five6184Could somebody please help me troubleshoot my Raspberry Pi server randomly freezing? The logs suddenly stop, there's no error, and the only way to revive it is a hard reboot. I have attached 8 external HDDs with their own power supply + powered hub.14:15
rbasakIf they're USB powered then the power lines are all shared. Disks drawing power will be able to drag down the Pi's available power.14:55
five6184the disks are externally powered and also plugged to a hub which is externally powered15:13
waveformfive6184, do you have a monitor attached to the Pi? I'm wondering because if you're monitoring the logs remotely you may not see output that isn't flushed over the network before things die15:31
five6184no, unfortunately getting a monitor hooked up would be a challenge16:06
five6184so far I've been trying to read logs post-mortem and they're missing, but I think I'll try to stream them over network and hope that they survive long enough 16:06

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