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charafau[m]It would be great if Ubuntu had matrix server with separate rooms for different sections - desktop, server, community etc20:56
charafau[m]I'd love to talk with developers because it's great opportunity to make awesome things, but there's no easy way of finding people and talk to them20:57
arraybolt3Some of us in here are developers :)20:58
charafau[m]There's discourse but... It would be much easier in chat20:58
FallenI very much agree, there are a bunch of cool features in Matrix we could make use of. We do have the rooms on IRC already, but I acknowledge that isn't as accessible today as it was 10-20 years ago.20:58
arraybolt3In fact I can spot at least four of them in this room right now.20:58
FallenIn the meanwhile you could check out #ubuntu-devel:libera.chat  on Matrix, or #ubuntu-devel on IRC.20:58
arraybolt3(For me, IRC is possibly less easy to get started with, but it feels easier to use. That's just my personal opinion though.)20:59
charafau[m]@arraybolt3#2234 it's not about usability but discoverability 20:59
arraybolt3charafau[m]: Also, you might check out #ubuntu-discuss, some of the devs hang out in there and that's more of a place where casual Ubuntu-related developer conversation would be likely to happen. #ubuntu-devel is somewhat more "formal", you might say.21:00
arraybolt3(You're probably not going to get a good conversation started in #ubuntu-devel, since most of what goes on in there is active problem fixing, whereas #ubuntu-discuss is made for conversations.)21:00
charafau[m]I tried Ubuntu-desktop but most stuff there is CI noise21:01
FallenThe desktop team is normally very active in #ubuntu-desktop:libera.chat , is there a specific question you're trying to get answered?21:02
charafau[m]Not really, just want to hang out and talk about flutter 🐦21:03
charafau[m]Still think matrix would be great21:04
charafau[m]It could even be a show case for charms 😉21:04
charafau[m]And juju21:05
FallenExploring more modern synchronous communication is something that fits well into my roadmap, it is something I'd like to get started on this year. When the time comes, would you like to help us with figuring out the logistics?21:08
charafau[m]You can always ping me, but sure if I'll have time between changing baby nappies but maybe 😂21:10
FallenHa very cool, congratulations on the baby :)21:11
charafau[m]Fallen: do you plan to host matrix on own server or rather rent server from element ?22:42
FallenThat question is probably further down the line, I'd leave that up to our infra folks. I'd like to start a bit more high level, what is the audience we want to attract, what criteria are important to the comm. what platforms are reasonable candidates, what others might we want to integrate with, etc23:00
FallenThe answer may well be Matrix, but it could also be another synchronous messaging platform.23:00
arraybolt3This is just my opinion, but IRC has been working very well for years and really isn't that tricky, the only tricky part is getting on IRC in the first place. Matrix is really nice, and I use it regularly, but the lag... tttthhheee lllllllaaaaggggggggg...      ggggaalllag... yeah. Maybe we can take speed into account in whatever solution you guys find?23:02
arraybolt3Anwyay, I'd personally be more on board with finding a way to make IRC easier to access (I know there's loads of clients already, but maybe one that makes the signup process no tricker than with Matrix would be a good project or something). Whatever happens, I at least want IRC to always be here.23:03
arraybolt3Also, we should take into account that some services require signup methods that certain users simply don't have access to (i.e., Telegram requires a phone number, and I don't have a cellphone). Hopefully something that can be signed up for with little else other than an Internet connection can be chosen.23:04
arraybolt3(Matrix is OK for this since it requires an email for signup but no phone, and one can make an email with ProtonMail or whatever.)23:04
arraybolt3(Same thing with Libera.Chat.)23:05
FallenCertainly, performance should be a factor. There is also discoverability, where I feel Matrix is better. If we use something with signup, I think that signup should be Ubuntu SSO.23:05
arraybolt3Ubuntu SSO sounds like a fantastic solution, since it already only requires an email and is already baked into numerous Ubuntu communication services like the Wiki, Discourse, etc.23:06
FallenI like IRC a lot, I've been through an IRC/Matrix transition before and in that case it didn't seem too bad for performance. Things just magically worked23:06
FallenUsing my own matrix server I do see perf issues now, so maybe it is mainly a server resources question.23:07
arraybolt3And there's the Libera.Chat bridge to wrestle with (which I think is something only Element can manage).23:07
arraybolt3I've had messages that I sent over Matrix show up on Libera several minutes later. One time I had to ask an operator to mute my Matrix account for a few minutes to let it "clear out" :P23:08
FallenYeah, bridges will probably always be finicky. I was thinking to not bridge everything and encourage people to use the new thing. This way the core of communications happens in one spot.23:11
charafau[m]Fallen: Synapse or Dendrite ?23:11
FallenSynapse. I only recently learned about Dendrite23:12
charafau[m]https://github.com/matrix-org/dendrite/labels/are-we-synapse-yet still no parity with synapse...23:13
EickmeyerHeh, say hi to my dog. ^23:25
Eickmeyer(he typed that \ )23:26
arraybolt3Hey \!23:41
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: Your dog is hearby known as \ on IRC from here on out.23:41

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