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RaulHow do I load Kubuntu on a Dell SSD laptop that has no operating system?03:26
RaulI have the ISO file on an USB stick, but the BIOS doesn't recognize it03:27
arraybolt3Raul: Did you *flash* the ISO, or simply copy it?03:31
arraybolt3Raul: I'm guessing that either your laptop's boot order is ignoring the drive, or you copied the ISO file to the drive rather than flashing it.03:37
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I sat 264 gigs partition and i get this06:14
IrcsomeBot<Omar> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/dc29008c/file_63072.jpg06:15
IrcsomeBot<Omar> And this06:16
IrcsomeBot<Omar> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/d5020915/file_63073.jpg06:16
guruprasadIs there a way to get the image previews for heic images in Dolphin and view the images on Gwenview on Kubuntu 22.04?07:17
guruprasadI do have the kimageformat-plugins package installed but it may not have had the relevant flags enabled during build.07:18
guruprasadI see that it works on newer versions of Kubuntu and Plasma from the backports PPA. So can one just install the backported package to get it working?07:18
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mparilloI think you will be safer adding the PPA, because that way the dependencies will also be at the right version.12:14
BluesKajHi all13:30
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> hello14:44
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> ive been using my whatsdeck but just now it started to display white background with nothing on it ive closed the app and reopen but no difference14:46
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> any help?14:46
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> yeah deb package works fine now (re @bauchhaus: Works?)15:49
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> I'm getting Bios Errors15:51
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> Couple of AE not found erros15:51
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> I updated Bios firmwares through windows because I have dual boot15:51
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> still getting these errors15:52
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> I know it's ignorable15:52
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> doesn't matter much15:52
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> I get my copying files stuck when it's something over 5 gb specially any iso file15:54
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> Any solution to speed it up and to get rid of stucking while copying?15:54
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> Someone told for defining block sizes15:54
IrcsomeBot<DPRanjiida> is it safe? How can I do it?15:54
john1258I did sudo apt remove rasdaemon16:43
john1258but it is taking forever16:43
john1258what is going on16:43
john1258progress 33%16:43
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi can i install windows on a partition without deleting linux?19:01
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