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RoeyI have a Dell Inspiron 14z nv11 laptop from 2009-2012 time frame. I've just installed Covid 22.10 on it.  When I try to boot it, it says "Operating system not found".  How can I make my ship go?00:30
RoeyKubuntu 22.10 *00:30
Roey(yeah sorry bout that, am listening to a news report in the background)00:32
Roeyanyway, how can I ascertain if the booting issue is due to bad MBR/GPE or something else?00:32
tomreynRoey: disable intel rst in bios00:47
arraybolt3Roey: Check your drive boot order and enabled bootable devices, too.00:47
Roeytomreyn: I'm not sure this was even a setting like that available in bios01:30
Roeyarraybolt3: the boot drive order has the ssd as first boot device, wich is what i wan01:30
arraybolt3Roey: Hmm, do you know if this is a BIOS or a UEFI system?01:30
Roeynot UEFI.01:31
Roeyit's too old to be uefi01:31
Roeythere's no UEFI setting in BIOS at all01:31
Roeyit's a dell inspiron 14z nv11, circa 2009-201201:31
arraybolt3Hmm. OK, boot from the live USB, run "sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that spits out. That should give us clues as to why it's not working.01:32
arraybolt3Also, did you try to install this standalone or dual-boot?01:32
Roeyok, I'll try that.01:32
Roeyinstalled it standalone01:32
Roeyhi all again02:15
Roeyarraybolt3: so I've finally booted it and it's been booting from the DVD for like half an hour so far02:15
Roeymaybe the dvd lens is dirty or something02:15
Roeyanyway, so I'm at a knosole prompt now02:15
Roeyshows a partitioned /dev/sda02:16
Roeyinto four partitions02:16
arraybolt3Hmm. OK, boot from the live USB, run "sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that spits out. That should give us clues as to why it's not working.02:23
arraybolt3(fdisk, not lsblk.)02:23
Roeyarraybolt3: https://termbin.com/r5vy02:23
arraybolt3hmm... I see the bios boot partition, so this should work, but maybe GPT has confused it.02:24
Roeythere shouldn't be any EFI partition, right?02:24
arraybolt3I'd try reinstalling with manual partitioning, formatting the disk as MBR this time instead.02:24
Roeythen I need to manually set up LVM encryption02:24
arraybolt3The EFI partition is made automatically even on BIOS systems confusingly.02:24
Roeythat's why I chose full-disk + LVM + encryption02:24
arraybolt3Roey: No need for LVM for encryption to work if you're manual partitioning.02:25
arraybolt3Just make a LUKS-encrypted ext4 partition.02:25
RoeyI want / + /boot + /home + swap  on all of it02:25
Roeyarraybolt3: so how can I do that?02:26
arraybolt3Encrypt / and /home, put a swapfile on /, and leave /boot unencrypted?02:26
Roeyswapfile I can do02:27
Roey/boot unencrypted though02:27
arraybolt3That's what you get with LVM+encryption anyway.02:27
RoeyI mean with the guided setup, /boot is encrypted too, right?02:27
arraybolt3You might be able to set /boot encrypted too, though I've not tried it with Kubuntu. I know it Just Works on Lubuntu, but Lubuntu uses a different installer.02:27
RoeyI /am/ installing stock 22.1002:28
Roeywithout any updates over the network02:28
Roeyhas this thing issue been fixed since october 2022?02:28
arraybolt3I don't think /boot being unencrypted is considered a bug.02:28
Roeyplus I wonder how much more effort this takes02:28
arraybolt3I don't know if it will fail if you try to encrypt /boot, I've never tried it on Kubuntu. It's worth a shot, and I would expect it to work.02:28
Roeyewll if the default method doesn't encrypt /boot02:29
Roeythen why should I do it myself02:29
Roeyso how do I go about doing all this?02:29
arraybolt3Manual partitioning, MBR partition table, make a 4 GB /boot encrypted, then a <however big you want plus room for swap> root encrypted, then everything else /home encrypted, and install the bootloader to the main disk directly. Or you can make /boot unencrypted, your choice.02:29
Roeyhow would I install the bootloader to hte main disk directly, what, with grub you mean?02:30
Roey*to the main partition on the main disk02:30
Roeyalso, arraybolt3, so in taking your advice above, i'd be using a swap partition and not a swap file, why your switch in tactics?02:32
arraybolt3Roey: The way above is still with a swap file.02:33
arraybolt3Also installing the bootloader to the main disk directly should be easy, just select whatever your main disk is (probably /dev/sda) in the "Boot loader location" box or whatever it's called.02:33
arraybolt3(With EFI I think you do things slightly differently but this isn't EFI.)02:34
arraybolt3Roey: The way above has you make a root partition with extra room so that you can fit a swapfile on the root partition. I mean you *could* store the swapfile in /home but that would be weird :P02:34
Roeysoparition-wise: MBR | 4 GB /boot encrypted (ext4? btrfs?) | swap partition?, encrypted | / encrypted, btrfs? | /home encrypted, btrfs?02:34
Roeyarraybolt3: oh ok02:35
RoeyI thought you meant to make swap a separate partition02:35
arraybolt3I would avoid using btrfs on root if the swapfile is going there, that could be tricky.02:35
Roeymaybe I'll just make a swap partition02:36
Roeybut I'd like to put btrfs over a LUKS/lvm thing02:36
leei have a problem with my hardware (keyboard)02:37
leebutton presses are hit or miss02:37
leesometimes numbers dont work02:38
Roeyfor some reason, arraybolt3, it doesn't appear to respond when I click "New Partition Table..."02:38
Roeyor "Delete"02:38
leei have to keep pressing the key(s)02:38
Roeyor clicking on any of the checkboxes in the "Format?" column02:38
Roeyarraybolt3: ^02:38
arraybolt3That's weird.02:38
Roeyok nevermind02:40
RoeyI managed to delete them all02:40
Roeyby clicking on the partition entry and clicking "Delete"02:40
Roeylee: sorry for ignoring you, I'm just knee-deep in this installation02:41
arraybolt3lee: I don't think that can be resolved by Kubuntu, if your keyboard is requiring that you hit stuff multiple times, that sounds like you need a new keyboard.02:41
Roeyhow big a size for root, arraybolt3?02:43
RoeyI've got a 1 TB ssd here.02:43
Roeyand the rest for /home?02:43
RoeyI'll use a swap file instead of a partition.02:43
Roeyor maybei t doesn't matter since it's btrfs anyway02:44
arraybolt3Roey: I'd personally use between 64-128 GB for /root, but that's just me, if you use a lot of apps (especially big apps) you might need more.02:44
arraybolt3Er, not /root, but /.02:44
Roey*ahh* ok02:44
arraybolt3(There's actually a /root folder but that's a very differernt thing)02:44
Roeyyeah old-school unix folks used to put /root on a separate partition02:44
Roeyif I make a swapfile on a BTRFS filesystem on an SSD02:45
Roeywill btrfs's COW muck things up?02:46
arraybolt3Possibly. When you try to "swapon" the file, it may say "swapfile has holes" and refuse to let it work.02:46
arraybolt3I think there's a way to make it work though.02:46
Roeyswap partition it is, then.02:46
arraybolt3Also, how many partitions are you about to have?02:46
arraybolt3If you're going to use more than 4, you'll need to make an "extended partition" and then make further "logical partitions" inside that one.02:47
arraybolt3(MBR only supports four primary partitions, or three primary and one extended. Then the extended one can hold as many logical partitions as you want.)02:47
Roey/boot | /swap | / | /home02:47
arraybolt3Ah, nice.02:47
Roeythanks.also, how do I set these up as encryptd?02:47
arraybolt3There should be an "Encrypt" checkbox when you go to make each partition, I believe.02:50
Roeyso I have:  /boot - 8,  GB swap - 16 GB, / - 150 GB, /home - 825 GB or so02:51
Roeyarraybolt3: I see no such option02:51
arraybolt3Tar, lemme look at the actual installer...02:52
arraybolt3(I'd be very surprised if Ubiquity, the installer used by Kubuntu, doesn't have this option...)02:52
Roeyand this is for 22.1002:53
arraybolt3OH wow. I got the installer to crash >_<02:53
arraybolt3Hold on, I'll do some experimenting, give me a bit...02:54
Roeythank you :)02:54
arraybolt3Roey: Wow. So I underestimated how limited this installer was.03:05
arraybolt3Roey: It looks like you can make a "physical volume for encryption", but then how you set a filesystem...?03:05
RoeyI've found https://www.tangibleabstraction.com/2020/05/21/full-disk-encryption-on-ubuntu-with-manual-partitioning/  <- and this involves dropping to a Konsole instead of using Ubiquity's paritioner03:05
arraybolt3Yeah. That might work.03:06
Roeygosh this looks so complimicated03:06
arraybolt3Hmm. Lemme try an installation like that and report back the results.03:06
Roeyoh wow you're so flexible, thanks so much03:07
arraybolt3Might take a bit, thanks for your patience.03:11
arraybolt3OK well the installer threw a *fit* over what I just did, but it's installing :P03:16
arraybolt3If this works, then encrypted /boot should be possible.03:16
arraybolt3As well as BTRFS and whatnot.03:16
Roeyoooh ok03:20
Roeyso what exactly did you do?03:21
arraybolt3Well, hold on, lemme see if this works first :P03:27
Roeysure :) :)03:27
arraybolt3(My connection is slow and I failed to tell it to not install updates so it might be a few more minutes.)03:27
RoeyI'm just impressed that you did an installation just to help me out03:29
arraybolt3I use virtualization software, so it's super easy to do stuff like that.03:29
Roeyha, aye03:29
arraybolt3(Basically it lets me run a whole "computer" as an application, so I can do an OS installation in a virtual machine and be able to figure out how to make things happen.)03:29
Roeyyeah I know03:30
Roeyit's just the amount of effort03:30
Roeywow, like I said, I'm impressed, and thank you03:30
arraybolt3If this works, I'll make a second VM but with a much larger disk, and then we'll walk through making identical installations at the same time. That way if something blows up, I'll know it on my end before it blows up on your end.03:30
arraybolt3Uh... crud. OK so things did blow up with the partition that /boot was on encrypted.03:31
arraybolt3(I didn't make a separate /boot and /, I just made them the same thing and encrypted / entirely, and it made GRUB mad.)03:32
arraybolt3Sigh. It looked like it was going so well.03:32
Roeyit's ok03:32
RoeyI mean I suppose I can live with unencrypted /boot03:33
arraybolt3K. Well, let's try it. The installer was able to cope with my shenanigans, so hopefully having /boot unencrypted will do the trick.03:33
Roeyhey I wonder... if I use btrfs on (unencrypted) /boot, (encrypted) / and (encrypted) /home,  will BTRFS play nice with all that, since it sits a layer above LUKS?03:33
arraybolt3BTRFS and LUKS technically function together, but I have heard of it possibly making SSDs fail in the past.03:34
arraybolt3(LUKS just makes an encrypted container that you can put theoretically any filesystem inside.)03:34
arraybolt3Then again, my mentor runs LUKS+BTRFS on his main rig and it works just fine :P03:35
arraybolt3OK, are you at the Kubuntu desktop?03:35
Roeyyes I am03:35
arraybolt3Alright, let's launch Konsole.03:35
Roeycurrently at the partitioner screen of the installer03:35
RoeyI'm there03:35
arraybolt3Close the installer, we need to do this part first and then launch the installer.03:35
arraybolt3It will ask if you want to abort the installation, tell it yes.03:36
arraybolt3OK, do "lsblk" and tell me what your main disk is.03:36
arraybolt3(I assume it's going to be /dev/sda.)03:36
Roey/dev/sda, right03:36
arraybolt3sudo fdisk /dev/sda03:36
RoeyCommand (m for help):03:36
arraybolt3At the fdisk prompt, type a single "o" and press Enter. This will wipe the disk.03:37
Roeyit bitches about "the device contains 'gpt' signaure and it will be removed by a write command.  See fdisk(8) man page and --wipe option for more details", but also says "Created a new DOS disklabel with disk (identifier 0x73f9703)03:38
arraybolt3(hold on, I'll be right back, I have to go afk for just a sec)03:38
Roeyprobably because the installer before it made a gpt partition03:38
Roeythinking that this is a UEFI system03:38
Roeyexcuse my language, sory03:38
Roeybut now I am back at the Command (m for help): prompt03:39
arraybolt3OK back.03:41
arraybolt3Alright, type a single "n" and press Enter.03:41
arraybolt3Then "p", Enter.03:41
arraybolt3Then Enter again.03:42
arraybolt3It should say something like First sector (2048-99999999, default 2048): (but that 999999999 will almost certainly be different)03:43
RoeyParition nuumber (1-4, default 1):03:43
arraybolt3Yeah, press Enter there.03:44
RoeyNOW it says "First sector (2048-1953525167, default 2048):03:45
arraybolt3Alright, good. Now just "Enter" again.03:45
arraybolt3Next prompt should be "Last sector" and then a bunch after that.03:45
RoeyLast sector, +/- sectors or +/-size{K,M,G,T,P} (2048-1953525167, default 1953525167):03:46
arraybolt3Type "+4G" and then press Enter.03:46
Roey(is 4 G good enough for /boot? without it getting full?)03:46
arraybolt3Should be more than necessary. All /boot has to hold is the kernels and whatnot.03:46
RoeyCreated a new partition 1 of type 'Linux' and of size 4 GiB.03:46
RoeyCommand (m for elp):03:46
arraybolt32G might be a bit thin, 4G should work.03:46
Roeysaying this b/c I've encountered a too-small /boot before03:47
arraybolt3OK, "n", Enter.03:47
Roeyat like 350 mb03:47
RoeyParition type03:47
arraybolt3(My system is currently using a <2G /boot made by the installer and it works.)03:47
Roeyp primary (1 primary, 0 extended, 3 free)03:47
arraybolt3"p", Enter.03:47
Roeye extended (container for logical partitions)03:47
RoeyPartition number (2-4, default 2):03:47
RoeyFirst sector (8390656-1953525167, deault 8390656):03:48
arraybolt3OK, how much RAM is in your system?03:48
arraybolt3OK, so do "+8GB", Enter.03:48
arraybolt3(You could get away with less, but that should work well.)03:49
RoeyLast sector, +/- sectors or +/-size{K,M,G,T,P} (28390656-1953525167, default 1953525167):  +8GB03:49
RoeyI thought 16 GB03:49
Roeytwice the size of RAM, right?03:49
arraybolt3It used to be recommended that you have twice as much swap as RAM, that is no longer.03:49
Roeyfor systems with smaller amounts of ram03:49
arraybolt3You can do 16G if you want, but 8G should be plenty enough.03:49
RoeyI'm not gamin on this old laptop after all03:49
Roeyok, 8GB it is.03:49
Roeycompromise: 12G03:50
arraybolt3+12G, Enter.03:50
RoeyCreated a new partition 2 of type 'Linux' and of size 12 GiB.03:50
RoeyCommand (m for help):03:50
arraybolt3Nice. OK, and you wanted / to be how big?03:50
Roey150GB, say03:51
arraybolt3OK. "n", Enter again.03:51
Roey(like with BTRFS it shouldn't matter, right, since it glomps them all together?)03:51
arraybolt3...I don't think that quite works that way.03:51
Roeyok, again it asks me for "p" primary or "e" extended03:51
arraybolt3You *can* glomp them together, but it's not automatic.03:51
Roeyarraybolt3: well with my desktop, I see that the free space on / and /home and /boot are all the same03:51
arraybolt3That's because they're all on the same partition.03:52
arraybolt3Separate partitions will change that.03:52
Roeypj/ upi03:52
Roeyoph, you're right.03:52
Roeythey're all on /dev/sda103:52
Roeyeven though they show up as separate entries in "df"03:52
arraybolt3Er... wait what?03:53
Roeyhrm. I wonder how that happened.03:53
arraybolt3I got "df" and "du" mixed up.03:53
arraybolt3Oh... you probably are using mutliple BTRFS *subvolumes*.03:53
arraybolt3That's likely how that happened.03:53
Roeyyeah, / /home and /arch are all on /dev/sda103:53
Roeyyeahhh I think so03:53
RoeyI installed it with btrfs through ubiquity03:53
Roeythis is how it installed it, I guess.03:53
arraybolt3Hmm... ok we might be able to make that happen.03:54
Roeyand yes, they are subvolumes, I'm certain of that03:54
Roeyoh good!!03:54
arraybolt3If you want the separate subvolumes.03:54
RoeyI would like that to be the case since then I don't care so much about the free space on any individual partition03:54
arraybolt3Nice. In that instance, we should probably make the next partition eat the whole disk.03:54
Roeyfor what it's worth--03:54
arraybolt3And hope Ubiquity figures out how to make the subvolumes right :P03:54
RoeyI do not have a /boot on my desktop as a separate partition03:55
Roeyjust /, /home and /arch (for media and such)03:55
Roeyarraybolt3: :)03:55
arraybolt3If you want encryption to work with Ubiquity, I'd definitely make a separate /boot like we just did, since it really blew up a bit ago trying to encrypt it.03:55
Roeyah ok03:55
Roeyyes yes03:55
arraybolt3So I think we're on the right track.03:55
oerheks /arch ?03:55
Roeythat's for po03:55
arraybolt3Roey: You may be using Enter a bit too much. An anti-flood bot just mistakenly muted you....03:56
arraybolt3It stops after 60 seconds, so just hang on a sec.03:56
arraybolt3(Sorry about that.)03:56
oerheksdo not copy paste mutiple channesl03:56
arraybolt3OK, fixed.03:57
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so "p", Enter.03:57
RoeyPartition number (3,4, default 3):03:57
arraybolt3Then just keep pressing "Enter" until you get to the "Last sector" line.03:57
Roeyok, there.03:57
arraybolt3If we're going to have Ubiquity do the subvolumes thing, I think just hit Enter again and that will make the last partition take up the rest of the disk.03:58
Roeysize 915.5 GiB03:58
arraybolt3Alright. "w", Enter.03:58
arraybolt3We are now done with partitioning.03:58
Roeyok good03:58
Roeyit synced disk, ok.03:58
mmikowskiHey Roey, I see you are undertaking LUKS + BTRFS on kubuntu? (hi arraybolt3!)03:58
arraybolt3Alright, the next step is to make our filesystems. We want /boot on /dev/sda1, which will be ext4 since we don't really care what FS /boot uses, I don't think.03:59
arraybolt3mmikowski: o/03:59
Roeymmikowski: indeed!!03:59
Roeyarraybolt3: any chance of using btrfs on /boot?03:59
mmikowskiI can still send that file. It would be good for reference.03:59
arraybolt3Then swap will be, well, a swap-formatted partition. Then we'll leave the last one *unformatted* so Ubiquity takes care of it.03:59
Roeyarraybolt3: ok03:59
Roeymmikowski: which one?03:59
arraybolt3Roey: Depends on if GRUB can understand btrfs or not.03:59
mmikowskiYou can use btrfs on boot, but it starts getting complicated.03:59
Roeywell it can boot / as btrfs04:00
Roeywhich includes /boot04:00
mmikowskiGrub sorta can understand btrfs04:00
Roeyon my desktop04:00
arraybolt3Ah, nice, then yes, we can do btrfs on /boot, I believe.04:00
mmikowskiDepends on the version; there are caveats04:00
Roeylatest & greatest04:00
arraybolt3mmikowski: Well we're using the latest interim release, so it should work.04:00
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so, lemme figure out the mkfs.btrfs command...04:00
Roeymkfs.btrfs /dev/sda1 I'd think04:00
mmikowskiwell, let me see if I used it on our test build. That was tested a lot. I think we did.04:01
mmikowskiBut you need to make it big to allow for snapshot.04:01
Roeyerm 4 GB enough?04:01
arraybolt3Oh tar. I didn't take snapshotting into account.04:01
mmikowskiyeah, that's probably a good size04:01
RoeyI've run into disk space issues on /boot before04:01
arraybolt3Ah, OK.04:01
Roeywhen it was like 200 MB04:01
Roeysometimes when i'm ruinning low on disk space, I delete previous snapshots04:02
RoeyI made a script to do that04:02
Roeyok so,04:02
arraybolt3Roey: I think "sudo mkfs.btrfs /dev/sda1" should work.04:02
mmikowskiI ran /boot as a BTRFS subvolume; no separate partition.04:02
Roeythat worked04:03
Roeyalso "performing full device TRIM /dev/sda1 (4.0GiB) <- btrfs plays well with ssd trim, yeah?04:03
arraybolt3mmikowski: Ubiqiuty really blew up on me when I tried to encrypt the partition containing /boot, so something about that didn't work.04:03
Roeymmikowski: yeah that'swhat I do on my desktop.04:03
arraybolt3Roey: I believe so.04:03
RoeyI mean I read about it playing nice with ssd trim aye04:03
Roeyok, next up:04:03
arraybolt3sudo mkswap /dev/sda204:04
Roeymkswap /dev/sda204:04
mmikowskiYes, there are conditions there too.04:04
Roeybtw we wnat this encrypted too04:04
mmikowskiAh, luks2 is not full supported for grub as of 2022.0404:04
arraybolt3Oh. I forgot about that.04:04
mmikowskihave to use grub v104:04
arraybolt3OK, lemme check something...04:04
mmikowskiThat may have been updated, but those are in my notes.04:04
mmikowskiSo this is the full-encryption image I'm looking at, and we discarded that.04:05
mmikowskiluks1 is not as secure.04:05
arraybolt3Thankfully we're using /boot unencrypted so we won't need to use luks1.04:05
mmikowskiYeah, that's the other image that I actually used. Let me bring that up.04:06
arraybolt3OK, I can make the swap partition LUKS-encrypted.04:06
arraybolt3oerheks: Hmm... spam comment in there.04:07
arraybolt3Might wanna report that.04:07
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so to make the encrypted swap, do "sudo cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sda2".04:07
mmikowskiI ran 512M boot/efi, 4GB swap, 4GB /boot BTRFS, rest LUKS; subvolumes of @ / and @home /home04:08
arraybolt3Roey: It will warn about the wiping of data, type "YES" (in capitals) and press Enter.04:08
arraybolt3Then type your intended passphrase twice.04:08
Roeyit's crunching away04:09
Roeynow it finished.04:09
mmikowskikk, off to dinner. Good luck guys. If you get stuck and want the script, I can send it along in a pastebin.04:09
Roeythanks mmikowski04:10
Roeyenjoy dinner!04:10
Roeyarraybolt3: next step,04:10
mmikowskione sec, I'll add to paste bin.04:10
mmikowskiIgnore the reference to a recovery partition, you don't need that.04:10
Roeyarraybolt3: next step is / and /home on /dev/sda304:11
Roeyas btrfs, on a luksFormat04:11
Roeymmikowski: ok04:11
mmikowskiwhat's the recommended pastebin these days?04:11
* Roey clicks04:13
arraybolt3OK, back, sorry for the delay.04:13
Roeyaye np04:14
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so *now* launch Ubiquity.04:14
Roeyoh, so not even bother mkfs.brfs on /dev/sda3?04:14
arraybolt3True. We'll let... tar, I missed a step, close Ubiquity :P04:14
mmikowskiThis script was run in live CD mode and partitioned everything before running install. Then the installer could use all existing partitions. I ran this setup for 4 months.04:14
Roeyarraybolt3: ok done :)04:14
mmikowskiSo there you have it if you need it. IIRC, it just worked, although ymmc.04:15
Roeymmikowski: much appreciated04:15
mmikowski^ymmv. Good luck!04:15
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so, we did cryptsetup on /dev/sda2, right?04:15
Roeyarraybolt3: correct, we did04:15
arraybolt3Alright, so next step is actually for me to facepalm because I missed an argument in the above cryptsetup command04:16
RoeyI mean /o\ *04:16
arraybolt3Can you do "ls /dev/mapper" and tell me what is shows?04:16
Roeyas a character device04:17
arraybolt3Oh, OK, I didn't forget, I'm just forgetting some of my commands.04:17
arraybolt3We're fine.04:17
Roeyphew \o/04:17
arraybolt3OK, "sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sda2 luksSwap"04:17
arraybolt3(I thought the "luksSwap" went in the above command, thus my confusion.)04:17
arraybolt3Er, you know what I mean.04:17
mmikowski^^ That's the post-install script; it cleaned up a bunch of stuff after install but before reboot.04:18
Roeyarraybolt3: it took.04:18
mmikowskikk guys, hope that helps.04:18
Roeymmikowski: ^_^04:18
mmikowskipeace out :)04:18
arraybolt3Roey: Nice. btw, if this fails miserably, we'll just go back and try mmikowski's script, which probably works better anyway.04:18
Roeymmikowski: gnight :)04:18
Roeyenjoy dinner :)04:18
Roeyarraybolt3: so what now?04:19
arraybolt3Roey: I am so sorry, but I've suddenly run out of time to do this. I think your best bet may be to use mmikowski's scripts (especially since they worked for him and I am not entirely sure if my way is going to work or not).04:21
Roeyis there a wya we can continue tomorow?04:22
arraybolt3Maybe. I am so sorry this happened. I gotta go.04:22
Roeywell thank you04:22
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hasekany1 here?21:36
arraybolt3hasek: o/21:37
arraybolt3There's plenty of people here usually, we just usually don't say alot until someone asks for help.21:37
haseki need help21:37
arraybolt3What's gone wrong?21:37
hasekwith my sources and discover21:37
arraybolt3OK. Can you explain in detail what's happening, and also tell us what error messages you're seeing, if any?21:38
hasekevery time i lunch my discover i get a msg that the ubuntu server source is not longer there21:38
hasekso i cant sudo apt update or anything21:39
hasekcan i post a pic?is that possible?21:39
arraybolt3Hmm, OK. In order to see what's gone wrong, I'll probably need to see what sources apt is using. Can you run in Konsole "cat /etc/apt/source.list | nc termbin.com 9999", and send the link that outputs? *Please do not paste the full contents of the file into the chat, just send the link and that will let me see it.*21:40
arraybolt3Also, sure, you can upload pictures to Imgur or ImgBB and send the link to them here.21:40
hasekit says no such file or directory21:42
arraybolt3Check your typing, you probablh mis-spelled something.21:45
arraybolt3The command you type should match the one above to the letter.21:45
arraybolt3Except that I made a typo.21:45
haseki copied and pasted21:45
arraybolt3cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999921:45
arraybolt3(I wrote "source.list" rather than "sources.list" /o\)21:46
haseki got this   https://termbin.com/4qqm21:46
arraybolt3Oh. You're using Kubuntu 21.04, which went EOL nine months after release.21:47
arraybolt3And strangely you don't have the updates or security repos?21:47
hasekya .... what is eol?21:47
hasekb/c it wont21:48
arraybolt3EOL = End Of Life. Basically the OS no longer receives updates after it goes EOL.21:48
hasekeverything is messed up21:48
arraybolt3The only solution is to upgrade to a newer version of Kubuntu.21:48
arraybolt3However, Kubuntu 21.04 is very far behind the current latest LTS of Kubuntu, and even further behind the most recent release.21:48
hasekcan i do that without starting over21:48
arraybolt3You might be able to, but it's likely going to be a whole lot of work.21:48
arraybolt3Unless you have a specialized setup, it would almost certainly be easiest to back up your data and install Kubuntu 22.04 or 22.10 from scratch.21:49
hasekso i just need to erase and reinstall the new one/?21:49
arraybolt3Hopefully it goes without saying, but make sure you save your data on an external drive before installing the newer version of Kubuntu. :)21:50
hasekya is was working all good then all of the sudden one time when i went to go update i started to get all these errors. i was thinking i must have dont something worng21:50
arraybolt3Nah, the old repository probably just got archived.21:51
hasekya i mean i plan to get a new hd anyway, i just wanted to see if i could somehow fix these errors21:51
arraybolt3If you don't like updating frequently, you should probably use Kubuntu 22.04, which is supported for 3 years. Kubuntu 22.10 only gets nine months of support, which means you'll have to upgrade soon after the next release comes out or this will probably happen again.21:52
hasekya that what i was going to upgrade to, but i also thought this one was an lts. what happened to that?21:53
arraybolt3Kubuntu 20.04 was LTS. 21.04 is an interim.21:53
arraybolt3LTS releases are made every two years.21:53
hasekcool beans21:53
arraybolt3So 20.04 and 22.04 are the current LTS releases. (20.04 goes EOL very soon, 22.04 should work for a good long while.)21:53
hasekwelp ill be getting the new one then21:54
hasekok well thank you for your help21:55
arraybolt3Glad to help!21:56
IrcsomeBot<PuzzDio> Here's a fun one, trying to use the  Game Controller calibration, but it doesnt work for PS5 pads because it wants the axis values of the R2 and L2 buttons, but pushing them counts as a button presss and moves on to the next calibration step.23:07

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