lotuspsychj3looking good https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/community-support/33339 aaronprisk[m] !16:15
aaronprisk[m]Thank you! Do you feel this newer structure addresses your navigation concern?16:17
lotuspsychj3aaronprisk[m]: its a great starting point for users for sure, i love it16:18
lotuspsychj3now the last important step to link it to https://ubuntu.com/support/community-support16:18
lotuspsychj3and we ready to go :p16:19
aaronprisk[m]Great! Once we have a few more pieces ready on the back-end, we should be able to update the main landing page as well.16:22
aaronprisk[m]I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, lotuspsychj3. 16:22
lotuspsychj3great tnx aaronprisk[m] 16:23

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