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faekjarzHi! Where are the "Preferred Applications" stored, i mean the configuration value that says VLC should handle all video files? (i want to use MPV instead, but the settings dialog doesn't give me the option - yes, MPV IS installed) (22.10)14:08
faekjarzi think i've found it - must be ~/.config/mimeapps.list14:23
sixwheeledbeastmaybe try re installing mpv? it's .desktop file maybe missing? it's listed for me.14:50
superkuhIs mpv actually a replacement for vlc? It's pretty barebones...16:46
superkuhKind of needs a frontend like smplayer.16:46
faekjarzVLC doesn't have the keyboard shortcuts that i want (contrast, brightness, saturation, frame-by-frame in both directions, A-B-loop, lots of toggles that don't require clicking through a GUI). Imho, mpv has a different use case, and it's complementary to VLC, rather than a replacement.17:05
faekjarzforgot to address superkuh ^^17:06
* superkuh nods.17:08

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