arangaran2023[m]i have a problem i am trying to instal lubuntu backport in Kinetic but it appears to be missing from the repositories05:42
arangaran2023[m]anyone could lend me a hand about what to do? i know you guys are busy with 23.04 and i would use 22.04 but my laptop only works with Kinetic05:43
arangaran2023[m](otherwise i end with no sound, the glory of tigerlake)05:43
guiverc#lubuntu is for support; but backports will give you a later LXQt in 22.04 (jammy), LXQt already had a newer LXQt 1.1 .. https://lubuntu.me/jammy-backports-22-04-1/  ie. it's for 22.0405:45
guivercarangaran2023[m], even the later blog (https://lubuntu.me/jammy-backports-22-04-1-lxqt-1-2/) only mentions jammy/22.04 backports, but please use #lubuntu for support 05:47
arangaran2023[m]ok im try the element web app, i assume that lubuntu is a channel how do i go there?05:49
guiverchttps://lubuntu.me/links/ has many links & details of channels.. sorry I don't often use a 'element web app' so can't really advise there sorry05:50
guivercarangaran2023[m], ^05:51
arangaran2023[m]ok thank you, so in sum, i am kind of screwed cos the hard fact is that there is no backport for kinetic05:52
arangaran2023[m]so if i want lubuntu 22.10 i must download and install it again and everything on top05:52
guiverchttps://matrix.to/#/#lubuntu:libera.chat maybe helpful, but I don't know re: webchat.    Lubuntu 22.10 is a short-term/interim stable release so using PPA just complicates the release-upgrade process; the LTS release has years of life thus it's more useful for backports there (far less need on 22.10; as first backport gave what 22.10 had to 22.04)...  SRU of changes makes more sense, that will be done when/IF resources allow05:54
arangaran2023[m]oh yeah i use 22.04 in other computers but 22.04 for some reason does not support tigerlake well enough to allow it to use the microphone or the speakers05:56
guivercYou can re-install Lubuntu non-destructively.. You'll find it mentioned in the [understanding] Lubuntu checklists documention on our discourse/forum05:56
arangaran2023[m]and there seems to be a bug in kernels 6.x that screw things too so i am trapped with 22.10 so far hoping that 23.04 works better05:56
guiverc22.04 has 2x kernel options; GA=5.15 the most stable; the 5.19 kernel from 22.10 is now available via -edge on 22.0405:56
guivercbut please use a support channel; this isn't Lubuntu support.05:57
arangaran2023[m]i will i was just explaining myself thanks guiverc 05:57

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