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baldpopeam I blind - where is the grub.conf with the kernel entries on ubuntu 22?04:17
blahdeblahbaldpope: Under grub 2 it moved to being a generated file - see /etc/grub.d/README and the other files in that dir04:21
blahdeblahAlso /etc/default/grub is the main place you change the settings04:21
baldpopeyea - inspecting that now - trying to add serial console support to attempt attaching ipmi serial console for remote control (if/when needed)04:25
baldpopelooks like after making a change, I need to run grub-update or something?04:25
blahdeblahyep - update-grub04:30
blahdeblahThe man page on that should be pretty good04:31
baldpopeyea - i guess I jumped the gun on asking04:31
blahdeblahAll good! :-)04:31
baldpopeso used to seeing /boot/grub.conf04:31
blahdeblahYou won't be seeing that around much any more. ;-)04:31
baldpopetrying to add the serial console output from grub (for access to console over ipmi serial interface) - is there a way to verify the serial setting is active ?04:39
baldpopefound it via dmesg, still not getting serial console over ipmitool - 04:59
baldpopeeh - an issue for tomorrow04:59
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P-NuTSup all. 12:52
P-NuTI need to allow a normal user to edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf but dont want to give him root access. 12:52
P-NuTCan I do this via visudo?12:52
ravageit is possible via sudo13:02
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