guruprasadxnox, running the unit tests requires setting up the Launchpad dev environment - see https://launchpad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/how-to/running.html. You will have to do everything till the 'Running' section on that page. Then you can refer https://dev.launchpad.net/Testing for the instructions on running the whole test suite or a subset of tests.05:28
guruprasadWe run the full test suite on external CI after every merge before the change is added to our stable branches.07:14
guruprasadThe full test suite takes a few hours to run on my laptop. It might run quicker on better hardware and it runs in ~1 hour on buildbot, which is where we run the post-merge checks.07:15
jugmac00xnox: running a single test goes like this:08:09
jugmac00bin/with-xvfb bin/test -vvct <identifier>08:09
xnoxexcellent thank you both.09:45
xnoxmaybe a link to dev.launchpad.net/Testing from the readthedocs would be nice. Where abouts is the sourcecode for launchpad readthedocs site?09:46
jugmac00xnox: it is inside the Launchpad code base.. and we are in midst of moving the documentation, though it will take some time. Thanks for considering to contributing.09:57

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