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seb128goood morning desktopers!08:32
seb128ricotz, hey, how are you?09:02
ricotzseb128, hey, I am fine, thanks, how are you?09:07
seb128ricotz, I'm alright thanks!09:07
seb128ricotz, so sorry to bother you again with that, but is the thunderbird issue purely a packaging one from our side or something upstream is doing differently which isn't working as well as before?09:08
seb128I would like to report that to them but I'm unsure to understand what I should ask them for exactly09:08
ricotzseb128, did you try the repack build yet?09:10
seb128ricotz, no, it was late yesterday evening and I had another SRU regression to resolve then I had no time left09:10
seb128I'm doing that now09:11
ricotzok, will install it here now too09:11
ricotzseb128, hmm, looks like the l10n-central repos are still required and merged with comm-l10n in some way09:21
ricotzseb128, see taskcluster/scripts/desktop_comm_l10n.py, I think its usage might come up in the snap build log?09:22
seb128ricotz, the repacked version from the ppa doesn't fix the issue, 'To',  'Mail' and others are still in english09:22
seb128ricotz, well the snap is using the upstream builds and not building from source so it's difficult to compare but that's basically what we do, 09:24
seb128      XPIURL=https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/thunderbird/candidates/$VERSION-candidates/build$BUILD/linux-x86_64/xpi09:24
seb128      for locale in de es-ES fr it ja pt-PT pt-BR ru zh-CN; do curl -o "$SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/distribution/extensions/langpack-$locale@thunderbird.mozilla.org.xpi" "$XPIURL/$locale.xpi"; done09:25
ricotzoh, I assumed there is a build process going on :\09:25
seb128it's on our backlog to make the thunderbird snap a source build like firefox09:26
seb128but that shows that the upstream .xpi are matching the version and working 09:26
seb128now I'm unsure how they build them but I can try asking 09:27
seb128ricotz, should I try to revert https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.lunar/revision/753 or is that not going to work due to the upstream vcs changes you mentioned?09:28
ricotzseb128, see above comments, this repos is needed for the thunderbird parts, but additionally l10n-central is still needed for the browser parts09:29
ricotzreverting won't work09:30
seb128ah, I see09:30
ricotzso whatever taskcluster/scripts/desktop_comm_l10n.py needs to be redone in rules.mk09:30
seb128ricotz, do you think you could give a try at doing that? if not I will add it to my backlog but my day became complicate because of issues with the Ubuntu Pro SRUs and a sick teacher which means having to handle a kid in parallel, so it's probably not going to be today for me09:38
ricotzseb128, I will give it a try when time permits09:52
seb128ricotz, thanks, I appreciate it09:52
seb128I need to change location and close IRC, back in ~10min09:53
ricotzseb128, this should look better now - https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+sourcepub/14462378/+listing-archive-extra13:48
seb128ricotz, it is slightly but still a regression :-(13:55
seb128I can see some of the items which weren't translated back, but things like 'To' in the composer or 'Mail' on the left bar aren't translated in french13:56
ricotzI would not say "slightly" while the translations of the whole settings sections are back ;)13:58
ricotzseb128, https://paste.debian.net/plain/126853114:01
seb128ricotz, ok, sorry, I checked 3 labels I knew without translations on the main UI and 2 are still missing14:01
seb128so probably not an accurate testcase, sorry for the mischaracterization14:02
seb128but there is still a problem14:02
ricotzdon't worry14:02
schopinricotz: just in case you weren't stalking the rust-updates PPA in the past few days, everything should be in order now ;-)14:54
ricotzschopin, hey, thank you, already making use of it :)14:57
schopinI figured as much14:57
ricotzxenial backports worked out as well14:57
ricotzseb128, shall I push my thunderbird packaging changes for lunar?15:53
seb128ricotz, yes please15:53
seb128ricotz, are you still working on figuring out the remaining missing strings issues or should I try to msg the mozilla people about it?15:54
seb128or did that commit include more change compared to the previous build?15:55
ricotzseb128, I am not working on it anymore15:55
ricotzno, those changes resulted in the build1.2 tarball15:55
nteodosioEickmeyer, what is the reasoning behind closing a track after it has been open? Opening seems to be covered in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSeededSnaps#Channel_availability, but the closing I don't get. 15:57
nteodosio^bug 2000849.15:58
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Bug 2000849 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] Request: open (and close) stable/ubuntu-23.04 track" [Undecided, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200084915:58
Eickmeyernteodosio: That's just what mwhudson taught me to do. Keeps it from showing as an available track in the snap store, aaui.15:58
EickmeyerHowever, it doesn't prevent it from seeding.15:59
nteodosioAlright, I'm not familiar with the process. The idea is then to simply open and close the track and I don't even have to wait for seeding.16:00
seb128nteodosio, our ISO builds are set up to track the stable/ubuntu-xx.yy channel16:01
seb128that way the user systems are configured in a way that allow us to publish a revision in that channel if ever needed16:01
seb128but we close it which makes the store fallback to use to stable16:02
seb128so in mean they use stable16:02
seb128but with an opt-out mechanism to control back if needed16:02
nteodosioAh I understand! Thanks seb128.16:02
tsimonq2OOC, who actually has the powers to open and close those tracks?16:03
nteodosiotsimonq2, AFAIK, the snap store folks.16:03
Eickmeyertsimonq2: And the people who publish the individual snaps.16:04
tsimonq2Would be nice to get a list/prevent what happened at the beginning of this cycle ;)16:04
seb128tsimonq2, nteodosio, the owners/collaborators of that specific snap16:04
tsimonq2(If the track doesn't exist yet, the ISO build flat out fails)16:04
seb128we have a list and an archive opening item16:05
seb128if a flavor decide to preload a new snap they need to tell us they are doing so and we add it to the list16:05
nteodosioseb128, this information is then out of date/inaccurate? "Developers must currently make a request for tracks to be added to their snap via the #store-requests forum category" — https://snapcraft.io/docs/channels 16:08
seb128nteodosio, I'm not familiar enough with the store to be sure, maybe Ken would know but he's not on IRC atm16:10
ogranteodosio, this is exactly the process .... the forum requests are our paper trail for such things so you can even in 2y still find out why a channel/track was created by whom and why16:13
seb128ogra, but not a process we follow to open/close stable/ubuntu-xx.yy tracks for our default snaps afaik...16:14
ograseb128, ah, thats bad ... i think they should be handled the same way (though i guess people just bribe someone via mattermost to get a shortcut)16:14
EickmeyerI mean, Studio seeds Freeshow, a snap I maintain, so I open/close a stable/ubuntu-xx.yy track with every upload. Should I have been making a request to myself via the forum?16:16
ograhow are you abl to open official presistent channels ? only store admins can ... usually 16:17
ogradevs/uploaders can open temporary branches (that automatically time out), but not permanent release channels 16:18
EickmeyerThat's the thing. The seeds require only that a track have existed, not that it currently exists.16:18
ograbut then th ecannel is useless ? isnt it to provide release specific backports of fixes ? 16:19
ograat least that is how it was explained to me in 2016 by foundations .... 🙂16:20
EickmeyerIn the case of Freeshow, it appears as though once it's installed on the system, it just follows the stable track from then on out.16:20
ograso why are yu not just using the stable channel all over then ? 16:20
EickmeyerBecause the seed requires that a stable/ubuntu-xx.yy track exists for the seed.16:21
ograseems pretty pointless to open a channel just for an image build if you fall back to te latest/stable one anyway16:21
ograoh my16:21
EickmeyerOtherwise the .iso build will simply fail.16:21
ograyeah, smells like we painted ourselves into a corner here ... 16:22
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EickmeyerYeah, I can't explain it. All I know is that in order for it to be seeded, it has to have the stable/ubuntu-xx.yy track opened and closed, then it seeds properly.16:24
* Eickmeyer off to take his son to school16:25
jbichaogra: the idea is that Ubuntu could release a fix specific to people running Jammy, if necessary, but usually all Ubuntu releases offer the same snap version16:31
ograjbicha, right, but once your app switched to latest/stable it wont go back to stable/ubuntu-xxx so if you dont keep the track, it is moot to have it in the first place16:33
jbichaogra: I think you'll find that on user systems, it continues to track the specific Ubuntu branch unless a user switches branches16:34
ograjbicha, it switches as soon as the track expired IIRc16:35
jbichaif that happens, the Ubuntu Tech Board would need to know that, since this branch handling is their policy16:36
ograjbicha, well, thats the default behavior for temporary developer branches AFAIK 16:36
ogra(which are actually designed to test fixes and commits temporary, i dnt think they were expected to be used fr image builds, but ICBW)16:37
nteodosioAren't we mixing tracks and branches here? It's [track/]channel[/branch]. 16:37
ogranteodosio, well, one is a thing you ad a dev can create yourself (because it automatically goes away and moves your app to latest/stable automatically after the testing) ... the other is a thing the store admins need to create and these are permanent16:38
ogra*you as16:38
nteodosioogra, right, but Eickmeyer metntioned "in order for it to be seeded, it has to have the stable/ubuntu-xx.yy track opened and closed", probably he meant "ubuntu-xx.yy/stable track" instead.16:41
ogranteodosio, right, i just doubt the usefulness of this if it snaps back into latest/stable anyway ... sounds pointless to have such a policy if the channel is not planned to be permanent to ship release specific fixes16:42
nteodosioogra, I was counting on that after closing the track, reopening would make snapd automatically follow that track again. Otherwise that does look pointless.16:43
ograIIRC the reason for that policy was to a) have reproducable builds (which you wont with an expiring thing) and b) to be able to have release-specific fixes for software ... 16:44
ograsince both wont be possible with an expiring branch, we could as well get rid of that policy ...16:45
nteodosioogra, what do you mean with expiring? Tracks don't expire, only branches, correct?16:46
ograi always forget which is which ... but the non-expiring ones require a store admin to create them ... the others expire after 30 or 60 days and are gone then ... no way to re-enable them with their old content16:47
nteodosioYes, the tracks don't expire, they are the ones we have to request to the store. The branches expire, and we don't need to request them.16:48
ograand i dont think the latter ones make sense in context f the policy that is in place16:48
nteodosioThe branches are not in that policy indeed, rather the tracks.16:49
Eickmeyernteodosio: No, I meant stable/ubuntu-xx.yy track, as seb128 was saying as well.16:53
nteodosioEickmeyer, but that is not a track: The definition is track/risk/branch: https://snapcraft.io/docs/channels16:55
nteodosioIf you really meant to open the branch though, yes I can do that directly without asking the Snap Store.16:56
EickmeyerIf that's the case, then it's explained incorrectly in the error message in the .iso builder.16:56
nteodosioAlright, sorry, sticking to terminology threw me off the _track_16:57
* Eickmeyer blames cdimage-rootfs16:58
* ogra blames the inventor of the nomenclature ...16:59
ograit is just confusing ... (which is why i name them by behavior usually) 16:59
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