caribouHello, I have another IPv6 question around the new version of our DataSource. It looks  like the network-manager renderer forces a /64 subnet when defining the default gateway (as seen in this example : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tMYZr8Mh5r/)15:46
caribouon at least CentOS stream 8 it doesn't work. My current workaround is to use the deprecated gateway6 keywork which adds `gateway={IPv6 addr}`15:48
waldiyou are talking about "::/64"?15:48
caribouyes. In the yaml config (and also what is passed by our DataSourceScaleway.py), the input is ::/015:49
waldithis is not "a /64 subnet"15:49
waldiand which version?15:49
caribouJammy's 22.4-1 (sorry network hickup)15:51
caribouI have to problem with the netplan & ENI renderers on Ubuntu & Debian15:52
caribouIf I manually add a ip -6 route add default via fe80::dc00:00ff:fe01:6552 dev eth0 everything works fine15:53
waldiubuntu jammy contains cloud-init 22.4.2-0ubuntu0~22.04.1 as of now15:53
caribouyeah, I now, but this is network-manager rendering on CentOS, not on Jammy15:54
waldiirrelevant. i want to know which code you are using15:54
caribouWhen I started working on the DS, 22.4-1 was the most recent. Now COPR has 22.4-1 for the RH based and I need a minimum of 22.4 to get EphemeralIPv6Network15:56
waldii can reproduce it on a debian 22.4.2-1. reason is cloudinit.net.network_state._normalize_route is called to times. in the first iteration /0 is split away, in the second this info is not used and prefix is overwiriten with 64. not sure why16:03
caribouok, thanks for testing. So looks like this is not to be expected then16:05
waldinot at all16:06
caribouWant me to create a bug on this ?16:08
waldiplease do16:15
caribouon my way16:16
cariboudo you want the bug on Launchpad or GH ?16:16
waldilaunchpad, see topic16:16
caribouthat's what I thought16:17
minimalcaribou: I'm currently looking into issues with the eni renderer and network config v2 "routes:" versus gateway4/gateway616:18
caribouminimal: ENI seems to work fine, I tested my DS on bullseye16:18
minimalcaribou: eni sort of works - the eni created *should* use "gateway" for the default route, however it uses pre-up/post-up entries instead16:19
caribouyep, saw that while trying to figure out why it didn't work on CentOS16:20
minimalwhilst this sort-of-works it means that for providers giving either a /32 IPv4 address or a /128 IPv6 address (i.e. where the gateway is NOT in the same subnet) then ifupdown/ifupdown-ng's workaround of always specifying the "onlink" option to "ip route add" does NOT happen for the default route (whereas if eni uses "gateway" it does16:22
minimalI'm in the process of investigating/working on a fix for this and some other eni-related issues16:22
caribouA few weeks back we had a discussion on a similar topic for IPv4 where I had to use the on-link option as the default gw is not in the same subnet. Turned out we went back to DHCPv4 so it was not needed anymore16:24
minimalright, but using "routes:" for IPv4 has the same issue with eni of "onlink" not being used16:25
caribousince it was early testing, I was using Jammy and the netplan renderer is a passthrough so I was able ot use on-link16:28
minimalI fixed Alpine's ifupdown-ng package to act the same as Debian's ifupdown in adding "onlink" for the default route, now there is this need for default routes specified via "routes" in cloud-init's v2 to use "gateway" rather than "pre-up/post-up" for eni for the rest of the fix16:29
caribouFYI : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/200356216:31
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Launchpad bug 2003562 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "network-manager renderer does not honour IPv6 default route subnet" [Undecided, New]16:31
caribouThanks for the attention : I'm heading out & will be checking the backlog & bug on monday !16:42

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