ricotztseliot, hello :), where does the current nvidia packaging git live nowadays? 16:31
tseliotricotz, hey, same place as usual but I might have been bad at pushing stuff16:33
ricotztseliot, ah, good, could you please push the 525 branches16:33
ricotztseliot, although I assume you already prepared 525.85.05 ?16:34
tseliotI don't know when I can deliver that. But I can definitely push whatever is in the archive right now16:35
ricotzdon't worry, pushing the current releases would be great16:35
tseliotricotz, ok, 525 should be in sync now16:36
ricotztseliot, thanks, 470 and 390 needs some pushing too :)16:37
tseliotLet me do that16:39
ricotzthank you!16:40
tseliotOk, done16:41
ricotztseliot, this reminds me of https://code.launchpad.net/~ricotz/ubuntu-archive-tools/+git/ubuntu-archive-tools/+merge/43297917:01
tseliotI'll have a look when I'm back, next week17:17

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