arraybolt3OK, back.00:00
RikMillsarraybolt3: if you get stuck, I could change the discover recommends kde-config-updates to a suggests, and add kde-config-updates to kubuntu-desktop recommends instead00:56
arraybolt3It looks like the ISO built, I'll pull and test.00:57
RikMillstest what?00:58
arraybolt3Test the Lubuntu ISO and see if systemsettings is gone or not.00:59
arraybolt3I figure if the ISO built, that hopefully means our latest seed stunt didn't blow up Germinate.01:00
arraybolt3Hmm, forgot that existed.01:00
RikMills[m]systemsettings is there01:00
arraybolt3Yeah, noticed that. :(01:00
arraybolt3grr... I thought if Germinate didn't like that you blacklisted something, it would error out, not just blatantly ignore you :P01:01
arraybolt3What's even the point of a blacklist if it doesn't either keep something from getting in or cause the seed germination to error out?01:01
RikMills[m]... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/568d8e72b84c377d1c4432220126eb33c98e176c>)01:02
RikMills[m]from -release the other day.....01:02
arraybolt3I remember that.01:02
arraybolt3Yeah, it's still there on the ISO.01:03
arraybolt3Maybe we needed "!%" and not just "!".01:03
arraybolt3"Seed entries beginning with ‘!’ cause the given package to be blacklisted from the given seed and any seeds from which it inherits; this may be followed by ‘%’ as above to blacklist all binaries from the given source package."01:04
RikMills[m]save guesswork and ask vorlon?01:04
RikMills[m]anyway. good night01:05
arraybolt3I mean... *sigh*, I think you may need to change those relationships, because I now see what's wrong. kde-config-updates isn't showing up in Germinate's output most likely.01:05
arraybolt3But it *is* getting installed by apt nonetheless since it's a recommends.01:05
RikMills[m]I will change kubuntu things if really needed01:05
arraybolt3I'll try using "!%" and hope that works (it might just break the ISO), if that fails then we may need that.01:06
RikMills[m]let me know in the next day or so01:06
arraybolt3(I think !% will probably just break the ISO... but I can run Germinate locally and find out.)01:06
arraybolt3Anyway, thanks for your help.01:06
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Todo for you. Rewrite Germinate so that it actually works. :P01:07
* arraybolt3 just realized there's a difference between blacklisting a package in Germinate, and adding a package to the "blacklisted" seed01:36
arraybolt3I'mma see if that works...01:37
arraybolt3OK, unsure if it will work yet, but I'm about to try an experimental change to the seed (removing the kde-config-updates blacklist from the desktop seed and adding kde-config-updates and systemsettings to a special "blacklisted" file). !!! ALERT - THIS COULD BREAK THE DAILY BUILDS !!!01:51
arraybolt3Also if someone wants to try and kick off a build just for this change so I can iterate quickly that would be helpful.01:52
* arraybolt3 pushes to LP01:52
arraybolt3Going to try and update the meta real quick, don't kick off a build just yet...01:54
arraybolt3(in the event someone with $powers is reading this)01:54
tsimonq2I'm curious to see if you can manage to work around it :)02:05
arraybolt3Hmm... well no changes were made to the metapackage from doing that...02:06
arraybolt3For some reason gnome-shell's presence in the "blacklisted" seed seems to work, but nothing else in that file gets picked up.02:06
arraybolt3Or if it does, I can't see it.02:06
arraybolt3Well... there is one possible way to work around it I'm realizing, but it's hacky to an extreme.02:10
arraybolt3We could Conflicts with kde-config-updates in lubuntu-meta.02:10
arraybolt3That's essentially what we want Germinate to do for us but it won't. So if we do it manually...?02:10
arraybolt3tsimonq2: ^02:10
arraybolt3(Maybe not hacky to an extreme, but still...)02:11
arraybolt3Anyway, I'm going to undo the last stunt since it seems to have done zilch, and the previous useless blacklist too.02:14
arraybolt3Gonna take a break for now, lemme know what you think about the manual Conflicts in the metapackage.02:15
tsimonq2arraybolt3: Can you please pastebin your germinate log?02:21
arraybolt3Yeah, gimme a minute.02:22
arraybolt3OK, pastebin incoming...02:25
tsimonq2Slightly more elegant way may be to create desktop-norecommends and set no-follow-recommends just in that seed02:30
tsimonq2hacky but would probably do the trick02:30
arraybolt3tsimonq2: https://dpaste.com/2YCDPCF6R02:31
arraybolt3(Sorry for the delay, got distracted by a support query in #kubuntu)02:31
arraybolt3tsimonq2: I mean that doesn't sound like a bad idea but I'm not sure if that will work either?02:32
arraybolt3Even if Germinate doesn't put the packages in its seed output, they may still sneak into the ISO via the metapackage.02:33
arraybolt3Unless there's some way for apt to know "don't install any recommends for this particular package in the dependencies".02:33
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arraybolt3tsimonq2: Maybe I could talk you into sponsoring a new XScreenSaver upload in Debian sometime later today if possible? :)20:36
arraybolt3(I don't know if it's going to happen today for sure but I think it may.)20:36
tsimonq2arraybolt3: Germinate> this is interesting because I'm seeing no mention of kde-config-updates or systemsettings in here20:38
tsimonq2You're right though, blacklists don't work20:38
tsimonq2arraybolt3: xscreensaver> Sure!20:38
arraybolt3tsimonq2: :P re blacklists, yeah Germinate is fairly awful so far IME.20:43
arraybolt3I think we might make all the devs happier if we wrote a replacement for it that could add stuff like Breaks/Conflicts for blacklists and whatnot.20:43
arraybolt3But that would probably be a *massive* project.20:43
arraybolt3Anyway, Tormod has done a *huge* amount of stuff to xscreensaver (updating to 6.06, removed all the offending fonts), so once that's done I'mma throw it in a VM and if it looks right, then it should be ready to upload.20:44
arraybolt3I'll also test out the results of adding a Conflicts in lubuntu-meta (installation test via debootstrap, then an upgrade test with a usual VM).20:47
* arraybolt3 also checks to see if the two point releases still need done, I'll try and get those done today if not20:49
arraybolt3s/if not/if so/20:49
arraybolt3I was under the false impression that that stuff was stalled on the Qt transition :P20:49
arraybolt3Alright, yes, they do still need done \o/20:50
arraybolt3tsimonq2: (re: might require a manual repack for XScreenSaver) - Behold, I have discovered the power of debian/source/include-binaries.22:57
arraybolt3The bad font can just be excluded in debian/copyright, the good font put in the Git tree but not the tarball, and then the include-binaries file tells sbuild (or whatever) to grab the goot font and use it in the build. Just tested it, works perfect.22:58
arraybolt3Feels like I just found a cheat code :P22:58
tsimonq2there you go :D23:38

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