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minimalcaribou: I've been looking into the IPv6 default route prefix issue and think I see where the problem is occurring19:24
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falcojrminimal: whoops, sorry, just saw this now. I just put up a PR for it22:02
falcojr(if we're talking about the same issue)22:02
minimalfalcojr: ah ok, yes it's the same issue. I had a quick look at your PR but need to test it to understand what exactly the change does ;-)22:19
falcojrbasically, if there was a falsey value in the config, we'd strip it out. A prefix of 0 is falsey, so it'd get stripped out. Later we'd see no prefix and put in a default one22:20
falcojrthe change says "0 is valid, don't strip it out"22:20
minimalah "0" as falsey rather than numeric 0, right that makes sense22:20
minimalyes I'd figured out the prefix was being stripped and so the big if then elseif block was falled through to the bottom and assuming /64 for IPv6 and /24 for IPv422:21
minimalI was in the middle of testing some other IPv4 & IPv6 routes to see if the problem only affected defaults or also others22:22
falcojrif you already have them written/running, it'd be good to run them against my PR22:23
falcojrI ran it against the current tests, but we're probably missing some use cases there22:23
minimallocally I've been creating a set of various static IPv4, static IPv6, static IPv4 & IPv6, SLAAC-related etc configs to test as I'm working on some other network renderering issues22:24
minimalso far only testing network config v2 but also want to check v1 as well22:25
falcojrthat's good. v2 probably needs more love anyway as it's the less common version22:26
minimalyeah, I'm trying to figure out various DHCPv6 related stuff for eni that are NOT documented as supported, e.g. privext, request_prefix, dhcp, autoconf22:28
minimalfalcojr: I settled in v2 in general quite some time ago as there was stuff I was using that I couldn't do via v122:32
falcojrminimal: Do you remember what kind of stuff? Just curious22:32
minimalfalcojr: hmm, I'd have to dig throgh notes/files to figure out what, might have been vlan related, or renaming interface related22:33
falcojrgotcha, not a big deal. Was just curious22:34
minimalfalcojr: ah, maybe it was route related, with v1 you can't associate routes with particular interfaces from memory22:36
falcojroooh...yeah, I tried unifying how v1 and v2 get represented under the hood and ran into that22:37
minimalfalcojr: another v2 routes issue is something I'm trying to fix currently22:37

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