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lvsmmusicHello everyone20:14
lvsmmusicIt would be nice if #ubuntu had ChatGPT or alike one to help people? Is it possible to integrate it?20:15
tomreyni clearly prefer humans supporting humans, and other humans pointing it out if those humans are biased, and the original human understanding this part.20:23
lvsmmusictomreyn: ty20:24
FallenIt is an interesting project idea, though probably not an easy one. Either you pay to play for API calls eventually, or you do something like this https://techcrunch.com/2022/12/30/theres-now-an-open-source-alternative-to-chatgpt-but-good-luck-running-it/20:25
FallenChatGPT and the likes will evolve, so good to keep an eye on things. I bet ChatGPT itself can solve some ubuntu problems :)20:27
lvsmmusicFallen: Ubuntu can develop its own AI stuff right?20:27
tomreynnote that i had not responded here if i had previously noted you brought this topic up in three channels20:28
FallenUbuntu is more of an ecosystem of open source contributors, so I guess the answer is yes? :) Or did you mean Canonical?20:28
arraybolt3If Canonical wanted to, they could develop their own AI software, however that's not really what they're doing at the moment.20:28
arraybolt3tomreyn: FWIW, they did start in #ubuntu and then got pointed to *two* other channels.20:29
arraybolt3So the regular "don't crosspost" rule sort of got scrambled by us, not them.20:29
tomreynarraybolt3: thanks, and sorry for my remark then, lvsmmusic 20:30
aaronprisk[m]Time for the fediverse powered AI.20:30
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: ya20:30
lvsmmusictomreyn: ok20:30
arraybolt3  aaronprisk[m] Let's make it a blockchain-based cryptocurrency too.20:31
* arraybolt3 ducks20:31
aaronprisk[m]> * <@arraybolt3:libera.chat> ducks20:32
aaronprisk[m]I don20:32
aaronprisk[m]'t know what you're talking about. My UbuntuCoin is going to take off any moment now...20:32
arraybolt3[m]Having an AI-powered assistant for existing assistants sounds like it could be a really good idea. It would have to be fully open-source, though (or at least legally usable for the intended purpose without cost), and it would have to be a tool for human assistants to use, not a chatbot that tried to act as a standalone assistant, that would be too risky.20:34
oerheksI would like to see a script that gives the proper information on IRC, about your hardware, bios version, ubuntu version and so on..20:37
leftyfbthere was one20:38
arraybolt3HexChat kinda does that I think.20:39
leftyfbno, that one is just anoying20:39
leftyfbit had a weird name20:39
aaronprisk[m]<arraybolt3[m]> "Having an AI-powered assistant..." <- Agreed. Mycroft seems to have a nice framework in place for that kind of application. They had some pretty cool intent parsers on github, but I don't know how active their development is anymore.20:40
leftyfbugh, matrix20:40
lvsmmusicCan I share a Youtube video link here that shows my inspiration for for an AI powered irc bot here?20:41
leftyfbaha! inxi20:41
leftyfbthe problem with inxi is people have to install it first20:42
leftyfbinxi -F20:43
leftyfbinxi -F | nc termbin.com 999920:44
leftyfb^ good troubleshooting tool right there20:44
arraybolt3lvsmmusic: I don't see why not.20:45
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: ty20:46
lvsmmusicthat one20:46
lvsmmusicFor a long time I imagine one day ubuntu support will become like that20:47

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