mybalzitchso if I have my monitor at 165hz ot01:33
mybalzitch'll randomly flicker under linux. modern amdgpu01:34
mybalzitchshould I just file a bug report on the amdgpu issue tracker?01:34
sarnoldif it's happening in the 'usual ubuntu desktop', a bug report on launchpad against gnome-shell would probably be nice, too01:35
sarnold(not that that's necessarily the right package, but it does grab a bunch of the useful data sources, and the desktop team has told me in the past that they will move it as necessary)01:35
mybalzitchor konsole?01:36
duflumybalzitch, please run:  ubuntu-bug gnome-shell01:37
dufluBug report received01:58
mybalzitchwasnt me02:01
seb128goood morning desktopers!08:04
dufluMorning seb128 08:13
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seb128ricotz, I wonder if that 'Drop usage of llvm-toolchain-11 which is not used anymore' was appropriate for stable series, SRU/security usually doesn't like 'non essential changes' or at least like to have a report with rational. I'm uploading with it because it's in the vcs but I hope it doesn't create problems20:15
ricotzseb128, I see, Locutus_OfBorg asked for it while is creates dependency issues recently20:22
seb128ricotz, why? it's a long list of |20:25
seb128also why do we remove 11 and not 10?20:25
ricotz-10 is for bionic20:26
ricotz-11 was used on impish and focal+ got llvm-12 SRUs iirc20:26
seb128well I was checking kinetic, you remove 11 but 10 is still in the list which feels weird20:27
ricotzI know, I am trying to keep the packaging in sync20:27
seb128if we do >= 12 then I would have expected 11 and 10 to get removed and not only 1120:27
seb128ah, ok20:27
ricotznote that the SRUs are not replacing the default llvm, so specific build-deps would be still required20:29
ricotz*llvm SRUs20:29
ricotztsimonq2, jbicha, hi, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ca-certificates-java/+bug/2003750 which prevent libreoffice autopkgtests from succeeding21:21
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Launchpad bug 2003750 in ca-certificates-java (Ubuntu) "Fails to configure on autopkgtests arm64/armhf" [High, New]21:21
tsimonq2ricotz: Hi, thanks!22:56

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