meenaI think minimal's alpine manage_service specialisation should probably become the default sysv-init implementation 12:44
minimalmeena: I assume you mean OpenRC, rather than sysv-init14:10
minimalthe only other cloud-init supported distro that uses/can use OpenRC is Gentoo - it support both systemd and OpenRC but I'm not sure anyone actually uses cloud-init with Gentoo and OpenRC14:11
minimalI did mention my manage_service changes to a Gentoo person but didn't get any feedback14:12
meenaminimal: yesno. I think Debian's sysv-init should also have update-rc14:52
minimalah right, I forgot Debian still has sysvinit support. Yes there is service / update-rc.d if the init-system-helpers package is installed. for both Gentoo and Debian that would mean checking for systemctl program first before falling back to sysvinit/openrc commands I guess14:59
meenathat's what we do15:06
meenawhich is hopefully cached15:07
minimalI guess there just hasn't been any interest/anyone using c-i on those distros without systemd15:07
minimalI assume the official Debian cloud images have systemd15:07
minimaldon't believe Gentoo has any official cloud images at all15:08
meenathere's still all those freaks who forked Debian, making sysv-init default15:09
meenabut who knows if they're anywhere close to any cloud system15:10
minimalthey do have c-i 22.4.2 packages (from Debian), however I don't see any Devuan cloud images15:14
meenaDevuan reminds me of people who build their entire personality on spite15:18
holmanminimal: Google has a Gentoo-based distro that they have images for, but I don't remember which init system they use.16:01
holmanalso we have a pep517 bug that iirc was affecting OpenRC but not SystemD on Gentoo16:03
minimalholman: am trying to figure out how to deal with some network config v2 related issues16:43
minimalso gateway4 & gateway6 were recently deprecated in netconfig v2 because they have been deprecated in netplan, right?16:44
falcojrCorrect 16:51
minimalok, there's two things related to this that I'm trying to deal with16:52
minimal(1) netplan defines accept-ra as boolean, but the Linux kernel has 3 values for that, 0,1,216:52
minimalso there's no way for me to set "accept_ra: 2" in an eni using netconfig v216:53
minimal(2) the eni renderer (and I assume other renderers) treats gateway4/gateway6 differently than "routes:" for default IPv4/v6 routes - which means that ifupdown/(Alpine) ifupdown-ng will NOT use "onlink" for adding default routes via "routes:" but will for gateway4/gateway616:55
falcojrfor 2, I think that could be solved by pulling the on-link key into v216:57
falcojrnot sure what can be done about 116:59
minimalfalcojr: for "on-link" that requires it to be explicitly provided, currently ifupdown/ifupdown-ng always specify "onlink" to "ip route add default" so all default routes (whether the gw is in or outside of the subnet) get it set17:00
minimalso if I use "gateway4" with eni and a /32 IPv4 address then the default route is set correctly17:01
minimalif I use "routes:" with eni and a /32 IPv4 address instead the route is not set correctly (it would if I change the eni renderer to treat "routes:" for default in the exactly same way it treats gateway4/gateway6 - i.e. writes a "gateway:" entry in the appropriate inet/inet6 section rather than "post-up" entry)17:03
minimal^^ of eni file17:03
minimalthat's one of the things i'm currently working on17:03
falcojrminimal: sorry, don't remember eni syntax much. Are you saying it uses separate syntax for the default route vs other routes?17:05
minimalfalcojr: yes, it doesn't define a default route, it has a "gateway <ip address." in the iface section17:05
minimalthat then triggers ifup (in both ifupdown & ifupdown-ng) to do a "ip route add default ......"17:06
falcojrbut it shouldn't be hard in the v2 config to see if somebody has defined a default route, right?17:08
minimalnetwork_state.py passes default routes specified via gateway4/6 to the renderer differently than default routes specified via "routes:"17:09
falcojrright, yeah, we'll need to update the affected renderers appropriately17:11
minimalthat's what I'm trying to figure out how to do for eni currently17:12
minimalre the other issue, eni manpage says:17:14
minimalaccept_ra int   Accept router advertisements (0=off, 1=on,  2=on+forwarding). Default value: "2"17:14
minimalwhereas netplan docs say:17:15
minimalaccept-ra (bool)   Accept Router Advertisement that would have the kernel configure IPv6 by itself. When enabled, accept Router Advertisements. When disabled, do not respond to Router Advertisements. If unset use the host kernel default setting.17:15
falcojrminimal: Can you detect a default route specified in v2 and translate to the eni gateway?17:15
minimalyes, that would require search for "default", "", and "::/0" and then also removing those from the routes list so they don't get renderered as additional routes17:18
minimalthat was what I had in mind17:18
falcojryeah, that makes sense17:21
minimalfalcojr: I intend to put the various v1 and v2 netconfig files I'm testing in a Github repo, I'll drop you a link when I do that17:22
falcojrthat'll be useful, thanks17:22
minimaltrying to cater for various realistic scenarios, e.g. DHCP only, static IPv4/v6 only, static plus SLAAC, etc17:23

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