yuesbeezkubuntu would let me unlock at the lockscreen after running sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop so i went into tty and ran this command and it appeared that the update had finished so then i did sudo reboot. obviously now i see thats a bad idea because it wouldnt boot until i entered tty and did sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop, now it boots to tty. how do i get the gui back01:04
yuesbeezi see driver errors on boot. is there a command like ubuntu-drivers install for kubuntu?01:05
yuesbeezok was able to reinstall it but it says no drivers available01:24
yuesbeezgot the gui running with startx01:34
yuesbeezit just runs my programs but no kde01:34
yuesbeezreinstalling plasmashell fixed that. there were a bunch of noninstalled depedencies. is there an easy way to check all the correct packages are installed?01:50
yuesbeezwell im just reinstalling all of them02:00
yuesbeezjust me myself and i the kde community02:00
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Planning to install Kubuntu on a new laptop with a nvme disk.  Should i still use EXT4 or the new BTFRS File system?  I have always used the EXT4 till now.  Any advantages of installing btfrs?05:07
alkisgrrsriram, use ext4 for stability. Btrfs has extra features such as snapshots, but isn't as mature or as polished as ext4, so if you don't need to use its advanced features, don't choose it05:52
IrcsomeBot<rrsriram> Thank you.  Been using ext4 from 2003 so will stick to it.06:17
IrcsomeBot<kyv_94> Hi12:45
IrcsomeBot<kyv_94> I'm having troubbles with the live version. Firefox does not start, for example.12:46
mparilloIt does for me on the daily images (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/).12:48
IrcsomeBot<eM_Je> VIOV12:56
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