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mybalzitchsigh, display still flickers even with this newer kernel00:57
mybalzitch@ 165hz00:57
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pycuriousnvidia-smi shows cuda 12 installed. dpkg — list - shows cuda 11.8 - how do i get nvidia-smi to show cuda 11.8 instead of 12?02:46
arraybolt3pycurious: Do you happen to have multiple installations of cuda?02:46
arraybolt3(You can possibly have stuff like that if you're using Python venvs with CUDA installed with pip.)02:47
pycuriousarraybolt3: looks like it - not sure how to find out if the cuda is coming from venv or the system02:48
arraybolt3pycurious: Try running nvidia-smi in a new terminal, maybe?02:48
arraybolt3Also make sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is cleared (if you can do so safely).02:48
pycuriousarraybolt3: they all show 1202:50
arraybolt3pycurious: Hmm... that's weird. You didn't use the CUDA .run script from NVIDIA by any chance, did you?02:50
pinkergloopso i'm on ubuntu studio 22.10 and i have this weird issue02:50
pinkergloopperiodically plasma will freeze and i can't right click on the desktop or open the start menu but apps that are still running still work just fine02:51
pycuriousnope - just apt update/upgrade. I do use https://lambdalabs.com/lambda-stack-deep-learning-software02:51
pinkergloopand i have to ctrl alt backspace to restart plasma02:51
pinkergloopany potential fixes?02:51
arraybolt3pycurious: That installs CUDA using a script that is given to "sh". It's almost certainly installing CUDA 12.02:52
arraybolt3"It provides up-to-date versions of PyTorch, TensorFlow, CUDA, CuDNN, NVIDIA Drivers, and everything you need to be productive for AI.02:52
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: The plasma that comes with Ubuntu Studio 22.10 is 5.25, which was a very buggy release. Using the instructions in the release notes, add the Kubuntu Backports PPA which should get you to a newer, less-buggy Plasma.02:52
arraybolt3Notice "up-to-date".02:52
pinkergloopEickmeyer: release ntoes for Kubuntu or Ubuntu Studio?02:53
arraybolt3pycurious: What's more than likely is that you installed CUDA using apt, then installed it using Lambda Stack, and now Lambda Stack's version had overwritten apt's version without telling it.02:53
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: You're running Ubuntu Studio, so obviously, Ubuntu Studio's release notes.02:53
arraybolt3pycurious: This is why you should almost never install software on Ubuntu without using apt, Snap, or some other real package manager.02:53
pycuriousarraybolt3: dpkg --list | grep CUDA - what is surprising is that this only shows 11.802:54
arraybolt3It's also possible that they've introduced weird apt packages with wrong version numbers.02:54
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: Terribly sorry, it's actually in the release announcement.02:54
arraybolt3pycurious: I see now that they say that using "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade" will update your AI stack.02:54
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: https://ubuntustudio.org/2022/10/ubuntu-studio-22-10-released/02:54
arraybolt3pycurious: So they probably botched a number. What's the *full* version number of the CUDA package?02:54
arraybolt3pycurious: I'm guessing it's something like 11.8+really12.0 or something similar.02:55
arraybolt3(Though that would be an awfully weird way for them to do things.)02:55
pycuriousarraybolt3: ii  nvidia-cuda-dev:amd64                         11.8.0-0lambda0.20.04.302:55
pycuriousii  nvidia-cuda-toolkit                           11.8.0-0lambda0.20.04.302:56
arraybolt3pycurious: Yeah. Probably they've botched a version number. As this is the package from Lambda Labs, Ubuntu has no control over it, and it's unsupported here. You may have to ask them why their package number is different than the shipped software version number.02:56
pinkergloopEickmeyer: when i add the repository, i get this message02:56
pinkergloopThis PPA will NOT currently receive Plasma 5.26 for Jammy 22.04, as this would break subsequent upgrades to Kinetic 22.10.02:56
pinkergloopwould this get in the way?02:56
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: Are you on 22.10?02:57
pinkergloopEickmeyer: yeah i am02:57
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: Then a message intended for users of 22.04 doesn't apply to you.02:57
pinkergloopEickmeyer: okay cool lol02:57
arraybolt3pycurious: (It's possible they have a reason for the version number being the way it is, so maybe they didn't botch it, but certainly something is wrong or at least weird with their software and packaging.)02:58
pinkergloopEickmeyer: tysm02:59
Eickmeyerpinkergloop: yw02:59
pycuriousarraybolt3: Trying to find where that code is at their end.03:01
pycuriousarraybolt3: thanks for the help. Will look03:05
Guest49hi all03:48
Guest49i am here03:48
Guest49what do you want to ask03:48
lflareHello, does anyone know how large the entire old-releases.ubuntu.com is?04:15
oerhekslflare, hard to find out, why?04:15
sarnoldeven this *one directory* on the thing is going to be brutal http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/04:17
oerheksfor the rest, recent topic https://askubuntu.com/questions/1448681/size-of-mirror-repositories04:19
lflareWorking on mirroring the entire thing, hoping it's not over a 100 TiBs04:19
lflareI've already mirrored ubuntu and ubuntu-ports04:20
oerheksuseless to do old-releases04:20
lflareDatacenter I work with, still has certain VMs running very old releases04:20
oerheksoke, then i take that datacenter not seriously04:21
sarnoldit'll never repay the costs of the download04:21
oerheksgood luck!04:21
sarnoldmaybe setting up a squid-deb-proxy or similar would give more bang for the buck04:21
sarnoldI've thought before it'd be nice to have it all locally, but just can't possibly justify it :)04:22
lflareI mean, it's always annoying that a customer never wants to update their stuff04:22
lflareIf it's not too ginormous, it's somewhat justifiable with the amount of free space we have lying around04:23
lflarethe whole data preservation thing's also a nice touch I reckon04:23
sarnoldI'm sure there's stuff on there I'd like to relive04:25
silv3r_m00nhi there, i am looking at a ubuntu mirror like this one, http://babylon.cs.uh.edu/mirror-sites/ubuntu/  inside which directory can i find the installer ISO files ?05:13
silv3r_m00ni got the list of mirrors from here, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors05:13
rboxtahts mirrors for the repos05:15
silv3r_m00nthe installations isos are not ther e?05:15
silv3r_m00nokay found another link, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors05:16
thomas25`foo | bar && echo OK` will print no matter what foo's exit code is. It only cares about `bar`. How can I make it care about foo?05:57
arraybolt3thomas25: I can think of a really complex way to do that using background processes, FIFOs, and variables, but I can't help but think there's an easier way.06:00
arraybolt3Nevertheless, if you want the crazy way...06:00
lunatiqI setfacl -R -m u:seedbox:rwx /home/rtorrent/Downloads but ftp user seedbox doesnt' have write permsisions without 77506:00
lflare`{ foo && echo OK } | { bar && echo OK }`?06:01
arraybolt3Yeah, that's a way easier way.06:01
arraybolt3Though the "echo" might get in the way...06:01
arraybolt3I think the "OK" will end up as part of the output to standard out that `bar` then accepts.06:02
arraybolt3If there was some way to "echo" to standard error, that would work.06:02
rboxif you're using bash, $PIPESTATUS06:03
pycuriousI want to setup NFS shared drive - preferably encrypted - on multiple Ubuntu 20.04 boxes - can anyone point me to a working recipe for this?06:04
arraybolt3lflare, thomas25: Maybe    $({ foo && $(echo OK 1>&2) }) | bar && echo OK    ? Haven't tested it, wow that looks messy.06:06
alkisgpycurious: nfsv4 supports authentication with kerberos etc, there are online tutorials for this, but I wanted to mention you can also do plain old unencrypted nfsv3 and then protect/encrypt it with wireguard06:06
pycuriousalkisg: nfsv4 - how do i get it setup on 3 Ubuntu boxes and mount it? any pointers?06:07
pycurioushttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto - is this the right link?06:07
arraybolt3thomas25: Actually, I don't think that will work. Hrm...06:07
alkisgpycurious: you can find tutorials for that, I haven't read any, I just wanted to mention the alternative06:07
alkisgarraybolt3: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/14270/get-exit-status-of-process-thats-piped-to-another06:07
arraybolt3thomas25: ^06:08
arraybolt3alkisg: That's better yet still. I was about to come up with this symbol-laden monstrosity :P06:08
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alkisgA school kept firefox.snap instead of firefox.deb by mistake; now I did `snap remove firefox` and it's taking hours to "save data of snap firefox in automatic snapshot set #1"08:38
alkisgI see that it creates a multi-GB file in /var/lib/snapd/snapshots; I guess it puts the snap firefox data of hundrends of student accounts in there?08:38
alkisgAny way to remove snaps without that data saving?08:39
ChunkyzMorning all ❤️❣️😘09:04
alkisgAfter waiting for 30 minutes, I decided to ctrl+c it (it crash-dumped), rm /home/*/snap and retry... let's see09:13
FravialisHi all. Anybody know of an IRC channel for keydb? (They're a project created as alternative to Redis with threading)09:43
FravialisActually, any chat, not just irc09:43
PiratyFravialis: see /list if anything is useful09:54
ducasse!alis | Fravialis09:54
ubottuFravialis: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»09:54
Piratyalso the project's homepage lists all ways of comms right on the front site09:55
PiratyFravialis: https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=keydb09:56
Piratyok well, https://docs.keydb.dev/docs/09:56
yanoszHei - I'm looking for a nice end-device mangement system with ubuntu, especially for notebooks. Apart from unattended setup (imho, this can mostly be done with PXE / unattended-setup / ansible), this also concerns some way of inventory management (who uses which notebook) and deploying user-based profiles (thunderbird, openvpn, desktop-links), etc.09:57
yanoszI'm not looking for the all-incl. mdm solution for pushing software, etc.... I'm more interested in a less intrusive, more privacy approach, mostly focussing on initial setups. Any ideas?09:57
Piratyyou could bake your own image to install from09:58
FravialisPiraty: ... I know that link and I'm not clicking it10:15
FravialisI also know where the documentation is, and I know how to list a server.10:15
FravialisSometimes channels have unexpected or unorthodox names, and you can't find them this way.10:15
FravialisMoreover, they could be on different networks. Now, I could start using irc server indexers and do a federated search over the entire irc space, guessing as I go along, or...10:16
FravialisI could just ask.10:16
ice9since 22.04 until 22.10, whenever a new update exists, it is kept back, every time! so if there are conflicts, why does they release it at all?10:31
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MekApelsin@ice9 it is probably staged releases.10:45
MekApelsinlook at the release notes for 22.04.10:45
ice9MekApelsin, what about 22.10?10:47
MekApelsin"Phased updates in APT"10:47
MekApelsini haven't looked at the release notes off 22.10, i haven't used it.10:47
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MoHi, I started with mariadb-server and wonder that things are different from OpenSuse. Following https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/MariaDB/,   update mysql.user set password=password('root123') where user='root';  ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer ('mariadb.sys'@'localhost') does not exist12:59
MoIt's Ubuntu 20.0413:00
BluesKajHi all13:05
alipis there a plan to rewrite ubuntu in rust?13:06
AGSektoralip Why on earth would anything in ubuntu be rewritten in rust? And to rewrite apt, dpkg, GNOME, and all that in rust is insanity.13:08
eestsarnold: if you are interested i got the installer with my duplicate WWN disks by building my own with a patched curtin lib, as per https://github.com/eest/curtin/commit/1052baa37b81cd348e17d17a2ef545c93ce2650513:08
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Commit 1052baa in eest/curtin "Skip looking for wwn for testing"13:08
eest*i got the installer to work13:08
eesti am thinking maybe it should check for duplicates and skip to the next method if it exist13:10
AGSektorThough speaking of APT, I think nala is written in rust and it seems to be an alright alternative to APT.13:10
alipbecause if ubuntu is rewritten in rust, it will be blazing-fast and secure.13:12
AGSektorUbuntu is just a distro. What components of Ubuntu should be rewritten in rust? dpkg, apt, snapd?13:13
alipall of them. a system is as secure as its weakest link.13:13
AGSektorThat is completely crazy talk alip. There's nothing to gain from rewriting tried and true components like apt.13:14
AGSektorBesides, the only real component that can really use rust is the linux kernel itself. All apt does is fetch packages, dpkg installs the debs, GNOME is already huge and would be impossible to rewrite in rust. Xorg is on its way out, wayland is just a series of procols. I think you get the point.13:15
ograalip, 98% of the source Ubuntu is built from are not under Ubuntus control but come from various upstrams via debian ... you'd have to ask these upstreams to switch ...13:20
alipstep by step all must be written in rust so they're blazing-fast and secure.13:21
AGSektorIs this trolling? I can't really tell.13:21
ograwell, your packages do not contain source but binaries ... performance is usually more a compiler thing13:21
ograanyway, feel free to talk to the various upstreams ... this is rather offtopic for this channel ...13:22
wjtaylorMy touch screen is not working on Ubuntu Unity 22.10. It previously worked on 14.xx. Dmesg output is here: https://pastebin.com/WpY3wr8813:41
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meihow do you enable ipv6 dhcp on an ubuntu deployed through cloud-init? i added dhcp6: true in /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml, but it's not working13:54
mei'dhclient -6' does that fine13:54
Fravialismei: you do realize that file is overwritten each reboot?13:59
meiit doesn't here13:59
FravialisOr rather, shutdown and new start.13:59
meiand btw what's inside it13:59
meiit's not anywhere else13:59
Fravialismei: you merely have to read it13:59
meiit's not into the cloud13:59
FravialisI know how it works, I wrote an entire Python script to load and modify it if necessary at boot14:00
FravialisIt's explained to you in the header of the actual file14:00
meiit's probably an hacked version14:00
meiwhere i should look for instead?14:00
FravialisYou don't have many options14:00
Fravialisyou could disable cloudinit's network configuration14:01
meiit's not default configuration, so the data is coming from somewhere14:01
FravialisI don't understand what you mean14:02
FravialisAll data comes from somewhere14:02
meii need to change that data14:02
meiand you're saying it get wiped14:02
meibut it come again the same14:02
meiso where should i modify that data?14:02
FravialisYou can't.14:02
FravialisWell you can, but it would be overwritten, read the file14:02
FravialisYou have read it, right?14:02
FravialisYou have read the comments at the top?14:03
meiwhere is the datasource?14:03
mncheckmhow do you configure how many linux kernel packages are kept? for example after the default install of lts14:03
FravialisCloud Init inserts this from its ISO data source which is read only14:03
mncheckmwith unattended upgrades enabled14:03
meii mean, that data come there every reboot right14:03
Fravialismncheckm: I'm not aware of such a setting, but it could exist14:03
meiso when there is a reboot, where this data come from?14:03
Fravialismncheckm: you'd look under /etc/apt/ of course14:04
Fravialismei: Cloud Init inserts this from its ISO data source which is read only14:04
FravialisNot a reboot necessarily, but a shutdown followed by a power on14:04
mncheckmFravialis, thank you14:04
leftyfbmei: it's just a package. You can remove it with: sudo apt remove --purge cloud-init14:04
meiwell i see, but this is some hacked version14:04
mncheckmFravialis, I have 500MiB for /boot14:04
meii'm pretty sure the data doesn't change every reboot14:04
Fravialismncheckm: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove14:05
leftyfbmei: cloud-init configures your system at every boot14:05
meileftyfb: yeah but it uses this file that is not wiped14:05
leftyfbmei: if you don't want it doing that, remove it14:05
Fravialismncheckm: I think that might be your best bet14:05
meii already changed the access point password and it worked14:05
meibut dhcp6: true instead is not working14:05
FravialisDo you understand what cloud init actually is? Do you even want to use it?14:06
meiit's already there14:06
FravialisYou keep saying it's "hacked"...14:06
meiwell, after you explained me14:06
meithat it's supposed to wipe14:06
FravialisIt's not. You're using an Ubuntu cloudinit version14:06
FravialisOr you or somebody else installed it14:06
FravialisSo like leftyfb said, if you don't want it, remove it14:06
FravialisIf you do want it, accept that it does not work the way you want it to, and with respect to how that works, I've explained that cloudinit, at boot, reads its configured data from its own readonly "cloudinit drive" which is an ISO9660 file system14:08
meiis there any configuration file that specific this iso thing?14:08
meiso i can check14:08
FravialisThat can be regenerated when you change cloud init settings, but you'd have to generate your own custom ISO to make anything permanent14:08
Fravialismei: do you want to use CloudInit?14:08
leftyfbmei: is your issue that setting dhcp6: true in your netplan file doesn't work at all or that the setting is being removed by cloud-init on every boot?14:08
FravialisYeah, that's another relevant question14:09
meiadding dhcp6: true to netplan and reboot doesn't give me a dhcpv6 ip14:09
meithe line stay there in the file14:09
leftyfbmei: what happens when you add it and run: sudo netplan apply ?14:09
meilet me try14:09
leftyfbmei: it sounds like this might be unrelated to cloud-init14:10
Fravialisleftyfb: if he's rebooted his DHCP server, if any, might not even support ipv614:10
meidhcp6 is false by default14:10
meii already stated that dhclient -614:10
meigive me an ip14:10
FravialisI see14:10
leftyfbmei: ok, when you decide to focus and answer questions during troubleshooting, I'll be happy to help you14:11
meihow did i not answer the questions?14:12
mei1. adding dhcp6: true to netplan and reboot doesn't give me a dhcpv6 ip 2. the line stay there in the file14:12
leftyfbmei: so far, you add "dhcp6: true" to your netplan file. You run "sudo netplan apply"  what hapens?14:12
meii answered "let me try"14:12
meiit hangs for a bit (im in through ssh)14:13
meieverything go back working but no dhcpv6 ip14:13
meino output14:13
leftyfbmei: what version of ubuntu is this and what sort of device is this?14:13
meiit's ubuntu server on raspberrypi14:13
leftyfbmei: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-relase ) | nc termbin.com 999914:14
jan66Hi, trying to install ubuntu (server) from a live cd. Something is odd with my partition table so the installer crashes (python error using sfdisk). Q: Can I skip the partitioning/formatting step in the installer somehow? I managed to setup partitions manually with fdisk14:16
leftyfbmei: let me know when you run the command I gave you and please paste the outputting URL Here14:16
meiwell whatever14:17
meiwasting time14:17
mncheckmFravialis, thank you it looks interesting14:20
jan66it fails here, if that matters: https://github.com/canonical/curtin/blob/master/curtin/commands/block_meta.py#L801-L80814:21
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DynamiteDangreetings. DOes anyone know a gnome app that shows cpu usage on the top bar?14:48
leftyfbDynamiteDan: https://extensions.gnome.org/ search for an extension you like here https://extensions.gnome.org/14:48
DynamiteDanthanks leftyfb !14:49
AngsI have a 49" screen on ubuntu 22.04. I've been searching a good window tiling manager to split the screen into 3 sectors, but I didn't find any good one. Does anyone know any good window tiling manager for ubuntu 22.04?14:58
BluesKajAngs: I;ve heard good things about the i3-wm ...never used it myself though15:02
AngsI used i3, but it worked terrible. Those tools change the Desktop management. I like Ubuntu 22.04's default desktop style and convenient to use. I am looking for a tool that uses the same Desktop UI that I have now15:04
PeGaSuShello. without apparen reason, when I executed the command `python3 -m pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria.git@testing` I started getting some "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.". any ideas?15:05
Angsfor example, in windows, samsung has "easy setting box" windows tiling manager. I have the same Desktop UI and it just splits the screen virtually. I am looking for a similar solution if possible15:06
BluesKajAngs:  check the package manager, there are several options listed there15:06
PeGaSuSI don't remember aditing anything on this particular machine regarding X11 or whatever15:08
meieventually i got an ipv6 after a while; journalctl -u systemd-networkd and netplan --debug helped. i don't know it requires some time and my idea is that it's not forcing dhcpv6 but when the router announce that dhcpv6 is available it get honored. while dhclient -6 is instant since it's forcing15:22
ograAngs, https://extensions.gnome.org/ ... search for tiling ...15:25
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meileftyfb: i think the trick was to 'netplan apply' before reboot. i expected that a reboot would reload that conf instead you need to commit it first somehow. and it will eventually work after reboot.15:52
meithe last chapter there confirm that: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-raspberry-pi#4-boot-ubuntu-server15:52
leftyfbmei: a reboot will do everything that netplan apply does. netplan apply is not required before rebooting and doing so will serve no purpose15:53
meiso that page is wrong?15:54
meiokay let me test that from scratch just for the sake of discovery15:54
leftyfbthat page does not say running netplan apply before rebooting is required. It does mention doing so, but does not clarify that it is required. It's not15:54
leftyfbFrom the man page:        netplan-apply - apply configuration from netplan YAML files to a running system15:55
meimaybe it could be related to the fact thta cloud-init seems used in a hacky way15:55
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leftyfbmei: you seem to have a misunderstanding and dislike of cloud-init. I highly suggest you remove the package15:56
meiwhy would i remove the package that bring up my wifi card15:56
leftyfbmei: see my first point15:57
Habbiemei, that's not usually cloud-init's job15:57
meii don't like or dislike cloud-init. it's just there15:57
leftyfbmei: cloud-init does not "bring up" your wifi card. cloud-init is a configuration management tool. It will overwrite network configs but it's absence will not remove your configs15:58
leftyfbmei: I would highly recommend you remove cloud-init to keep your overall system and it's management simple15:59
Angsall the window tiling managers are actually window manager and each of them have their own desktop environment. Isn't it possible to just install an auto window tiling tool that works on the background and compatible with Ubuntu 22.04's default window manager?15:59
meiby hacky way i mean that it doesn't overwrite netplan file16:00
meias i was pointed out previously so many times16:00
leftyfbbecause you didn't tell it to do so16:00
leftyfbmei: did you configure cloud-init with your own custom network config?16:01
meii customized the netplan file16:01
leftyfbthat's not cloud-init16:01
meii never touched cloud-init16:01
leftyfbmei: sudo apt remove --purge cloud-init16:02
meiwell i figure out how to configure netplan by cloud-init documentation...16:02
meithat's why i mentioned it16:02
leftyfbmei: to maybe make you feel better, I remove cloud-init on all of my machines by default16:02
Angswhen I right click and select "open in terminal", nautilus starts gnome-shell. Does anyone know what do I need to change in order nautilus to start terminator instead of gnome-terminal?16:02
meianyway, i did everything from scratch. and a reboot was enough. i don't know why the first time it was not working16:03
leftyfbAngs: open settings -> default applications16:03
Angsleffyfb, ubuntu 22.04 only has Web, Mail, Calendar, Music, Video, Photos. It doesn't have default for terminal16:05
meihow is cloud-init affecting me anyway? we even discovered it's not doing anything to netplan16:05
leftyfbmei: a misunderstanding of how your system runs and configs16:05
leftyfbAngs: sorry: sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator16:06
Angslefftyfb, I already did this, but it still starts gnome-terminal16:07
leftyfbAngs: what comes up when you hit "CTRL+ALT+T" ?16:07
leftyfbAngs: you might have to log out and back in for nautilus to use the new default16:07
AngsI think something needs to be changed in nautilus config, I couldn't what to change16:07
leftyfbAngs: log out and back in or reboot16:08
AngsI did sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator weeks ago16:08
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leftyfbok, not sure then16:08
leftyfbpretty sure nautilus doesn't have a config for this sort of thing16:08
jsbachHi all, i wonder if there is a process monitoring tool for ubuntu which evaluates the data in /proc/<pid_to_monitor/status ??16:09
TeridonMy M2 (NGFF) drive is showing a temperature of "50" but I think it's supposed to be reported as milliC , not C (like all the other thermal devices).  Is this a kernel issue or something with the drive?  https://dpaste.org/EHnS016:10
leftyfbAngs: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/54774916:11
FKAShinobihow can I find the pidfile for smartd?16:11
leftyfbFKAShinobi: pidof smartd16:11
FKAShinobisweet! thanks leftfb!16:11
Angsleftyfb, I get E: Unable to locate package filemanager-actions-nautilus-extension I guess that package is no longer available on ubuntu 22.04 I tried some many other forum posts, no options were available on ubuntu 22.0416:24
yatesbtw, my msteams/linux problem (on both an lubuntu box and a fedora 35 box) in which no input devices (microphones) were recognized by msteams is apparently a known bug. the fix is to 1) exit msteams, 2) rm -fR ~/.config/Microsoft16:42
ioriaAngs, i'd try this : https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/07/open-folder-in-terminal-ubuntu-plugin16:49
ioriaAngs, just change python-nautilus to python3-nautilus16:50
Angsioria, perfect! thank you :)17:03
ioriaAngs, finally, remove nautilus-extension-gnome-terminal17:09
Angsioria, now even better. Thanks.17:10
transhumanist_hi! I have an issue with kvm in ubuntu ,even though I am pretty sure hvm is enabled, virtmgr gives me the following error: ValueError: Host does not support virtualization type 'hvm' for architecture 'x86_64', not sure but I think it was working till I upgraded to ubuntu 22.10 , but that might not be the case, I have not used it in a while, I reinstalled all the packages, and my windows VM does appear to be running ( the17:20
transhumanist_graph shows it is running. I just can't  "open" it.17:20
transhumanist_is there a known issue with ubutu 22.10?17:21
ducassetranshumanist_: is it turned on in the firmware?17:48
transhumanist_yes it is , getting these errors: just a second will post17:49
ducassetranshumanist_: what does 'kvm-ok' say?17:49
transhumanist_exists, can be used (paraphrase)17:50
transhumanist_its running a vm, just wont launch the display17:50
transhumanist_that is can't "open"17:50
transhumanist_indeed, I smell a bug, or some weird config problem, I was hoping someone might have heard something about it17:51
transhumanist_ah ... https://github.com/virt-manager/virt-manager/issues/23417:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 234 in virt-manager/virt-manager "host doesn't support requested feature MSR(48DH).vmx-posted-intr [bit 7]" [Closed]17:53
transhumanist_problem is if this error is caused by pci-passthrough, in my case I do not have this much wanted capability17:55
transhumanist_since it seems like not a ubuntu issue I will ask in #kvm instead17:55
wjtaylorAre n-trig touchscreen drivers still part of ubuntu base install or would they have to be installed seperately?17:56
cjardHi all, I have a chicken and egg question: just installed ubuntu 22, want to install some other stuff but I can't "sudo xyz" because "blahblah user is not in the sudoers file", and I cant "adduser blahblah sudo" because "only root may add a user to the system", and I can't "sudo adduser blahblah sudo" because "blahblah is not in the sudoers file". How do I make it possible to sudo with the user blahblah that I created during install?18:03
leftyfbcjard: login with the user account to setup when you instaled Ubuntu. That account is definitely in the sudoers file unless you changed it18:05
leftyfb!yy.mm | cjard18:05
ubottucjard: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle18:05
cjardone sec, i'll refresh my memory of what I did to install in virtualbox18:06
alkisgcjard: getent group sudo18:07
alkisgThis will tell you the sudo users18:07
alkisgcjard: or, you can run `pkexec bash` and it will pop up a GUI with the users that can do that18:08
cjardresponse to getent group sudo is: sudo:x:27:18:09
cjardresponse to pkexec is pop a ui dialog asking for password for "adminsitrator"18:09
cjardI don't know it18:09
leftyfbcjard: did you install this VM using an official Ubuntu installer .iso or was it an image you downloaded?18:10
cjardinstall process was: make new VirtualBox VM, Choose downloaded iso (ubuntu_22.04.1_desktop_amd64.iso from ubuntu website) and a place for the file to be saved, next screen pick a user name for virtual box (i chose vb/vb as user/pass), then rest of install was unattended i think18:11
cjardhang on, i'll pull up the link for the iso18:11
cjardit was downloaded from: https://mirror.freethought-internet.co.uk/ubuntu-releases/22.04.1/ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso18:12
leftyfbcjard: I can't tell you what went wrong, but a new install would probably be the easiest solution18:13
alkisgIf you used "vb" as the user, and you got "administrator", something is very wrong, I'd reinstall18:13
cjardok, will give it a go!18:13
cjard(the user i'm logged on with right now is "vb" - it shows on the login screen etc)18:14
alkisgBut it's not part of the sudo group, which isn't something the Ubuntu installer would do18:14
alkisgIt's possible that the vbox "preseed" stuff is broken18:15
alkisgWhen you try to reinstall, ignore that vbox autoinstall stuff, leave it empty, and use the ubuntu installer to provide the information18:15
cjardshould i "skip unattended install" and attend it instead, so installer asks me for eg usernames during setup?18:15
pikapikahas it ever happened to you that unpacking linux-hwe-headers stage takes a lot of time18:16
alkisgBecause it's possible that this was caused by vbox misusing the preseed stuff18:16
pikapikait does seem this time it took several minutes18:16
pikapikaI don't remember it being so slow during previous upgrade18:16
pikapikaI don't remember it being so slow during previous upgrades18:16
leftyfbpikapika: it can take a while, especially on slower processors18:17
pikapikathe computer is the same18:17
pikapikaI never noticed it being this slow any previous upgrades18:18
pikapikaI understand of course that compression/decompression can be a very cpu heavy process18:18
pikapikabut that begs the question, is this file really that huge this upgrade?18:18
alkisgpikapika: which cpu is that? Also check your free ram, and the output of `top`18:19
pikapikaits a 6th gen i3 but as I said previous upgrades on the same machine didn't seem to take that long in this step18:20
pikapikaI had 80% or so free ram18:20
pikapikaI tend to close everything else when upgrading18:20
alkisgOK check the output of top, some background service might be using the cpu18:20
alkisgThere's not a big difference in the size of kernels, no18:21
pikapikacpu was also under 20-30% but I can't check anymore since the upgrade is finished18:21
alkisgAnd top or ps faux will tell you the running processes, to pinpoint which one stalls18:21
pikapikayeah thats what I was thinking18:21
pikapikathere shouldn't be much difference in kernel sizes18:21
pikapikaso I was wondering what went funny this time18:22
alkisgIt was at unpacking, not at update-initramfs, right?18:22
alkisgAlso check dmesg for disk issues (e.g. hitting a bad sector may cause big delays)18:23
alkisg(or other hardware issues, which will appear in dmesg)18:23
pikapikaI have a feeling it might be something funny about the region of disk it touched18:25
pikapikaI'll have to see whether thats true18:26
rfmpikapika, I have certainly seen unpacking a kernel header package take a long time, even on very fast processors.  It has to create and remove a lot of small files, which turns out to be a slow operation on many file systems18:30
pikapikaoh right18:32
alkisgIt would be slow in previous updates on the same system too though... pikapika said that wasn't the case18:32
pikapikaif it involves deflating thousands of small .h files then I can understand it taking time18:32
pikapikabut yes also18:32
pikapikaas I said18:32
pikapikathis instance seems to take longer18:32
pikapikaI almost thought it hanged there18:33
pikapikaI can't be sure how much worse it is than previous since I don't closely watch and measure it unless something is weird18:33
rfmI don18:34
pikapikabut it certainly felt this upgrade took rather long to unpack18:34
rfmI don't know why it isn't always slow, it must have something to do with the state of the file system (more/less free space fragmentation, maybe?)18:34
pikapikathe free space is certainly a bit low this time18:35
pikapikabut I did make sure there was comfortable space for the upgrade18:35
wjtaylorCan xorg be setup on Ubuntu Unity?18:53
tomreyni would expect unity to depend on xorg18:54
tomreynbut maybe i'm misunderstanding your question18:55
wjtaylortomreyn: I'm probably not stating it correctly. I can't get this touchscreen working (but it worked on 14.xx) I've read that it may be due to wayland and try using the xorg display manager.18:56
ducasseif you're running unity you are on xorg18:56
wjtaylorThat eliminates that18:56
wjtaylorHow do I troubleshoot this problem. I see the touchscreen listed in xinput, but I get no events for touchscreen. The stylus works fine.18:57
ducassecheck for errors in the x log18:59
leftyfbwjtaylor: did you specifically install Ubuntu unity or are you assuming you're running Unity because it looks like it?19:00
ducassewjtaylor: ^^ - if something is spewing errors they will be logged19:00
wjtaylorleftyfb: I specifically installed Unity 22.1019:00
ducassewjtaylor: 'echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE' should say x1119:07
wjtaylorducasse: It does19:20
ducassethen don't worry about wayland19:20
wjtaylordmesg shows a lot of these: [23843.013851] dell_wmi: Unknown key with type 0x0011 and code 0xfee5 pressed19:21
wjtaylorWould that be related?19:21
theoremwell, this is super weird.19:33
theoremanyone want to chat AWS-foo ?19:33
xipperIs it possible to enjoy Dolby Atmos content in Ubuntu?19:35
tomreyntheorem: only if it's ubuntu support aws-foo. otherwise there is ##aws19:35
theoremtomreyn: k, probably better in #aws then19:36
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sarnoldeest: oh wow! awesome work :)19:59
sarnoldeest: can you file a bug report on curtin for that? I can't promise anything will happen but it sure feels nice to have a proposed fix that works for it20:00
webchat3Is it possible to get help here?20:02
webchat3I want to report about a bug which is related to the "Mouse keys" in Accessibility menu of Ubuntu 22.03.20:02
webchat3Which component should I use to file the bug report>20:02
MekApelsinlast time i did a bug report i started ubuntu-bug in a terminal.20:03
arraybolt3webchat3: that's probably a gnome-related package, lemme do some digging.20:04
webchat3arraybolt3 Sure, thank you. I'm waiting20:05
arraybolt3webchat3: Try "ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center".20:05
webchat3arraybolt3 Thank you20:06
leftyfbit might be xkb-data20:06
arraybolt3On the bright side, even if the package filed against isn't quite right, it's still close, and the Ubuntu developers can reassign packages if needed.20:07
lvsmmusicShould I file a bug report for a feature request for #ubuntu irc?20:09
leftyfblvsmmusic: what do you need help with?20:09
lvsmmusicI want Ubuntu/Canonical to integrate ChatGPT to help people in #ubuntu20:10
leftyfblvsmmusic: I don't think that's likely20:10
leftyfblvsmmusic: also understand, this IRC channel is all community volunteers and not run by Canonical at all20:11
lvsmmusicleftyfb: where do people report bug/feature request for #ubuntu irc?20:11
lvsmmusicleftyfb: oh I stand corrected. Its Ubuntu community!20:11
leftyfblvsmmusic: Neither IRC, nor the #ubuntu channel on it are packages or projects on launchpad or managed by Canonical20:12
lvsmmusicleftyfb: ok20:12
lvsmmusicleftyfb: were do I request then?20:13
leftyfblvsmmusic: maybe try #ubuntu-community-team.20:14
lvsmmusicleftyfb: ok20:14
arraybolt3Also, ChatGPT is *very dangerous* as a support tool, so it's very unlikely that will be added.20:14
arraybolt3Stack Overflow just recently *banned* ChatGPT from the site, for good reason, and I suspect that should a ChatGPT bot come in here, it will suffer the same fate.20:15
arraybolt3lvsmmusic: ^20:15
arraybolt3(It can give answers that look reliable but are bad.)20:15
oerhekschatgpt is proprietary, so another reason to doubt it will be implented20:15
arraybolt3(It might be possible for a bot like that to exist to help other supporters look stuff up quickly, though.)20:15
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: It gives wrong answers? I didn't know that. I thought devs didn't like it because of possible license circumvention20:18
lvsmmusicoerheks: oh I thought it was an open one20:18
lvsmmusica product of openai or something20:18
lvsmmusichow about ubuntu having a similar ai trained on the specific data?20:19
leftyfb!discuss | lvsmmusic20:19
ubottulvsmmusic: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!20:19
lvsmmusicleftyfb: ok20:20
oerhekschatgpt could have told you so20:27
lvsmmusicoerheks: :D20:28
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Sp3eDem0nwtf j'en revien pas que ca existe encore haha22:50
ducasse!fr | Sp3eDem0n22:50
ubottuSp3eDem0n: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:50
sarnoldSp3eDem0n: why wouldn't it? :) there's *dozens* of us!22:51
pinkergloopon ubuntu studio22:53
pinkergloophow do i make it so that i don't have to stop JACK every time i start up my machine just so i can have sound?22:54
seanhCan anyone help me debug why I can't login? I'm getting "Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can't recover. Please log out and try again."23:04
Bashing-omseanh: Tried booting an older kernel or boot into reecovery mode ? What then results ?23:06
seanhBashing-om: computer boots up fine, it's just gnome that doesn't log in23:08
jhutchinsseanh: Is that a firefox error?23:08
jhutchinsseanh: Oh, gnome.23:09
jhutchinsseanh: Can you log in to the console?23:09
seanhjhutchins: I can get into the console yes23:09
jhutchinsseanh: What was the last thing you changed?23:09
seanhjhutchins: I did change the theme of the login screen recently, not sure if that could be the issue23:11
seanhI'm noticing that the settings on login screen about which session to log in to (ubuntu, gnome, wayland, etc) seems to be missing now23:11
jhutchinsseanh: Things that changed between the last time you logged in and the first time it failed are what you need to look at.23:11
jhutchinsseanh: I don't know gnome, so I'll leave you to the rest of the crowd.23:12
seanhAnyone know how to reset GDM to Ubuntu's out-of-the-box defaults?23:13
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seanh`sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3` doesn't seem to do anything23:14
seanhI have no idea how this happened but the ubuntu-desktop package was uninstalled23:16
Sp3eDem0nhow i can change background color23:17
seanhI did `sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop` and it installed it and brought in a bunch of dependencies that were also missing (??) then rebooted and now I can log in again23:17
Sp3eDem0n..  /background 0?23:17
Bashing-omseanh: \o/23:21
val_anyone knows how I can keep the audio enhanced at %150? if I turn up or down the volume from the keyboard, it will go back to maximum of %10023:22
oerheksgsettings set org.gnome.desktop.sound allow-volume-above-100-percent 'true'23:35
oerheksor use the sound settings,23:35
oerheksthere must be that option too.23:35
val_I change it from the sound settings, but it doesn't stay enhanced, can you share the command to do it from the terminal?23:39
oerheksehm, there is nu such over amplication setting, sorry23:40
oerheksit sticks below 100, but you can adjust it with sound keys.23:41
oerheks*if* you find one, let us know!23:41

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