lotuspsychjegood morning04:14
ducassehiya all07:20
wezGood evening!10:06
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MacSlowGreetings everyone!13:15
ice9what's the difference between Ubuntu's Linux kernel and the main stream Linux?19:40
Jeremy31Different patches19:42
Jeremy31A kernel from linux you would likely have to compile yourself19:43
ice9well I'm asking because I'm facing freezes from time to time and I have to hard reset, I don't know if that's because of main stream kernel bug or Ubuntu19:49
ice9Ubuntu's * patches19:49
crax23you should ask on #ubuntu19:51
daftykinsthat's quite the leap19:51
ice9Honestly I barely get a real technical support on #ubuntu, most of the time I get no answer if it's a bit complicated issue19:52
crax23to help trackdown the issue, weither it driver related or whatnot, there are different kernels available in APT and it can be sleep mode issue, or a background daemon lock down or something...more people will be able to help, with dmesg output etc. 19:52

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