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LocutusOfBorghello, please don't forget the s390x stick when possible08:32
LocutusOfBorgor maybe https://tenor.com/view/computer-drinking-bird-keyboard-the-simpsons-gif-802543308:38
jugmac00LocutusOfBorg: I am currently in a meeting, will have a look later.08:45
jugmac00LocutusOfBorg: I have done a reset of the cleaning builders. Let's wait a couple of minutes whether this did the trick.09:32
LocutusOfBorgjugmac00, sadly the stick was probably not enough long to reach the correct button?09:53
jugmac00LocutusOfBorg: I will talk with the team what would be the next step09:55
seb128jugmac00, LocutusOfBorg, autopkgtests have the same issue so I would guess it's an IS problem and not a launchpad team one09:56
cjwatsonjugmac00: no point, there's already a half-hourly automatic reset job.10:01
cjwatsonresetting manually makes no difference to that10:02
LocutusOfBorgso its a bos01 problem?10:03
LocutusOfBorgI hope the bits will sort out soon, keep up the good work!10:07
jugmac00LocutusOfBorg:  This is an IS issue, and they are aware of it and investigating. That is all I can say for now.11:10
LocutusOfBorgwell, looks like bos02 is crunching s390x jobs, so the situation is at least partially working!11:10
mitya57Is the Debian importer broken? LP still doesn't have my pymca and python-docutils uploads from 1.5 days ago.11:25
LocutusOfBorgmaybe the reason is the bos2 failure above^11:26
jugmac00mitya57: yes, it is broken, and we are aware of it, see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/70450911:26
mitya57Ok, thanks!11:27
LocutusOfBorgoh noes, the old/new non-free-firmware is causing new troubles?11:27
cjwatsonactually a Debian archive bug, just filing it11:50
-ubottu:#launchpad- Debian bug 1029497 in ftp.debian.org "ftp.debian.org: weird non-free-firmware/dep11 structure in bookworm" [Normal, Open]11:51
cjwatsonLocutusOfBorg: (it is not possible for a bos02 failure to cause Debian importer issues, for the record)11:52
cjwatsonOr a bos01 failure for that matter11:53
LocutusOfBorgoh ok thanks, for sure my brain is failing to remember such things then...12:03
kkeithleynot sure if this is the right place (maybe #launchpad-dev instead?)   I fired off a few builds on Saturday. Two days later the s390x builds still haven't run. All weekend the status said 'Start in 60 minutes'.  Now it says start in 9 minutes.   Are the s390x builders just backed up or is there something else  going on? Thanks12:53
jugmac00kkeithley: There are currently issues with bos01 - the bos02 are working, at least some of them. IS is already investigating.12:59
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cjwatsonbos01 is not perfect but it's looking quite a lot healthier now, so the s390x queue should start draining15:25
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