HansarrayboltXE: user:user beening login:password for my daugher or me (beeing admionistrator)? The problem is that although I know my daughers login, I don't know her password and neiter does she.00:10
leftyfbHans: boot the server with a live usb and copy the data elsewhere00:10
ravageyou can also just reset your daugther password and use her login to copy it00:11
ravageno need to change any permissions00:11
Hansleftyfb: I have no idea how to do that.00:11
ravage"sudo passwd usernameofyourdaughter"00:11
ravageenter password 2 times00:12
ravage(the new password)00:12
leftyfbHans: you don't know how to boot your machine from a usb flash drive loaded with the ubuntu installer?00:12
sarnoldHans: what error exactly are you getting from what applications?00:12
Hansravage: I do need to change her password as it's 56BG of files to be sent to her.00:12
ravageif you already messed with permissions that may not work of course00:13
leftyfbHans: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/try-ubuntu-before-you-install#1-getting-started00:13
Hansleftyfb: That's right. I'm sorry. It's been 15 years since I've "played" with Ubuntu and back then I wasn't very skilled. But the Ubuntu server setup has been working perfect, so the machine has just keept working.00:14
Hanssarnold: I have no errors to report. I just havn't been able to change the permissions. But I shall try again with the tips I've get here tonight. But it will have to wait as it is late here in Europe.00:18
JanCchanging the password might be the easiest00:18
sarnoldif that's actually what is keeping the files locked up..00:18
JanCwhen you have a GUI, you can even do it in the GUI, I think00:18
HansJanC Then I will not be able to send her the files as the Ubuntu is from about 2008 and all my web browsers don't work at all.00:19
HansJanC: And I have no idea how to upgrade my Ubuntu and I don't dare either as I might mess things up.00:20
leftyfbthe fastest and easiest way is going to be boot the machine with a live usb and just drag and drop the files to a usb flash or hard drive00:20
leftyfbyou will not need to modify your system in any way00:21
Hansleftyfb: How do I make a bootable usb for Ubuntu? And I guess I would have to go into Bios to change the order of bootable drives?00:22
leftyfbHans: I gave you a link00:22
Hansleftyfb: Ah, yes - thank you.00:23
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lunatiqI setfacl -R -m u:seedbox:rwx /home/rtorrent/Downloads but ftp user seedbox doesnt' have write permsisions without 77505:35
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xibalbawhat would i look to use if i wanted to forward all syslog messages containing RT_FLOW to another system. currently i forward everything from rsyslog to graylog to port 2514, however i want to make another graylog stream/input on port 2515 where only the RT_FLOW messages are being sent. So i can give some insight to the ACL hits to the security team14:20
xibalbawithout having to expose everything else14:20
xibalbahttps://justpaste.it/bismh <~ current fwd'ing config14:20
xibalbasomething like :msg, contains, "RT_FLOW"14:25
xibalbai figured out an alternative solution, it was better to do it in Graylog using a stram filter14:42
rbasakCould someone try uscan against mysql-8.0 please? Is it failing for anyone else?14:44
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lunatiqI setfacl -R -m u:seedbox:rwx /home/rtorrent/Downloads but ftp user seedbox doesnt' have write permsisions without 77517:02
lunatiqthe user was added with adduser17:02
Odd_Blokelunatiq: Is your filesystem mounted with the "acl" option?17:06
lunatiqI don't know17:07
lunatiqacl was installed when I tried to install it17:07
Odd_Bloke`findmnt -T /home/rtorrent/Downloads` should tell you the options that the mount containing it has.17:09
lunatiqOdd_Bloke https://i.imgur.com/kwC61Em.png17:10
Odd_Blokelunatiq: Right: I think you'll need to add "acl" to your mount options in /etc/fstab (and then remount).  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissionsACLs#Enabling_ACLs_in_the_Filesystem for more details17:14
Odd_Bloke(I think the text about "acl" being on by default is incorrect: it doesn't appear to be true on any of my systems.)17:16
lunatiqOdd_Bloke I'm reading here https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_22.04&p=acl17:17
lunatiqit doesn't talk about the mounting17:17
lunatiqcan you help me?17:18
lunatiqOdd_Bloke https://i.imgur.com/BP15jfj.png this is what is shows me17:20
Odd_Blokelunatiq: The wiki page describes the steps you need to follow: specifically the /etc/fstab modifications, and the remounting.17:22
lunatiqI don't understand it Odd_Bloke17:23
Odd_Blokelunatiq: It contains step-by-step instructions: which part do you not understand?17:24
lunatiqOdd_Bloke the tune2fs17:25
Odd_Blokelunatiq: That's the part that I don't think is applicable: the default mount options _do_ include acl, but I don't think the default mount options are actually used on Ubuntu systems (because "defaults" is not specified in /etc/fstab).  If you ignore the "As of Ubuntu 14.04" part of step 1, does it make sense?17:27
lunatiqI don't know what to remount?17:28
lunatiqOdd_Bloke https://hastebin.com/iqadorajol.apache17:29
Odd_Blokelunatiq: You want to modify the "/" entry, and remount /.17:30
lunatiqmount | grep acl shows nothing17:32
Odd_Blokelunatiq: After the fstab modification and remount?17:32
lunatiqsudo mount -o remount /17:32
lunatiqshould it be /dev/md217:32
Odd_Blokelunatiq: Does `sudo mount -o remount,acl /` do anything?17:33
Odd_BlokeI'm out of ideas then, I'm afraid!17:34
lunatiqmount | grep acl shows nothing17:34
lunatiqI ran mount -o acl /dev/md2 /mnt but now I have 2 mounts17:40
lunatiqhow do I remove it?17:40
Odd_Bloke`umount /mnt`?17:41
lunatiqumount /mn command not found17:42
PeGaSuShello. without apparen reason, when I executed the command `python3 -m pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria.git@testing` I started getting some "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.". any ideas?17:43
PeGaSuSI don't remember of ever editing anything related to X1117:44
PeGaSuSoutput after running th command above: https://0bin.xyz/view/45f622cc#L517:44
PeGaSuSbtw, running Ubuntu 20.0417:45
lunatiqOdd_Bloke it's umount17:46
lunatiqhttps://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_22.04&p=acl I tried running this17:46
lunatiqtune2fs -o acl /dev/md217:46
lunatiqand it added it17:46
lunatiqI setfacl -R -m u:seedbox:rwx /home/rtorrent/Downloads but ftp user seedbox doesnt' have write permsisions without 77517:48
PeGaSuSdon't forget to set permissions to th folder too.. prbably `etfacl -R -m u:seedbox:rwx /home/rtorrent/`17:50
lunatiqworked PeGaSuS17:54
Odd_BlokeLOL, sorry for the massive overcomplication17:55
lunatiqOdd_Bloke don't be sorry17:55
lunatiqYou helped me17:55
lunatiqso to setfacl for a /var/www/html/example.com/public directory what should I need to set for a user?17:59
baldpopeupgrading from 16 - is there any reason not to go all the way to 22 ?18:32
MekApelsin@baldpope: take a quick look at the release notes along the way first, but generally i would say no. 18:34
baldpopethanks MekApelsin , nothing too worrying stood out, just wanted to ask in case something was creeping up that maybe wasn't fully public18:35
baldpopewell .. one thing I just ran into - (post do-release-upgrade) it's not honoring the dns settings made in /etc/network/interfaces 19:19
sdezielbaldpope: IIRC, that deprecated feature depends on the resolvconf package to be installed.19:22
baldpopesdeziel, is the preferred resolution to install resolvconf or migrate to networkmanager?19:22
sdezielbaldpope: the modern default on servers is netplan with systemd-networkd19:23
baldpopeok, so looks like I need to setup /etc/systemd/networkd.conf to include my dns settings?19:25
baldpopeor /etc/systemd/network/dns.network (as example?)19:25
baldpopeor (continuing to read) /etc/systemd/resolved.conf19:27
baldpopethe latter - got it19:28
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sdezielbaldpope: there are many ways but if you also use netplan, the nameserver parameter is usually going to do the right thing for you20:21
baldpopethe existing parameter appears to have been ignored and not resolved until I updated /etc/systemd/resolved.conf20:22
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