lotuspsychjegood morning02:40
cornivalI should start my own ubuntu distrib, fubuntu.04:15
cornivalkung-fubuntu ..only available for the good chinese city...zen >P 04:16
arraybolt3Ubuntu Kylin already exists though.04:16
cornivali know, don't worry.04:16
arraybolt3One thing I'd like to see happen would be if there was a Trinity Desktop version of Ubuntu. (KDE 3 continuation, it's beautiful.) Not sure if that will ever happen though.04:17
arraybolt3I *might* try to make it a flavor at some point once I get a lot more experience and can package quickly and accurately, but for now that's way beyond my abilities.04:18
MacSlowGreetings everyone!13:14
ducassegreetings and salutations!19:07
=== BrianBlaze420 is now known as BrianBlaze
amacater_Wish me luck - I'm off to install Ubuntu server for the first time in years - mostly Debian here :)20:58
amacater_Anything obvious I should know that will be a gotcha?20:58
MacSlowGreetings everybody!22:14
wezoh hi MacSlow !23:33
MacSlowhey wez 23:58

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