Sulky_Hello, I have troubles with chpasswd. It works with the field "list" but nothing happens with a field "users"18:58
Sulky_Also "chpasswd" appears to only work when it's a child of "autoinstall > user-data", but is ignored when placed on the top level : just below #cloud-config19:00
holmanbSulky_: autoinstall isn't a cloud-init yaml key, sounds like you're using the Ubuntu subiquity autoinstaller.19:01
holmanbShare your config?19:02
Sulky_holmanb, you are correct : I'm using it to automate an Ubuntu installation19:04
Sulky_Yes, I will send to you a light version of the file I'm using19:05
holmanbFor that, this irc channel probably isn't the best support channel, see https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/faq.html#autoinstall-preruncmd-postruncmd19:08
holmanbThat said it's possible that this is a cloud-init bug, so I'll still take a peak if you share it19:11
Sulky_holmanb, here it is : https://pastebin.com/ZqGfGUSp19:16
minimalSulky_: which cloud-init version are you using?19:19
minimalalso can you show the "users" version of the user-data that isn't working?19:20
Sulky_$ cloud-init --version     /usr/bin/cloud-init 22.2-0ubuntu~22.04.319:21
Sulky_minimal, for the file I have sent : the top level "chpasswd" is simply ignored. The commented "chpasswd" bloc into "autoinstall > user-data" works when uncommented19:23
minimalSulky_: cloud-init 22.2 does not support "users" for chpasswd, only "expire" and "list"19:24
Sulky_minimal, the "users" field is not tested in this file (it's commented) : but doesn't work in either cases19:24
minimalon the cloud-init docs' page, at the bottom left be sure to click on "latest" and select 22.2 to see the docs for that version19:24
minimaloh, I didn't look at the "autoinstall" block. Anyway, as said "users" is not support for chpasswd for cloud-init 22.219:25
holmanbAlso I think the pipe character is used for multiline strings in yaml, not lists 19:26
Sulky_minimal, Oh really ? I thought it was supported since I was getting a DEPRECATED warning for "list" field in favor of "users" in the logs19:27
holmanbAh, nvm multiline strings are supported19:28
minimalSulky_: i'm look at this: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/22.2/topics/modules.html#set-passwords19:30
minimalthat is the 22.2 docs, no mention of "users"19:30
Sulky_minimal, you are correct19:31
Sulky_minimal, it makes sense that it doesn't work then19:31
minimalso change "list: |\n  root:test" to "list:\n  - user:test"19:31
minimalas holmanb indicated the "multiline string" format of "list:" is deprecated as indicated in the docs19:33
Sulky_minimal, Ok great, I will :)19:33
Sulky_Do you know why this bloc (with "list") will not work at a top level field (juste below #cloud-config) but will work into "autoinstall > user-data" ?19:33
holmanbSulky_: I'm a bit fuzzy on the details of that, but iirc the top level gets passed to cloud-init at a different stage from subiquity's autoinstall subkey userdata.19:37
minimaldon't know but as holmanb indicated you are not using "native" cloud-init, you're using Ubuntu Subquity (which is where the "autoinstall" reference is coming from)19:38
Sulky_Ok, if I understand correctly, although autoinstall and cloud-init input files look close they are not identical19:41
Sulky_Thank you a lot for your help :)19:41
Sulky_I will try to figure this out on the dedicated irc channel19:42
minimalholmanb: things busy at Canonical currently?19:45
holmanbminimal: A few unplanned side quests have come up recently19:46
minimalah ok, it seemed quiet on here the past week and was hoping for some input to my recent PR19:47
holmanbAh, right that one. I think James mentioned trying to take a look, but then things came up and he's been out the last couple of days.19:48
holmanbI'll try to prioritize getting eyes on it19:50
minimalthanks, just hoping to get it sorted in time for 23.119:53
minimalworking on ena-related stuff currently19:54
minimaloops, eni19:54
holmanb+1 sounds good19:57

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