data, maybe just do "sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" so I can see the whole log and look for anything interesting that happened when you did the power cycle.21:42
arrayboltXEOK, that still isn't showing anything about a failed firmware load, so I'm going to assume that the chip is almost working and simply glitching.21:43
arrayboltXEThat has me thoroughly confused. There's not hardly anything about Bluetooth in dmesg, and the bit there is doesn't say anything about the odd "instant poweroff".21:45
arrayboltXErick89: Still looking to see if I can figure out what's wrong here. Thanks for your patience.21:47
rick89No, thanks for your help.21:47
rick89How can I know the exact model of bluetooth chip I have?21:48
arrayboltXElsusb -v might tell you. You can try "sudo lsusb -v | nc termbin.com 9999" if you want to share that with me, but I don't know if that will help much. Might come in handy, though.21:48
arrayboltXEFor me, I can see "Bus 003 Device 004: ID 8087:0026 Intel Corp. AX201 Bluetooth", so I assume it would print something similar on your device.21:49
i-garrisonrick89: it's in the dmesg actually Vendor=13d3, Product=3529 IMC Networks realtek bluetooth radio21:50
arrayboltXEi-garrison: Nice, I missed that.21:51
oerhekssudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms https://askubuntu.com/questions/1386578/no-wifi-adapter-found-asus21:51
oerheksor the git down below that answer21:51
arrayboltXEoerheks: +1, rick89: I think the gist of that post says to just do "sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms".21:52
oerheksworth a try, the 1st step21:53
arrayboltXEIf that comes with different firmware for the Bluetooth chip, that will almost certainly work. It's definitely the right driver for that chip.21:53
arrayboltXE(The WiFi chip I mean.)21:53
arrayboltXEAnd WiFi and Bluetooth are usually part of the same thing.21:53
oerheksi hope wifi keeps working21:54
rick89I got stuck at 60%21:54
arrayboltXErick89: Just give it a bit, it might take a while.21:55
arrayboltXEYeah, it's building the driver from source. It might stick there for a bit.21:55
arrayboltXEoerheks: In the event it breaks WiFi (which I don't think it will, it's the exact driver for that chip), simply uninstalling it should fix it.21:55
arrayboltXELooks normal. Just give it a bit.21:56
rick89It already ended21:57
rick89I am gonna restart the laptop to see if it works. Give me a second. I'll be right back.21:57
arrayboltXE+1, see you in a bit!21:57
arrayboltXEoerheks: I probably would have taken a *long* time to think of installing the other WiFi driver. Nice looking out.21:58
rick89arrayboltXE Hello again. It does not work. The WiFi keeps working22:03
oerheksso the DKMS trick did not work, try the other GIT step22:03
arrayboltXEIncase the link isn't still available, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1386578/no-wifi-adapter-found-asus22:04
arrayboltXEoerheks, rick89: I personally would uninstall the current driver (the one downloaded with apt) *BEFORE* trying to install the driver from Git.22:05
rick89how to?22:05
arrayboltXEsudo apt remove rtl8821ce-dkms22:05
rick89will it uninstall my wifi driver?22:07
arrayboltXErick89: It should leave the one you were using before, but I see your point.22:09
arrayboltXEHmm... I've seen reports of there being some sort of kernel patch that fixed it or something, or some firmware something that helped.22:09
arrayboltXErick89: You *might* be able to try installing a mainline kernel and see if it starts working then, but if there's any other way to fix the problem, that would be ideal.22:10
arrayboltXEI'm going to keep digging and see if there's other possible solutions.22:13
arrayboltXErick89: What does "rfkill" show?22:14
Ntemisi messed up my install by trying to install a nemo file manager update from mint22:19
Ntemisnow nothing launches22:19
Ntemisi need to remove22:19
Ntemismint-common* mint-translations* mintsources*22:19
Ntemisbut it doesnt let me do it22:19
Ntemisit complains that those are essential packages which are not22:19
Ntemisam not on mint22:20
NtemisPLEASE HELP22:20
Ntemissudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq mintsources22:20
Ntemisthis is an essential package; it should not be removed22:20
Ntemisam desperate22:20
leftyfbNtemis: you are now running an OS that is either Ubuntu nor Mint. You need to reinstall from scratch. There is no recovering.22:21
Ntemisthere must be a way22:21
leftyfbthere is not22:21
Ntemisyou sure?22:22
leftyfbNtemis: Installing Ubuntu and restoring from backup should be fairly quick and easy22:22
Ntemisi have dozens of data22:22
Ntemisopen projects22:22
leftyfbyep, restore from backup22:22
Ntemisno an easy task22:22
Ntemisi dont have a backup22:23
leftyfbsure it is. It's just a cp or rsync22:23
leftyfboh, then the data wasn't important to begin with. That makes things even easier22:23
WaVBoot from a Live CD and backup asap before you do anything else22:23
Ntemissystem is up22:23
Ntemisbut nothing launches22:23
Ntemisiu get these warnings22:24
NtemisTraceback (most recent call last):22:24
Ntemis  File "/usr/bin/mintsources", line 14, in <module>22:24
Ntemis    exit(subprocess.run(["/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintSources/mintSources.py"] + args).returncode)22:24
Ntemis  File "/usr/lib/python3.10/subprocess.py", line 501, in run22:24
Ntemis    with Popen(*popenargs, **kwargs) as process:22:24
WaVI don't need the warnings.22:24
* leftyfb sigh22:24
WaVYou need to boot form a live cd and backup asap.22:24
leftyfbNtemis: make a backup, reinstall, restore from backup. That is your only option22:24
sarnoldhonestly that feels likely to be recoverable to me, but if he's here asking for help on it then it seems unlikely to be within his skills to do22:32
Jeremy31Likely have to remove the Mint source then remove foreign packages22:33
leftyfbnah, we've run into this before here. Pulling any packages from the mint repos overrides more than half of the Ubuntu core packages22:34
Jeremy31leftyfb: That is Pin priority that Mint uses22:34
leftyfbYou're talking hours and potentially days worth of work from someone who knows what they are doing. And that would work fine if we knew the exact state the system was in before becoming mintbuntu. It's not worth it.22:35
sarnoldleftyfb: *ouch* yeah that sounds brutal22:37
sarnoldleftyfb: I figured it'd be about ten packages :(22:37
Jeremy31Looks like 3 files in /etc/apt/preferences.d in Mint that don't exist in Ubuntu22:37
leftyfbsarnold: I THINK libc6 might be one of them22:38
Jeremy31leftyfb: libc6 is not one but I know base-files is22:38
Dave92f1Hi all. In LXQt, is there some way to get it to leave my desktop icons where I put them?22:42
Dave92f1Right now if I move an icon to another screen location, it moves around all the other ones to fill in the "missing" spot on the desktop.22:42
Dave92f1I want it to leave things where I put them.22:42
arrayboltXELemme find out...22:42
arrayboltXEWhat version of Ubuntu?22:42
Dave92f1Lubuntu 2204 LTS.22:43
Dave92f1Let me correct what I said a little bit. It does that if I move a file (example: a PDF). It doesn't do that if I move a launcher.22:44
arrayboltXEDave92f1: Annoyingly, it looks like an iceon stops automatically moving once you've moved it and put it back once.22:44
arrayboltXESo you *might* have to move each individual icon, then put it back where it was, in order to get it to allow you to control everything.22:45
arrayboltXEOnce I do that, it looks like it does things the way you're hoping for it to.22:45
arrayboltXELemme reboot the test system and see if it sticks.\22:45
arrayboltXEYeah, looks like things persist after a reboot.22:46
Dave92f1arrayboltXE: Hey, yeah that did it! I selected ALL the icons with the mouse (a big rectangle selection), moved them all a bit to the right, then back again. Now they stay where put.22:46
arrayboltXEOh nice, I didn't think to do that. \o/22:46
Dave92f1arrayboltXE: Do I need to do it again for all new files?22:47
arrayboltXEUnsure, but I think so.22:47
arrayboltXEI don't know if there's anyway to turn off sorting in PCManFM-Qt. You might look in the preferences.22:48
Dave92f1arrayboltXE: That sucks. I'm on the edge of swapping DEs anyway. Do KDE and GNOME and Cinnamon do the same thing?22:48
arrayboltXE(PCManFM-Qt is the part of Lubuntu that handles desktop icons.)22:48
arrayboltXEI hardly ever use desktop icons so I don't actually know.22:48
rick89arrayboltXE rfkill22:50
rick89ID TYPE      DEVICE      SOFT      HARD22:50
rick89 0 wlan      phy0   unblocked unblocked22:50
rick89 1 bluetooth hci0   unblocked unblocked22:50
leftyfb!paste | rick8922:50
ubotturick89: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:50
Dave92f1Nothing obvious in Edit>Preferences for PCManFM-Qt. (This seems stupid to me. Doesn't everyone what things to stay where they put them? If they move around by themselves, how will you know where to find them?)22:50
arrayboltXErick89: Sorry, I've gotten slightly distracted by personal stuff, I might be a bit before I can resume troubleshooting.22:54
HansYou guys and girls are really good at computer right23:02
HansI have a problem.23:02
HansSo I set up a file server at home running and really old Ubuntu OS. I access the server from my windows computer. I did this about 15 years ago, not know much about Ubuntu (having only used in on occations for fun).23:02
HansI thought it was a smart idea, allocating space for me and my daughter on the server.23:02
HansNow my daughter, now married and has not been living at home for over 10 years, wants her files on the Ubuntu server. So I thought this will be easy - I'll just change the permissions to me and send them to her. As I am an administrator on my Ubuntu sever, I thought I'd just log in and change it.23:02
HansBut I can't. I've tried grafic OS and also the terminal with chmod, but whatever I do the servers tells me to fck off.23:02
HansIs there a super user mode I must use and if so -  how do I use it.23:02
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ravageHans: sudo23:04
leftyfbthey left23:05
leftyfbthey asked for help and left 1 minute later23:05
rick89bye friends23:07
rick89thanks for your help23:07
rick89a cookie for everyone23:08
arrayboltXEGah, and now I'm back!23:11
* arrayboltXE is slightly frustrated23:11

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